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I may not be the most talented duelist, nor the best scientist, nor the best administrator, nor the best industrialist, not the best spy, nor the best tactician, but I am the voice of reason in a sea of arrogant savants, and I am the engine that will coordinate our very best in the pursuit of victory.

- Wolframicht Stahl pretending to be humble

I have succeeded where the Grox Meta-Empire, The Congregation, the Loron, and the Vartekians have failed. The Maelstrom is nought but ash, Horatorio merely a memory, and Mirenton will soon be ours.

- Wolframicht Stahl indulging in hubris shortly before the Delphan Counterattack

I stand over the most puissant force the Gigaquadrant has ever known. You are the force that will take Manticore. You are the force that will break the back of the ADC. You are the force that enshrines our legacy in the stars over which we will hold not just dominion, but monopoly.

- Wolframicht Stahl again indulging in hubris shortly before falling short of defeating the Allies at Manticore.

Archon (formerly Acting Tyrant and Drachon) Wolframicht Stahl was, in the context of The Great Tyranny War, the strategist behind the Milky Way Campaign,the Defense of Dominatus Mirus, and the defense of Demogorgon Prime. Stahl was noted for his excellent use of the Tyranny's machinery and his offensive as well as defensive genius, which while substantive, was not enough to turn the tide of the Dominatus War in the Tyranny's favor. A patriot who would do anything for the Dominatus, Stahl perhaps damned the Dominatus to death when he revealed their collective psyche and philosophy during the later infamous tribunal of the Dominatus.


Neophyte : Early LifeEdit

Stahl was born on Demogorgon Prime, in the Drakodominatus Tyranny, before the Final War of Drakodominatus Unification. He was born to one of the most prominent families in the Tyranny's military aristocracy and as such was destined for a career in the military from the day he was born. Born of the Drakodominatus Alpha strain, Stahl was physically suited to a career as a cavalry officer, though not superlatively so. Furthermore, his quiet introversion stood in contrast to the pompous arrogance associated with the hotshots of the cavalry. Further, Stahl’s true passion was in writing and books, and not necessarily those of the military kind. While his elder brother would begrudgingly take to the family library after enthusiastically partaking in duelling and riding lessons, Wolframicht needed to be dragged from his books to practice.

Stahl was noted less for singular brilliance in a certain field than his broad perspective and open mind. It was an open mind that got him into trouble when he questioned his superiors over commonly accepted tenets. It was a mental framework that later on, permitted him to accurately perceive the interactions between the differing branches of the Tyranny’s military-industrial-scientific complex. He was never going to be the most gifted scientist, nor the most gifted tactician, nor the most gifted administrator, but he was the only one who could reason out the conflicts between the many heads of the Tyranny’s hydra and arrive at mutually satisfactory plans fully leveraging their disparate strengths.

However, the young Stahl could not have known this was how his skills would manifest. As expected of him, he entered Cavalry Officer School and graduated 3rd in his class. This disappointed his family, which boasted that his elder brother had graduated 1st in his class. Stahl was given a supposed sinecure as assistant to the cavalry correspondent to military research , allowing him time to read books and learn about the Tyranny’s new technologies while his brother was assigned to the most prestigious cavalry unit in the Tyranny.

Soldier : War of UnificationEdit

The onset of the Final War of Drakodominatus Unification saw cavalry slaughtered like cattle in the first frontal charges. His brother was killed in these first battles and Stahl volunteered for a frontline position. However, High Command, both afraid to sacrifice the last scion of the Stahl dynasty and aware of Stahl’s other talents recommended him as a cavalry operative to the newly formed Military Intelligence office. In this regard, Stahl was responsible for infiltration, sabotage, espionage, and assassination. His talent for lateral thinking and broad knowledge base saw him succeed in this to a far greater degree than a position as a cavalry officer would. Unfortunately, Stahl was captured and tortured by the enemy. As a spy, he was brutally interrogated, and eventually cracked under the pressure, revealing a crucial secret that led to the destruction of a full battalion of infantry. This guilt would haunt him for the rest of his life, and he hardened himself with the knowledge that he would do whatever was required of him to save his compatriots in the future.

Stahl was eventually broken out in a secret information financed by his family. In exchange for spending their sizeable fortune on war bonds, the military had agreed to launch a first of its kind deep infiltration strike to break their sole remaining heir out. The plan worked, but his saviours found not the proud scion of the Stahl dynasty, but a physically and mentally broken man. However, while his body mended itself together, Stahl’s steely resolve had already galvanised his mind into a weapon.

