Kilnok is a renowned warrior, fleet captain and friend of Emperor who serves the Delpha Coalition of Planets. His achievements, exploits and adventures have become known throughout the Coalition and beyond and has earned the current title of Warlord; a rank that answers only to the highest of the political bureaucracy within the DCP.

Personal life Edit

Roles to play Edit

Kilnok's lifelong career has been dominated by commanding fleets; mainly for naval and exploratory purposes. His first action was seen in the Battle for Mirenton, seven centuries before the modern era which lead to the founding of the Delpha Coalition of Planets. Because of this achievement, Kilnok was seen as a great hero, if not the greatest in the DCP's history and was granted technological immortality (though only biological aging).

The truth is that Kilnok is not a herculean figure, and he is far from superpowered or perfect. Granted freedom from the mortal coil of aging; he has remained physically fit and his seven centuries of active service has given him great skills. Several times Kilnok has almost been killed (and banished to another plane of existence); notably by the renegade Warlord Eclipsos and Anzaghar. Before slaying Eclipsos, the heretical warlord crippled him with electrocution. Kilnok's body was enhanced by cybernetic technology and wetware therapy which has arguably made him even stronger. His crew has always played an essential role.

Simply due to his skills, top of the line crew and equipment, Kilnok has represented the DCP on many diplomatic missions and has helped solve crisis's which have affected multiple civilisations, mostly the DCP's allies. Because of this, he is seen by them as a hero.

But he certainly isn't seen a hero by the DCP's foes, who disregard Kilnok's title of an honorable warrior due to the Coalition's track record of genocide.

Personality Edit

Aside from his fighting skills, long age has made his world transient, and the affect of this has some negative side effects on his personality. In many ways Kilnok has lived so long and seen so much, the things of daily life such as culture, and even arts have become shallow. They no longer matter to him.

Kilnok is somewhat lonely as well. Long ago Kilnok abandoned his friends and family for their own safety, and not everyone in the DCP is granted indefinite immortality, due to the DCP's fear of rebellion, and because of this, Kilnok seeks no relationships, because he would probably outlive them. Some of his crew however have become his friends.

Many who have met him say he is not a man of violence, but of modesty. The warlord is also described as a pragmatist, and is not keen of science officers aboard his ship who do not show enough practical application of their theory. Thus, he has little care for science unless it is useful in the moment.

Abilities Edit

Kilnok's battle strategy and role as team leader is what he is best at, and is why he is a commander of the fleet.

Kilnok is an accomplished marksmen, preferring quick and stealthy maneuvers so he can take out multiple opponents, which has lead to unfair criticism by some warrior races. The truth is that Kilnok has fought live on the front in various battles so has good swordsmen and martial arts skills like "Gun kata", and "free running" and makes use of his environment and present weapons and equipment advanced or not.

In some ways Kilnok is also has some disadvantages. Despite their strength Grimbolsaurians have long legs so can be thrown off-balance by stronger races or can even receive injuries from shorter races who attack their legs, something he must look out for. Kilnok has no more essence ability than the average individual and has little defense against it.

History Edit

Early Life and training Edit

Admiral Kilnok was born during the early space exploration era, and decided that would be his life. Space travel captured his imagination.

First missions/Early space exploration Era Edit

Space missions

  • Cadet Kilnok was almost sent on a Time Dilation ship to cross the universe, however, if he did, the DCP's story would have been very different.
  • Cadet Kilnok led the early Grimbolsaurian empire to victory against the Wub Alliance who had conqured the young empire. He managed to ally with the Jarzo Grand Council, Yoburt Confederation, Chibby Empire and the Brawgle Empire, by uniting, they were powerful to overwhelm the Wub Alliance.
  • The now Captain Kilnok (awarded the saving the empire from certain extiction), led an expedition to the Lagoss nebula, but due to an unexpected space anomaly, they crashed landed on Planet Sepharos, which was found to be composed of White spice. This spice, (which is actually exotic matter) can hold a wormhole open for safe passage. The "Wormhole Keys" were developed which opened up the galaxy for exploration.

My adventures

  • Trials of a Warrior - Cadet Kilnok must complete the deadly warrior trials. He survived, but only just.

Other player's adventures

  • Vat Teego (Maxis) - On one of his first missions he visited Vat Teego space port, it is where he met his future crew members.
  • The Psychic Planet (Doomwaffle) - Kilnok took part in visiting the The Psychic planet.
  • Few more

Empire EraEdit

Space missions.

  • Various missions

My adventures

  • Confinement - A Chibby colony is locked down after genetically modified creatures are let lose.
  • Cloning Trouble - Captain Kilnok discovers an evil clone of himself, who tried to kill him.
  • Bad Terraforming - Captain Kilnok discovers life on world being terraformed, that was previously thought to be uninhabited.
  • Planet Spode - Kilnok and Dr.Kenders find planet Spode.

Other player's adventures

Grox Resistence Era Edit

Admiral Kilnok was pivotal in the war against the Grox.

Space missions

  • Battles against the Grox
  • Entering the Galactic Core
  • Finding Earth
  • Allies with the SSA.

My adventures

  • Infinite Grox - Kilnok discovers the Grox's evil plan to conquer the Milky Way
  • Wrath of the Grox - Kilnok saves an alien homeworld
  • Grox Resistence - Capture of the Grox Commander
  • Star Sailor - The discovery of the Grox Staff of Death superweapon.

Other player's adventures

Golden Age Era Edit

The golden Era was a period of great advancement for the DCP.

Space missions

  • Visit the Galactic Core.
  • Kilnok and Dr.Kenders were sent to explore the Tigris Galaxy. Emperor Wormulus II soon followed with a mighty fleet.

My adventures

  • Science Fiction Crossover - A crossover between the Grox and sci-fi factions from Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Babylon 5, Doctor Who and Spore.
  • Sporewikia Mission 1 - Admiral Kilnok teams up with captains from Sporewiki, to defend the Sporewiki database from vandals.

