The twin of Kragh and gifted with a cunning beyond mortal measure; Yarda is the inheritor of the Eternal Emperor's wit. Her mind and instincts are as sharp as a sword edge, her strataegies play out with every detail in mind. She is the Grand Chessmistress, there is no being more devious than her aside from our lord Zr'An'Kar but like her brother her fury is a thing to be feared.

- Dominion cult's passage on Yarda

Yarda Virios is the one of the godlike Archons of the Draconizane Dominion of universe 822912-3. she is a powerful descended being who has a fearsome reputation for her cunning and manipulative tendencies. Her reputation has made her one f the dominions' more intimidating generals.


Yarda was born alongside Kragh to Kordan and a Draconizane mother. In her earliest years she was raised within her father's palace on Alcanti and Vollix and often grew up hearing of the epic battles her father took part in before her birth and in her early years. Her fondness of these stories often came from the tactics Kordan and his generals had used with some hook on the depth her father gave to the battles themselves when reciting each battle. As she got older Kordan focussed told her more and more of the strategies that he and his generals used. During her education she studied under many contemporaries of her childhood and learned a diverse range of skills that made her something of a keen hunter. As she grew older she was given formal military training where she displayed herself to be a keen strategist and often spent her time creating battle simulations to experiment with new tactics to wage war. While her brother favoured the aspects of war that revolved around the prevalence of bloodshed, she favoured the wider-scale resolutions that could only be achieved with squads or armies.

During the course of the Gruggysul War she held a prominent position due to her training. Her immortality allowed her to outlive many of the Dominion's more mortal generals, using this extended lifespan to gather an increasingly vast repertoire of strategies and understanding of military procedure. One of the things that did emerge within her during the war was an interest in assimilating new species (such as the Cyrodi) into the Dominion. During this time her key interests expanded into manipulation and influencing the minds of others both through force and persuasion. She honed her skills to such an extent that small-scale displays of force or coercion could be enough to turn entire enemy planets to the Dominion's side. After proving herself in these matters with dozens of species and minor alien empires, she turned her manipulative interests inward and gathered together a vast number of indebted allies, courters and puppet governors, worming her way to wrap numerous politicians around her fingers over the progressing millennia.

As the years passed she became increasingly frustrated with the arguments that arose between her brothers, and constantly found herself reassuring Vetarion while scolding Kragh for his aggression, often taking the stance as a voice of reason. Vetarion's whims and naivete meant that she alongside Kragh became one of the Dominion's cupreme commanders under her father during the war, leading massive coordinated assaults, arranging campaigns that spanned entire galaxies. After Vetarion's fight with the Ungruggysul known as "The Druid" she learned that her twin brother's hostility towards his younger brother lay in his desire to make Vetarion stronger as a person. She waited a few months before finally telling Vetarion of this but in the long run it mattered little, despite her best efforts the two were eternally at odds with each other. But she was partially comforted by the knowledge that no matter how cruel Kragh would be to his brother, she knew that he was capable of being concerned for him and fearful of his welfare.

Over the course of the Gruggysul War, Yarda's stature, sense of dignity and position made her a popular object of suitors across Dominion space. She however, displayed different interests. She became known for desiring to court Draconizane house servants and generals over politicians. Since the early years of the offensives, Yarda had endeavoured to create a dynasty of her own and alongside form the political base she had built, she also gathered suitors, producing many offspring both private and publicly known, many of whom who became revered as demigods under her sect of the Dominion Cult due to inheriting her immortal heritage. Yarda befriended and grew close to the young Indricas, offering herself as an ear for him and would often participate in numerous playdates augmented by the powers she commanded.

When Mithra was born, Yarda felt a connection in the newborn the other two didn't, perhaps born from being the only daughter and, due to her immortality, a substitute mother figure for Kragh and Vetarion while out in the field. Yarda showed the most respect to Mithra compared to the other two, relishing in the knowledge she had a younger sister. Shortly after Mithra's birth, she was given the territory of Rovessia by Kordan as a way of ruling the Dominion. She developed Rovessia into a tempered rival to Kraghoril, preferring discipline over power. Her own home being a fortress where she could raise her dynasty and lure her her enemies to fall constantly into traps of her design. She used her connections to further solidify Rovessia into one of the largest political bodies within the Draconizane Dominion outside of the Heartworlds.

Yarda joined Kragh, Indricas and Kordan on an assault of the Ungruggysul flagship, where she witnessed Kordan surpass the demon form and watched as he confronted and defeated the Seraphim - one of the Gruggysul Society's most powerful warriors - in single combat. She gained a renewed sense of awe in her father that day and when the invasion of the Gruggysul capital came about she joined the forefront. Alongside the rest of her family, she witnessed Kolossus for the first time in her life. it was also on this planet she agreed to marry Indricas after several centuries of knowing him. The marriage was consummated with Kordan's blessing for the ceremony, with the ceremony officially occurring five months later.

