A wise admiral is never surprised by a scenario, for he has run them all in his head during sleepless nights.

- Willelmus Cretacea

Willelmus Cretacea was a male Libertus Fleet Admiral who served as the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy of the New Galactic Republic of Cyrannus. Famed for his role in many of the most important wars in galactic history, such as the Trucinex War, the Intergalactic War as well as both the First and the Second Great Cyrannus Wars, Cretacea was amongst the most renowned tacticians in Cyrannus. Cretacea's family has been among the most notable in the galaxy's history, with his son, Aedanius becoming the President of the United Republic of Cyrannus, leading the great nation through many wars and hardships, ultimately becoming one of the Gigaquadrant's most respected figures.

Cretacea was a native of the planet Capricaerón though he has his roots on the planet Taurophon. When he was a young cadet in the Capricorn Fleet, he met his first wife Muleua and together they had a single son whom they named Aedanius. When Muleua was killed in a terrorist attack, a rift formed between Willelmus and his son that wasn't healed until the end of the Trucinex War. By this time, Willelmus was a fully fledged admiral within the Fleet, with his actions attracting recognition from both Rambo Nation and the Delpha Coalition of Planets. During his travels, he became good friends with Rambas II of Rambo Nation and became the arch-nemesis of the fiendish Mortalitas commander known as Zillum.

With the rise of the New Cyrannian Republic, Cretacea was appointed to the position of Commander-in-Chief of the newly assembled Republic Navy, commanding the flagship Republica, where he orchestrated the Grand Republic Fleet and helped coordinate the wider Republic Navy with New Republic Command. Cretacea was identified by both the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Great Star Dominion as one of the greatest assets of the New Republic, inspiring great loyalty amongst his forces and fear to his enemies. Leading the New Republic Remnant after the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, Cretacea was killed by his nemesis Zillum during the Battle of Cognalorilos, and is remembered as one of the Republic's greatest heroes.

History Edit

Early LifeEdit

Willemus Cretacea was born on the planet Capricaerón in the year 64 BNE, though he has roots in the colony of Tauronsa. Willelmus' father was an admiral in the Capricaerónn Fleet before the formation of the Capricorn Sector Alliance and from a young age, he was determined to follow in his father's footsteps. When he eventually joined the Naval academy, Cretacea was a top student in his year, and he met many friends including the future admiral Shavalera, who was 7 years ahead of him.

Cretacea's first post was on the Battlestar Columbia under the command of Commander Ualla as a lieutenant. He exhibited a strong attention to detail and was highly efficient. These tendencies and his overall ability in the job led Ualla to rely heavily on him as a member of Columbia's command crew, despite his youth and junior rank. As well as performing the role of Tactical Officer, Cretacea also managed the ship's FTL drive, including the calculation and initiation of jumps. Cretacea also managed the needs of the various primary computer systems used on the warship. He became a popular member of the crew, with both senior staff and those below him. After two years under the command of Ualla, she recommended him to High Command to earn a new ship. He was given command of the Pathway to Peace, a diplomatic vessel. During this time, he met his wife, Muleua, a political activist from Picona. The young couple eventually had a son, whom they named Aedanius. However, when Apollo was a teenager, Muleua was killed in a terrorist attack in Libertopolos, creating a rift between father and son.

Trucinex War Edit

Cretacea's life changed when the Trucinex, an aggressive race from the Outer Rim, attacked the Twelve Colonies with nuclear weapons. Cretacea personally managed to transport President Wilsa to her flagship, Colonial One after the devastating Trucinex attack on the colonies. As an award for saving the president's life, Cretacea was promoted to Rear Admiral commanding the Amicitia, a one of a kind update on the Hunter-class Star Destroyer.

Battle of Nex

The Battle rages over Nex.

Cretacea became famous during the Trucinex War and was credited as saving the Capricorn Sector Alliance on numerous occasions, it was during the war that Cretacea met his future best friend, Captain Rambas II, the Rambo captain of the USS Hood. Late in the war, Cretacea was instrumental in ending the Trucinex threat by killing the Nex Prophet. By the end of the war, Apollo and Willelmus rekindled their relationship, though Willelmus was disappointed that his son didn't follow in his footsteps in the military, eventually becoming the Senator representing Capricaerón.

