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No other figure emulates our race to such a fine degree as Voro Acetenus. He is a destroyer, a rebuilder, a heretic and a savior. It was he who led our people from darkness to light and it shall be him who does so again. He is the champion of our people and a foe that the Primercer shall soon learn to fear.

- Shiplord Thaur Vicliquam, rallying rebel Cognatus of the Harbinger of Truth, 05 NE.

Voro Acetenus is a male Cogsangui who serves as the first Primarch of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos. Acetenus rose to prominence as a ruthless fleetlord in the service of the First Cognatus Empire during the Intergalactic War and his role as the leader of the Cognatus Remnant during the Great Cyrannus War, during which he built a strong, pragmatic relationship with the Cyrandia Alliance. In the aftermath of the war and the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, his progressive style of leadership inspired a group of rebel Cogsangui to launch a coup against him, ultimately casting down the Remnant and replacing it with a strong and militaristic empire.

Hunted by both his fellow Cognatus and agents of the Galactic Empire, Acetenus found kinship in the Republic Remnant during the Dark Times and ultimately joined Claire Rambo and the crew of the starship Falcon on their voyages and missions across the Quadrant Galaxies, in the hope of finding new meaning for himself after a series of highly turbulent years for the former Cogsangui leader. His time on the Falcon came to an end when he was approached by Cognatus rebels seeking to oppose the supposedly divine Primercer, and who hailed him as the great Primarch of the new Unified Order of Cognalorilos.

Primarch Acetenus played a critical role in the splintering of the Cognatus Empire during the Battle of Cognalorilos, and later presided over a period of growth and prosperity for the Order. In command of his personal assault carrier Herald of Retribution, Acetenus led his forces during the darkest days of the Neraida War and the Second Great Cyrannus War, as well as internal divisions within the Cognatus hierarchy rife after the fall of the Primercer.


Early LifeEdit


Cognalorilos, the homeworld of Voro Acetenus.

Born on the Cogsangui homeworld of Cognalorilos in 95 BNE, Voro Acetenus' early life was one of relative comfort compared to many of his Cogsangui kin. Born into a noble family in one of Cognalorilos' largest principalities, under normal circumstances he would have been a natural recruit to the growing armies of the First Cognatus Empire, his people's interstellar domain. However, due to his higher status in society, he was pressed to join the political arena of his people to serve as a justiciar or a cleric in the omnipotent chantry of Cognatus society. Due to his own personal proclivity for conflict however, he decided to join the armed forces of the Cognatus where his merit allowed him to advance quickly through the hierarchy.

Nearing his second century by the time the Intergalactic War broke out, Voro Acetenus held the position of Fleetlord of the Fleet of Rapturous Harmony, one of the largest armadas in Cognatus space. When the leadership of the Cognatus declared that the United Republic of Cyrannus was a heretical organisation in an attempt to justify an invasion of their territory, due to the large concentrations of Oikoumene technology, Fleetlord Acetenus was sceptical but nonetheless followed his orders to the letter, becoming one of the most feared assets in the Cognatus warmachine.

Intergalactic WarEdit

These infidels are mere beasts. But even the lowliest of beasts do not deserve brutish cruelty. May they die cleanly with honour and dignity.

- Voro Acetenus, showing his once zealous belief in Cognatus doctrine as well as his honourable modus operandi.
Fall of the Inner Rim

Voro Acetenus had a hand in the destruction of many Republic worlds.

As the war progressed, Acetenus had a hand in the utter destruction of nine Republic worlds, mostly in the Outer Rim. His skills in coordinating large fleets earned him a reputation as a brilliant commander known for utilising highly advanced strategies which outwitted some of the keenest military minds in Republic space, even allowing the Fleetlord to triumph over the highly advanced Delpha Coalition of Planets on three separate occasions. Though Republic propaganda initally depicted him as a bloody tyrannical figure, Acetenus's sense of honour was noted even during the darkest days of the war when the Fleetlord would often allow innocents to leave their planet before bombarding it from orbit, earning him the ire of the highest reaches of the incredibly zealous government of the Cognatus.

During the final stages of the war, Fleetlord Acetenus was stationed away from the final battle over Capricaerón during which over eighty percent of the Cognatus armada disappeared mysteriously upon the discovery of an ancient Oikoumene portal. Shocked by this development, Acetenus nonetheless took the initiative and as the highest ranking officer, reformed the Cognatus military to his own preferences. Though he did not come up with an official name for his new order, it became known as the Cognatus Remnant soon afterwards.

Leader of the Cognatus RemnantEdit

Forward laser cannons, suppress at my command. Watch as the machines crackle and burn!

