Professor Vyatak? He never stops until he's done, and he speaks fast enough to leave you stunned and make your tongue wrap around itself trying to make sense out of it. He's a brilliant mind, with the mannerisms of a young Varkorus on caffeine... Just don't tell him I said that.

- Researcher Bodav of the Bio-Weapon Unit

Vyatak is a renowned Samilinus scientist and researcher whose fields of study include biology, medicine, artificial intelligences and weapons development who currently serves as an associate of the Penumbra Unit of the Polar Crystal Alliance, serving under the command of Penumbran Vekaron. Extremely intelligent and skilled in all of his areas, Vyatak serves as the head scientist and doctor of the Zoles's personal vessel, The Shadow's Beginning.


Vyatak was born in a family of physicists and weapons designers in the Zoles Imperium, and his parents desired him to carry on their family business since his birth. Despite quickly grasping his father and mother's works and being renowned for his incredible intellect, Vyatak showed no interest in the area and preferred to work on the fields of medicine and biology. Vyatak left to study this area of research, against his parents will, but his determination to study alone led to his success. Making many new discoveries and cures to diseases, Vyatak was later assigned to a secret Samilinus weapons department, developing biological weapons of mass murder, many which were used against the Wranploer Legion over the years. Eventually getting to the point he begun disagreeing with the project, Vyatak parted ways with the unit, choosing to become an independent rogue who secretly worked for the Zoles by creating artificial intelligences.

During the Ice Age, Vyatak was captured by Billig Oltauris for the purpose of creating an artificial intelligence capable of being a perfect copy of Falrik Zaarkhun's mind and thought patterns. He was eventually rescued by Vekaron, Wragrot and Kilchárunya and taken to the Polar Crystal Alliance, where Vyatak decided to become a member of the Penumbran's crew in order to work for the good of the galaxy once again. He became the head of the medibay of Vekaron's personal spaceship and a valuable associate of the team.



Vyatak appears as a standard male of the Samilinus race often seen wearing a typical attire associated with scientists of his people. He is short-sighted, and to remedy this, he wears glasses which adapt to his eyes's requirements to see proper no matter how much his vision degrades. While most would simply get surgery to remove the need of visual aid altogether, Vyatak prefers to simply wear the glasses due to finding aesthetically appealing and for being 'a fan of the old times'.


Vyatak is a brilliant mind whose main areas of interest are biology and medicine, and he is known for finding enjoyment in helping others with medicine. However, he considers himself a rogue who works where he wants and in what he wants, and has shown on occasion treating his medicine like a game of sorts, finding unusual lifeforms more enjoyable to work it for he 'enjoys the challenge'. However, he affirms he would never use medicine for harm, as he finds the thought of it revolting. Vyatak is well known for speaking in beige prose at all times, as well as never referring to himself in first person in his sentences unless under extreme distress.


As a brilliant scientist, Vyatak is extremely intelligent in his fields of study. A skilled surgeon, he has patched up Vekaron's crew numerous times despite their vastly different biologies and have healed them to full health at all occasions. As a weapons scientist, he also has knowledge of how to use the in combat, being skilled in using submachine guns and a number of customized grenades with various effects. Vyatak finds medical work more engaging than combat, so he only fights in self-defense.



Green faceAllies. Friends. Can always use an extra hand.

  • Vekaron - Exceptional soldier. Valuable friend. Glad to call him sir.
  • Wragrot - Do not miss his snoring. Too loud. Need eight hours of sleep always... Good friend. Hope him well.
  • Kilchárunya - Hot blooded. Can be useful. Also visits the medibay often. Can see why.
  • Gardin - Rovegar puberty... Could prove interesting. Might test her.
  • Kamaris Vorava - Extrauniversal genetic structure makes it marginally harder to work with. No reason to mind. Enjoy the challenge.
  • Kirlisir - Surprising strong for species. Also bonded with the captain. Saw it coming a mile away.
  • Kitmnárochoaltánún - Not as hot blooded as mother. Still stronger. Commits less mistakes for sure.
  • Kalcedia Myran - Pheromones everywhere. Can sense them from miles away. Pseudomorph-like structure interesting, though. Will need a chunk of flesh for research.
  • Dolgan Tuchaki - Difficult attitude. Good intentioned, at least. Would have to sedate her at every medibay visit otherwise.
  • Karleia - Cheerful. Not too useful for science, though. Would not test on a child... Vekaron's child, at least.


Yellow faceBe brief. Always busy. Always working.

  • N/A


Red faceA sickness in the universe. Must cure via elimination, obviously.

  • Billig Oltauris - Should thank you. Led me to the Unit in the end.
  • Zoltik Relkhul - Unforgiving attack on my colleagues. Will be brought to justice.


There's probably more samples of me than anyone else in that cabinet of his.

- Kilchárunya

Vyatak proves a reliable man to work with and one of the best in his fields, for certain. Despite his insular and benevolent demeanour, though, I can assure that he is one of the more dangerous members of our parade. ... I am not so fond of how he likes to stare at me.

- Kirlisir

Oh, yes, the good doctor certainly knows how to treat his patients; operation and surgery is like an art form for him, and I must say, he is a skilled practitioner of his art. ... Mmhm, but it shall take more than anaesthetic to have me unconscious for him on his table.

- Kalcedia Myran

Kinda wish I'd eaten' 'im now, 'ey?

- Billig Oltauris

man stoopid indocs who collect. wait hes not frum dem? meh still a geek

- Fre'kloar





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