Other player's adventures

  • The Universe - The DCP's first contact with a tier 1 civilization.
  • Rebellion of the Hive (DaniAngione)
  • Out of the Frying Pan (Parkaboy)
  • Saving Private Raymond(d_h_garner)
  • Star Slide (iceman2)
  • The Test of True Stength (Parkaboy, Andeavor's template)
  • Gravitonga! (Parkaboy)
  • The Reality (Ossie64) - Shortly after the DCP make first contact with the empires of humanity, they meet an especially agressive one. Kilnok beams down and finds out the worst of humanity. However, there are several empires of humans, not all the same.
  • Slums of New Cramononia (ChiefCramonon) - Kilnok is sent to hunt a dangerous enemy on a dismal planet.
  • SC-Blood Crystals (DaniAngione) - Kilnok defended a colony, and then discovered why it was being attacked in the first place.
  • Saving Planet Nexus - Kilnok sadly lost a crewmember on that mission.
  • DAC - the Fortress of Nidking (Nidking) - Saved Tigriss from the pit.
  • Voices from the cold (Veoline) - Kilnok had to selove the mystery of strange noises.
  • A World Devoid (doozerdude) - Kilnok visits a dystopian colony cyt off from its empire by a cosmic phenomenon.
  • Few more advanced adventures

The Tigris War and the Ascension Wars Edit

Eventually the now Admiral Kilnok met Captain Ramikku of the powerful Rambo Nation. Shortly after the DCP had first contact with The Congregation at the Stand of Tircos - Admiral Kilnok led the fleet to victory. The DCP had many battles during the Tigris war, but ultimately failed to stop the Xhodocto from destroying the universe in the The Scourge. But Admiral Kilnok survived through dimensional portals leading to a new universe along with the DCP and allies.

Space missions

My adventures

  • A Stand on Tircos
  • The spacetime weapon tests
  • March of the Alliance - The alliance finally finds each other once more, and make a stand against the Xhodocto.
  • Bottling the Nanohorde - Kilnok captures the Nanohorde, but only just in time...

Other player's adventures

Post-War of Ages Edit

At the moment, Admiral Kilnok has been increasing diplomatic relations with the Xhodocto. He was also present in a couple of the Trucinex war battles. Recently, he has been warning allies of the increasing threat of the Nanohorde.

Destruction of a Trucinex Base Edit

Admiral Kilnok was even hired by Oprhurzhul Angazhar, a mighty Xhodocto. His mission was on planet Arctox, the Trucinex were constructing a Supervehicle to be used in battle. It would bring great destruction to the allies. Admiral Kilnok sneaked into the base, and then deactivated the force field generator that was the bases defense, and then destroyed the generator with a Xhodocto Satellite Beam Cannon. The Trucinex, distraught, were slaughtered by the invading Xhodocto. Kilnok was evacuated by the Xhodocto, where the remaining Xhodocto infantry destroyed the base, and securing the Supervehicle.

Kilnok's daring mission to capture the Nanohorde Edit

Admiral Kilnok spoke with the Xhodocto, suggesting that the Xhodocto could lure the Nanohorde Homeworld with the Madum'Kadur a giant world ship as big a G Class star (like Earth's Sun). Like a Spoffit and an Oogie (Spoffits are mostly vegetarian, but like the taste of Oogies!) the machine planet would be lured to the Xhodocto ship in order to consume it. However, the Nanohorde would be trapped into an unihabited dimension.

However, the Xhodocto had a better solution - instead, they had just developed a device that could shut the devices down at a certain frequency. But first, at least 40 Nanobots had to be captured. Admiral Kilnok decided he would do it. A large ship (perhaps a Dreadnought) and a fighter would do the trick - the Nanohorde would be attracted to the bigger ship, while Kilnok captures a few and freezes them in Suspended Animation.
The mission was a success! Kilnok survived, but only just in time (an adventure has been made, its on the bottom of the page). Now the Xhodocto will test their new generators on the Nanohorde!

Dark Era Edit

On the DCP new year, Admiral Kilnok decided to make a DCP fleet parade, however, this was the beginning of the DCP civil war (read the page to understand how it unfolded).

Shortly after that, Admiral Kilnok saved Jhayaarten Tar'Byenrek, the chief explorer of the Kho Empire. Tar'Byenrek, was chased by Pirates into the very unstable wormhole PLG-29416-q-. His ship amazingly survived, but only just about. Unfortunately, its engine was about to breach. Admiral Kilnok, however, teleported the crew and ship into safety. This was First Contact, with the Kho empire, and both the DCP and the Kho have interest in each others culture. They may ally.

Battle with Warlord Eclipsos Edit

Admiral Kilnok finally killed Eclipsos in an epic battle, and saved the Emperor's life. But at a cost, in the final momenents, Eclipsos sent million volts through Kilnok's body. Kilnok survived, but now has cybernetic implants. He does not look as mechanical as a Grox, but has certain implants around the body. But he also saved the DCP, and its allies.

Xhodocto hell Edit

Spore 2010-06-04 23-30-24

Admiral Kilnok and Captain Ramcard at the gates of Xhodocto hell.

Admiral Kilnok had a battle with Angazhar, one of the greatest Xhodocto demon warriors, but lost the battle. However, he was rescued by the Rambo Nation. But shortly after, the Xhodocto unleashed hell upon the universe, and Captain Ramcard and Kilnok found themselves in Xhodocto hell. The warlord Bo Ramik, is going to try and rescue them.

Space missions Edit

  • Admiral Kilnok was slightly annoyed recently, as he traveled thousands of light years to colonize a rich cluster of stars. When he returned home, days of traveling back colonizing the region, he found a wormhole not far from the Delpha Sector that led right to the back door of the new region! "All that traveling and I could have used the wormhole.", he thought, however, the wormhole discovery will aid colonization in the newly discovered cluster.

War of Ages/Descension Edit

Admiral Kilnok is on a quest to find a sword that will bring back Master Kroc, but he has had to enter the dephs of Inferno Realm.

Library of Shadows Edit

This is copied from the War of Ages. The Library of Shadows was written by Xhodocto3546.

Kilnok arrived at a stone cave, the walls marked by the bones of what looked like a massive creature. Kilnok told his group to stay put in case of trouble. As he entered, he was stopped by a chained gate. The gate was white, almost blinding. Kilnok touched the gate, and stumbled. Kilnok was suffering from nightmares. The gate crumbled, to reveal a throne, and sitting in it, was an old, withered being. The being looked human.

"Who are you?" Kilnok questioned.

"The real question is, who you are. You are Admiral Kilnok of the Delpha Coalition of Planets. You are venturing the Necropolis to defeat Kamik'Shi, but your last chance to defeat him has died. Master Kroc was killed by Kamik'Shi. The Taldar then sacrificed their lives to weaken the Xhodocto. Yes. That is why you are here. You wanted to search this library for answers. You were looking for a book, weren't you? No. If you came here 20,949 years ago then you would have had books. But instead, you have me. A human who knows all. Has seen all. And will see all."