Stahl was again assigned to Military Research, not as an assistant anymore, but as the direct correspondent between it, Military Intelligence, and the Military itself. While not a scientist or engineer, he had an uncanny knack for immediately sizing up the potential application and usefulness of military technology, one that led him to giving presentations to Tyrant Abandon Heimdall more than once. Moreover, Stahl had the guts and the ability to test these new machines in the field. It was an oft-propagated myth in the Tyranny that the First Armored Infantry of which Mortrig Malevon was a Master Sergeant was the first to use Powered Armour in the Tyranny’s military history. This was wrong, it was instead Stahl and a Military Intelligence wet work team that had first tested out the prototypes in the field. Stahl occasionally practiced his duelling as a matter of tradition, but gain a reputation amongst the Dominatus for doing things the practical way. In the leadup to the final offensive, Stahl served as the youngest planner on the strategy committee, soothing the egos of Drakodominatus much more senior than he and ensuring the cooperation of the Tyranny's disparate military branches. What followed was a coordinated offensive between the Tyranny's power armour, orbital artillery, super-heavy armour, and the conventional armed forces the likes of which had never been seen before. The end of the offensive saw the subjugation of the Drakodominatus People's Republic. After 20 years of war, the Tyranny stood the sole master of Demogorgon Prime.

Administrator : ReconstructionEdit

During the period of reconstruction that followed the battle for Demogorgon Prime, Stahl was initially tasked with the suppression of insurgent groups and riots in the former People's Republic. Due to the Tyranny imposing slavery on their subjugated enemies, mass riots and revolts broke out all over the occupied territories, costing the Tyranny severely in lost productivity. While other such men of the Tyranny given this task were so given over to sadism due to the brutality of the war that they only used punishment as a means of coercion, Stahl, ever the pragmatist reasoned that a sticks and carrots approach worked better. Instituting a plan in which cooperative slaves were given increased rations and healthcare, with the promise of their children being adapted by the citizens of the Tyranny and the accompanying status of freemen, and in which rebel defects were rewarded with citizenship and financial rewards proportional to the amount they helped the Tyranny, Stahl quickly increased productivity in the occupied territories while crushing some insurgent groups. Stahl could be ruthless however, not out of bloodlust, but because it was the most efficient solution, and quickly devised the method of torturing or threatening to torture a subjects friends and family in order to break them first. So effective were his solutions that other officers went to him for advice, advice which he gladly shared, and within a 5 year period, productivity had increased while dissent had decreased.

Perhaps Stahl's most controversial move during this period was his push to completely eradicate the culture of the People's Republic.Children of cooperative slaves from the republic were taken from birth while recalcitrant slaves were sterilised. These children were then educated in the Tyranny as its down citizens were. Meanwhile, Stahl took to completely destroying the legacy of the People's Republic, tearing apart its surviving monuments and artworks while destroying all literature regarding it save that produced by the Tyranny. Ever the historian however, Stahl felt guilty about this, and breaking his own rules wrote a short book in his spare time regarding the People's Republic. This was to be the first of his books regarding fallen civilisations who he had erased from history due to his fanatical regard for efficiency and his personal guilt for what these efficient methods had done to entire nations.

The next 12 years of the Reconstruction period saw Stahl rotated through various positions in administration, science, and the military. He was an observer in the live vivisections of rebels in the quest to ingrain unquestioning loyalty in the brain, and short of that, to remove the intelligence needed to revolt. However, he also saw more traditional positions, overseeing the further refinement of powered armour, the further development of spacesuits, and the further advancement of drones. It is notable that a man of Stahl's standing never married during this period, and maintained the status of a bachelor for the rest of his life. While he never spoke of why he had made this decision, those closest to him knew that he believed such a move would prevent him from giving himself wholly to the Tyranny.

Conqueror : First ContactEdit

Following the 17-year Reconstruction period, the Tyranny faced a series of issues - the extreme fertility of the Drakodominatus meant that if the situation was not resolved, Demogorgon Prime would soon face a problem of overpopulation. There were only 2 solutions, reduce the number of Drakodominatus, or increase the amount of living space. Urban infrastructure could only do so much, and the Tyranny, having fully subjugated the Republic and snuffed out all feelings of rebellion, decided to look to the stars. The Tyranny puts its full industrial and scientific capacity 2740 saw the launch of the first sleeper ship of 100 colonist/soldiers destined for Primus, the nearest habitable world. Stahl was chosen as one of these 100, not in a coordinating role, but a combat role instead.

