We Ondarei Mharinis are creatures of water; we were granted life through the breath of the Titan of the Seas, our very bodies are water given intellect. We are fundamentally children of the ocean, which is why the use of fire magic is strictly forbidden within our ranks. Could you imagine a being whose soul is pure water to manipulate its very antithesis? A soul of water being consumed by flame? I imagine the process would rend the poor individual completely mad.

- Harkin

Xacutus, formerly known as Belgarn Krumnus, is an incredibly powerful undead Ondarei Mharinis who serves as the master of the Vulcanus Horde, an army of magma-borne beasts who seek the destruction of Koldenwelt. Formerly a respect mage serving under the Marinis Domain, he would study the forbidden arts of pyromancy in an attempt to combat the forces of Ramainaualmari, leading to him losing his mind and be turned into an insane wreck who desires nothing but the world consumed by fire.

One of the most powerful mages of the world, sporting mastery of promancy befitting of a demigod, Xacutus is one of the gravest threats of the south, where he is slowly making his way into the Tropical Lands after thousands of years of imprisonment. Xacutus has proven himself an extremely dangerous enemy for those who oppose, and also a startlingly difficult being to dispose of; many times was he assumed to be defeated for good, only to rise back to his feet soon after.


Ancient HistoryEdit

During the time of the Ondarei Mharinis civilization, Xacutus was a high-ranking and respected mage by the name of Belgarn Krumnus who acted as one of the greatest minds of the Giants. Revered for his Source powers, he was a benevolent man who thrived for the survival of his race. However, it would all change upon the arrival of the Cult of the Eclipse and Vargash's whispers, which started to turn Ondarei Mharinis settlements against each other.

Determined to fight this threat, Belgarn began studying the path of pyromancy, an art never used by the Ondarei Mharinis due to their obvious marine nature. To do this, Belgarn travelled to the main continent, having to survive the ongoing war between the world and the forces of the Void. Upon discovery of the arts of pyromancy, Belgarn studied blacksmithing at the Cobalt Kingdom and combined both arts to create a pair of fire weapons: the Exacutus Vulcanus and the Thousand-Sun Staff. The mage would remain studying this power for the next two hundred years until they started to affect his mind.


Upon returning to the Ondarei Mharinis civilization, Belgarn carried both of his weapons with him. He saw his home city being attacked by a legion of 1,000,000 Lympharians. With a single blast of power, he eradicated the entire Lympharian legion in a matter of seconds. However, at the same time, the city was absolutely devastated and whatever survived remained could only see a laughing Ondarei Mharinis as responsible. The power had made him insane. Belgarn had gone drunk with power and now only wanted to make everything around him burn.

The three Guardians, Harkin, Karps and Vectrom, challenged Belgarn. Despite his tremendous power, the three Guardians managed to disarm him and then used his own weapons against him, defeating him in battle. Upon being struck by the Exacutus Vulcanus, the mage's soul was cut in half, one of the halves becoming trapped inside the fire axe. The other half, still on the body, managed to escape. The Ondarei Mharinis exiled Belgarn from their lands, with him renaming himself to Xacutus. With the Exacutus Vulcanus being guarded by Harkin, Xacutus' soul was severed and he was unable of achieving full power.


During Inferno Rises, Xacutus was awakened once again. The Exacutus Vulcanus tricked the Sea Witch, Kinmorunddraver, Hachi, Riad, Clothovera Moirai, Pelagrios and Javina Desertsun into taking them to Xacutus' throne, restoring his power in the process. While the team fought the pyromancer and managed to steal the Thousand-Sun Staff from him, Xacutus survived the battle relatively unharmed and began ordering his Vulcanus Horde to prepare themselves for their future assault on the main continent. A few months later, he met Imperator Kalarah and allied with the Legion of Shiarchon out of power-hunger.

Now aligned with the forces of the Void, Xacutus initiated a march to the continent by creating a bridge of molten magma across the sea in order to reach the southern gates of Abyssus, and his first act in Koldenwelt was to hunt Vectrom down and murder him when he found himself alone. The alliance with the Legion lasted until the Fall of Talmyr, where the Shiarchon Imperator dismissed Xacutus after his victory over the Dalmiric Kingdom. In an attempt to kill the Imperator, Xacutus caused the Exacutus Vulcanus to be destroyed and then retreated, but not before absorbing the soul half which once resided inside the axe. He would spend the rest of Eschaton serving as a constant pain both to the forces of good and to the forces of evil, before disappearing to attend to his own plans once the Shiarchon were defeated.



Xacutus is an Ondarei Mharinis whose entire body has burned away, save for his long-charred skeleton, though his skull is noted to be far more expressive than what is commonly possible. He stands at the average size of what a mortal Ondarei Mharinis would be, which is gigantic compared to the usual man or elf. He is always seen wearing a set of great red and black robes which appear to be made out of solidified flame, which are easily repaired whenever they are damaged as Xacutus can merely conjure more fire to replace it.


Formerly a noble man, Xacutus has become an insane being with no regard for life - Ondarei Mharinis, who were created from water, were never meant to manipulate fire in fear that something like him would be the result. Omnicidal, disturbed and extremely short-tempered, Xacutus is an unpredictable force who only wishes for the complete destruction of Koldenwelt, though he is not entirely demented - he has been seen working alongside other dark entities at numerous occasions, always because it benefits somehow as he shows no respect for his "allies" at any occasion.


Xacutus is one of the most powerful pyromancers of Koldenwelt, sporting tremendously dangerous fire magic. He can launch blasts of fire from his hands, turn himself into fire and, despite being a mage, he is very tough and durable due to his unnatural resilience. Having used both pyromancy and umbramancy to achieve his undead state, Xacutus is immune to both magical schools being used against him. At the peak of his rage, he has been witnessed causing spontaneous eruptions by casting the lava from the world's mantle to the surface, as demonstrated when he created a magma bridge between Akriarion and Abyssus to cross the sea, which has since sunk back to the ocean floor.




Yellow faceI'll burn you later!

  • Wrugrak - Lead my armies and destroy!


Orange faceYou are not worthy of my burning!


Red faceBURN!