"Test me if you so wish. You could...try to kill me. I'm afraid that's not possible. It would also be wise not to attack me unless you wish to unleash the Xhodocto legions. Well, it seems you are questioning the future. I can tell you the answer is no. You will fail to defeat the least for good. Instead you will beat the Xhodocto soon, not today, or tomorrow, but soon. But someday, beyond your death your kind and this universe shall fall."

"What is your value to the Xhodocto?" - Kilnok questioned again.

"I am Kez'Ksha. I was part of the Kei'Un tribe, and refused to follow the Xhodocto. Kamik'Shi, in return forbade my aging and death and gave me the knowledge that once was the books that were here. The knowledge he did not give me was how to defeat the Xhodocto for good. Nor is it possible to do want to know how to resurrect Kroc, don't you? I am sorry to tell you that the task is not as easy as you so want it. You think that the sword can resurrect Kroc alone? Well, then. That is where you are mistaken. This only took one half of his soul out - the other half has been destroyed by the sword. As you see, the soul has two sides. One is light and the other darkness. This...benevolent sword consumed the light side while it banished the shadow side. To re-create the shadow side, you must find the embodiment here. Within Hell. Capture the soul with this sword. It captures the souls of the wrongfully damned. Here, Kroc must use this sword until the time is right for him to use the Xhodocto Bane. It will have no effect here."

'"Thank you for your help, Kez'Ksha" - said Kilnok.

"Do not thank me. All of this was pre-ordained at the start of reality. Now leave me. Me giving you further knowledge will destroy you..."

Demonic Possession parts 1 and 2 Edit

Somewhere on the eighth plane, the DCP, Krassio, URC, Vartekians, Massarii Crusade, Rambo, Loron, Shka'Tun, Ravenrii and DSB had amassed a large army to confront the Xhodocto, controlled by Admiral Kilnok, Spiritmaster Tadjeleon, Captain Ramcard, Captain Morobus, Votarah and his pet war dog. The other captains stayed behind in a hideout, but Kilnok led the troops into battle. The Vartekians refused to fight next to the Loron, and the Loron weren't in formation. Anyway, suddenly, an army of Mak'gon appeared out of nothing, like they popped into existence. However, the allies stuck toether, back to back they dispensed with the foul creatures. However, the slaughter had not finished, out of the blue, the Xhodocto just "appeared", they had not teleported either. Kilnok believes it is because hell is their realm and it abides their laws, and beings with demonic energy can unlock them. The Xhodocto had been severely weakened, being shorter and more easy to kill, but were still immensely stronger than any in the alliance and in less than a minute and half, the entire allied army save for Kilnok had been killed. The Xhodocto fed on their soul energy of their victims. It was a macabre sight. However, one saw Kilnok through his cloaking device! He was making a get away to his DCP speeder, that was in a cloaking field. He had to run for his life, for his energy, for the fate of the war. He just about made it, missing a swipe from a Xhodocto's death sword by a hair's breadth.

He walked to the hideout, where he found the other captains. Kilnok told them of the grave news, and their armies they commanded had been destroyed too. They appeared out of no where. Some of Ramcard's crew had been killed. Worst still, they couldn't stay in their hideouts long, the replicators had mysteriously broken, as a lot of allied technology seems to do in the death realm and Votarah's war dog had eaten the rations. Captain Morobus, a Capricornian, held resentment to Votatah, as he hates the Vartekians for what they have done to the URC in the Second Galactic War. Kilnok told him to live in the now, not in the past for future, and the Vartekians could be a great help in the war.

It wasn't long until the Xhodocto - an ascended form, found the captains. He knew their names without even seeing them! Kilnok went alone to confront the evil demon, and told the other captains to run for it, but they didn't, and Tadjeleon used the power of Spode (or so he has said) to defeat the Xhodocto (or so it seems for now, as ascended Xhodocto cannot be killed). However, before he was defeated, he revealed some important information - now the Xhodocto's demonic powers had been weakened, they are now consuming the soul energy of their victims to gain power.

Not long after, Votarah received a transmission, apparently the Seven Starr Alliance coming for the rescue. But nothing seems quite certain in Xhodocto hell...

Admiral Kilnok, Spiritmaster Tadjeleon, Captain Ramcard, Captain Morobus, Votatah and his war dog continued their walk through a valley filled with ash. They encountered some Mak'gon, but together they were able to slay them. Finally, the team found the rescue squad, but some things weren't quite right. One of the Grimbolsaurians addressed Captain Ramcard as Captain Ramikku, and didn't add the prefix "Admiral" to Kilnok's name (which a Grimbolsaurian would never do to a superior). The act was shrugged off lightly, but then Kilnok noticed the trooper didn't look quite right, in fact, none of the rescuers did. Kilnok asked what was wrong with them, and next, the entire rescue squad transformed into hideous zombie-like beings. They explained that they were the Xhodocto, and after their demonic powers had been weakened, they consumed the souls of the fallen instead, and possessed their bodies. However, since they had possessed mortal forms, after a quick battle, all of the possessed were killed (but the Xhodocto souls survived, their hosts were mere husks).