After an 11 year flight, First Contact saw the the Drakodominatus sleeper ship enter orbit around a humanoid society that had just invented gunpowder, and still used tercio style formations. The ensuing conquest saw the 100 power-armored Drakodominatus descend upon the world and conquer it, via the use of orbital laser satellites deployed from the sleeper craft upon the planet's largest cities, the dispersal of nerve agents from their landers onto the remaining squares, and the one-sided pitched battles, if they could be called that against the armies of the nations of the planet. Stahl came up with the idea that conquest would be far easier if the Drakodominatus co-opted themselves as the gods of the society, or at least its ruling class as opposed to exterminating everyone on the planet. Broaching this with the expedition's commander, he made a persuasive argument and the idea was accepted. Soon, the Drakodominatus had made themselves master of the planet, and merely waited for new colonists to arrive.

The superiority of the Drakodominatus over the planet's inhabitants in things such as intelligence, strength, and stature made the Drakodominatus realize that perhaps they were genetically exceptional on the stellar scale. This was the start of the Tyranny's core belief that its inhabitants were superior to all, and that the Gigaquadrant was their birthright. Stahl however, was more cautious, and he tried to convince others that even if they tried their hands at Gigaquadrantic domination, they ought to take other races more seriously and prepare for the worst. He reasoned that for First Contact, they had just gotten lucky. Of course, no-one listened.

Commander : The Drakodominatus-Fraege WarEdit

The 9 years that followed First Contact saw the Drakodominatus conquer the rest of the local group of stars, named the Excruciatus Star Cluster. Stahl however, spent this time with the Tyranny's scientists and engineers, imploring them to keep on improving the Tyranny's military technology in the fears that the recent slew of easy conquests would not be the norm, and sooner rather than later, they would face a peer power. Unfortunately, Stahl didn't have many supporters in his protestations, with only some weapons developers and armament creators listening to the influential but still somewhat low ranking Stahl. Even those in High Command who trusted his judgement shied away from supporting him, wary that such an unpopular move would lead to a downsizing of their command if Stahl wasn't right.

For the first 20 years, Stahl's prognostication seemed to be needless paranoia as the Tyranny conquered system after system in the Thanatos subsector, enslaving the local populace wherever they went. The Tyranny only invested in its productive capacity, engine power, sensing equipment, and its power armoured infantry (due to Stahl's persistent lobbying) so it could build more ships and conquer more worlds faster. This made sense under the assumption that the future only held no battles against similarly powerful foes and only quick and easy wars of conquest against civilisations that were at their most advanced, barely interplanetary.

This all changed when they made contact with the Fraege, a species just more advanced than the Drakodominatus. The initial years of the war saw the Drakodominatus pushed back, only holding the Fraege through attrition warfare, at what seemed the doorstep of Demogorgon Prime. Stahl was a key member in the foundation of the Tyranny's boarding parties, elite squads of commandoes tasked with using the Tyranny's most advanced equipment to capture important Fraege technology and ships. Stahl directly participated in combat here, first as a frontline commander and then as a mission controller for these boarding squads. Stahl also occasionally took part in the horrendous trench warfare of the war as an embedded combat observer, meaning that he was responsible for both making reports and suggestions, and fighting the Fraege. After 3 years of being pushed back, and another 10 years of stalemate, the Tyranny, having just leapfrogged the Fraege launched an offensive through the entire frontline that ended with the utter subjugation of the Fraege after 5 years. The remainder of the 5 post-war period would see Stahl integrated with the Tyranny's research labs to integrate the lessons of the war and make sure the Tyranny was well-equipped to destroy peer powers in the future.

Councilman : Expansion through DominatemEdit

The 75-year period of the Drakodominatus expansion through the Dominatem sector saw Stahl promoted to councilman on the interim "Committee for Peer Power Conflict". The position was not as glamorous as the ones in the frontline fleets of conquest, but was seen as vital by Stahl in preventing another debacle like the Drakodominatus-Fraege War. The Committee coordinated Military Intelligence, Research, the Archostrategon (Army), and Supremhydron (Navy), as well as the productive capacities of the Tyranny. It was indeed due to his efforts in this committee that even when the Tyranny faced peer powers, it was never taken by surprise and in the fights that followed, would like clockwork, launch massive pre-emptive lightning offensives that decapitated these powers before any meaningful mobilization or resistance could happen. The committee made sure these moves, which required the full attention of the Tyranny, were possible, as they persuasively argued that the conquest of yet more systems could wait for the destruction of a potential rival.

