The Old Order is weak. The Special Forces are weak. The only real future for the Niaka race is to follow none other than us!

- Xegriek

Xegriek was a Niaka and one of the lieutenants of Dark Grip, the special ops unit of the New Wranploer Legion.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Xegriek was born in an unknown world of the Old Niaka Order. His childhood was like any other on the empire, and by the time he was an adult, he had become a pirate in search for riches and pleasure. During an attack from the Niaka Special Forces, Xegriek was hit by an explosion and lost the lower half of his body. To survive, he had his lower half rebuilt with robotics and gained three pairs of cybernetic limbs to use as legs. Turned into a freak on his own eyes, Xegriek turned sour and left the Old Niaka Order to work as an independent pirate. He began looking for the best pieces of technology to create the most powerful mecha suit possible so he could have his revenge. Following the events of the Second Borealis Galactic War, Xegriek was approached by Torrent, who offered him to be a member of Dark Grip to aid him on his plans, in exchange of giving him real power. The Niaka accepted, fueling both his body and his mecha suit with Torrent's nanomachines, and he became a fervent follower of the Kvargo warlord.

Ice Age Edit

During the seventh year of the Ice Age, Xegriek was ordered by Torrent to oversee the operation regarding the conquering of the Murgur Warbands. The Kvargo warlord's plan was of manipulating the Kraknor Warband into forcefully unifying the Murgur race and then disposing of Warmaster Tismahgo, turning the Murgur into his slaves. Xegriek was given control of a large number of Wranploer vessels which were used to upgrade the spaceships of the Kraknor Warband, and he was given a position of power inside the Warband for his deals with Warmaster Tismahgo. However, once Vekaron and his team started to intervene, Xegriek began growing apprehensive for not being able to deal with the Penumbran. He began ignoring calls from Torrent, believing the warlord would punish him if he reported back to the New Wranploer Legion without having achieved his mission. When Vekaron and his team travelled to the Murgur homeworld of Kaos, Xegriek fought them in person and was eventually defeated by a combined effort of Vekaron's team and the population of the Murgur capital. Following this defeat, Xegriek was sent to Exile Station where he will spend the rest of his days.

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Appearance Edit

Following his cybernetic reconstruction, Xegriek appeared as a Niaka with six robotic legs and a robotic eyepatch over his right eye. His movement was limited and he was forced to walk at slow speeds to move around. Thanks to the legs' weight, he had lost the ability to fly with his wings.

Personality Edit

Xegriek was an idealist Niaka who believed following him and Torrent were the best survival choice in Borealis. He wished for the destruction of the Polar Crystal Alliance because he saw them as oppressors who shove their laws down the galaxy's throats. Xegriek craved for a galaxy where every individual was free to follow their own goals with no laws to stop them from doing so. However, he was not keen to the idea of complete anarchy, and believed the galaxy must be led by a competent leader who could grant him his wishes, in this case Torrent himself.

Equipment Edit

Xegriek's Mecha Suit

Xegriek's mecha suit

Xegriek's mecha suit, unlike those used by the Old Niaka Order and the Niaka Special Forces, was completely custom-built from pieces coming from multiple sources, including notably Kicathian Agency technology. Appearance-wise, the suit was far taller and more humanoid-looking than regular mecha suits, towering 9 meters in height as opposed to a standard suit's 4,5 meters. As Xegriek's Niaka body was far too delicate to be turned into a supersoldier by Torrent's nanomaches, the mecha suit itself used them instead, greatly amplifying its power and endurance. Unlike other suits where the Niaka pilots them as if they were vehicles, Xegriek connected itself to the suit's interior instead, causing it to move according to his own actions. The suit's main weapons were three pairs of chainsaw blades, which could be swung at high speeds at his enemies. These saws could also combined into a single large chainsaw blade on a handle, which Xegriek wielded as a greataxe. The suit also possessed special equipment to cause it to hover slightly above the air when running, causing it to "slide" across the ground to reach its enemies.

Abilities Edit

Xegriek was a highly dexterous individual, but as a Niaka, his abilities were limited at best without his suit. He possessed the same nanomachines as the rest of Dark Grip, but due to the Niaka race's fragile biology, his use of them was relatively minor. However, he could still harden his body to increase his strength and resistance, allowing him to take on at least minor soldiers if forced to fight in melee range.

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Green faceI can always use allies.

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceWith us or dead. Make your choice.

Enemies Edit

Red faceHave a taste of freedom!

Quotes Edit

You do not have the strength of a warrior, though you have the attitude of one.

- Genrai Nal

Niaka don't taste good, eh? Shame.

- Billig Oltauris

gimme a fukin break

- Naktor'zak

You call that a mechsuit?

- Agent Nu

Overcompensation isn't attractive.

- Kalcedia Myran

Felling a titan this large shouldn't be much of a problem.

- Tetra

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