Foolish beasts. Make this decree known; for every Eaglartin seen to take up arms against us, kill fifty. For every city overrun by the rebels, destroy two. Let them know that the price of their freedom will be the abject destruction of their kind.

- Xarn displaying his ruthlessness against Eaglartin fighters during the War of Cleansing

Xarn Senakh'tenre is a male Cogsangui warlord of the Cognatus Empire, commanding the Cognatus battlefleets of the Borealis Galaxy. Unlike many of his brethren who pledged allegiance to the Primarch Voro Acetenus upon the Fall of Cognalorilos, Xarn remained utterly loyal to the ideals of the Cognatus Empire, namely those of Cogsangui supremacy and the virtues of military might over the cooperation espoused by the Primarch's followers. Brutal, merciless and unpredictable, Xarn is tenuously linked to the Archon Vos Adamae, agreeing to serve Adamae's interests only insofar as they are compatible with his.

During the War of Cleansing, Xarn gained gigaquadrantic notoriety for the abundance of war crimes directly attributable to the Cogsangui warmaster, including the widespread massacre of Eaglartin non-combatants and the complete destruction of two worlds, Castrion and the Eaglartin homeworld Fanaticus. Surviving the conflict, Xarn returned to Cognatus space in Cyrannus, where he has consolidated his strength on the mighty Dreadnought Shadow of the Cleansing Sun, in a move that many analysts indicate may portend a potential coup attempt against the Archon.


Early LifeEdit

Born on Cognalorilos in 156 BNE, Xarn's early service to the First Cognatus Empire involved many campaigns to quell uprisings from rebellious species located with the Cognatus sphere of influence. When the Intergalactic War erupted, Xarn doubted the truth of Warmaster Xae Vandon's words to the point by the end of the conflict, he utterly rejected the Cognatus religion. Nevertheless, his hatred for the Allies prompted the continuation of his vicious assaults with zeal and ferocity matched by few other Cogsangui commanders.

After the end of the conflict, Xarn briefly served the Cognatus Remnant before defecting when Voro Acetenus joined the Cyrandia Alliance. Xarn formed the splinter faction known as the Keepers of the True Way, which hounded Acetenus' forces for years before rejoining the fold with the rise of the Cognatus Empire in 01 NE. Now a Fleetlord, Xarn was sent by the ruling Triumvirate of the Cognatus to aid Fleetlord Vos Adamae's conquest of the Eaglartin in the Borealis Galaxy. There, Xarn brutally sacked many Eaglartin worlds before the species surrendered. During the campaign, he came to view Adamae as a bitter rival, with the two almost coming to blows during a disagreement about strategy. While Adamae wished to enslave the Eaglartin, Xarn advocated for their extermination—in the hopes that their worlds would be colonised by the Cogsangui.

When the Eaglartin fell under the boot of the Cognatus, Xarn was appointed as the Warlord of the Cognatus worlds in Borealis, where he remained for years as the brutal leader of the region, ruthlessly crushing opposition whenever it appeared. During the New Cyrandia Wars, Xarn became involved in a conflict with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, a war secretly orchestrated by the New Cyrannian Republic and the Polar Crystal Alliance. Though the Empire outnumbered the Cognatus in Borealis, the tactical ingenuity of Xarn resulted in the conflict becoming protracted and bloody, with no end in sight.


Ankhnes and Xarn duel on Fanaticus.

War of Cleansing (11 NE)Edit

Come, female. May your neck feel the sharp kiss of my blade.

- Xarn prior to his duel with Ankhnes Nar Monomai

Years later, Senakh'tenre was contacted by Archon Vos Adamae, who informed him that a joint Unified Order of Cognalorilos/Polar Crystal Alliance task force was preparing to invade Eaglartin space. Voicing his dissatisfaction with Adamae's leadership, Xarn was reminded that if he dared act against the Archon, Adamae would refuse to aid him in the coming war, prompting Xarn to rescind on his threats. During the subsequent War of Cleansing, Xarn oversaw the Cognatus Empire's response to the invasion, with a trend emerging in which Xarn would generally emerge victorious in battles he directly participated in, while his commanders would tend to lose to the tactical ingenuity of Fleetlord Thaur Vicliquam.

During the conflict, Xarn gained notoriety as a war criminal to the civilised states of the Gigaquadrant, personally overseeing the destruction of several Eaglartin worlds which pledged for the advancing allied forces. During the climatic battle of the conflict, the Battle of Fanaticus, Xarn led the Cognatus defence of the planet from his mighty Melkón-class Dreadnought Shadow of the Cleansing Sun. However, in the midst of the bout, he personally travelled to the capital city of the planet, where he fought in personal combat against the Order's foremost warrior, Ankhnes Nar Monomai, only to retreat when the duel turned in her favour.

Returning to the flagship, Xarn discovered that the New Cyrannian Republic had arrived at the battle, which began to turn in the favour of the allies. Sensing his defeat, Xarn retreated to the upper atmosphere of Fanaticus, where he began an orbital bombardment which obliterated all life on the planet's surface, killing billions of Eaglartin in the process. Revelling in the destruction of a world he had hated with such an intense passion, Xarn returned to Cyrannus, where he began to build up a power-base, much to the mistrust of Archon Adamae.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Ruthless and xenophobic, Xarn Senakh'tenre is one of the most infamous warlords in the Cognatus Empire, often prompting the xenocide of races who dare defy the decrees of the Cogsangui. As such, Xarn is a firm believer that the universe exists for the sole purpose of catering to the Cogsangui—a holdover from the religious beliefs of the Cognatus, which preach exceptionalism and the inherent inferiority of the species of the Gigaquadrant. Nevertheless, Xarn is privately an atheist, who despite his former allegiance to the Primercer believes that the religion of the Cognatus is a useful tool of ensuring obedience from lesser races and nothing more. Indeed, he is pragmatic enough to utilise the common stereotype of his people as brutal zealots to his own advantage during conflict.



Blue faceWhat is it? Speak quickly!

  • Primercer: You were no god. Gods cannot die.
  • Xae Vandon: Where would the Cognatus be, were you not defeated?


Orange faceYou are testing my patience.


Red faceMay your neck feel the sharp kiss of my blade.


Be aware. My gaze is forever fixed. Act against my orders and your head will mount my wall.

- Vos Adamae

Filthy fanatic. I would love to see you forced upon Exile Station for all eternity.

- Asraels




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