The unity of the Murgur peoples was always, surprisingly, considered an inevitable outcome; it would be the founder and instigator of their unification that would dictate whether such an outcome was desirable or beneficial for the course of the galaxy or not. ... Aye, it was not through tyranny and ego that we were brought together, but through our redemption.

- Kraknor Yatakhan

Kraknor Wragrot is a member of the Murgur race who was formerly a leader of the Kraknor Warband and currently rules over the Empire of the Murgur, being its founder. A member of the dying subspecies of Murgur known as "Battlemasters" who are notable for possessing psychic abilities, Wragrot is currently regarded as the strongest warrior of the Murgur people and as their greatest leader.

Considered an ancient by Murgur standards and making other warriors look like ants in comparison to his size and power, Wragrot strives to see the Murgur people prosper rather than kill itself by being petty thugs and pirates. And while he is incredibly old, he is still as strong and lively as a Murgur youngster in combat, and there are few warriors in Borealis who can claim to be able to match his great strength, abilities and firepower on equal terms.


Early History[]

Wragrot was the leader of the Kraknor Warband of the Murgur before Warmaster Tismahgo. He was born at the Murgur homeworld of Kaos and ascended through the ranks of Kraknor by killing anyone who tried to get on his way. Upon becoming the Warmaster, Wragrot revealed his true colours, and began making efforts to pacify his Warband with the objective of creating an unified Murgur empire through diplomacy rather than war, for he had grown tired of the Murgur race's self-destructive attitude. However, Tismahgo made an assassination attempt on Wragrot on his sleep, declaring him dead while taking over the throne of Kraknor in the process.

Wragrot was dumped into a trash spaceship and sent to the Arm of Wildness to die, but he managed to endure and heal his wounds. Upon learning that Tismahgo was now leader, Wragrot grew resentment for the Murgur and became a bounty hunter, working alone for the next 800 years. Tismahgo ordered all Battlemasters executed and used all means possible to erase all records of Wragrot from history, so that no one would remember he was ever alive.

Ice Age[]

Vekaron and Wragrot confronting the Sand Whale

With the beginning of the Ice Age, Wragrot managed to return to the Murgur homeworld of Kaos, where he was safe from persecution thanks to the planet's holy status among his species. He was approached by Vekaron, who wished him to join his new crew at the Penumbra Unit, and he accepted after the two of them fought together against a dangerous Kaos Sand Whale.

While traveling with Vekaron, Wragrot met Kilchárunya, helped saved Vyatak, met Vansenk and later faced Torrent in battle in a planet owned by the Rovegar Matriarchy, where he encountered Gardin alongside the rest of Vekaron's team. After this, he met and befriended Kamaris and later met Kirlisir. Wragrot would then help Vekaron thwart Torrent's plans of creating an army by hybrids and save Baptarion Light from him. The following years, Wragrot helped Vekaron and his team defeat the Benefactor, the rogue Agent Chi, Angazhar and Vorius.

Murgur Civil War[]

Wragrot became central to Murgur history once more after Muganda Groanknir, leader of the Muganda Warband of the Murgur, got in contact with him and convinced him to retake Kraknor due to Tismahgo's crimes. Wragrot worked together with Vekaron's team to overcome numerous obstacles, ranging from biologically engineered super Levarcor to the Dark Grip member Xegriek. Through his quest, he was attacked multiple times by the green-skinned Battlemaster named Kraknor Yatakhan, who fought Wragrot for the purpose of testing if he was strong enough to fight Tismahgo on equal terms.

Wragrot eventually travelled to the Murgur homeworld of Kaos and fought Tismahgo one-on-one, killing him and obtaining the favour of the Murgur people. By doing this, Wragrot left Vekaron's team and founded the Empire of the Murgur alongside Groanknir and Yatakhan, though he later temporarily joined them again for the purpose of putting an end on Torrent. Years later, he would give Vekaron support during the War of the Ancient Three, which marked their final mission together.



Wragrot is very tall by Murgur standards, towering over all other members of Vekaron's team. His body is filled with scars from old fights, with Wragrot claiming he remembers where he got all of them from. His stories claim that he fought Wranploer, Zoles, Kaos Sand Whales, and at least one scar was made by a Zí-Jittorám.


Wragrot is a contrast to the typical stereotype of the former Kraknor Warband. While Murgur affiliated to it were often seen as bloodthirsty maniacs, Wragrot is softspoken and somewhat lazy. While he loves fighting like all Murgur tend to do, he is also open to the idea of diplomacy and does not mind solving problems peacefully. Wragrot is incredibly hard to intimidate and treats the aggressive mindset of his people as a lack of discipline which he seeks to forcefully remove if it means their prosperity while completely disregarding their resistance, and he has often claimed his people were a "race of manchildren" before the formation of the Empire of the Murgur.


Wragrot, being a Battlemaster, is a natural supersoldier by Murgur standards. He is physically superior to any normal Murgur and has the ability of using moderate amounts of elemental energy. This grants him powers such as releasing small blasts of essence and telekinesis which are amplified whenever he is particularly enraged. Wragrot's signature weapon is a Murgur Shotgun, an oversized and powerful weapon designed to kill other Murgur; causing extreme damage on any less resilient target.



Blue face.pngIt's good to have you around.


Yellow face.pngWasting time is wasting life.

  • Kithworto - Seems neat. If not ugly.
  • Agent Mu - That one though? Super ugly.
  • Agent Upsilon - Swears like a Murgur. Heh.


Red face.pngThere is a reason Battlemasters are feared. Let me show you why.


Impressive even by Zazane standards, he makes me see potential in the Murgur.

- Crispy

He's big and scary! I like the looks of him!

- Hachiman

A Murgur Battlemaster? I'm off...

- Lemmo

You owe me a lot for that Zí-Jittorám!

- Kilchárunya


- Venoriel

Despite what you say, you're just a softy at heart. Like a big, tough Purion.

- Kirlisir





  • Wragrot is mainly inspired by Mass Effect's Urdnot Wrex.
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