Afterwards, Tadjeleon claimed he was contacted by Spode, and they must continue in their direction, across a great barren plain. With no other options, the captains listened. They did find something, a strange tree. The skies darkened from a poison green to blood red, and then Kilnok noticed something glinting in the dull light - a crystal skull, the skull of a human. It began to glow as he approached and Kilnok picked up the skull, and suddenly a portal opened, sucking him in! The next second, he was back in the library. He walked across the various bookshelves to the center, where the human guru Kez'Ksha stood before him inside a pentragram, and nine circles (there were several other symbols, Yin and Yang, the tree of life, and the light at the end of a tunnel). Kez'Ksha was dissapointed with Kilnok, he had not yet found the sword, and he had lost lots of men in doing so. However, Kez'Ksha told Kilnok something very important about the eighth circle, it reflects the souls who are punished there, the greedy, the corrupt and most of all - the deceivers. The human explianed that everything is decieving in the eighth circle, and that nothing is what it seems (as demonstrated by the wall that Bo Ramik had to breach). With this new knowledge, his voice faded, and the entire libarary evaporated into flames. Kilnok found himself plunging into the darkness, and to his astonishment, he landed near the tree where he had found the skull, but the tree had transformed (into something like Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life from Norse cosmology). But stranger still, he was looking at his own body, he had astroprojected. Soon after seeing his own body, he lurched forward uncontrolably, and the next second, he was back in his old body once more. Captain Ramcard asked if Kilnok was ok, as he looked dazed, but Kilnok asked how much time had past since he touched the skull, Ramcard replied that that was no more than a second ago. As the team continued, walking into nowhere, they remembered all the things and places they enjoyed and would rather be in, Ramcard thought of a bed, Votarah thought of blood wine and a luxury starship, the spiritmaster thought of an alter and Morobus thought of Capricus. Strangely enough, a few minutes later, all these things appeared in front of their eyes, all other than Kilnok, who knew it was all a deception. Shorly enough, a huge Xhodocto appeared in front of them - it was the ascended Xhodocto they thought they had defeated before. He was undefeatable, and even these mighty captains would be killed quite quickly. But they did not give up, Kilnok readied his twin electric swords, Votarah readied his various melee weapons and Ramcard set his phasers to incinerate. They were not going down without a fight, but they knew ultimately, they would lose...

But, as if it was a miracle, Captain Cycklos, who had now ascended appeared in front of them. He couldn't kill the Xhodocto, but he could banish him, and took him by surprise! The illusionary objects they imagined disappeared as well in a flash, Kilnok was right, they had never existed. But the captains didn't beleive Cycklos not until he yelled "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" which is only known to the allies. And indeed it was the Sylit.

Cycklos guided the captains back to their armies. They now had the terrible job of counting the dead. But soon, they had to build another army once more, as they arrived at the gates of the ninth circle, and Kilnok must continue on his quest for the sword...

Penetrating the ninth circle Edit

A large allied army over a quadrillion strong commanded by Veo Path, Admiral Kilnok and Captain Votatah reached the ninth circle. However, the greatest Xhodocto of them all Kamik'Shi appeared in front of the, and wiped out the entire army in less than a second, leaving only the captains and a million survivors. Veo Path protected Kilnok and Votatah from Kamik'Shi, who mysteriously disappeared. They have now reached the ninth circle, and Kilnok must find the sword soon, if he doesn't, the light of hope for the allies will be destroyed along with the universe. Admiral Kilnok has a lot resting on his shoulders!

Kilnok's quest part 1 Edit

Spore 2010-07-04 20-14-04

The DCP valiantly charges into battle!

After Kamik'Shi's great devastation, there was only a million allies left inside Inferno Realm. And since there are many empires, only a small fraction of elite DCP warriors and ships manned by skeleton crews were left. However, this did not discourage the DCP, as they knew that they had a very important to do - ressurect Master Kroc. This would be the DCP's last great struggle against the Xhodocto (except maybe the final battle).

Admiral Kilnok must complete his quest, it was his destiny. Admiral Horlin, Dr.Kenders and Bo Ramik accompanied him. They amassed nearly all (save for a few) of the DCP left in hell, a few hundred troops, vehicles and ships. Bo Ramik could feel the sword, it was within the walls of Sub-Necropolis. They gathered together, and then formed over the horizon. The danger of Kamik'Shi was ever present, however, Veo Path was keeping him busy. After a quick war speech, the DCP charged into battle, and spurred on by renewed will, they actually breached the city walls, they were the elite, they had survived untl this far, despite being rediculously outnumbered 100 to 1! However they knew that if Kilnok could not complete his quest in finding the sword, Master Kroc could never be ressurected, and the universe and everything in it, would die anyway...

Then a suprise, a shuttle carrying Emperor Wormulus II, Warlord Titanozor, Captain Jazzaroth and the DCP's greatest warriors and heroes beamed down to join the battle (the Emperor had brought reinforcements before the DCP reached the ninth circle, but they were unfortunately destroyed by Kamik'Shi, the Emperor surived using his psionic and elemental powers, only barely). Its was an epic battle, but soon losses began to pile up. Xhodocto who were slain, possessed the fallen troops, making the battle even more difficult. However, Admiral Kilnok and his fellow captains pushed their way through Sub-Necropolis. Kilnok arrived at a huge door, however, there was a sign, saying only one could pass through to see the sword, as a security feature, no more than one was aloud to pass through. Admiral Horlin requested that he would do it, but Kilnok declined, saying that his destiny pointed here. He took a deep breath, trying not to choke on ash and the sickening sweet smell of rising blood, and then, stepped through into the darkness...

Kilnok's quest part 2 Edit

Spore 2010-07-05 21-20-19

The Neverplane, the closest a mortal can percieve of the meta-existence of dualities.

Admiral Kilnok entered the building, Bo Ramik just before had given him an enpowered crystal, and Kilnok soon found use for it. He swung the door shut behind him, the sound reverberated around the hall way he was in. He walked down the hall way, until he was stopped by a shield composed of demonic energy, however, Bo Ramik's crystal came in handy in penetrating the wall. It wasn't long before Kilnok arrived in a large room, glowing with demonic energy. In the center was the sword, its blade gleaming in the light. Before Admiral Kilnok picked it up, he thought to himself, hang on a minute, this is too easy! And then, he saw the shadow of an Ascended Xhodocto. The Xhodocto said what was no point in many security features, if there is an ascended Xhodocto guarding the sword. He was just about to strike when a loud "Stop" was heard from behind, even the Xhodocto was surprised. It was Kez'Ksha, the human guru who had been visiting Kilnok throughout his ordeal in hell. The Xhodocto laughed at the human, saying he too old and withered to fight, and that he should go back to his Library. But Kez'Ksha didn't budge. He said he had thousands of years of knowledge and all that time he had mastered elemental, psionic and demonic energies, enough for him to achieve enlightenment. The Xhodocto was soon extinguished (but not killed, Kez'Ksha said that since he was already on another plane of existence, he could not die, but a mortal couldn't comprehend what had happend to him).