Second Galactic WarEdit


The Battle of Tuacia, Cretaceas' fleet engaging the Imperials.

Admiral Cretacea fought in many battles of the Second Galactic War, including the first battle between Imperial and Cyrannus forces at the planet Tuacio, Cretacea became even more famous during the battle for coordinating the land invasion of Tuacio and directing the fleets of Rambo Nation and the CSA over the planet against the Imperial Alliance. A few weeks later, Cretacea was chosen to lead the Fleet of Retribution against the Imperial Alliance, fighting in battles at Veloci, Canceron and many others. He later helped save President Inviere and his son, now a senator in the Mortalitas attack on Capricaerón. He was further celebrated for his brave tactics in this battle; yet again he had saved the President and the Senator and by extension the CSA itself. As the Second Galactic War progressed, he was promoted to Fleet Admiral, the second highest rank in the Navy.

Intergalactic WarEdit

Cretacea fought in many battles of the Intergalactic War, and was one of the first to actually kill a Cogsangui, the brutal leaders of First Cognatus Empire. Though he was initially hesitant that his son became a civilian, he was overcome with pride when he was elected President of the Capricorn Sector Alliance, eventually being instrumental in reforming the defunct Federation of United Worlds into the United Republic of Cyrannus, quickly becoming one of the most important leaders in the entire Gigaquadrant. During the war Cretacea was given the command of one of the most advanced ships in naval history, the RSD Pegasus, a newly revealed Liberator-class which proved to be useful in the war effort against the Cognatus.

However, not all was work for Admiral Cretacea. At his son's behest, Willelmus married Senator Sola Naberraé, with the two eventually having a child, a girl named Paya. Willelmus commanded the Pegasus during the devastating final battle of the war, which ultimately ending in the entire Cognatus battlefleet being consumed by a bright light. Cretacea was saddened by the huge amount of losses in the Republic Navy, but was glad it finally ended. He finally decided to go on vacation and relax with his wife and young daughter for the first time in several years. It was during this time that his son also married and had children of his own.

Great Cyrannus WarEdit

Cyroenia Battle

The Battle of Cyroenia.

Admiral Cretacea fought in many battles during the Great Cyrannus War, such as the Battle of Capricaerón, Cyroenia and Keorband. During the war, his hatred for the fiendish Zillum only increased battle by battle until finally Willelmus believed that he had killed the Confederate commander in a fierce firefight over Capricaerón. Little did he know however that Zillum was eventually resurrected by the enigmatic Tyrómairon and later returned to haunt Willelmus and his family.

Battle of Koeband GCW

The Spirit of Freedom finds the Thirteenth Tribe artefact while under heavy CAS attack.

A few days after the destruction of the his previous flagship, the Resolute, Republic Command decided to give command of the newly constructed Phoenix-class Colony Ship, the Spirit of Freedom to Admiral Cretacea. Any other officer in the navy would not see command of another ship for months, but Command saw an exception for Cretacea, citing his long military career. The maiden voyage of the Spirit of Freedom led him to the Quadrant Galaxies, where he responded to an attack on Keorband by the resurgent Cognatus. Eventually however, Willelmus was instrumental in forming an alliance with his former enemies, thus ending the threat to Keorband.

Battle of Orbispira

The Battle of Orbispira rages above the planet.

Despite fighting in many of the war's key battles, Cretacea fought in the most notable of them all, the final battle over Orbispira. Before he left for the capital, he left the Spirit of Freedom in the hands of his first officer, Aradraen instead commanding a Venator-class Star Destroyer in the battle, using it to great effect against the Confederate invaders. In the aftermath of the Battle of Orbispira, however just as he thought that the Great Cyrannus War was finally over, Tyrómairon revealed himself as the Emperor of the new Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, replacing the Republic and declaring Cretacea, his family and his supporters criminals.

Dark TimesEdit

Shadows from the Past 02

Narea, Cretacea, Apollo and Gianne look upon the wonders of the ruin.

Rather than to serve this new Imperial order, Cretacea stayed by his son's side, fleeing from Orbispira and Imperial controlled space. A month later, Cretacea became the captain of the Last Hope, the focal point in Apollo's voyage to the Quadrants. Along with the Last Hope, the fleet also contained fifty civilian ships attempting to escape from the Empire. In his first battle against the Imperials over Nex, Cretacea showed his worth as an admiral, managing to defy the odds and escape.

