She is a demon of the dark, an eyeless monster that stalks you, bides its time until you are at your most vunerable. She lies in wait, gaining strength as you pass time and wither. Then, in that one moment your life is over. No remorse, no care, only the kill.

- Unknown witness


Lik emost spawn of the Clan of Daren, Yidda was artificially created in a laboratory as one of Kol Daren's attempts to create a dynasty. A series of genetic deformities at birth however - missing eyes, pallid scales and a stubby snout - she was discarded, and left in the waste collection pit of of the former Khaxvis Resurgence enclave where she was born to die. She first met Inquisitor Nelasa (a former Khaxvis member serving the Grand Inquisition) as tthe latter was exploring the enclave she was born in. Originally only saving her from drowning in raw sewage and leaving her, Nelasa's latent telekinetic abilities whisked Yidda from the pit and into Nelasa's arms as she left the base some hours later.

Nelasa kept Yidda's identity a secret for mthe Grand Inquistion, spending the first month of her life living in a secret compartment within Nelasa's quarters on board an Inquisition cruiser. Yidda's first taste of sapient flesh on the day the evidence Kol fabricated to frame Nelasa came to light; afraid of what her suit's recording would charge her with, Nelasa killed her mentor and allowed a hungry Yidda to consuime the remains, solidifying a surrogate bond between the two. As the months passed by, Nelasa trained Yidda to harness her growing Descension and Dark Chronoscopic potential, preference given to the former mostly due to Nelasa's existing knowledge. As time passed however, the accelerated growth rate inherent in her genetics meant that Nelasa had to find a place to eventually lay low. Rather than follow her surrogate mother, Yidda decided to travel independantly. She gained a taste for hunting sapients, and with her mother's halp established herself as a bounty hunter who maintained a growing network of contacts though disguises and remote communication, many of which hid her nature as a Daren-breed Zazane.

Heer bounty hunter career earned her kills amongst numerous criminal gangs and syndicates thoughout known space, most noteably Blackforge, which due to it's connections to Kol Daren she learned to hate vehemently, putting several of ehr identities on Blackforge's watchlist.



Yidda is a very tall, strongly built Zazane hybrid posessing a powerful muscle structure. At five metres in height she positively towers over most Zaane along with towering over numerous outher beings. her body is covered in deep pink scales with red tints to them and underneath can be seen throbbing veins that pulse reguarly, pulsing more intensely when she is active. She frequently wears revealing clothes, believing that baggy outfits restrict her movement. This includes leaving her ample bosom exposed. What clothes she does wear resemble bands of reinforced leather armour, tough-wearing cloth and assorted collections of teeth and smal lbones that either dangle not from her clothes or are embedded but remain visual within the fabric.

Atop her head are three pairs of horns, one of which curls around another. She has a stubby snout filled with sseveral ros of brutally-sharp teeth. Her most distingusihing feature is that she completely lacks eyes. Her skull and crest forming a ridged surface as opposed to indentations or sockets to mark where the eyes would be.


Among strangers, Yidda is a loner. She prefers to keep her distance, remaining cold and distant fro many who try to approach her. She often avoids crowds, being sensetive about her visible mutations but is not hesitant to display outbursts of volence ot get her point across. There are very few people in the Gigaquadrant - such as Nelasa, the Inquisitor who raised her - who she cares deeply about and, unlike everyone else, will show feelings for. Due to her heritage however, she remains distant largely because most appear fragile, epiphemic or ignorant to her, most strangers looking weak enough that she could kill them with a mere twitch of her fingers.

Yidda is very young and due to an accelerated growth rate, can come off as immature at times, mone such example being her clinging nature towards her surrogate mother. Partially out of genuine feeling for her and partly because she sees her mother as fragile and not wanting her to break. SOmething Yidda is careful abotu when around her.

Yidda has an extreme fondness for hunting, stemming back form when she used to scavenge for food while she and her mother were hiding aboard starships in the first year or two of ehr life. Originally happy hunting rats or other vermin, Yidds quickly grew in size and favoured larger prey, eventualyl becoming indifferent to the significance of murdering spaient beings to satisfy her hunger or lust for the hunt.


Yidda does not carry much on her aside from a few survival kits, traps, artificial scents and a few snacks and morsals of food. She also carries an upsized serrated combat knife.


Being a direct child of Kol Daren, Yidds displays an astounding level of strength and durability, she is fully capable of lifting tanks above her head, punching through solid adamantium walls and enduring sustained gunfire. An expert hunter, Yidda can stalk a specific target for weeks at a time without feeling fatigue or boredom. Her years scavengine have made her very capable at looking after herself and surviving on her own.

Yidda's body posesses remarkable potential in both Descension energy and Chronoscopic energy. However she has more skill with Descension energy as Nelasa, her surrogate mother, knew only of the former and having only heard of the latter. Yidda however prefers using her own natural strength ratherthan resorting to descension energy but will at times use it to augment her own strength or speed to fit the situation. Even without descension energy, she can perform incredible feats of strength and endurance.

Because she lacks eyes, Yidda has grown to depend on seeing the world through the currents and flows of Essence. Through her mind's eye she can percieve peoples' locations, feelings and capabilities by reading their auras. A trait she has refined over the years alongside a base level of telepathy and focus on mind-and-body techniques. As a result, Yidda is capable of gauging the skill, attitude, power and threat elvel of her opponent as well as being able to sense their locations through walls and other solid materials. She sees the world as a series of glows and currents, understanding that the flows of essence correlate to the state of the real world.



Blue face.pngI'm not a monster. I wish people knew...

  • Nelasa - I love you mother...


Orange face.pngBack off. I bite.


Red face.pngI will enjoy using you as prey.

  • Kol Daren - When I sleep, I dream of tearing your heart out with my bare claws.


Girl you need eyes. Like...right now.

- Agent Nu

Try wearing googles!

- Lemmo

Mishap. Serve or suffer.

- Kolossus


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