Zarkhator is eternal. The Sovereign will never not rule us. But, in the metaphorical scenario that a heir takes his place... the Grey Custodian would serve as an acceptable replacement.

- Mukharduuild

Zandrascus is a member of the Zarkhator race, originally created to serve as one of the great Custodians of his civilization. Serving his progenitor, Zarkhator Prime for one million years, he was eventually overcome with doubt which led him to betray his ruler, pledging himself to the Polar Crystal Alliance in the process. As of the current day, Zandrascus is a member of the Penumbra Unit and the last living, conscious Zarkhator drone in the entirely of the Borealis Galaxy.


Zandrascus was created a million years before the events of the Ice Age in a litter of three which included himself and Zaharalei, predestined to become a Custodian of the Zarkhator civilization. While his third sibling fell to the Borealis Grox Empire, Zandrascus gained the favour of Zarkhator Prime for his numerous successes and would become known as the greatest of his drones, to the extent he would even be considered a worthy successor to the Sovereign should the need ever arise. During his time serving Zarkhator, Zandrascus was constantly fed the idea of highly demonized Kormacvar by the Sovereign, making him eventually see the concept as fact while never truly questioning it.

The Grey Custodian would become known to the rest of Borealis during the Zarkhator War, where he spear-headed the Zarkhator offensive under the orders of Zarkhator Prime and Mukharduuild, focusing his attacks on the Zoles Imperium and Paladian State. It would be during this war that he would finally witness the real Kormacvar in Warmaster Arkarixus, and as years of warfare passed, he would become doubtful of all he had been told so far, coming to admire the strength and tenacity of the galaxy's inhabitants and believe his people were nothing but slaves who slaughtered Borealis for no good reason. This led to him betraying the Sovereign and delivering himself to the Polar Crystal Alliance, an event which would be known as the Grey Betrayal among the Zarkhator.

Convinced to set things right, Zandrascus gave the Alliance the intel they needed to fight Zarkhator back, leading to the defeat of his sister and Mukharduuild, and later to Zarkhator Prime himself falling to the nations of Borealis. Now under the command of Arkarixus, Zandrascus was made a member of the Penumbra Unit, as its 99th member.



Zandrascus is a particularly massive Zarkhator, towering nearly five meters of height. He always wears a great set of armor, similar to that used by Zarkhator Prime, although Zandrascus typically wears a large helmet upon his head in order to protect it. His most distinguishable feature, however, is the pair of cybernetic limbs protruding out of his back, which faintly mimic a Kormacvar's back limbs. Zandrascus was designed from birth with these extra limbs, which are integrated directly into his skeleton.


Reserved and well-mannered, Zandrascus is a quiet individual who generally keeps to himself and is almost always polite towards others, be them friend or foe. This comes to change drastically during combat - when he believes himself to be truly alive, where he may or may not die - where he reveals a much more energetic and loud facet. Zandrascus was created for war and thrives in it, though unlike Zarkhator Prime, he never bore any hatred towards the inhabitants of Borealis and fought them purely due to the orders he was given. While he considered the other Zarkhator drones as little more than cannon fodder, largely due to being aware they possessed only small traces of sapience, Zandrascus believed Zarkhator Prime's slaughter and hatred to be ultimately wasteful. He greatly values power and fighting ability, which led him to especially respect Warmaster Arkarixus and surrender himself to his service during the Zarkhator War.


Zandrascus is said to have been the most powerful Zarkhator drone in his civilization during his life, surpassing his sibling and fellow Custodian Zaharalei. His favored weapon of choice is a highly advanced greathammer, while the cybernetic appendages from his back each make use of machine guns for suppressing fire. His great power, skill and one million years of experience in warfare led the Polar Crystal Council to draft him into the Penumbra Unit, believing the loss of having such an individual under their control to be counterproductive.



Yellow face.pngYou, I can trust.

  • Arkarixus - I serve the interests of the Alliance now.


Orange face.pngLeave me be.

  • N/A


Red face.pngYou have made the worst possible enemy in your life.

  • N/A






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