Modern Times[]

A century after their consummation, Yarda gave birth to a son within her and her husband's home. The boy was lost A few years later however in an ambush by Deicide while on a state visit. Despite her best efforts and those of the Taskmasters, by infant became unaccounted for. Fuelled by the anger of losing her latest son, Yarda personally led a five-year-long campaign to cripple Deicide as best as she could, the bodies she left were mutilated and hung from safehouse exteriors as a message to the terrorist organisation. Despite the efforts of herself and the Taskmasters, her son was never found again.

A fortnight after Tyraz was captured and brought to Dominion space by Kragh and Vetarion, she was summoned by Kordan to Mithra's palace on grounds of being a more suitable jailer after Tyraz was smuggled out of of the palace by Mithra. The rescue group (consisting of Iovera IX, Dragon-Captain Davius, Hachiman, Koluap, Crispy and Jerkon) that later attempted to infiltrate her fortress were captured. Crispy was brought to her throne room, revealing himself to be the one who alerted her to the rescue group's approach. Keen to win a foothold in the Onuris Universe, the two agreed that she and Tyraz would play a high-stakes game, agreeing that if Crispy won, he could return home with Tyraz, but pledged that should he fail in navigating the maze, he would pledge himself to her, while anyone else who failed would remain her prisoner. Despite winning the right to hold Uriel, Jerkon and Davius as her prisoners, the remaining group fought to subdue her. In a demonic rage over the rescue team's defiance of the deal, she destroyed the walls containing her three prisoners and attempted to strangle Davius, the attempt was cut short when Herquie severed her forearm with a Dream Energy infused blade, in the process scarring the join to prevent her hand form growing back.

Instead of cutting off the tissue scarred by toxic energies, Yarda opted for a mechanical prosthesis, designed with a biomechanical nature to allow her to channel her talents into the replacement body part.



Yarda is a Draconizane with burnt umber scales. Although she is not as large as her brother Kragh but still standing at 5.2 metres in height, Yarda can be seen as a somewhat intimidating figure due to towering head and shoulders above most of her kind. Like her brother, Yarda possesses a considerable degree of muscle mass although she prefers bearing enough muscle to remain agile and athletic compared to her brother's focus on physique and raw power. The large set of six horns extending out the back of her head are commonly etched and inlaid with copper and arranged into decorative patterns. She is not completely a figure of brute figure however, and is attentive to her appearance, adorning herself with fine jewelry and a modest level of make-up to make herself presentable in the eyes of others.

Yarda's attire varies between ornately-patterned battle armour and decorative put practical shirts and trousers. very rarely is she ever seen in a dress or a skirt, her tastes being much more preferential to trousers and high boots. The civilian attire she does wear is often to compliment her scales, often preferring outfits with lush crimsons or deep blues with silver trim. Formal attire for her is either a Dominion Military officer's uniform indicating her of a rank comparable to a grand marshal modified with crimson sleeves to indicate membership of the Divine Family.

Yarda largely lacks any kind of bionic enhancement save for one article. Her right hand is a bio-mechanical construct reminiscent of the original body part in rough shape, save for a silver tint to the dark reddish metal that blends into her arm though bio-mechanical melding just above the wrist. Like most of her attire, the design is pragmatic, lacking haute-couture elegance but remaining sleek enough to be considered of an ergonomic design.


Yarda is something of a mirror of Kragh. While he is brash, arrogant and prone to fits or rage, she is calm, well-mannered and respectful of both her allies and her enemies. Although she is not without cruelty and she will be respectful to an extent with her enemies. Among her soldiers she is a stern commander, respectful of their abilities. She values the military as an engine of discipline and duty in service to the Dominion. She has been known to enact strict and harsh discipline to soldiers that she disapproves of, such as those who act without orders. At the same time however, she herself is capable of acts of severe brutality, and often doing so to get a message across to anyone who sees the act. Fortunately for allies and enemies alike, aggression is more controlled than that of her brother's and will rarely lash out with physical or psychic means at bringers of bad news.

Out of all of Kordan's known children, Yarda is perhaps the most ambitious in terms of formulating a long-term strategy. She surrounds herself with all manner of indebted allies and enthralled suitors in order to advance her goals, being known to fabricate situations using complicated plots in order to bring neutral parties under her influence and earning her the moniker of "the grand chessmistress". She uses these entranced figures in order to increase her influence within the Dominion and magnifying Rovessia's scale with vassals and protectorate allies. She is not above using her generous features, the perception she is a divine being or the promise of consummation in order to tease agreement out of people she wishes to twist. She is also the child of Kordan most inclined towards wanting a dynasty of her own, with Lord Taskmaster Indricas being her latest consort, showing affection for him not only as a husband, but also a friend he has had since as early as he could remember.