But them, the old human had an important message for Kilnok, that they would never see each other again. Kilnok asked why, and the Kez'Ksha revealed that as soon as he gave the sword to Master Kroc, their bodies would be swapped. Kilnok would not be killed, but he would be doomed to walk the Neverplane for ever, a plane of duality, of positive and negative, a meta-physical world (neither a dimension or a universe) where Master Kroc existed now. Kez'Ksa had never told Kilnok before, in fear that Kilnok would decline, and the then Kamik'Shi could never be defeated. He also said that his life purpose was to help save Kilnok from the Ascended Xhodocto, so Kilnok could complete his destiny in ressurecting Kroc and now he must do his job. After a minute to contemplate, Kilnok agreed, and as soon as he touched the sword, he was transported to the Neverplane. It wasn't long before he found Master Kroc (he was transported to Kroc's vicinity by the sword). Neverplane was a strange and lonely existence, eternal and infinite. Kilnok handed the sword to Kroc, who realised that Kilnok would be swapped into this world. Kroc was very sorry, but soon he had to leave. A portal appeared, and Master Kroc passed through, as soon as he did, the portal collapsed, and Kilnok was left alone...

Life in Nether-Plane Edit

After Master Kroc left through the portal, it vanished out of existence. There was a sombering feeling that began to creep over Kilnok. An eternity, stuck between positive and negative, not quite alive, not quite dead. Nether-Plane is usually a peaceful place, which meditators can just about feel and relax with, but actually stuck there, its a different story. All Kilnok had to entertain himself, was his datapad, which acts like a huge library or archive of the universe he once lived in, and fought for - "fought for, fought for this". It hit him then. But, Kilnok then thought to exist in the now. He did, for what seemed like year after year, for so long that he even forgot his name, the War of Ages, except for a few fragmented memories and a drive to continue on a journey. He never had to eat, sleep or drink, as he was in a state between life and death - a ghost basically. Then one day, he saw a light, he was scared, he had never seen anything other than himself. There was an entity, who called himself, no, herself the Librarian. As soon as she started talking, memories flooded in, and soon his memory was restored. She was a goddess of the Thirteenth Tribe, and told Klinok, because of his act of great bravery and selflessness, a rare property among mortals, he would be allowed to leave the plane. He asked her how much time had past, which seemed like millenia, however, the Librarian told him that although he felt time, it was an illusion, space and time, matter and energy was just formed by his brain to make sense of something a mortal could not comprehend fully. He asked why Master Kroc hadn't been resurrected, but her reply was that he was killed in battle. A portal opened nearby, and they stepped through.

On the other side, Kilnok found himself in a beautiful blue land covered in dazzling fog with forests of glittering crystals. He recorgnised it from a depiction of IIuvi realm. But Kilnok said no one was allowed entrance. The Librarian replied the the Sage The Valader had granted him access for saving Master Kroc, and ultimately, saving even the other gods from Kamik'Shi. Most gods, don't interfere with the interests in lesser mortals, but for some, this isn't enough, those like Kamik'Shi, must force worship and pain, giving them more power. However, the omnipresent gods saw Kilnok while he was a young captain, who had great promise, so they decided his future would be important. After Kilnok said thank you to the Sage, he ascended, with a strange green glow and mist, but sadly, if he ever wanted leave the realms of the gods, he would descend back to normal. Kilnok decided after his ordeal in the War of Ages and Nether-plane, he would live among the gods - but only for a while,as a holiday almost, but he would return as a mortal to his people, to help lead them once more. The Sage said this was also very good, but he would lose his powers, Kilnok replied "You don't need powers to be a hero". Kilnok may return for the final moments of the war, to lead the DCP to victory with the allies (if they do)...

Kilnok returns and fresh reinforcements Edit

Everything was perfect, too perfect, and too easy. For a man of the military and space forces, who is used to fighting and unexpected turns of events, despite the paradise, Kilnok felt a growing sense of boredom and guilt. He had the power to go back the DCP, and fight on the front line, so why was he here, in luxury, while his troops below die and suffer? He should fight with them. As Kilnok sat with the gods, the Librarian sensed feelings. He told them, he had to return, the entities around him said he could, but he would lose his powers. He would be a mortal once more, and now he has fulfilled his purpose, they will no longer have anything to do with him. But the Librarian understood the most. In a final act with his power, he calmed the effects around the rips in the universe leading to Inferno Realm, and he watched as thousands of new DCP ships travel through. He then thanked all the gods and descended. There was a huge light, and then blackness. He got a growing sense of horror that he was back in Nether-Realm, but there was no white light to accompany the darkness. Then, he woke up. He was aboard his ship, the Star Sailor. He tried using his powers, but to no avail, they have vanished. He swallowed hard, he did like them. Already he was forgetting what the realm of the gods was like, and he quickly scribbled down some notes and downloaded the memories onto a databank. He them checked his onboard comuter, where was he? Ah, where he had parked his ship, near where the whole quest started. He rammed up the engines, scanned for demons or sabotage in the ships systems and to his relief nothing was out of the ordinary. Finally, he set course for the nearest DCP outpost...

His troops were having their rations as a meal, they barely got to eat, the Salsetthe supplies were helping, but the replicators were malfunctioning. There was thundering rain (as Inferno Realm was altering), and Kilnok walked through the tent as a shadowy figure. Guards rushed to stop him, and then recorgnised his face. The guards then scanned him, in case he was a Xhodocto. When they discovered he was Kilnok there was obviously much celebration. The troops have now been given new hope and will. A few hours later the DCP reinforcements arrived, the war was starting to look good for the allies...

The final battle to end all battles Edit

This story was written by Xhodocto3546 on the link above, I've simply wrote in my own words here.
The allies and their gods and ascended beings arroved at the Deathspire where Kamik Shi was waiting for them. "This is it! We need to get Hierarch Kroc to the Deathspire tip! Charge!" shouted Admiral Kilnok. The troops charged into battle at full speed, but descendents and hordes of countless Xhodocto stepped between them and the Deathspire. The Xhodocto gods in all their demonic glory were amongst them! There was a terrific battle, every time swords clashed, hell was ripped apart and then recreated. Millions of Xhodocto ships and vehicles appeared. The Xhodocto Angazhar aimed for the DCP, he felt personel hatred for them, however, Kilnok stepped in front. He sneered "you", and was about to impale Kilnok, however, his weapon glanced off Bo Ramik's ascended energy. Bo Ramik shouted "Kilnok, back off! He'll kill-" but Angazhar then turned to Bo Ramik had impaled him in the chest, but Bo Ramik was already regenerating, albiet slowly. Kilnok did a mighty leap and jumped on Angazhar's back and after an epic struggle, decapitated him!