Several weeks later, Cretacea led the fleet to an unknown part of the Outer Rim, where the fleet stayed for two days, while mining ships scoured the local area for raw materials. Eventually one ship, the Tora Bashiri located an unknown ice planet, which Cretacea, Apollo, Gianne Inviá and Captain Narea explored. They gained quite a lot of knowledge about an ancient civilization known as the Nagith Empire, and returned to the fleet unharmed.

Later on the voyage, the Last Hope came across a Starcluster near the border of the Unknown Regions. Entering it, Cretacea's fleet soon came under a heavy attack by the Basileus, who called the Starcluster home. Though Cretacea survived, many of his bridge officers weren't so lucky. Thanks to the timely aid from the rebel Cognatus Carrier, the Placidi Itinere, the fleet was able to escape the clutches of the Basileus and soon entered the Unknown Regions.


The teams approach Apollo on the Neraida Cube.

During the second year of their voyage, the evil Mortikran attacked the Remnant fleet, eventually forcing Colonial One to escape. Unbeknownst to Cretacea, the ship was soon contacted by the Cyrannian "Grox", who eventually assimilated Apollo, who helped reform the Neraida Gigamatrix. Colonial One eventually returned with the bad news, devastating Cretacea and the rest of the Remnant. However, knowing that the Remnant needed a leader, he appointed Athan Apostila to carry out what remained of Apollo's term as President. However, he also began making plans to contact the Indoctrinate Collective, in order to enlist their help to rescue his son.

Eventually, Cretacea managed to contact Jerkon and Koluap, who despite initial worries that Cretacea was an Imperial spy, eventually agreed to help him and the Republic Remnant in rescuing his son from the Neraida's grip. Soon after Cretacea met up with the two famous captains, the Remnant's fleet arrived in the Amemoriam system, where they were confronted with Dr.Kenders and a small Delpha Coalition of Planets fleet, as well as Amemoriam's eccentric, ancient AI custodian, the Adjunct, who brought Cretacea on a journey, showing him the secrets of the universe and beyond. Unfortunately, both the Empire and the Neraida were attracted to the system at the cost of Cretacea's flagship the Last Hope, which was destroyed. Luckily, Cretacea and his crew managed to escape, and landed on Amemoriam's surface.


The meeting on Amemoriam's surface.

On Amemoriam's surface, Cretacea learned that his former flagship, the Spirit of Freedom remained loyal to the Remnant, under the command of Commander Aradraen. Thankful that the fleet now had a replacement for the Last Hope, he began to organise Apollo's rescue. Thanks to the Adjunct, the team managed to translocate aboard a Neraida Cube, where they were met with brutal Neraida resistance. However, they eventually found Apollo.

Overjoyed to see his son again, Cretacea overlooked the fact that Apollo was now a mindless drone of the Gigamatrix, who proceeded to attack his own father. Thankfully, a well placed laser bolt from the Adjunct managed to heal Apollo of his mechanical ailment. Once they escaped the Cube, Cretacea once again took command of his fleet and continued their journey to the Quadrants with Apollo by his side.


The Republica on its maiden voyage.

When Apollo lost the Republic Remnant's Presidential Election to Zare'Anne, Cretacea was furious and at first refused to accept that a former terrorist was now the leader of the Remnant. However, his son convinced him not to act, not wishing for the military to begin acting like a personal hit-squad. Several weeks later, Zare'Anne led the fleet to the planet Shaorá. Cretacea viewed this as a critical error and this was soon proven when an Imperial fleet managed to invade and conquer the colony. Upon hearing that his son was brought to the Imperial capital where he was granted a reprieve, Cretacea managed to escape the system along with most of the civilian fleet, ultimately joining the New Cyrannian Republic when it was founded a few months later.