- Voro Acetenus during a battle with the Cyrannian Neraida during the Great Cyrannus War.

During the period between the Intergalactic War and the Great Cyrannus War, Acetenus became known as a pragmatic and just ruler, motivated not by blind faith but by a strong sense of honour and loyalty to his people. In this way, Acetenus's leadership contrasted greatly with the leadership of the old rulers of the Cognatus in that he often sought out mutually beneficial partnerships with other races which would have been seen as heretical in the days of the old empire.

A Secret Rendezvous

Voro Acetenus meets with Apollo and his allies after the Great Cyrannus War.

During the second year of the Great War, Acetenus's followers detected an Atlantica signal coming from a planet in the Quadrant Galaxies. Seeking to return his people to greatness, Acetenus followed with a large fleet of Remnant ships, ultimately coming into conflict with both Rambo Nation and the Republic. Upon winning the battle, Acetenus activated an ancient library of secret knowledge, discovering much about the true nature of his supposed gods and ultimately deducing that the war against the Republic and the Rambo was fought to gain power and not to destroy non-believers.

Contacting the Rambo in the aftermath of this discovery, Acetenus signed an official peace treaty between the Cognatus and the Cyrandia Alliance which included cross border exchanges in the hopes that an intergalactic war could never be repeated at the hands of his people. As the war went on, he initially supported his people's neutrality, but when they were attacked by the Neraida Gigamatrix's Cyrannian faction, he was forced to request aid from his former enemies. Under the leadership of President Apollo, the Republic accepted and ultimately fostered a prosperous alliance with the Cognatus under Acetenus' guidance, much to the chagrin of the more traditionalist elements of the Remnant's leadership. Nevertheless, Acetenus's involvement in the war from that point allowed him to forge a peculiar bond and friendship with the Republic's President.

Dark TimesEdit

Wretched Imperials. The madness of their rule must end!

- Voro Acetenus, voicing his distaste of the Cyrannian Empire.

This bond however could not save him from the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, which used the widespread fear of the Cognatus to brand Acetenus a dangerous terrorist seeking to destroy the Cyrannian Core Worlds. Nevertheless, Acetenus remained in contact with Apollo while he led the Republic Remnant in the voyage to the Quadrants. As the Dark Times grew worse under the rule of the Empire, Acetenus was the victim of a plot by traditionalists within the Remnant, who ultimately usurped control and created the Cognatus Empire, a violent and militaristic group emulating the Cognatus of old. The new Cognatus Empire ordered the death of Acetenus, keenly aware of his nigh-unstoppable skills in battle and sent assassins to strike him down. Ultimately however, Acetenus managed to escape their radar by utilising a decoy to fake his own death.


Apollo thanks his rescuers.

Secretly, he took the assault carrier, the Placidi Itiniere, along with his most loyal followers and fled into the Unknown Regions, eventually coming across the Republic Remnant, saving them from a Basileus attack, though at the cost of his ship. He later joined the Remnant, becoming a military adviser to Willelmus Cretacea. Soon afterward, Voro Acetenus joined Cretacea in his quest on the ancient Oikoumene world, Amemoriam, where Voro's faith in the Oikoumene was challenged. Nevertheless, Acetenus teamed up with Jerkon, Koluap, Dr.Kenders, Cretacea and the Thirteenth Tribe construct Adjunct to rescue his "battle-brother" Apollo from the evil clutches of the Neraida Gigamatrix. Acetenus managed to cut down many Neraida drones in their infiltration of Apollo's Cube, and even managed to hold his own against the powerful Cyrannian Marinox, Khuenaten. Ultimately, Apollo was rescued by the team.


My former kin have indeed ousted me from power and declared me a traitor. Now, they toil under the leadership of a powerful entity, the origins of which are unknown to me. It cannot bode well.

- Voro Acetenus confides in Empress Ramashe.

When the Republic Remnant was found and absorbed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Voro was shocked that the Remnant's goal of reaching the Quadrants had failed. He was surprised when the Empire agreed to give many in the higher echelons of the Remnant a reprieve but knew all too well that the Empire discriminates heavily against former members of the Cognatus and would be particularly unkind to a former leader. Unsure about what to do, Voro travelled to Orbispira of all places and hid himself deep in the city planet's endless chasms. While in exile, Voro learned of the latest events in the Cognatus Empire, which had come under the control of an ancient Oikoumene AI and later the mysterious Primercer.


Voro meets with Ramashe.