The end of this period saw Stahl, now famous for his foresight, considered for a promotion to the general staff. While not a masterful tactician like his close friend Indomitus Rex, Stahl was appreciated for his singular gifts for grand strategy and the coordination of the Tyranny's constantly bickering war machine.

Mediator : Assimilation of the Apocalypse SectorEdit

When the Tyranny encountered the ULE, the Tyranny was faced with the dilemma of a militaristic empire that far outstripped it in strength. Even the most foolish and brave of the Tyranny's administrators and officers balked at the fear of war, and Stahl, chosen as emissary due to his surprising ability to understand the alien, worked out an agreement under which the ULE would not attack the Tyranny so long as the Tyranny paid a yearly tribute to the ULE containing a sizeable amount of the Tyranny's of the Andasite output. Stahl further proposed that, with the further stipulation of yet more andasite included in the tribute, the some of the Tyranny's forces would be sent to fight for the ULE as janissaries while some of its scientists would work at Lanat institutions. Stahl himself would later server as military attache to the Lanats, and his efforts led to a quantum leap in the Tyranny's military doctrine and technology.

Observer - The Milky Way ExpeditionEdit

In 2740, Stahl was offered a leadership position during the Tyranny's first intergalactic expansion to the Milky Way, which arrived in 2754 - using designs built from a particularly well-preserved set of Multus-Esse blueprints recovered by the Tyranny's Archaeological Expedition. Engineering and understanding limitations meant that such a construction was could only be used once and further reinforcement would be nearly impossible for the near future. Thus the Milky Way Expeditionary force was meant to be self-contained and self-directing. With a few other prominent and notably intrepid Drakodominatus, Stahl formed a council for controlling the expedition, himself the coordinating figure of the council's ruling triumvirate. During this expedition, Stahl served as a foreign minister and military reformer of sorts - making sure that the Tyranny's efforts didn't draw the ire of the ruling powers and observing how military practice was conducted.

Stahl served as a military observer during the cataclysmic War of Ages, watching first hand as Delphan troops combated seemingly unstoppable supernatural monstrosities and, enough times for it to be noticeable, either survived, or even triumphed. This began a burning obsession he had with the Milky Way's premier power, and thus a faction the Tyranny would eventually have to fight, and he made it his life's goal to do the impossible - no matter how long it took, he would pass the impassable Maelstrom, break impregnable Horatorio, and eventually conquer unconquerable Mirenton. While the Tyranny had barely become Mid-Tier 3 during this time, Stahl believed that through sheer willpower, he could make this pipe-dream succeed. As time went on, he observed the wars that took place - looking at the Grox Meta-Empire, The Congregation, the Loron, and the Vartekians. He would succeed were they failed, and he would defeat the Delphans.

With the reception of blueprints for the Hypergates (also based on Multus-Esse blueprints) in 2769 and their eventual construction in the 2770 (mostly due to the Drakodominatus in Plazith focusing all their efforts into its construction), the Tyranny's Milky Way colonies were eventually connected to the rest of the network. While Stahl had been in constant communication with Mirus and had been instrumental in military reform and aiding the scientific parasitism that made the Tyranny's incredible technological growth possible, his return to Mirus either precipitated or catalyzed the greatest renaissance in the Tyranny's military thinking till that time.

While he spent the period from 2770 - 2771 solely in Mirus, with the construction of the other Hypergates, he spent his next period, from 2771-2772 in continuous transit from Mirus to the Tyranny's other galaxies, gathering information on their resident powers and assisting in the creation of war-plans. The one-year period of 2772-2773, prior to the Culling led to a reinforcement of the Dominatus borders and a temporary halting of expansion as the newly created synthetics were pushed out of factories.

Drachon - ResurgenceEdit

As a genetic exemplar of the Drakodominatus, Stahl successfully bonded with the Ultima Serum Mutagen was transformed by the Culling into a Dominatus. His first act as a Dominatus was to conceptualise and institute the Overseer Program. The Drakodominatus and now the Dominatus had observed various races, either native to the Gigaquadrant or introduced to it by extra-dimensional space-time anomalies and had categorised them. The greatest of these races were to be abducted, enhanced, and made completely loyal to the Tyranny, to serve as its hammer when the time came for war with the Gigaquadrant while the synthetics were to serves as its anvil.