New Cyrandia WarsEdit

Early missions

Due to his commendable service in the past, Cretacea was immediately appointed as one of the Fleet Admirals of the New Republic Starfleet, an honour that Willelmus accepted gladly, pleased to once again be apart of a civilisation instead of a motley fleet. Within two months, Cretacea was surprised to hear that he would be gaining command of the Republica, the most advanced ship in the fleet. Happily, he accepted the honour and attended the ceremony that launched the maiden voyage of his new flagship, which brought him to the Quadrant Galaxies in an attempt to sort out a diplomatic scandal that originated with a Rambo attack on Saxhleel Station. However, once he arrived at Lianna Space Station, any doubts left his mind when he saw his best friend, Captain Rambas II.


Cretacea and Rambas discover the truth.

Though the diplomats from both the Nation and the New Republic argued at great length, Cretacea and Rambas agreed to talk alone for a few minutes, during which time Cretacea contacted Doctor Laskmer back on the Republica, who informed the Admiral that it was the Icolian Assemblage behind the attack, not the Rambo. Relieved and yet fearful, Cretacea left Lianna Station soon after to coordinate a possible counterattack against the new Icolian menace.

When the New Cyrandia Wars broke out, Cretacea became a member of President Apaltar's executive council with the aim of coordinating the Republic against threats from the Imperials, the Rihanae Pact and the Icolians. Cretacea was honoured to be chosen as a member, but feared for the future of the Republic against these threats.

Amphryssos Campaign

Vaslah meets Cretacea, Thonaloc and Reynolds.

One of his first engagements of this new conflict occurred in the second month of 04 NE when Cretacea led a fleet in the defence of the peaceful Homincyradae peaceful against the genocidal Cognatus Empire in the Amphryssos Campaign. To his surprise, a Terran fleet, recently permitted to operate in Cyrannus in the meeting at Lianna Station, also arrived on the planet hours beforehand in a desperate attempt to rescue the planet's inhabitants. Coordinating with their allies, Cretacea managed to turn the superior firepower of the Tenebrous against the Cognatus, ultimately winning the battle. Afterwards, he joined Thonaloc and Admiral Juliana Reynolds to discover the reasons behind the Cognatus attack, ultimately coming into contact with Vaslah, a young Homincyradae that discovered the answer. An ancient device was buried beneath the planet, which when activated, transformed the planet into a verdant paradise. After the events on Amphryssos, Cretacea returned to the Republica, where he coordinated repair operations before returning to Republic space.

Desolation of the Bisistar

Later during the New Cyrandia Wars, Cretacea led a massive fleet of both Mou'Cyran Accords and other allied ships in a colossal confrontation with the Bisistar Domain over the innocent world of Venetia, which was being besieged by the Bisistar using devastating World Eaters. Though faced with impossible odds, the allied forces ultimately emerged victorious, though not without great cost to the fleet. After the battle, Cretacea and his compatriots who fought in the battle were honoured on Mou'Cyran, though Cretacea found little solace for those lost under his command.


Tvrae Saeihr speaks with Apollo and Admiral Cretacea prior to the Sacking of Rihanae.

Rihanae Gambit

Admiral Cretacea, is it? My, my. What have you been doing to my empire?"
"Your empire attacked us. Unprovoked. Unwarranted. This... This is what happens when you choose your opponent poorly. You lose.''

- Empress Minerala and Admiral Cretacea speak after the decisive Republic victory over Rihanae.

While on patrol near the border with the Rihanae Pact, the Republica came into contact with a rebel Regellian ship under the command of Tvrae Saeihr. Though he was initially distrustful of the young woman, when she provided him with details on fleet movements over Rihanae, the capital of the Pact, he was inclined to believe that she may hold the key to winning the conflict between the Pact and the New Republic. Meeting with Apollo, the three discussed the possibility for the mission and while the Proconsul was sceptical at first, he was convinced that the plan would work by his father. Taking command of a fleet from the Republica, which included Captain Saeihr and a force from the Pax Infinitus Armada, Cretacea led a decisive attack on Rihanae, which soon fell to Republic forces. After the battle, Cretacea spoke briefly with Empress Minerala of the Regellis Star Empire, who reluctantly agreed to cease all aggression against the Republic. He was also pleased to discover that Tvrae Saeihr would remain with the Republic Navy, with the two forming a strong bond.

