Against the power of the Empire, there can be no victory. The only way for us to survive, is through submission.

- Zare'Anne

Zare'Anne was a male Draken who served as the Imperial-appointed President of the Occupied New Cyrannian Republic, having previously served as the last President of the Republic Remnant before it was absorbed into the Empire. One of the most divisive figures in the Republic, Zare'Anne had long been known to the government of the United Republic of Cyrannus as a convicted terrorist, though among the civilian population, he remained popular for his idyllic ideals.

A political genius, after a widely published jail break during the first year of the Dark Times, he managed to set himself up as the captain of his former prison ship, the Astral Queen. Zare'Anne planned to contest an election against Apollo in the sixth month of 02 NE, eventually winning the election when he revealed Apollo's former status as a drone in the Neraida Gigamatrix. When the Empire absorbed the Remnant, Zare'Anne decided to surrender in the hopes of protecting the people. When he re-emerged years after the fall of the Republic Remnant as a respected politician, he became a close ally to President Nexarón Valkistair as a powerful Centrist, though secretly he coveted the Presidency—believing it to be his by right.

One of the few Senators to survive the devastating Cataclysm which destroyed the Mou'Cyran system, Zare'Anne spent much of the early stages of the Second Great Cyrannus War on his homeworld of Surdana. In 17 NE, he betrayed the government of President Apollo, when the Empire approached him with a deal which would lead to the end of the war and his appointment as President. In the aftermath of the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, he became the President of the Republic, though quickly realised that he was little more than a puppet of the Imperials. In 20 NE, he was killed during the Liberation of Capricaerón, refusing to surrender himself to Apollo's forces.


Early Life[]

Zare'Anne was born on the Draken homeworld of Surdana in the year 120 BNE into a simple existence. His family were neither poor, nor well off and generally kept to themselves. As a child, Zare'Anne lived in a small, generally self-sufficient village, and was taught by his people to distrust technology and the wider Cyrannian community. When the Draken joined the Federation of United Worlds and the Capricorn Sector Alliance when Zare'Anne was a young adult, he was fiercely opposed to what he saw as outside intrusion into Draken affairs.

All this came to a head when Zare'Anne fell in with a nationalistic group that intended on removing both extraterrestrial powers from Draken using force. Zare'Anne was manipulated by this terrorist organisation to plant explosives in a Federation Embassy in Surdana's capital city of Sessyn. The resulting explosion claimed the lifes of over fifteen people and left many more lifes shattered. Zare'Anne came to regret his actions and left the terrorist group that effectively destroyed his life as well. He was eventually caught by the newly formed United Republic of Cyrannus and was imprisoned in the Republic Correctional Facility buried deep under the city on Orbispira.

While in jail, Zare'Anne wrote many revolutionary and popular memoirs that managed to be published on the holonet across Cyrannus. He gained a strong sympathetic following from many people across the Gigaquadrant.

Dark Times Revolutionary[]

By the time the Great Cyrannus War ended, Zare'Anne was being shipped to another prison aboard the prison ship Astral Queen. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, the ship's captain managed to meet up with the Republic Remnant under President Apollo and managed to join the Remnant's new fleet. However, Zare'Anne was a staunch opponent of Apollo, who sent a delegation to the ship in order to calm the growing tension between the guards and the prisoners. Zare'Anne's opportunity had arrived and he managed to hold Apollo's delegation hostage and take control over the Astral Queen. Zare'Anne held Athan Apostila and many other delegates hostage, claiming that they wouldn't be released until Apollo stepped down and new elections take place. Apollo refused, not one to negotiate with terrorists after his own mother was killed by a terrorist bomb on Capricaerón when he was a boy. Instead Apollo sent a marine detachment to apprehend Zare'Anne. However, just as the marines approached his position, Apollo was informed that most of the fleet wanted an election, as Zare'Anne hoped. The situation eventually calmed down, with both sides preparing for the election in the sixth month of 02 NE.

Apollo and Zare'Anne fight for the election.

