Even though I find her extremely "girly", Miss Spinkarius has proven herself to be an efficient ruler. Were it not for her political reforms, the Spinker Empire would have surely been destroyed before the events of the Black Fog War, possibly even by us. She is a savior of her people, even if they are not aware of it.

- Tarygan Tersly

Windey Spinkarius is a Spinker monarch who served as the last Empress of the Spinker Empire and currently holds the position of Supreme Advisor of the Indoctrinate Collective, representing her species. Notable for being the one who reformed the Spinker race to focus on passive expansion rather than warmongering, it was her efforts that allowed the race to survive as long as it did, for if it was not for her, the Spinkers who have surely been wiped out by now.

Windey is a fair and amiable person who always seeks to ensure the safety and prosperity of the Spinker race, believing violence is the last resort to solve all problems though she is not above ordering a military approach should no other solution be solved. Despite no longer being the highest authority of the Spinker race, she is still respected like she is by her people, who have come to see her as their empire's best ruler and as a teacher for the empress of the Collective.


Windey is the daughter of the Spinker dictator Thomikas Spinkarius, who was leading the empire to their doom in the hands of the Ernai Empire. When her father was killed in an Ernai invasion, she managed to control the empire's decaying economy and was able of leading their empire to victory against their enemies. She then convinced her people that war was a bad thing in most cases. She converted the empire to a more peaceful mindset, and the empire start to grow in size, power, economy and influence.

Windey had minor participation during the Second War of Black Fog, when she was nearly assassinated by Arrtkar Crowart. Following this, she gave her approval to the Dracogonarious Empire's Project Indoctrination, which would result in the birth of Maryah. Windey would adopt the hybrid as a daughter. During this time, she also grew a close relationship with the famous Koluap, which eventually led to them becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. When the war ended and the Indoctrinate Collective was formed, Windey would become one of the Supreme Advisors of New Draka.

Following the Annihilation, Windey would meet Alessa Ultanos of the Draconid Imperium. The two chatted about their nations and became good friends. Windey later married Koluap after many centuries of being merely boy and girlfriends. Many guests, mostly Koluap's close friends and new allies, appeared in the wedding. However, the event would turn into a battlefield after Kitoruka attacked it. Kitoruka was eventually stopped by Kithworto, and the marriage proceeded as normal. At 2797, following the end of the Third Xhodocto, Windey and Koluap would be reunited and have their legitimate child, a Spinker boy they named Koliren.



Windey appears as a rather aged Spinker woman who wears decorated, regal outfit. Nearing her elder days, many wrinkles can be seen across her face, especially below her eyes and hands. Windey enjoys making herself appear as fashionable as possible, and often tries using the most beautiful outfits she can get.


Windey is legendary across her people for being a bringer of peace and diplomacy who believes that wars can be resolved with words rather than weapons. She dislikes fighting and will always attempt to solve problems by the least aggressive measure possible. An effective empress of her own right, she did not mind uniting her people with the Dracogonarious, seeing it as beneficial for both parties. She has a strong link with her family and acts as Maryah's tutor, loving her a daughter even though they have no blood relation.


Being a Spinker, Windey is naturally quite strong. However, her age and lack of fighting experience means she only uses her strength for mundane tasks. She is a skilled diplomat and can easily come up with speeches to inform and influence other individuals about her opinions and goals. Her long time serving as empress of the Spinker Empire also makes her a good leader and an efficient teacher for Maryah.



LoveRelationTogether until the end of our lives.

  • Maryah - Don't work yourself too much, dear.
  • Koliren - I love you, my son.


Green faceHello!

  • Jerkon - A great friend and warrior. Drakley's legacy lives with him.
  • Herquie - Good to see he has left his mercenary life behind.
  • Tarygan Tersly - I've come to admire her work.
  • Mimi - She's the cutest thing ever.
  • Thea'Nhirara - Such a great being.
  • Kezoreg - Take good care of Maryah now.
  • Alessa Ultanos - Your people seem fascinating, I'd love to know more.


Yellow faceHmm?


Face threatenedGet away from me!

  • N/A





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