You brought war to my galaxy, took my home and my family from me, ripped away a hopeful future for those who had only just begun to glimpse it. You butchered joy itself, and thought you'd left us without hope and easy to simply stand on. But with the new brothers and sisters I have at my side, we will stop you. Your reign of terror will only be remembered for the brighter dawn that followed and outshone it. We will take back the future you stole from us. But I won't be spending this war in an office or upon a distant throne. When we make our great push against your armies, I'll be there, standing with the infinite fearless faces of this Resistance as we rebuild everything you've destroyed. And even if you somehow manage to kill me, my light will not be snuffed out. I'll still be there in the resolve of all those faces. One way or another, my light will be part of the millions that will drown your darkness out. One way or another, this war will be your downfall, and as long as my spark persists in those I've loved and inspired, neither your nor any tyrant will have the moxie to attack the people and nations who have become my eternal home.

- Anima Lux

Royal Warmaster Bellicor Tulkan is the military leader of The Grand Teyan Empire, serving as the head of the Empire in the war against the Muaran Resistance. He is known for his use of terror-tactics, and brutal nature against enemy troops, as well as his particular distaste in the Teyan Imperium of Andromeda.



Broad and bulky, Bellicor is a prime specimen of the Teyan species. Like all Teyan in military fields, he lacks a tail, though the rest of his body is in perfect condition. He is much taller than the average Teyan, and built more muscularly by an even larger ratio.

Personality and Traits Edit

Bellicor has gained a reputation among friend and foe alike as a ruthless and uncompromising military leader. Willing to punish even the most slight or inconsequential failure in the most brutal fashion, he is highly feared for his open eagerness to execute troops under his command for failure. He also has no tolerance for those who hesitate to sacrifice their life, limb, and/or sanity for the benefit of the Empire's—or his—goals.

Perhaps one of his more notable opinions is his severe distaste for the Teyan Imperium of Andromeda. Wheras most in the Grand Teyan Empire merely disdain the 'rebel' group, Bellicor utterly loathes the Imperium, spending a majority of his resources in an attempt to remove them from Andromeda.


Empress Vaera Edit

Bellicor has a unique relationship with Empress Vaera: while romantic in nature, it is somewhat abusive, with Bellicor using his dominance in the relationship to manipulate and control Vaera, and the Grand Teyan Empire as a result. The relationship's romantic nature itself appears to have been lost on the Warmaster, whom has become detatched from the Empress over the years, despite her feelings towards him. Thus, his manipulation and maltreatment of her has only become worse as he has lost what feelings he once held for the Teyan monarch.

As a result of Bellicorr's manipulation, what might've been a more peaceful and diplomatic Empire under the sole rule of Vaera is now a warlike nation of conquerors, specifically because of the Warmaster and his heavily militaristic and aggressive beliefs.


Green face

  • Kulvarla - “Break that Mithadorn filth, and you will revel in your master's contentness.


Blue face

  • Orsik Corvosa - “Even out here, I've heard tell of your exploits in Mirus. To deem you just another pirate lord would be quite foolish of me.


Yellow face

  • Pravis Skerisan - “Plunder and scavenge on these weaklings all you like, but stay out of my way.


Orange face

  • Axech Sel Shisari - “Perhaps we could've been allies. But you've made clear that's not in our empires' futures.


Red faceWhatever gods you may pray to have clearly forsaken you.

  • IX - “I'll have your dismembered parts brought to me once this war is done, so that I can personally squash the life and Essence out of you for good.
  • Anima Lux - “I will break your feeble Resistance and wipe the memory of it from all of Andromeda.
  • Kavaat - “Soon, Ankoran scum, you will learn what it is like to flee in vain.

Quotes Edit

I want to punch him in so many painful and uncomfortable places.

- IX
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