You are to be a Custodian, a general of our people! Yet your incompetence has become legendary among your peers! She is not worthy of serving the role the Yellow Custodian did before her.

- Mukharduuild

Zaharalei was a member of the Zarkhator race, originally created to serve as one of the great Custodians of his civilization. Serving his progenitor, Zarkhator Prime for one million years, she was elevated to her position in order to replace one of her siblings, who died in war. Hot-blooded and violent, Zaharalei begged for the acceptance and acknowledgement of Zarkhator Prime for her entire existence, something which she never truly achieved in the end.


Zaharalei was born about one million years before the Second Borealis Galactic War took place. During her early years, she was constantly left in the shadows of her brother Zandrascus and the entity known as Mukharduuild, being unfavored by Zarkhator Prime despite her best efforts to impress him. Another brother of her litter would grow to become the Yellow Custodian and eventually was killed in battle by the Borealis Grox Empire, which resulted in Zaharalei being granted with knowledge to engage in combat for the purpose of replacing the deceased Custodian. Proving herself as a capable and hot-blooded warrior, Zaharalei received the title of Red Custodian and was seemingly noticed by her progenitor, though nowhere as much as she desired him to.

Zarkhator Prime chose Zaharalei to lead the Zarkhator forces on the 'Zarkhator Incident' during the Ice Age, where she was ordered to spy on Tetra's team and recover any artifacts of Kormacvar origin she found. Zaharalei would engage in combat with Tetra at a Rovegar Matriarchy planet but was eventually defeated for having underestimated the Krektal and his cybernetic augmentations. She would later obtain a specific artifact and then lose it to the Krektal after he successfully infiltrated her ship, and at the end, she faced Tetra and Zoltik Relkhul over control of an unique Kormacvar beacon containing classified information about the Zarkhator. Zaharalei was defeated once more and nearly killed in combat, being forced to return to her home where she was tortured and punished by her father for her failure.

Under Mukharduuild, Zaharalei and Zandrascus would launch a great offensive against the Polar Crystal Alliance during the Zarkhator War. However, the unexpected betrayal of Zandrascus led the offensive to be defeated and Zaharalei to be once again defeated by Penumbran Terya. With all possible information extracted from her, the Red Custodian was sent to Exile Station and imprisoned, left in a vegetative state for eternity.



Zaharalei appeared as a very tall individual of the Zarkhator race, possessing crimson red scales due to being of the female gender. She wore an advanced and imposing set of armor sporting both red and black colours which both offeed great protection from damage and gave her considerable agility, as opposed to Zandrascus' extremely heavy armor and Mukharduuild's complete disregard for armor.


Zaharalei was described as an aggressive, short-tempered and hot-blooded Zarkhator who preferred to cause destruction instead of following her father's plans by the book. Unlike other Zarkhator drones, Zaharalei had a great sense of self-preservation and would retreat if in mortal danger, though she was very hard to intimidate or scare due to her position and power. Zaharalei had great disdain for the current inhabitants of the galaxy, seeing them as lower, primitive lifeforms, and also showed herself to be very submissive for Zarkhator Prime, constantly attempting to gain his favour, ultimately only obtaining his disdain for her failures.


As a Zarkhator, Zaharalei was naturally an extremely strong and resilient creature, capable of taking on most Borealis natives in hand-to-hand combat with little difficulty. Her armor allowed her to shrug off most attacks while still gave her considerable agility, and her weapon of choice was a halberd-style weapon with blades on both ends which could cut through even Kormacvar-made armor. Zaharalei used her halberd with great skill and efficiency due to her millennium of combat experience.



Green face.pngFor the Sovereign!


Yellow face.pngI have no time for this!

  • N/A


Red face.pngFear my wrath, dirt-eater!


Spawn that defy the order I provide are subject to punishment, if not outright extermination should they become an irritance or an incompetent asset. You should keep that in mind the next time you fail me, my expectations, and my ideal.

- Zarkhator Prime

I may be a primitive, but even so, that fact alone will not scare me and will not stop me from opposing whatever it is you think you can do to me and my people.

- Tetra





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