Splendid! Let's blow them all up!

- Xaltsa

This was a character that was going to be used in a cancelled fiction. It is no longer in use.

Xaltsa Setalazzio is a Supreme Leader of the Ultimate Sovereignty of Ottzello. Formerly a well known Galotian entertainer, Xaltsa is notable for being the only strictly male Galotian (with most being female), as he is the only one incapable of giving birth. Being brought up in a musical family, Xaltsa has a love of the performing arts and of class. However, he also has a love of destroying his foes. Often seen as the least sane of USO, Xaltsa's past is unknown to most.





Xaltsa dresses like an ordinary Galotian of high class. He typically carries a musical instrument or two around with him, as if he's always prepared to perform, although he also carries around several knives and blades, as well as his beloved bombs, which he makes absolutely no effort to hide. As for his facial appearance, it is very typical; by Galotian standards he is fairly average in terms of attraction.


Xaltsa is a joy-filled happy individual, who finds fun in almost everything he does. There are many questions, however, regarding his sanity, though these are all natural. He is well known for his love of the performing arts, and has claimed to be an instrumentalist of all sorts, an actor, a dancer, a singer, a composer and a director. However, when it comes to finding joy in everything, this includes his works of destruction. Xaltsa loves destroying everything he sees and finds the screams of death enjoyable.


Xaltsa doesn't have any abilities in particular that are noted.


Xaltsa carries several knives around, though he also has plenty of bombs. Xaltsa loves his use of bombs which he throws at his foes and watches them blow up into a million pieces. His supply of bombs is thought to be unlimited, as he seems to never run out of them to toss. Some have said that his bombs contain antimatter, which would make sense given his sanity, though this is unconfirmed.



Green face.pngYes! The show goes on!


Green face.pngOh, look! An audience!


Green face.pngPeople to blow up! Hahahaha!

  • Billig Oltauris - Oh, I can't wait to watch your fat mass splatter across the room when I kill you!
  • Gyjak - I have no idea what you're saying...but I could listen to you all day!


Dance elsewhere, and preferably not with me.

- Kalcedia Myran

Interesting. dis geezas propa fun man

- Thr'aloy

Your mannerisms weird me out...but you prove valuable.

- Dalverat

When did the Otzelloans come to the conclusion that harlequins made effective enforcers?

- Lord-Admiral Larnus Vontarion

You're the new leader? You?

- Agent Eta

Wonderful! A mortal after my own heart! You'd have the honoured seat at my table in Insomnia. After dear Volim that is.

- Santorakh


- Krathazhrukhal


- Venoriel

I like this guy!

- Zarveltyr

The next time you say "I WILL DESTROY YOUR PLANETS" I will find you and bitch-slap you so hard the Omega Commander will feel it.

- X-30



  • Xaltsa was designed by Technobliterator but created in Spore by OluapPlayer
  • Xaltsa was partially based on Kefka Palazzo from Final Fantasy VI, in terms of being a murderous psychopath who finds joy in destruction, although the ideas of a love of performing arts came elsewhere
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