Cold, calculating, and deeply evil. He is the most feared individual in our history.

- Valzaria

Vyro'Ralzora, better known as Zargoth, is the god of the Vyro'Ralza and self-proclaimed god of Time. He is a malevolent fifth dimensional being who is the most powerful Dark Chronoscopic being in existence, and a servant of the Dominion of the Xhodocto. Zargoth believes in a very specific law and order, in efficiency, and that the Essentials should submit to the Xhodocto. Zargoth is a completely emotionless being with no apparent feelings.

Zargoth is second only to Vyro'Nazdea in terms of manipulation of time. As the two were close as mortals, Zargoth still has feelings for her, which he often has to wrestle with when opposing her. These are some of the only emotions he is still known to have, as beyond that, he is a cold and calculating demon who derives pleasure from nothing and feels no sympathy for anything.

History Edit

Archaic history Edit

Zargoth was originally the prince of the Taldar Empire, long before they became Vyro'Narza. As a prince, he was an intelligent man who was very popular among the Empire, though he studied at college just like a commoner. There, he met Volzara, a woman he fell in love with though he never admitted his feelings for her. By the time he did, she turned him down for her work, feeling that being a princess would not allow her to continue her research into space and time.

Zargoth later was crowned Emperor after his father died, and led the Taldar Empire during the last few years of its existence. As the Taldar were overzealous in their use of time travel, they were largely responsible for breaking apart the space-time continuum. At this point, the Xhodocto known as Krathazhrukhal came to punish the Taldar for their role.

Volzara, who had become a goddess, offered to ascend the Taldar to become Vyro'Narza and make them servants to time, where Zargoth would ascend to become the god of the Taldar and lead them as fifth dimensional beings, and she would be a servant of Krathazhrukhal and the Xhodocto to ensure they followed the right path. While Krathazhrukhal found the terms of her offer acceptable, Zargoth refused to allow him to hurt Volzara and to watch her be a slave. He pleaded that he be made Krathazhrukhal's servant instead, and she become the goddess of the Taldar. Amused, Krathazhrukhal agreed, and Zargoth became Vyro'Ralzora.

Working for the Xhodocto Edit

Zargoth was a successful servant of the Xhodocto, but his continued love of Volzara and his own personal desires made him difficult to cooperate with on many occasions. As such, the Xhodocto wiped away his emotions to keep him quiet. Since then, Zargoth has been extremely helpful to them in giving them direct access to the fifth dimension.

Zargoth was also involved in many time wars with the Vyro'Narza and many of the wars amongst the Essentials. Notably, he was involved in the War of the Ancients briefly.

Throughout his time as a god, Zargoth also met Zr'An'Kar, whom he taught Dark Chronoscopic powers to, and who would become his joint servant with Shu'rimrodir. He took on many servants, but fewer than Shu'rimrodir.

Ottzello and the Perfect Fate Edit

When Volzara created the Ottzello Galaxy (later the Ottzello Sector, Zargoth decided to take advantage of them. His servant, Zr'An'Kar, also known as Kolossus, tampered with the Loron making them much more violent and less intelligent, allowing them to endanger the galaxy. Another, known as Durzhan, founded the Blyro'Tralzorca, who would serve under him to achieve the "Perfect Fate".

The "Perfect Fate" to mortals was a promise that they would one day become powerful fifth dimensional gods, known as the Vyro'Ralza. Over millions of years, Durzhan would shape the galaxy to reach a condition under which they would fully accept Zargoth's offer and in fact would desire fusion as the godrace. This culminated in the Second Borealis Galactic War, the first in which Zargoth was directly involved. In one timeline, the Unified Nation of Ottzello accepted this offer and became Vyro'Ralza, and Durzhan was satisfied.

To Zargoth, the Perfect Fate was that they would go even further, becoming the Vyro'Xiyara, the ultimate godrace that fused the Vyro'Narza and Vyro'Ralza together. In the timeline in which UNO refused the offer - this timeline - he would take advantage of the war between the two to enslave enough of them to become his prototype Vyro'Xiyara. This failed, leaving Zargoth to fake his death and go into exile, and his servants to abandon him.

Later history Edit

Many assumed Zargoth was either dead, or killed by Angazhar out of punishment. Instead, he returned to destroy universes. During the Mass Armageddon, Zargoth destroyed dozens of timelines and an entire multiverse around the same universe that had ruined his Vyro'Xiyara plans, by causing time anomalies with Gratz'kaoz' help that leaked into other universes and obliterated them with no recreation. This allowed him to destroy universes while bypassing the typical Xhodocto Scourge.

He returned once more to play a small role in Da Reckoning, though his motives were unknown.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Zargoth is a black and dark purple demon whose form is extremely thin, almost skeletal. He differs from other Vyro'Ralza in appearance. In addition to a humanoid form, he has four tentacles from which he can fire Dark Chronoscopic beings. Zargoth's figure is tall, imposing and extremely threatening.

Personality Edit

Most of the time, Zargoth is a completely emotionless being, who is cold and calculating. He is very forthcoming and abrupt when he speaks, but is normally able to get what he wants from people by making convincing offers.

At rate moments, Zargoth can act very out of character. He is able to occasionally feel rage, compassion and love, mostly due to his hidden away feelings from Volzara which can be triggered at times.

Abilities Edit

Zargoth has a talent for manipulating time, for speed, but also for stealth. He can move faster than most can keep up with and can easily fool his opponents. More notably, he is extremely strong compared to other Chronoscopic beings, and can overwhelm them with his strength and with his energies.

In this universe, Zargoth is also able to manipulate events in a less traditional sense. By changing the course of time in specific areas, Zargoth can quickly turn his foes on one another or weaken them for a period of time. Zargoth is also capable of causing time anomalies temporarily to achieve the upper hand.

Relations Edit

Friends Edit

Yellow faceYou may continue to live, and live well.

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceYou deserve to live. Nothing else.

Enemies Edit

Yellow faceI may have to kill you.

  • Vyro'Nazdea - I wish it could have turned out differently. But you will die. You must die.
  • Maktanshatin - You have disrespected me, and you are mindless and foolish.

Quotes Edit

I'm sorry, Zargoth...I truly am. But I cannot let this continue.

- Vyro'Nazdea

A tragic story of a truly feared god. We overcome him time and time again.

- Tuolog

Mind of a mortal in the body of a god. Cleanse yourself of your weakness. Rise or be devoured.

- Shu'rimrodir


- Fre'kloar

I am your past; your present, and your future. Your breath a gift from me onto yourself. The reason hatred fills your dried veins. The prince of mortals turned emperor is but a peasant in the maleficence of his own fears.

- Angazhar

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Trivia Edit

  • The original Emperor Zargoth was a Telzoc with cyborg parts.

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