Meanwhile, Master Kroc of the Civatron fought his way to the Deathspire. Kamik'Shi had drawn his double blades, and a tremendous battle of the universe began, shaping reality itself. Perhaps the greatest battle ever fought. However, Kroc had the power of the god Verezuon in his hands and eventually managed to defeat the god of death. Kamik Shi fell apart, blue crystals covering his body, his energy and essence absorbed into the Ilambil Katarn. Then, almost instantly, every Xhodocto burned out of existence in front of a surprised allied army. It was over, the Xhodocto were never more...

Mission from the future Edit

This is for the Legacy fiction.
The Star Sailor neared a spatial flexure to investigate it, however, a very strange starship, completely unknown to the starship databanks emerged from the anomaly. It was composed out of unknown materials, but also condensed quark-gluon plamsa, cosmic strings and spacetime defects. It was in a phase of quantum flux, and was phasing in and out of existence. It then began to scan the Star Sailor, and suddenly, Admiral Kilnok found himself in a white room, full of vapour. There was four orbs, who spoke largely in telepathy, but not to Kilnok, to each other, as if he was an insignificant thing. Howerver they eventually spoke to Kilnok, explaining the formation of quantum realities, followed by an explanation of the Entity, and its sinister plan. Suddenly a female voice appeared, which simply said "show him".

Next, Kilnok found himself on a weird floating plaftform, with two strange looking creatures next to him. They explained that they were the "Transaurians", who had merged their bodies with cynernetic implants and encounter suits. They took him on a trip to their time, when the DCP was a Tier 1 civilzation, able to explore the sixth dimension. They revealed the DCP was colonising hyperspace, neutron strs and planetary cores, material wealth had been replaced by virtual objects, that information such as subspace holonet had been replaced by telepathy. Kilnok asked, why they were revealing so much about the future, one replied, don't get too exited, this is one of many timelines. They took him to two other possible futures, one with a graver ending to the DCP, and one unexpected reality where the universe had destroyed itsself naturally with False Vacuums. They explained again, how the entity was going to fold the entire fith dimension into the sixth dimension. Soon, the platform folded into the sixth dimension, and they shot back the past.

Before he knew it, he found himself in a large assembaly. Eventually he recorgnised it, it was were the DCP had been founded, a few hundred yeas ago. Then, he got the shock of his life when he saw his younger self. It was his job to carry the forms to the leaders of the founding empires. But as he looked on, he noticed something odd was occuring. His younger self, was trapped in a time loop. In fact, the whole assembaly was but him. He had no choice but to break the loop. He shot his younger self dead. The loop ended, before the entity could fold the fith dimension into the sixth.

Admiral Kilnok had again saved reality, and all possible futures! Suddenly, he found himself back in the white room in the presence of the orbs. They spoke more respectfully to him, but Kilnok told them, that they were not living real lives. In another moment, he was back on the bridge of his starship. The anomaly and ship had gone. Admiral Horlin knew when something was up with his old friend, so Kilnok invited all the crew to the Captains table, he had a long story to tell...

A promotion Edit

The Emperor has promoted Admiral Kilnok into Warlord Kilnok, and he now has a whole sector to control! This was also a gift.

My adventures

  • The DCP civil war begins.
  • Battle of Mirenton Parts 2 and 3
  • Demonic Possession parts 1 and 2
  • Kilnok's quest parts 1 and 2
  • Life in Nether-plane
  • Multiverse

Other players adventures

Transevolutionary era Edit

The DCP eventually recovered, and picked itself out of the Dark Age to begin a whole new era - Transevolutionary era. The DCP had now transitioned into a Tier 1 civilization, which was expanding to colonize hyperspace and other universes (as opposed to exploring as they did in earlier times). The DCP has completed building large megastructures, and Postgrimbolsaurians - hybrids, cyborgs and the enhanced, are becoming far more common. The DCP had completed its side in many old wars, but new conflicts will emerge out of the chaos that is reality, however, as gaudians of the empire, the warriors of Mirenton such as Kilnok, now a warlord will stand as sentinels to protect the future...

Martial Arts contest Edit

Coming soon!

God's Gate Edit

God's Gate, was a region if infinite curvature, located on the edge of the Delpha Sector. Until very recently, the region was believed to be a black hole, a point of no return, where space and time was falling faster than light. However, this until very recently was disproven, in fact, it was a type of wormhole, an ancient one at that, created in the first moments of the Big Bang, frozen into spacetime when the universe phased from one energy state to another. The primordial matter of the previous phase still lingered within its gravity well.

God's Gate, was generally avoided, as it created immense drags on warp or hyperspace-capable starships, and emmitted strong x-ray emiissions and jets of energy which was an offput for many a space traveller, but in recent times, the DCP's instruments were far more refined, and eventually, God's gate was proven to be a wormhole. However, this wormhole was no ordinary wormhole, it was spherical. Unlike most natural wormholes which are unstable or microscopic, a spherical wormhole frozen in spacetime is a permanent defect, it will probably exist until Time's Teminel, or even eventually lift itself off the universe to form its own domain, fitting, thats its name was God's Gate...

In command
Since the wormhole was one of the most stable the DCP had ever encounted, it wasn't long before a research team was sent. It was Warlord Kilnok, Dr.Kenders, Admiral Horlin and a crew of 14 others who was sent to explore. Many of them were scientists, which, very few Kilnok really liked, as he was a man of the military, and saw them as often getting in his way, despite the fact he likes science in his own private space. However, being such an important and famous captain, he would be useful in this new mission of the galaxy. Located in the Alpha Siginae system, 1,200 light years from Delpha, he was surprised to recieve a message telling him to go to his home space. "You have been assigned to travel immediatly back to the Boraphagus system, there, after a briefing, will voyage to God's Gate". Kilnok was not too pleased at first, as a warlord he should be no longerbe commanded, but should be commanding, yet, there were still those higher in command. "We have not embarked on a true adventure like this since that mystery on the bridge, you know, involving the 5th dimension and time travellers from the future" said Admiral Horlin. "From one possible future" was Kilnok's reply, however, since he was a Warlord, he wasn't doing much at all, and the knowe this mission was important. Too work in service for the Coalition, especiallly now he has choice, was very honourable. Kilnok agreed, and in Tachyon Shift, soon reached the Boraphagus system in less than ten minutes (a warlord of his status has the fastest of drives).