Inspired by the conflicts he had witnessed, Stahl pushed for the specific abduction of the Vartekians, the Grox, the Mahanyans and the Vorgormon, the Loron, and most insidiously, the Grimbolsaurians. The abducted templates, to be cloned, were named Cravidor, 01, Akemainyu, Corpulus Obesson, Azathoth, and Mosivam and would serve as the bulk of the Overseer legions deployed to the Milky Way Campaign in the later Great Tyranny War. Stahl, having been made a Drachon of the General Staff, served mostly as a military reformer in the period from 2776 - 2789, marching the Tyranny's industry, military, and research institutions in step to turn the fledgeling empire's competent, but still internationally insignificant army into what one of the most powerful militaries the Gigaquadrant had seen in recent times.

Archon in all but Name - The War of Hyperspace and HyperexpansionEdit

The War of Hyperspace in 2789 saw Stahl's theories about the DCP, his reform of the Dominatus military, and some of his plans tested. The DCP had once been thought of as gods of war, and the Tyranny and while other commanders executed his plans and their own in this short conflict, Stahl's thoughts had been vindicated as, even with the Mark 1 fleet, the Tyranny was able to wage a successful asymmetric conflict against Plazith's greatest power, and with the introduction of their Mark 2 ships, was able to fight the Delphans on equal terms. The very fact that a Mark 2 could go toe-to-toe with a Delphan ship of the same class and that the Dominatus could engage with the Milky Way's best in boarding actions gave Stahl the strongest indication that the Tyranny had perhaps entered the league of the Gigaquadrant's superpowers.

During the period of hyperexpansion from 2789-2791, Stahl continuously refined the plans for Operation Deathstorm while looking over the vastly expanding military of the Tyranny. Tests of the Overseers and projections given by Dominatus science of their weapons performance showed that these new warriors, shown to be veritable one-man armies against weaker powers whom the Dominatus conquered during this short period would, by the end of 2792, be capable of the same level of performance as the Dominatus of 2789. With each new weapon development, Stahl changed the plans for Operation Deathstorm, eventually learning during a secret weapons test that the Tyranny could, with enough super-weapons, blunt the Maelstrom.

God of War - The Great Tyranny War : Milky Way CampaignEdit

While the Tyranny suffered a slave revolt on December 2791, the rest of the Gigaquadrant, having not yet tooled themselves for total war, still needed to mobilise to deal with the Dominatus threat. As such, the war only truly began in mid-2792. In the period between late 2791 and mid-2792, the Tyranny rapidly reclaimed lost worlds and pushed all of its Mark 2s to its holdings outside of Mirus. The Milky Way Campaign saw the Delphans initiate hostilities in mid-2792, followed soon by the Orion League, with the Tyranny projecting the Allied Terran Republic would soon join due to their ties with the Delphans. As Supreme Commander of the Tyranny's Milky Way forces, Stahl had put together a military behemoth comparable in scale to its forces in Andromeda, where the Tyrant had personally allocated forces. First on the defensive, the second half of 2792 saw Stahl put into action Operation Exsanguination, in which Delphan forces were rapidly ground to a halt, paying an unexpectedly monstrous toll in confronting the Tyranny's defenses, sending then Admiral Vorsite into a nervous breakdown as the quagmire was but an abbatoir for Delphan troops - fleets disappeared in exchange for a few worlds which were gained. What was supposed to be a quick conflict against an upstart quickly turned into a stalemate, and to his shock, Delphan spies revealed that Stahl had not yet committed his reserves.

Operation Deathstorm would soon follow - and beginning on January 1, 2793 the Delphan Coalition of Planets suffered what was arguably its worst shock and series of military defeats up till that point. It was a shock that the Dominatus, who had fought them as irregulars in 2789 and had barely finished production of the first Mark 2s that year, had not only stopped the Delphans in their tracks, had not only punished them with losses of a scale not seen since the Grox Wars of the War of Ages during Operation Exsanguination, but were now, seemingly unstoppably plowing through the Delphan worlds on the way to Horatorio. Vorsite desperately pleaded to Emperor Wormulus II himself for assistance while Delphan scientists worked feverishly on a wormhole device. The Dominatus had done the impossible - in the period from the start of 2793 to February 25, 2793, they almost completely annihilated the Delphan fleet sent to evict them from the Milky Way. On April 4, they broke through the Maelstrom using weapons the Delphans knew were in development but did not know could be deployed on the scale to defeat the Maelstrom. The fall of Horatorio on June 22, 2793 saw a massive shock, of a scale rarely seen by empire - many in Grimbolsaurian High Command reacted to its fall and the death of the Knight Grodo despondently, with some of them even becoming catatonic in depression as the bravest and most skilled of commanders took the helm of a disintegrating defense as the Dominatus entered the core worlds. August 1, 2793 saw Stahl plow through even the reforming Delphan defense, initiating Operation Backbreaker, ruthlessly defeating counter-attacking Delphan fleets and causing damage to the Delphan Core worlds that would only be repaired after the war. Spetember 27, 2793 saw Stahl state to the Tyrant and the rest of Dominatus High Command, that the siege of Mirenton would begin December of that year, and end in the first quarter of 2793.

