Vyutrin Ravokris is a member of the Spinker race who serves the Royal Guard of the Indoctrinate Collective, being granted the rank of Captain for his great military service through the years. An authoritarian, no-nonsense type of soldier, Vyutrin believes in maximizing efficiency and protecting the interests of the Collective at all costs, even if it means dealing with rivals with extreme prejudice. Among the Captains of the Royal Guard, Vyutrin has become particularly dreaded by those who oppose the Collective.


Among the younger children of a clutch of eight, Vyutrin was born of military parents who fought the Battle of the Forty Stars against the Ernai Empire and had his early life largely influenced by tales of warfare. Enlisting to the Spinker Empire's navy at the age of 20, He would rise among the ranks for his ruthless efficiency until eventually becoming a lieutenant of Admiral Koluap, who tutored the much younger Vyutrin on what truly meant to be a soldier. While the admiral was content with his teaching, Vyutrin was instead perplexed by Koluap's insanity and mannerisms - having heard of them in the past, but believing them to be merely military jokes -, instead making efforts to set himself apart from him, which would prove to be a correct choice. During the Second War of Black Fog, while Koluap worked alongside Jerkon and the Dracogonarious Empire, Vyutrin and many other lieutenants defended the Spinker's territory from the Marinoxidiz, earning great praise from their peers for their courage and success, including praise from Koluap himself.

With the formation of the Indoctrinate Collective, Koluap hand-picked Vyutrin among many Spinkers to be promoted into a member of the Royal Guard, something he was quick to accept. As the Second Borealis Galactic War ensued, he would be sent to the Borealis Galaxy in order to lead the Collective's colonies there against the Devourer's Chosen, finding himself sharing a ship with Baptarion Light and Hachiman in the process.



Vyutrin appears as a male of the Spinker race. He is particularly tall for a Spinker, while still possessing his species' characteristic stocky proportions, which makes him intimidating to behold to many of his peers. He is typically seen wearing an advanced set of Royal Guard-labeled armor, rarely taking out his helm when out-of-combat in order to look at others in the eyes properly.


Vyutrin is an example of what the typical Spinker soldier is like; authoritarian and without a sense of humour. He has always believed in efficiency and working with comfortable methods over coming up with plans that have chances of failure, and is also largely devoid of mercy for those he is ordered to fight; if anyone is foolish enough to earn the ire of the Collective, they must be something truly idiotic indeed. Highly patriotic, Vyutrin's love for the Spinker nation is evident, though this also brings a severe distrust for practitioners of religion, sometimes putting him at odds with other individuals, usually from the Collective's allied civilizations.


Only the most skilled and powerful soldiers of the Collective are given the chance to join the ranks of the Royal Guard. In Vyutrin's case, he is a particularly notorious marksman, his preferred weapon of choice being a particle rifle outfitted with Pseudothoi ammunation when combat with demons is necessary. However, he only joins the ground forces on occasion and spends the majority of his time helming his dreadnought, Glory of Kingus, as well as the fleet which accompanies it.



Green face.pngGreetings.


Yellow face.pngTen-hut!


Red face.pngOpen fire!

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