The approach
The ship, Iron Flower (named after a world who's biosphere was caste into metal by a weapon, the "Midas Touch", from an ancient human mythology) slowed to sublight speed when whithin 400 AU of the Schwarzschild radius, the outer boundary of the wormhole. First, a probe was sent into orbit at around 3 AU of the bounday. Scans determined that although the wormhole appeared to be stable, a thin layer of exotic matter beamed into its radous and arund the ship, would hold it open even more, and maybe even act as a "lubricant". As the Iron Flower approached from 130 AU, the gravitational lensing around the wormhole became apparent to the visible eye. "This is what I don't like about worm, black, white or any other kinds of spatial holes, they are so...non-intuitive" said Horlin. "Or downright weird, as I like to say" said Kilnok, Dr.Kenders wa about to protest, that it didn't matter but Kilnok put his hand up, "It just is".

Whithin 3 AU of the Schwarzschild radiu, the crew were shown a surreal, almost frightening spectacle. The probe they had sent was now on the other side of the wormhole, however, light was being bent around and magnified in so strongly, the probe and stars behind were dragged into view, all sides of the wormhole could be seen. But soon, it was time to dive in. A thin layer of exotic matter created a bubble around the Iron Flower, and it enterered. However, something extraordinary happened, instead of being engulfed completely by the wormhole (with the sky dissappearing from view like on a planet, it stood off in the horizon, which split into two, the true-horizon and the anti-horizon, which remained ahead of the view. Light shades activated, as light from the photon sphere became blinding. Kilnok looked up, to see the true-horizon turn into a thin band around the center of his vision. Communication with the outside universe had ceased, as sinals no longer were being detected from the probe. They were in...

Once inside, they approached the inner boundary near the throat negative space. It was deoced that the throat woukd not be entered, as actual wormhole travel through natural wormholes was highly dangerous. The throat, was a spinning singularity, if its plane was to be crossed, the Iron Flower would be never seen again, but if crossed on its poles, travel to a different region, time or even universe might be possible, however, it was a risk that musn't be taken. The crew did their experiments and scans, a natural sphereical wormhole was an amazing discovery. Next, after researching the topological properties of the wormhole, the DCP began scanning the primordial matter, which had become trapped in a 2D surface of the inner horizon.

Some of the stuff was composed of tiny wormholes themselves, massive conglomerates of quantum foam and primordial matter, ancient, perhaps never seen by sapient eyes in such quantity.

Living on the edge of infinity
The primordial matter had very odd properties, which was named GUTmatter, after the Grand Unified Theory ( translated from DCP equivilent). The wormhole must have frozen space just before the universe changed into a different state. The temperatures in this wormhole remained as high as it was in the early universe, at a tempature of . It was so high, the strong, weak and electromagnetic forces were combined into one superforce, the Dezon field had not yet sperated into the guage bosons, the gluon, W;/Z and photon. The wormhole formed 1038 seconds after the Big Bang, the universe at the time was the size of a grapefruit. The GUtmatter itself was not baryonic matter, but consisted of of a Dezon field which had not seperated, a superforce, and the wormhole had captured some, where the temperature remained high enough for it to remain stable, imprisoned away from the rest of the universe. As the universe inflated, so did the wormhole.

This strange state of matter was so hot, even spacetime was unstable, which curved around its incredible mass and extreme temperature. The GUTmatter was chaotic, its effect on spacetime created quantum fluctuations, and vacuums of false density. Tiny wormholes, plank length in size popped in and out of existence. The material was so strong and violent, even the DCP's shields would be broken through. It was random, quantum and was predictable even by the DCP's computing systems. The stuff had tremendous mass, if it was an atom it would have been crushed, and contained tiny singularities, which had combined to form exotic atoms bound by gravity. So small, it existed in a quantum state. As the Iron Flower hovered over it, the ship had to increase its thrusters to maxiumum, as force of gravity was dragging them down, down into the black but strangely glowing material. However, there was a problem. The Iron Flower seemed to be losing power, unexpectedly.

"I, I don't understand!" declared Dr.Kenders! "Now that worries even me, if we don't have enough energy we will plummit into the GUTmatter!" Suddenly, Kilnok and everybody on board was overcome by a flash of energy.

Kilnok woke up, he was on the plains of Mirenton. Thee was a srange white aura off everything. Kilnok looked around, these were the plains he had grown up in, over 700 years ago. The region is now a glittering surface of glass, due to the Wub raids centuries before, as Mirenton is dotted by at least 40 regions that had been glassed, glittering from orbit. Had he travelled back in time? Was the wormhole temporal? Had the Transaurians from the future caused this? The sweet scent of Thranthius grass filled his nose, a smell he had forgotten. He sensed something, something evil and drew is electrosword, and was surprised to be confronted by Eclipsos. "You are dead, Eclipsos!" Kilnok yelled, Eclisos bared in mandibles and then charged sword in hand. Then Kilnok realized, this can't be right, he must be hallucinating. Both fought, and when Elipsos cut his leg, he realized, hallucination or not, he could still feel pain. Finally, Eclipsos spoke, in a strangely cold, emotionless way, "Who are you, alien, get out of our realm, or you will die", "I don't know wha...", then Kilnok remembered, he was in a wormhole. "You must leave immediatly, you are too strannge for us, we are too strange for you" said Eclipsos, and repeated twice, with a slight echo in his tone, "who?" Kilnok said, "The plane we are one with" replied Eclipsos, or rather, the entity taking his form. "We can't, our power is draining and we don't know what is causing it.". "Your ship is being devoured" said the manifestation of Eclipsos, Kilnok asked who was, "the Unseen, the shadow of an Entity Unseen", this sent waves of shock through Kilnok as he remembered a encounter with something similar, "No, that can't be so! Heklp us, help us leave" Eclipsos laughed, "Hah! Hah! Hah! You cannot fight what you cannot see!"

"Then why are you telling us to leave if we can't!" shouted Kilnok, in fustration, "Because you cannot directly fight it, but if you ignore the problem it will grow weaker, fighting makes it stronger!", said Eclipsos , and then the world shattered and Kilnok woke up. He quickly shut off the thrusters, other crew were waking up, dazed and confused, "what are doing?" cried one scientist, "Turn of the exotic matter injector", that could lead to the ship being crushed, "I'm pretty sure it won't in this wormhole, trust me, we cannot fight what we cannot see!", the ship stopped projecting exotic matter. "Structural integrity field collapsing, 90, 85, 73, 42, 23 per cent!", suddenly, the mysterious drainage and hold on the ship weakened, and Kilnok shouted "Eject the wormhole", as soon as he said it, the force got stronger, but not strong enough.

