We will become the harbingers of the future.

- Vos Adamae

Vos Adamae is a Cogsangui warrior that serves as the Archon of the Cognatus Empire having previously served as Fleetlord both before and during the reign of the Primercer. Adamae is known across Cognatus space as it's most deadly crusader, known for his many exploits against heretics in both the Intergalactic War and the Second Borealis Galactic War. However, after he awakened the Primercer, an ancient Oikoumene, he privately abandoned his religion instead focusing his strength to attain ultimate power for himself and his people. He commands his personal Melkón-class Dreadnought, the Fire of Judgement in his many exploits against heretical species, such as during the brief war against the Eaglartin of the Borealis Galaxy, during which he destroyed their civilisation. Adamae is considered a terrorist among most non-Cognatus factions, such as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.


Early Life[]

As a male Cogsangui, Adamae was expected to become a warrior when he came of age, something that the aggressive youth grew to accept and aspire toward, beating out and killing all of his competitors, as per ancient Cogsangui tradition. When he came of age, he was tasked with finding and killing a rare beast known as the Asanglo, a massive snake like creature that lived in the alpine regions of Cognalorilos. After two days of constant battle in ferocious conditions, Adamae managed to kill the beast and bring it's head back to his tribe. Within the next year, he was already a fighting member of the First Cognatus Empire.

Adamae glasses an Eaglartin planet.

During the Intergalactic War, Adamae made a name for himself as a vicious and bloodthirsty warrior who played a hand in the destruction of over fifty worlds aligned to the Cyrandia Alliance. However, during the war he also met and married his wife and fathered three children. Despite this, Adamae felt that in order to safeguard his children in the future, he would need to complete the annihilation of the heretics he fought against. By the end of the war, Adamae was stationed in the Inner Rim and thus wasn't infected with the Purity Virus, instead he went into hiding.


Vos Adamae remained in hiding during the reign of the Cognatus Remnant, despising Voro Acetenus for making peace with what he saw as scum. However, this would eventually come back to haunt him when his wife, children and family were killed during a battle against the Cyrannian Neraida during the Great Cyrannus War. Driven to extreme anger, Adamae grew into a very dark figure, fuelled by his anger. When the Cognatus Empire rose to power during the Dark Times, they sought Adamae out, eventually finding him on an old Cognatus colony on the very edges of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Adamae's reputation in battle eventually earned him the title of "Lord of Vessels", and he was soon sent to the colony world of Glorious Pinnacle in the Borealis Galaxy, where he almost exterminated the Eaglartin people, until they surrendered and forced to accept the Cognatus belief system.

Adamae battles Róssa's defenders.

Meanwhile in Cyrannus, the hierarchy of the Cognatus decided to send Vos Adamae back to Cyrannus in order to search for a sacred artifact that was said to be at the heart of the Neraida Gigamatrix. Vos quickly assembled a fleet and made his way to the Neraida Core. On the way, the Cognatus came across the Bisistar, and decided to ally with them against their mutual enemies. The resulting battle lasted three days and abruptly ended when the ancient Oikoumene AI known as the Licent awoke and translocated aboard Adamae's vessel. The Licent quickly took over the Cognatus flagship and demanded to be taken back to Cognatus space. Vos Adamae, viewing the Licent as a living god agreed to it's reasons. The Licent soon arrived at the capital and set himself up as the leader of the Cognatus, ousting the fiendish Moranonúngur in the process.

Vos Adamae awakens a force rivalled by only one.

However, Adamae's actions also left the Neraida with the desire to assimilate he who acted against them. Vos Adamae was soon sent by the Licent to a planet known as Róssa in the Unknown Regions where he encountered a massive fleet of warships. A short battle ensued with the Cognatus coming out victorious, effectively conquering two species in a single battle. Adamae then travelled down the planet where he encountered the resting place of one of his living gods. Adamae soon activated an artefact at the site and was transported to a mysterious location of Oikoumene origin where he activated the tomb of an ancient Oikoumene leader known as the Primercer. Adamae knelt to his god and pledged his life to the awakened ultraterrestrial. Within the next few weeks, Adamae watched as the Cognatus became ever more powerful under the leadership of the Primercer.

Vos Adamae eventually became the most powerful Cogsangui in existence, up until the recruitment of the Blade of the Primercer. Trusting his acolyte, the Primercer revealed to him that the Oikoumene are not the gods that the Cognatus worship, prompting a transformation within Adamae that ultimately led to him abandoning the religion he once held so dear. Nevertheless, to maintain the loyalty of his troops, Adamae decided to keep his beliefs a secret while outwardly portraying himself as a devout crusader.

New Cyrandia Wars[]

Vos Adamae kills Harana.