The Delphan wormhole counter-attack came as Stahl's first great upset, and his loss in the December 6 Battle of the Deathstorm, his last gambit, allowed him to see that the Milky Way front was loss. In the aftermath of the Deathstorm and the debacle at the Battle of the Aspohdel System in Borealis, and the Levisala Betrayal in Bunsen, Stahl ordered his subordinates to institute a fighting retreat while returning to Mirus to prepare for what seemed to be like an inevitable defence. While he is deployed to Mirus, during the first quarter of 2794, his subordinates execute Operation Eventual Return with the goal of maximising the amount of ships that can be created by the remaining industrial worlds. In doing so,they strike a delicate balance between losing Dominatus ships in the inevitable retreat, and trying to produce as many as possible. They repeats refined versions of the tactics Stahl employed in Operation Exsanguination, making the inexorable advance of the Delphan Coalition, Terrans, and Orion League extremely painful.

Archon - The Great Tyranny War : Mirus CampaignEdit

Recalled to Mirus in the earliest days of 2794, Stahl plans and organises the creation of Fortress Mirus while also reforming the Dominatus military.


Wolframicht Stahl, though a veteran of conflicts enough to last countless lifetimes still carries the aristocratic features of his namesake. Stahl, while tall, is comparatively wiry by the standards of a Dominatus Alpha, though his face, its features transfixed in a either a blank stare or a sneer depending on his mood combine to make a presence as authoritative as any other Dominatus'. He is almost always dressed in his ceremonial armor, hand-crafted by the Dominatus themselves and amongst the most resilient and beautiful pieces in the Tyranny.


With the exception of Ameius, Wolframicht Stahl is Dominatus who most conforms to the idea of "nice". All this means however, is that Stahl is a pragmatist before anything. He will take whatever action he judges as most likely preserving the lives of his companions. He wastes no time with needlessly bombastic or risky plans, having grown out of the need for snobbish hubris as a child. When he does take risks, he does so because he has to, and risk has to be managed rather than avoided.

Perhaps his single defining trait is an empathy that is rare amongst the Dominatus. Stahl is very familiar with the feeling of mortality and helplesness, having once been tortured and interrogated to the extent that he gave up a crucial position held by his fellow troops. He is indifferent to the Tyranny's more unsavory policies of genocide and mass enslavement, seeing them as either as necessary or as accepted truths that are impossible to challenge.

Stahl is also noted for his diplomatic tact and ability to mediate and bring together multiple groups. This is a result of his open mind and experience across the various positions within the Dominatus military infrastructure. It is often the result of his presence in a debate that endless arguments between competing labs, competing commanders, and competing administrators are resolved.

Behind his cold and aloof countenance lay a desperate desire to do all that is needed to make sure the Tyranny survives. Indeed, he does not believe in the innate supremacy of the Dominatus, but instead that in a place as brutal as the Gigaquadrant, that if there is to be a race on the top, it better be his. He does not discount the strength of other races, and oftentimes can be seen reading texts from the Draconid Imperium as well as studying numerous foreign languages.



Stahl was a powerful duelist, though somewhat less powerful than the other Drachons, and even some other Sovereign Executors. This meant very little to his enemies though, as he spent most of his efforts commanding from the back than leading frontal charges. Stahl cared very little for glamor and believed that his impact was maximised as a coordinator rather than as a warrior.

While Stahl was not a superlative military genius, he possessed an ability to bring together the Tyranny's various competing, almost rogue institutions together in decisive plans. Indeed his ability to balance politics, war, science, amongst countless other factors led to him nearly being able to succeed in a 3 front war in the Milky Way and a defence of Mirus against the whole Gigaquadrant.

Stahl also possessed a combination of eloquence and sincerity that allowed him to easily inspire his Dominatus troops and convince the megalomaniac narcissists which constituted the leadership positions of the Tyranny to listen to his views.

Command AbilityEdit

Command rating: 9/10 Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star

Charisma: 5/5 Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
Ability: 4/5 Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star



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