The next day, a meeting was held. All the scientific data and discovery was evaluated, including the mysterious draining of energy and the vision. Everybody's vision was different, but had the same meaning, only Kilnok knew what the Unseen was, which he now realized, was after him. However, the strange vision had something to do with a masive aligment in the GUTmatter, on the 2D plane warrped around the inner horizon boundary of the wormhole. It was possible that in fact, there could be a form of life down there, composed of exotic atoms of gravity and GUTmatter. There had been rare reports of similar creatures, the Transapients, extra dimensional superbeings, life on cosmic strings and energy beings before (whom contact is also trying to be made), but nothing like this. It was theorized that the GUTmatter, protected from the outside universe, had, after billions of years, evolved into a Matrix, possibly a neurel net. It had quantum properties and could manifest itself in the memories and minds of other life. The Matrix didn't like the outsiders, who didn't exist in the same spacetime. But why had Eclipsos manifested in Kilnok's brain, who is the Entity Unseen...

Visions Edit

Kilnok keeps seeing visions of Eclipsos laughing in his head, ever since the incident at God's Gate.

Voyagers of the Avenger and Q trial Edit

Voyages of the Avenger
Kilnok headed off to the Cyrannus galaxy to join Admiral Cretacea and Vice Admiral Rambas II to explore the unknown regions in his new ship of the line, the Subjugator class (Iron Flower). However, just before he was taken on trial by the by the Q, for the actions of the DCP's accidental unleashing of the Nanohorde.

Many new cultures, some became members of the URC and discoverins were made but it was soon cut short for the Great Cyrannus War.

Meanwhile, Kilnok visited Station Halcyon (see Episode 3 Dark Harbinger) to oversee its re-development and security, but felt uneasy, with more visions, unknown to him a shadow was lurking inside...

Kilnok also once woke up as a Synthe trooper, in a mind transferral accident, he found he was even stronger but returned himself to his normal body easily.

"Death" Edit

  • During the Annihilation, the DCP's evacuation arks were destroyed, the rest of the fleet engaged the incoming wave of unreality. This was in fact caused by the Q in some ways as part of the DCP trial, they directed some chaos towards the ark (knowing than an omegapoint was about to be created), so that the DCP would be imprisoned in a place they could no longer cause harm from their own arrogance, and yet alo fulfill their desire to save the galaxy.

Warlord Kilnok did something he had never done before. Abandon his fleet, his crew. But orders no longer mattered. The DCP, and countless other civilizations had been wiped out. Flying the Star Sailor, Kilnok pushed his tachyon engines to speeds never seen. Tachyon shift causes the ship to lose mass in order to speed up, and the Star Sailor was now going so fast the ship's mass was decreasing instead of its complement of fuel.

As the ship was wasting away around him, Kilnok searched for a planet he could at least breath on. Then he found it, a world lush with green and blue. Kilnok beamed out of his ship before it faded away completely. Kilnok found himself in a large meadow of grass-like plants, short, as if it had been cut. He saw a small hill, and sat on it, watching the alien sun move across the sky, the white fluffy clouds as well. The wind was warm, and sweet scent of grass was quite distinctive. It felt like he watching it for an eternity, however, this was merely psychological. As he watched, the unmistakable wave of unreality approached. It had slowed down now, just for him? He thought. He was right.

A voice spoke behind him. The voice of Anzaghar. Kilnok looked behind him, nothing was there. Kilnok demanded that Anzaghar would dare show himself. So. It all comes down to this Kilnok. You are the last of your entire pathetic empire. -Anzaghar Oh you have to come and spoil the moment. Tormenting me as much as you like, I don't care. -Kilnok That is what I do. I have come here, mortal, to watch you consumed. You are on my final death list. I'm making this a good one to remember. -Anzaghar Tell me, Anzaghar. Once you have destroyed all life, your existence will have no purpose whatsoever. You and I are more similar than you think. We are in the same position. -Kilnok Anzaghar roared, and wave of unreality approached once more, blotting out the alien sun, the oceans began to evaporate, the grass charred into ash. Kilnok's armour began to melt. Kilnok was sure that inside the wave, within the fog, he could see ethereal faces, demonic, laughing, squabbling and feasting.

But as he watched this, A vast light descended on him, blotting out even the wave of unreality. Was this death? Kilnok thought, but he heard the Xhodocto beside him enraged.

Living in the Omega Edit

Kilnok found himself hanging between realities like a dangling string. He was a discorporeal, he had no essence, no form. Only consciousness, in a sea of vibration. Within him was the universe, and outside too, as a thin band of blueshifted photons. This was feeling everyone in the DCP was feeling, the great blueshift. Then suddenly, everything was back to normal. As Kilnok watched, he found himself back on the green hilltop. He shuddered, but realized there was no Anzaghar to mock him. And there was the Star Sailor. He boarded his ship, relishing its existence. But this could not be right, surely? Regrouping with the fleet, the cloud had gone. There was the Vi'Navitum Ark that had been engulfed.

Return and involvement in the New Grox Wars Edit

Quantum ghost crisis Edit

More to come

Gallery of adventures and images Edit

Quotes Edit

The one I owe my life, and the real victor of the Great War. A best friend, and a comrade in war, Kilnok is one of the most powerful influences in the Universes, arguably

- Master Kroc the Hierarch of the Krassio Host

A very strong, brave and heroic mortal. He is one of the greatest heroes ever.

- A recent Taldar writing

A Great Admiral, and famous trough the Whole ASO!

- A Gablinus-Avis

I saw an action figure of him once... that must mean something...

- Captain Votarah

One of my closest friends, from what I hear, he is near invincible

- Admiral Cretacea

One of the greatest and most famous of all the DCP. A cunning and clever Admiral, he will lead his forces everywhere. I consider him a personall friend and am honored to fight beside him. In our nation, there is even an action figure of him.

- Captain Ramcard of Rambo Nation

He has come lucky twice round. Third time's the charm. I will devour him!

- Khazurhal Angazhar

Soon, he will be nothing but another of my lab rats.

- Errr


- Zr'Ahgloth of Da Loronz

If I were still alive... I'd buy him a drink.

- The dying thoughts of Emperor Maximilian of the Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire


- The Grox Empire

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