After the theft of the Harbinger of Truth by Cognatus rebels under the command of Thaur Vicliquam, Vos Adamae gained command over the Melkón-class Dreadnought Fire of Judgement and was commanded by the Primercer to hunt down and destroy these dissidents. Unfortunately for Adamae, he would not find these rebels for several months, by which stage they had already coalesced into the Unified Order of Cognalorilos under the command of Voro Acetenus. During the Battle of Emónoain, Adamae clashed with Thaur Vicliquam for control over a massive Oikoumene ring installation, though regrettably for him both fleets suffered casualties to such an extent that they were forced to withdraw.


Later during the Wars, Vos Adamae travelled back to the Borealis Galaxy in order to put down a localised rebellion against the Cognatus. While there, he was informed that the Empire had attacked and infiltrated a Cognatus frigate, leaving behind heretical slander against the gods and the Cognatus. Infuriated, Adamae took a stealth fleet and travelled to the Heleanorian homeworld of Heleanorbis, where he personally beamed down to the palace of Harana, Mandator of the Empire, and killed him with a sword through the abdomen. He then returned to orbit, where he destroyed the palace before returning to Cognatus territory in Cyrannus.

Voro and Vos prepare to clash as the battle rages on behind them.

Battle of Cognalorilos

Later, Vos travelled back to the Cognatus homeworld of Cognalorilos, where he remained to coordinate the planet's defences in the event of an invasion by the Unified Order of Cognalorilos. When the invasion did come however, Vos and his forces were unprepared for a joint Order-Imperial strike aiming to topple the rule of the Primercer. After the bulk of the Cognatus fleet was either destroyed or defected along with Theu Vandon, Vos and the Blade of the Primercer prepared for the inevitable by standing guard outside the Basilica of Cognalorilos along with a large army. When the invaders arrived, Adamae began an epic duel with Primarch Voro Acetenus with the two powerful Cogsangui clashing swords throughout the wartorn landscape. However, Adamae severely underestimated Acetenus which resulted in his defeat. Amputating Vos' arm, Voro prepared to strike the killing blow when Adamae was beamed up by those remaining loyal to him, fleeing into hyperspace.

After the apparent death of the Primercer and his Blade, as well as the Fall of Cognalorilos, a severely injured Adamae retreated to the fringes of Cognatus space along with a large fleet of those who refused to accept the Primarch's legitimacy as leader. Despite his injuries however, a slowly healing Adamae vowed to his followers that the Cognatus Empire was not defeated, declaring himself the group's new leader, the Archon.

Physical Appearance[]

Adamae is rather large for a Cogsangui, standing at about 3.6 metres. His height makes him an intimidating figure to be in the presence of, in fact many of the lower ranking Vevilog in his service actively fear him. He wears the armour typical to other "Fleetlords" in the Cognatus Empire, adored with a helmet that covers both his eyes and his mandibles. Despite being considered large for his race, Adamae is in fact more slender and agile than other males of his species. In addition, he also possesses a lighter skin tone than others of his kind. After the Battle of Cognalorilos, during which he lost his sword arm in a duel with Voro Acetenus, Adamae was provided with a cybernetic replacement. However, due to the martial nature of Cogsangui society, the procedure was far from painless, with the pain of the injury fuelling his hatred for the Unified Order of Cognalorilos.

Adamae's pain fueled his strength after losing his arm to Voro Acetenus.

Personality and Traits[]

Before the Primercer enlightened him to the true nature of the Oikoumene, Adamae was a zealous believer in the Cognatus religion, which revolved around the worship of the Oikoumene and the many artifacts they left scattered across the galaxy. He was willing to commit what many might see as pure genocide in the name of his gods, showing no remorse or pity for the Eaglartin when he glassed world after world, killing billions as he went on. After the Primercer told him the truth, Adamae became increasingly bitter and even resentful of the new ruler of the Cognatus Empire, though publically he retains his infamous nature as a relentless enemy of supposed heretics. Nevertheless, he was a loving family man that liked nothing more than to be in the company of those he loved the most, doing his evil deeds because in his mind, he was protecting their future. However, he was left increasingly bitter when his family were brutally murdered during a Neraida invasion.



Blue face.pngMay the gods guide you.


Yellow face.pngSubmit to the gods!


Red face.pngFilth! Vermin!


My sword shall pierce his hide!

- Voro Acetenus

A frightening figure. He symbolises everything that is inherently wrong with the current Cognatusi faction.

- Apollo

He did WHAT to the Eaglartin?! After I worked so hard to make them see reason!

- Chief Major Xerkea

The blood of the faithful ones spilled is a sin BEYOND any redemption! Pray to your false gods, heathen scum... not that they will help you.

- Laurinn Ma'fest

A great and fierce warrior, sadly he is lost in madness and left without honor as he looses all sight at reality

- Han'Ateeshe


  • Vos Adamae's name is based on the Adamaes from Battlestar Galactica.



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