Beyond her manipulative qualities and her temper, Yarda is also a being with a motherly heart; she adores children for the potential they bear and the wondrous way they see the world, and has been known to display her furious temper whenever she hears of unnecessary harm to children or any misfortune befalling her own immortal offspring and depending on the situation this can be one of the few times she will react violently to the bearer out of a motherly instinct to protect the young and the vulnerable. Since the loss of her last child, Yarda shows absolutely no care for the members of Deicide and has shown an increased degree of cruelty towards its operatives more than any other organisation.


While she doesn't always need it and is capable of fighting and defending herself witohut it, Yarda is typically seen in battle wielding a double-headed greataxe corrupted with descension energies that she can summon and dismiss at will. Black glyphs mark the head and the metal, 4 metre long shaft is blackened, marked with deep-set glyphs and bound in dark red leather. These energies add to the shidium-edged sharpness of the head while at the base is a five--pronged trident coming oout from the bulb and following the route from the shaft and away from the weapon.


As a daughter of Kordan, Yarda is effectively immortal, having lived already for almost a hundred thousand years and unable to succumb to age or disease. Her age has allowed her to gather a phenomenal understanding of military strategy and tactics as well as mastery of close and ranged combat with various weapons including her signature greataxe. She bears a healing factor that allows her body to regenerate almost any wound quickly after they appear. As well as understanding of military tactics, Yarda is also versed in the sciences of psychology, sociology and psionics and has gathered an intricate knowledge of how to twist anyone to follow her desires. With dynastic desires and a talent for coercion, Yarda is the most politically proficient of all of Kordan's offspring. This is reflected in her talent for manipulating enemies and allies alike to follow her wishes, as well as complex knowledge of numerous alien dynasties and political structures, knowledge she uses in grand strategies to ensure she remains fully in control.

MAny of Yarda's talents revolve around the manipulation of mind and space. As a telepath, she conveys herself as someone as frighteningly knowledgeable of her targets by reading and understanding the minds of her marks before they even know the slightest thing about her. She can and has extended this ability into a form of coercion, tempting victims like a siren to her viewpoint and likely holds some ability to control minds. Despite this ability to control she rarely uses it in favour of twisting a victim's mind so they come under her control largely on their own. While not used as often as her telepathy, mastery of telekinesis allows her to scatter entire squads of soldiers into the air and she potentially has the power to manipulate the structures of skyscrapers such as twisting their frameworks or potentially tearing them out of the ground. Yarda's power over the mind takes full advantage of the nature of sentient brains to be encased and knowing only the realities their sensors inform them of. Her talent extends into affecting perception and a limited manipulation of space. She is a woman fully capable of substituting a target's perception of reality with one of her design, coming across as being able to perform feats that only gods achieve such as manipulating the rate of time, twisting the geometry of cities, manipulating distances and moving mountains and summoning thoughtforms from nothing but her targets' subconscious. All of this however is primarily in her victims' minds

A lesser-known extension of her talent over the manipulation of space is an ability to manipulate the scales of certain objects. With physical contact and concentration, Yarda can influence the physical size of inanimate objects and living beings - the latter group her proficiency in doing so is dependent on the target's willpower, with supernatural entities being much more resistant to the talent. She often uses this power as a way of capturing targets of interest, shrinking them down to a more easily transportable size. With victims often becoming disoriented or nauseated by the more severe transitions.



Green face.pngMy brothers and sisters in-arms.

  • Zr'An'Kar - Such cunnning, such wisdom, I admire him for it.
  • Kordan - The wisest of all of us
  • Vetarion - One day, Kragh will stop trating you like a child. Until then, let me know if he is picking on you.
  • Kragh - Blockheaded imbecile, I don't like being his brother but that I cannot control.
  • Mithra - A little too sweet and innocent if you ask me.
  • Lord Taskmaster Indricas - My love for you shall live on for eternity, dearest husband.


Yellow face.pngThey could very be useful.

  • Tyraz - My father would have you tortured and broken. I can see more use in you.


Orange face.pngTest me, and you will suffer.

  • Crispy - A proud one, but he hides his real self too much for my liking.
  • Iovera IX - Easily breakable were it not for the power she wields
  • Koluap - I like you. You're like Kragh only you can control yourself.
  • Jerkon - You have barely scratched the surface of our kind.


Red face.pngEither they will bow to me, or they will die.

  • Free draconis and Zazane - Poor pathetic fools.


You have a lot of promise child, I am certain you will forge a mighty empire of your own.

- Kordan

I see potential in this one...unlike the others.

- Kolossus


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