Returning to Coruaan for some light repairs, Cretacea was shocked to learn that Fleet Command had ordered the Republica to drydock for two months to receive a massive overhaul in just about every feature imaginable, from the weaponry to the paint job. Though somewhat annoyed that he would be relegated to desk-work at Fleet Command for such a long period, he was somewhat comforted in the knowledge that the threat from the Rihanae Pact had passed. After the end of the New Cyrandia Wars, Willelmus travelled to the Borealis Galaxy to attend the funeral of Koluap, whom he fought alongside with during the fight to reclaim Apollo from the clutches of the Neraida Gigamatrix.

Neraida WarEdit

Battle of Coruanthor 02

The Republica fights against the Supercube during the Battle of Coruanthor.

We must make our stand here, my friends. You all know the power and ferocity of our foe, but know this: We will never relent! The enemy will give no quarter, expect none. And give none. Prepare for battle and one day, this galaxy will be free from the scourge of these mechanical monstrosities. All ships, combat alert!

- Admiral Cretacea, during the Battle of Angrenos

During the Neraida War in 09 NE, Admiral Cretacea served with distinction as the commander of one of the main allied fleets defending Republic space against the seemingly unstoppable horde of the Neraida Gigamatrix. In his first battle with the Neraida during the conflict, Cretacea managed to save the world of Cernunnos from the Neraida, though at the cost of thousands of civilians who could not be rescued from the attack. Later, he led the allied fleet to victory during the Battle of Angrenos, when his crewman Commander Selanius developed a weapon which was used to destroy a large portion of the Neraida invasion fleet, though he was later forced to rally to the defence of Coruanthor, saving it from utter destruction.

During a mission to scout the Concordian Nebula in preparation for an allied invasion of Neraida space, the Republica narrowly avoided destruction when it was attacked by a Neraida dreadnought. During the battle, the ship suffered heavy damage while many of his crew, including his first officer, were killed. Nevertheless, due to the timely arrival of Morin Ehtar of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, the Republica was spared destruction, though was unable to participate in the invasion of the Neraida.

Cretacea subsequently transferred his command to the C.R.S. Aeolus, where he worked closely with Captain Helo Roslia in the invasion of Neraida space. During the final Battle of the Neraida Core, Cretacea served as the overall fleet commander of the assembled Allied Armada, wielding the ships of the fleet like extensions of his being. With the collapse of the Gigamatrix at the conclusion of the battle, Cretacea and his allies returned to Republic space as heroes, with the Admiral soon on the bridge of the refitted Republica, with Commander Selanius as his new first officer.

Battle of Cadian SGCW

The Republic and Imperial fleet battle above the Battlestation.

Second Great Cyrannus WarEdit

Opening Stages
Janice: "Admiral, what of the adversaries of the New Republic besides the Empire? Do you have intel on them? If they make a move while the bulk of your fleet is assaulting the station, they might take advantage? Do you have a contingency plan in mind for that? The Order cannot protect all of New Republic space."
Cretacea: "We're on a total war footing, we'll ensure the Gigaquadrant knows that now is not the time to test us."
Janice Ross and Cretacea prior to the Battle of Cadian

At the close of the Cold War, Cretacea rallied the Grand Republic Fleet to Aldár where he attended a joint Republic and Aldárae Order meeting to discuss the destruction of the Ecimaex Wall—a flotilla of Harrower-class Star Destroyers which had been equipped by an Imperial hyperweapon capable of crippling the Republic armada. When the meeting concluded, Cretacea led his forces during the Fiction:Second Great Cyrannus War/Battle of the Ecimaex Wall, the first battle of the Second Great Cyrannus War. Due to the efforts of Aoirtae Valaeris, Vanikaimar, Corvexa, Rhavor Aldorón and his own granddaughter Kara, the Republic emerged victorious, but not before learning of the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm—a preemptive strike which destroyed the Republic government and the Senate, including his wife Sola Naberráe.

Though overcome with grief, Cretacea put service above self and returned to Aldár, where he was relieved to see that his son had survived the attack and ascended to the Presidency in Valkistair's place. Coordinating with the new President, Cretacea took command of what remained of the Republic military in preparation for the war to come, which began in earnest during the Battle of Cadian, during which Cretacea commanded the Republica and the fleet in destroying the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation, thus avenging Mou'Cyran. After the battle, he made contact with his daughter Paya Naberráe before travelling to the new Republic capital Capricaerón to oversee the Republic's desperate response to the Coru Secundus Campaign.