Presidential Election
Zare'Anne: "I am going to wipe the floor with you, Mr. President."
Apollo: "If that's the best you can come up with, this won't be difficult at all. Good luck."
―Zare'Anne and Apollo trade barbs prior to their Presidential Debate

As the election at the end of the sixth month grew nearer, a presidential debate was announced to be held on the Spirit of Freedom. Zare'Anne was confident he would win the debate, and although he appeared to be losing out to Apollo as the debate began, Zare'Anne launched his secret weapon, the revelation that Apollo was once a Neraida Drone. To Zare'Anne's delight, Apollo was not given time to respond and the debate ended in Zare'Anne's favour.

Presidency and Aftermath[]

Adelheidis: "Such a powerful ship and with such a fierce bite. I am so pleased that the Syndicate was kind enough to lend one of their new cruisers to help m- I mean us, in our plan."
Zare'Anne: "Yes, though it is such a pity it has come to this. Alas, I am the legitimate leader of the Republic and justice must be served. With that boy-scout dead, my democratically elected rule can continue."
―Adelheidis and Zare'Anne conspire on the Syndicate flagship

Some time later, Zare'Anne won the election against Apollo and was sworn in as President the next day. In his first act as President, he abandoned the voyage to the Quadrant Galaxies and instead settled on the planet Shaorá as per his election promise for the fleet to settle on a planet. However, a few days later a massive Imperial fleet arrived in orbit and forced Shaorá into submission. Zare'Anne decided to officially surrender and was placed under house arrest by the new Imperial rulers of the planet. Several months later, Zare'Anne discovered that New Cyrannian Republic had been reformed under the leadership of a new President. Outraged, he began to plot a return to the political stage in the hopes of reclaiming what he saw as his rightful title.

The Sword of Peace narrowly misses a deadly blast from the Syndicate vessel.

Several years later, Zare'Anne clandestinely became affiliated with the former Praesator of the Republic in Exile, Adelheidis and Flovos Pretio of the Cyrannian Syndicate. With an advanced Syndicate starship stolen from the Empire, Zare'Anne, Adelheidis and Pretio conspired to disrupt the tenuous peace talks underway on a Republic Star Destroyer between the Empire and the Confederacy of Free Planets. Zare'Anne hoped that with Apollo, who presided over the talks, dead, his path to the presidency of the New Republic would be made that much more simple. Though the plan ultimately failed, due to the intervention of the Oikoumene AI known as the Adjunct, Zare'Anne's involvement was not revealed.

Senator of Surdana

The Presidency is mine, by right. By the gods, I will not stop until I claim it.

- Zare'Anne's thoughts on the Presidency

When the New Cyrandia Wars ended, Zare'Anne ended his partnership with the Syndicate, though retained close links to the similarly inclined Adelheidis. Together, they decided that entering the public arena of the Republic's Senate would be the best way to achieve their similar, though ultimately incompatible goals. Making use of his great popularity on his homeworld, Zare'Anne was soon elected Senator of the Surdanan Sector in the Republic Senate, where he quickly joined the Centrist party of President Nexarón Valkistair. Nevertheless, though he went out of his way to become a key ally to Nexarón Valkistair, he viewed him as a pretender—convincing himself that the President of the Republic Remnant should have served as the President of the New Republic.

Second Great War[]

The leaders of the Empire and the Republic face off.

Zare'Anne: "You still don't understand! I did what I did for the good of the entire galaxy. The only way to defeat the Empire is to change it from within, to temper its worse impulses and ensure the galaxy does not slide into endless war."
Vanikaimar: "You are a puppet posing as a usurper. You are in your position because the Emperor wills it. Do you truly believe you were ever in charge? That your will was your own? If so, you are a fool."
―Zare Anne and Vanikaimar, during the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds

Zare'Anne was on his homeworld of Surdana during the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, and was thus one of the few surviving senators. Horrified by the scale of the massacre, Zare'Anne begrudgingly agreed to help President Apollo reform the Senate on Capricaerón, though made it clear to the President that he believed his position was built on very weak foundations. Nevertheless, he refused Adelheidis' call for aid during the New Republic Civil War, and agreed to send support to aid the Republic Navy's efforts to stamp out the True Republic.

