Xerkea was the founder and first Chief Major of the Niaka Special Forces. A revolutionary leader who despised the Niaka Order's society, she created the Special Forces in an attempt to redeem the Niaka race - which, in the opinions of many, was a success Xerkea was arrogant and aggressive, believing the Special Forces were the ultimate shield against crime in the galaxy, though she was ultimately good intentied and only wanted Borealis to be a safe place to live.


Early History[]

Little is known of Xerkea's background due to her refusal to comment on it, though it is known she is one of 89 siblings. She eventually became a general of the original Niaka Order, but was never content with the empire's criminal demeanor, seeing it as a waste of her race's potential. She secretly organized a justice movement known as the Niaka Resistance, which caused major problems to the Niaka Order for the next couple of decades.

When Xerkea was discovered to be leading the Resistance, her associates caused a Civil War in the Order which eventually defeated the thieving government of her malevolent uncle, Captain-Lord Xoraika and caused a chunk of the Niaka Order to split itself from the whole. Xerkea was made the new leader of the now called Niaka Special Forces, which would become a notable galactic power due to their actions.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

Xerkea watches as the Niaka start revolting

Xerkea was a predominant figure during the Second Borealis Galactic War, leading the Niaka to war against the likes of the Devourer's Chosen, the Seagon Empire, the Alvino Brood and the Borealis Consortium Network. She took personal offense to the birth of the so-called War Economy, believing the galaxy to be regressing into a band of raving animals, and employed particularly brutal tactics against those who supported it as response.

By the end of the war, the Niaka became one of the main powers of Borealis thanks to Xerkea's leadership, with her pledging her people's support to the Polar Crystal Alliance. Now the dominant Niaka civilization of Borealis, the Chief Major sought for the means required to finally eradicate the Old Niaka Order from the face of the universe, though that would have to wait for the time being.

Ice Age[]

Xerkea's first action during the Ice Age was helping save Councillor Semirian from the Polar Crystal Alliance and then arrest Billig Oltauris. Later, though, she was forced to set him free to deal with the Mass Armageddon, where she was also involved. She would later be involved in stopping Zoltik Relkhul and his PMC, Soltako Armed Military, from kidnapping the populations of various planets across the galaxy. Xerkea would confront and kill Zoltik in battle, learning from him that it was all part of a plan called Operation New Order, orchestrated by Captain Lord Xoraika of the Old Niaka Order. Xerkea would then fight Xoraika to the death at Ikkiz, killing him and foiling his plans.

The Old Niaka Order was defeated and unified under Xerkea's rule. After this event, she retired from the front lines and restricted herself to her office at Ikkiz. At 2822, during the War of the Ancient Three, Xerkea unfortunately passed away from old age, delivering leadership over the Special Forces to Chief Minor Xerlen, her eldest son. Her passing caused the Special Forces to fight with greater determination than ever against the Kondrakar Dominion, as they sought to honour her death.


Xerkea's mecha suit


Xerkea was easily distinguished among her peers for resembling a visibly aged Niaka, larger than most members of her race due to extensive military training. She wore an unique outfit designed for the rank of Chief Major, something which inspired courage in the eyes of her men and dread in the eyes of space pirates across all of Borealis.


Xerkea was well known for her stubborn nature. An extremist since her youth, she always preferred to solve problems by the most violent means possible. Extremely short-tempered and with a very high inner rage, Xerkea was famous for her determination which had helped her fight even after being heavily incapacitated. She was also well known for her apathy toward pirates and criminals - she would rather see them all dead rather than incarcerated, their personal lives be damned. However, Xerkea was strictly against the idea of harming civilians or innocents, believing it to be against the principles of her nation.


Being a Niaka, Xerkea was physically frail. With all of her training, she was considered tough by Niaka standards, though that meant relatively little compared to the aliens she spent her time with. She made up for it by piloting a much more powerful version of the standard Niaka mecha suit, equipped with a powerful cannon which fired explosive shots. In addition, the suit was strong enough to fight supersoldiers in melee combat and endure considerable amounts of punishment.



Blue face.pngGreetings from the Special Forces.

  • Xeron - Make me proud.
  • Vekaron - Probably my closest alien friend.
  • Baptarion Light - Scientists who can fight? My favorite type.
  • Arkarixus - I'll give it to him. He's far stronger than me.
  • Hachiman - Try not to die an embarrassing death out there.
  • Sarec - You're no pushover.


Yellow face.pngSpeak and don't bother me.

  • Iovera IX - She can throw thunder from her hands. Big deal.
  • Keldar - You got a strange concept of "cute", miss.


Red face.pngJail will be the best thing ever when I'm done with these.


The day I see you squashed is the day I'm gonna make a smile!

- Torrent

Grandma Xerkea's power suit is awesome!

- Hachiman

An enforcer of law. Her priorities are valiant and noble, an admirable ally.

- Tyraz

Clever creature. Using proper tools now.

- Zarkhator Prime




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