SGCW Precipice 05

Cretacea's forces fight the Rambo during the Battle of Pauvenris.


Though the Empire was ultimately defeated in the campaign, the Republic victory at the Battle of Coruanthor sparked the rise of a new threat from within, the True Republic under Praesator Adelheidis. Rallying a force of loyalists, Adelheidis made war upon Apollo's government, prompting Admiral Cretacea to lead the Grand Republic Fleet in retribution against her. In addition to Adelheidis' forces, Cretacea was also forced to contend with the Rambo under High King Rambert Ramveral, personally leading a rescue mission deep into Rambo space to rescue his grandson from the salt mines of Pauvenris.


After the defeat of both the True Republic and Rambert, Cretacea returned to oversee what he regarded as the "true war"—the seemingly endless struggle against the Empire. However, despite his tactical brilliance, he lacked the resources to repel the Empire's invasion of the Twelve Worlds. When the Empire forced the Republic's surrender, Cretacea feared the worst about his son, and was relieved to discover that he had survived, though was infuriated to learn that his old foe Zare'Anne had betrayed the Republic, becoming the puppet President of Occupied Republic space. After the battle, Cretacea oversaw the formation of the New Republic Remnant, aiming to defeat the Empire and restore democracy to the Republic.

SGCW The Ghosts of the Republic 5

The Battle of Cognalorilos, Cretacea's final battle.

Upon arriving at Cognalorilos, Cretacea was shocked to discover that the planet had come under siege by the Great Star Dominion, a militaristic power under the command of Zillum himself. Though Cretacea successfully evacuated the Republica's civilian population, he was unable to prevent the Mortalitas from boarding the ship. Invading the bridge of the vessel, Zillum came face to face with his nemesis, and entered into a brief fight with the Admiral. Though Cretacea fought bravely, he was cut down by Zillum, and died in Apollo's arms, telling his son that he was proud of him. Though the Star Dominion were eventually driven off, Cretacea's death, and the destruction of the Republica, reduced the Republic to a mere four vessels and hampered their ability to relaunch the war against the Empire.

Physical AppearanceEdit

As he moved into middle age, Willelmus Cretacea retained the fire of his youth both in terms of personality and physical appearance. Cretacea was a strong believer that an admiral should always look his best and so Willelmus tried to keep active and was a common sight in the parks built on the CRS Republica jogging and playing sports with members of his crew. His official admiral's uniform was ornate and quite different from the standard uniform worn by members of the Starfleet of the New Republic, mixing both modern design and ancient Capricaerónn styles into his uniform, signifying the pride Cretacea took in his appearance.

Personality and TraitsEdit


Fleet Admiral Cretacea is a Gigaquadrant-renowned tactician and the veteren of conflicts ranging from the War of Ages to the New Cyrandia Wars.

Live for something rather than die for nothing.

- Admiral Cretacea

Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea was quite possibly, with the exception of his son, the most famous Libertus to the denizens of the First Gigaquadrant, and for good reason. The "Old Man", as he was affectionately known by those under his command was a key component in all conflicts fought by the United Republic of Cyrannus, its Remnant and its successor since joining the Navy of the URC in 46 BNE. This impressive range of conflicts included the Trucinex War, the War of Ages, the Second Galactic War, the Intergalactic War, the Second Coming, the Great Cyrannus War and the New Cyrandia Wars, rightfully earning Cretacea the sobriquet Protector of Democracy.

Though a master tactician comparable with only a few other individuals such as Voro Acetenus and his nemesis Zillum, Cretacea is perhaps most fondly remembered for his impressive leadership skills, boasting the all too rare combination of qualities which make up a good leader: a common touch allowing him to relate to those under his command, intuition, wisdom, intelligence and the all-important ability to naturally command respect without coming across as an overly stern disciplinarian. During his time with his command ship Republica, this was reflected in the fact that the personnel of all ranks on the mighty vessel considered him to be an approachable father-like figure always willing to take the advice of those under his command and offer some in turn.

Cretacea and Rambas

Cretacea provides his best friend Rambas II with a tour of the CRS Republica in 05 NE.

