Xanat Breek is a Zazane warlord and a captain of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Formerly a member of the Confederation of Andromeda, Xanat now serves with full loyalty to the GEC. He was raised under the wing of Admiral Votarah in the arts of warfare and combat, and has become something of a supersoldier for the GEC. In command of his own unit of Cyrannian Zazane, Xanat is a skilled commander and soldier still in his relative youth.


Early LifeEdit

Xanat Breek was born on the desert world of Asacor, in a community built up of marauders and criminals. Xanat was left with his mother Gelenan before his birth, his father abandoning him like he did to his two other children, Moxix and Tyraz, who Xanat would have no knowledge of until he was older. Xanat was raised solely by his mother, who had trained herself to fight off the scum of the city they resided in. At the age of three, Xanat would be left to wander alone after his mother was raped and killed by a Zazane marauder group known as the Red Shade.

Xanat would be found later on by the manager of a mining corporation, Araros Ganavol. Araros would use Xanat as a slave for his corporation, forcing him to work long into the day and night while pumping him with drugs and medicines to keep him awake and active via putting him through immense pain. Xanat would continue this lifestyle until he came upon the age of 13, where he managed to murder Araros and collapse the corporation's business single-handedly. He would then return to his birth city and eliminate the members of the Red Shade, who were barely active at the time.

Vartekian InfluenceEdit

Xanat would later be found by the Confederation of Andromeda after Vartekian forces took over Asacor. Xanat would come into conflict with Admiral Votarah, bravely standing up to the Vartekian warlord without fear. Instead of killing Xanat, Votarah would take him in under his wing. Under Votarah's training, Xanat would become a monster specialized in the act of murder and killing, as well as taking to Votarah as a father, seeing him as an inspiration and male role model. Votarah would reciprocate similar feelings and treat Xanat like a son or relative.

Xanat would join Votarah regularly in combat missions in order to display his strength and skill. He had become a Vartekian in Zazane skin, a fierce fighter with strength that would impress both Zazane and Vartekian audiences. He believed he had evolved from his primitive Zazane way and had grew into something more powerful than any Zazane could ever hope for; a Vartekian. Xanat saw himself like his "father" and would continuously train under him and attempt to impress him in order to gain his favour.

Joining the GECEdit

Xanat and the rest of the Confederation would become allies with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, with Votarah becoming a Grand Admiral. During this alliance, Xanat had allowed himself to be experimented on under the promise he would become one of the strongest soldiers within the entire empire and that he would impress his father greatly by doing so. Xanat would become "changed" on a microscopic level, being able to shapeshift his entire body into a liquid matter and capable of forming claws and blades all across his body. Xanat had become something of a real monster, although he has seemingly kept at least some morals and sophistication, although in the process he has gained a sadistic killer personality which makes him somewhat different from the other captains of the GEC.



Xanat Breek, being a member of Cezazane subspecies, is naturally attractive in terms of appearance towards a majority of other Zazane. Xanat is young by Zazane standards and is said to have stopped aging completely some time ago due to experimentation, physically appearing at the age of 19, giving him the appearance of a freshly graduated Zazane soldier. His scales are blood red in colour and his horns have formed into a position that is different to most other Zazane. Unlike most, Xanat's body is unscarred, possibly as a result of the experimentation performed on him. His crest is also somewhat large and impressive.

Xanat likes to show off his young physique and thus wears little armour. The armour he does wear is usually decorated with GEC numbers and writing. Tattooed his left shoulder and left buttock is the number 0. When not wearing armour, Xanat usually prefers to wear more casual clothing while also wearing a shoulder piece, to keep to the Zazane tradition of wearing at least one piece of armour at all times.


Xanat is a fierce fighter an prefers to fight with extreme cruelty, not often killing his opponents straight away even if he is capable. He is sometimes described as something along the lines of sadistic, although his reasoning is he wants to know how strong his opponent truly is and even if they are worth fighting against. He will only kill his targets after incapacitating them and humiliating them through the cruelest and most painful manners. Confident in his abilities gifted to him from the experiments performed on him, he will allow normal enemies to take shots at him and even injure him to some degree before he regenerates and attacks back. However, he is arrogant enough to be taken by surprise and is often prone to underestimating some enemies. He is notably different compared to most captains of the GEC because of his arrogant and sadistic nature.

He treats his men and soldiers with great respect for reasons unknown, although some theorize it may be because they still retain their mortality and "normal" existence rather than being a "freak created through science" like Xanat. Xanat has been shown to berate those who do not give him a worthy fight before killing them. His actions, attitude and behaviour have contributed to him being a feared, and somewhat disliked, individual in GEC society.

Xanat does not enjoy going out in public and prefers staying in doors. He likes to indulge himself on expensive alcohols and food, although he is unable to get drunk. He also finds enjoyment out of going on walks to be alone with his thoughts.


Unlike most Zazane, Xanat prefers not to use blades in his work as per GEC standard. Instead, he has custom plasma pistols especially designed for two different purposes; one is a plasma pistol with a rapid-fire ability, the other is a pistol equipped with nanomachines that are capable of reducing the lethality of Essence users. Xanat only uses the latter gun in extreme cases, preferring to use the former in most cases.

Xanat's armour is capable of jamming detection systems, making him near enough almost invisible to a majority of detection devices, rendering him a "ghost". His armour allows him to move around freely without decreasing his movement potential, but is also capable of defending him against plasma and Shidium rounds.


Xanat is unlike a majority of other mortal beings, as he displays amazing regenerative ability at will and is capable of taking immense amounts of damage that would normally kill a majority of mortals. The experiments performed on him grant him nanomachines that can repair his body in moments, although he is not completely invulnerable as he is still endangered by Essence-powered beings. Xanat is capable of shapeshifting his body, such as sprouting spikes and teeth out of his limbs and torso and is able to transform his entire body into a liquid substance which he has complete control over.

Alongside these abilities, Xanat is also a trained melee fighter and has incredible strength, enough to snap Zazane bones in half and tear through solid Shidium walls with his bear claws, which he can extend and retract at will. He is also skilled with ranged combat and his accuracy is admired for his ability to shoot a target in their exact weak spots from a long distance.



Green faceWhat would you have me do?


Yellow faceKeep your distance.


Red faceMy lords would have me kill you!



Zazane? Pfff. Never liked your kind.

- Mar-Júun

I've heard a lot about your species. Do not disappoint us.

- Tyrant

Such a potent being. Useful in it's way.

- Tyrómairon
Darkness. Hatred. Anger. This is what being a Zazane feels like.
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