Nevertheless, Zare'Anne came to believe that continued war against the Empire would ultimately result in the deaths of all the trillions of citizens in Republic space, and when contacted by Imperial agents at the end of 16 NE, agreed to support their efforts to overthrow Apollo. With Ambassador Ansin Cyrellon as his clandestine ally within Apollo's administration, Zare'Anne contacted the Imperials and provided them with the access codes for the Twelve Worlds' hyperspace waypoints. Though he was uncomfortable with the loss of life in the subsequent Fall, Zare'Anne nevertheless relished revealing his betrayal to Apollo. However, it quickly became apparent to Zare'Anne that the Empire did not consider him to be an equal partner, when Lord Venatorius executed Cyrellon within the Presidential Pyramid.

Zare'Anne is confronted by Caranye, Aoirtae and Kara.

After Apollo's flight from the capital, Zare'Anne successfully beseeched the remaining members of the Senate to submit to the Empire's rule, and in subsequent hours, he signed the P'ax Cyrannica Concordat, which he believed would end the war and hopefully begin the Republic's path back to self-determination. Ultimately, however, Zare'Anne became little more than a puppet, forced to sign whichever decrees the Empire placed on his desk. By 20 NE, he was a broken man, a shadow of the once great politician.

During the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds in 20 NE, Zare'Anne sat alone in his office in the Presidential Pyramid, watching reports as they came in from across the Four Systems of the rebel's seemingly unstoppable advance. Ultimately, he was confronted by a team consisting of Aoirtae Valaeris, Kara Inviá, Vanikaimar and Gavakar, who demanded his immediate surrender. Zare'Anne ultimately refused, however, and in a last display of defiance, pulled his blaster on Kara, only for his shot to be reflected into his chest by the young Libertus, ending his life.

In subsequent galactic history, Zare'Anne was regarded as a weak leader, whose ideals had become corrupted by a lifelong quest to secure greater knowledge. His role in betraying Apollo during the Second Great War would be regarded with particular embarrassment by his fellow Draken.

Physical Appearance[]

Zare'Anne was a middle aged Draken male that shares much of the same characteristics of any other member of his species, with sizeable wings and brown scales. Due to his simple upbringing and lengthy term in prison, Zare'Anne rarely dressed to impress, instead relying on an orange prison suit, which since become a symbol of determination and resistance in the eyes of his many supporters. To his opponents, such an attire merely served to confirm their criticisms that he was an opportunistic populist, willing to say and do anything to become elected.

Personality and Traits[]

Zare'Anne was a complicated individual who rarely revealed any true side to his personality to the people of the New Republic. Publicly, Zare'Anne was a charismatic and philosophically populist politician who proclaimed himself as one of the sole voices in the Senate for the disenfranchised and vulnerable in the New Republic. Nevertheless, while he was exceedingly popular with segments of the population receptive to such a figure, on culturally progressive and historically prosperous worlds such as Capricaerón and Coruanthor, he was derided as a would-be demagogue who appealed to the lowest common denominator. Indeed, due to his actions in the past, some claimed that he was little more than a power-hungry terrorist willing to commit heinous crimes, such as the assassination of Proconsul Apollo to secure greater power for himself.

In truth, Zare'Anne believed that he was the future of the Republic, planning to become an advocate for segments of the population he believed that the power structures of Cyrannus have traditionally ignored. Nevertheless, he was an egomaniacal figure who believed that due to his victory over Apollo during the Presidential Election of the Republic Remnant in 03 NE, he had a right to the Presidency of the New Republic—this in spite of the fact that he was elected with several thousand votes, as opposed to the quadrillions who voted for New Republic Presidents Apaltar and Nexarón Valkistair, figures he considered to be pretenders.



Green face.pngThere is a place for you in the future.


Yellow face.pngHmm...

Political Enemies[]

Orange face.pngYour time is over. The people's time has arrived.


I will not negotiate with terrorists. And I won't let one lead the fleet to ruin. Prepare for a fight.

- Apollo

I have enough reason to blow Astral Queen out of the sky. Don't forget that.

- Willelmus Cretacea


- Gorf

Where I come from, you don't usually let terrorists take important political roles...well, where I come from, we don't usually let terrorists live at all.

- Koluap

One's terrorist is another's freedom fighter.

- Crispy

Coward! You let the Empire control you!

- Prime Senator Volscara



  • Zare'Anne is the first major Draken character on the wiki.


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