Though he formed a healthy rapport with his son Apollo following a lengthy disagreement over the latter future direction in life, Cretacea was known to mistrust politicians and bureaucrats, seen in his early insistence to his son that he should follow in his footsteps and join the military rather than seek a future in the shady world of politics. Nevertheless, when Apollo entered the political arena, Cretacea learned to accept it, adopting a maxim that one should always "live for something rather than die for nothing". Though considered by those close as the very essence of rationality, Cretacea was sometimes known to value loyalty to such a high degree that even the slightest betrayal can irrevocably rupture a relationship, even those among close friends and family. This translated into the same dogged determination, and at times stubbornness, that manifests itself most evidently when faced with poor odds during space combat.

As aforementioned, Cretacea was perhaps best known for his exceptional skills as an admiral. Indeed, in almost all major engagements he fought in he has managed to defeat enemy forces ranging from the Cognatus to the Empire, gaining a unparalleled battle record amongst Republic military officers. Though often held in the same category as Warlord Kilnok and Vice Admiral Ramcard, and while he is fully aware of his prowess in battle, he was far from arrogant and tended to despise those who are.




A majestic ship, reflecting the ambition of the New Republic for peace and justice!

- Rambas II

The CRS Republica was an experimental warship that served as the flagship of the New Cyrannian Republic Starfleet. Constructed at Spásárthach Shipyard on the Republic Capital of Mou'Cyran, the Republica was heralded as one of the most advanced vessels in the history of the Cyrannus Galaxy, constructed using recovered technology created by the enigmatic Oikoumene.

Launched in 03 NE, the Republica measured ten thousand metres from bow to stern and carries more firepower than any other ship in the Republic Fleet. However, warfare was not the only function of this massive ship which also functions exceptionally during exploratory missions, being equipped with long-term supplies necessary for voyages into deep-space and even other dimensions. The ship was also used to ferry diplomats across the cosmos, being equipped with parks and luxury accommodation unbecoming of a ship primarily built to wage battle.

Battle Gallery

Relationships Edit


Cretacea, in his uniform as Fleet Admiral.


LoveRelationMy family are my life.

Allies Edit

Green faceI will be forever loyal to you, my friends.

  • Rambas II - My best friend, we share many things in common and I enjoy his great company.
  • Captain Ramcard - He is one of my greatest friends and I enjoy serving with him in battle.
  • Helo Roslia - A great captain and a former crewmember.
  • Laege Shavalera - A friend from many conflicts.
  • Val Niathan - A protege from years gone.

Friends Edit

Blue faceI will fight alongside you in battle!

  • Adjunct - He's mad. But in a good way.
  • Koluap - See above description.
  • Jerkon - His intelligence is legendary.
  • Dr.Kenders - I trust he'll enjoy his stay on "Spirit of Freedom".

Disliked Edit

Orange faceI'm done talking with you.

Enemies Edit

Red faceI will not stop until you are brought to justice!

  • Zillum - An evil tyrant! I swear, this time I will put him down for good!
  • Tyrómairon - For the Republic!

Gallery Edit


The greatest of all URC commanders, I had the honor to fight side by side with him during the various conflicts. Honorable, thriving for justice and kind he has earned the respect of the entire Rambo Space Fleet. He is a Capricyránae to my heart, as he would rather sacrifice his own life to protect the URC, instead of surrender. I look forward to our next joined battle to fight once again at his side.

- Vice-Admiral Ramcard of Rambo Nation

Hmpf. I could easily beat him with my fists wrapped around my back.

- Mar-Júun

I never had the chance of meeting him. Good for his health...

- Tyrant

An intriguing and experienced naval officer. If I ever have the chance of meeting him, we can compare war stories.

- Lord Admiral Larnus Vontarion

Such a pity...

- Commissar Aerlon

An intelligent and courageous specimen. Working with him was a pleasure indeed.

- Jerkon

I like this guy!

- Koluap

Uncle Wil, my bold and daring sugar uncle!

- Zoe Cretacea

Trivia Edit

  • Cretacea was once Cyrannian's main character, an honour that has since fallen to Apollo.
  • Cretacea was once named "Cretaceous", which was later changed.


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