As the year came to an end, Acetenus' remained on Orbispira until he was discovered by Imperial Intelligence. Despite their attempts to capture him, Voro managed to escape, soon contacting the smugglers Corva and Tironus, who managed to secure his release from Orbispira by contacting famed Rambo operative Claire Rambo, who agreed to let him join their newfound crew on the smuggling freighter Falcon. After escaping the clutches of the Imperial captain Gaius Prentus, Voro Acetenus and his new shipmates travelled to the Rambo Capital, where he met with Empress Ramashe for the first time since the Great Cyrannus War. Though Ramashe suggested to Acetenus' that he would be safer with the New Cyrannian Republic, he instead decided to stay with the Falcon, which soon left on its first mission to the slaver-controlled world of Sanderhal.


Virals attack Voro and Lana.

When the crew of the Falcon visited Koerband several weeks later, the outbreak of the dreaded Virals caused Acetenus to be separated from his shipmates, ultimately leading him to a young woman known as Lana Yrel, who helped the Cognatus warrior battle his way through the hordes of Virals preventing him from joining his allies. However, to his shame, he was unable to save Lana from the virals and she was dragged off away from him. In his attempt to rescue the young girl, he did not realise that she had been found by a dreaded dark lord and transformed into a deadly servant vying for his blood.

Early Reign as PrimarchEdit

We stand for the true honour at the heart of what it means to be Cognatus. The Primercer came to our shores with promises of peace and prosperity, manipulating our culture into serving his will alone. Thus, we cast him out as a false god and declare a new age for our kindred. Hark and take heed, the Crimson Meritocracy is born and we, the Order will cleanse the galaxy of all those who disgrace our brethren!

- Voro, accepting his new position as Primarch and declaring a new age.

Ultimately, Voro was discovered on Koerband by rebel Cognatus led by Shiplord Thaur Vicliquam of the Harbinger of Truth, where he learned that many of his kind stand against the leadership of the Primercer. Despite his sorrow about leaving the crew of the Falcon, Acetenus accepted his new position as Primarch of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos with open arms and pledged that a new day had dawned for all those seeking to restore honour to the Cognatus. One of his first acts was to ally with the New Cyrannian Republic, ultimately meeting with his old friend Apollo to discuss joint military exercises. As per his new position, Acetenus began to garb himself in an ornate and baroque ceremonial armour befitting his status as Primarch.

Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone

Voro Acetenus joined with a ground team during the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone.

My blade is ready and willing, Captain Roslia. Let us end this abomination.

- Voro during the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone.

Despite some controversy amongst his people, Primarch Acetenus applied for membership in the Mou'Cyran Accords on 58-03-05 NE in an effort to strengthen ties with extragalactic civilisations which could potentially ally with the Order against the Primercer. After several weeks of internal deliberation on Mou'Cyran, it was decided that the Order should be permitted the status of member. Just as soon as this became official, the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone broke out when the Corruptus Overworld Brezank attacked both Republic and Imperial colonies along their mutual border. In spite of his new position as Primarch, Acetenus was keen to fight alongside his new allies against these demonic hordes. Taking command of his flagship Herald of Retribution, Voro commanded his fleet in orbit and later travelled to Brezank's surface alongside Helo Roslia, Khortaavis Chisalka and Gavakar, where he fought first hand against the Spawn of Brezank. After the battle's conclusion, Voro returned to Cognethril to oversee his new dominion.

Project Exodus

Gavakar speaks with Voro and X'elorn.

Ah... The Plazith Rim? When last my people visited that galaxy, we razed many worlds. It would do us great honour to help its inhabitants in their hour of need. Atonement, for our crimes.

- Voro Acetenus, speaking with Gavakar during Project Exodus

Sometime later, the Order was contacted by their allies in the Indoctrinate Collective, who approached them with news of Project Exodus. Though many in the Order were sceptical about rearranging the heavens, Voro kept an open mind and arranged a meeting with Gavakar on his flagship Herald of Retribution. Though Voro was interested in the possibilities of moving the entirety of Collective territory to the Borealis Galaxy, he admitted that he was more interested in atonement for the Cognatus Crusades of the Milky Way during the Intergalactic War and agreed to send the Herald and the Fleet of Profound Purpose to the Milky Way to aid their Collective allies.

Conquest of Cognalorilos

You have fought admirably, Theu. But this demon speaks the truth, I know you are not of Adamae's ilk. Please, join with the Unified Order of Cognalorilos and taste the benefits of a universe devoid of those who would sully our good name.

- Voro attempting to reason with Theu Vandon during the Battle of Cognalorilos.

To Acetenus' surprise, N'thavo Xellunaion was contacted by the Imperial Lord Maethoruin, who proposed a joint Imperial-Cognatus Order strike on the very heart of the Cognatus Empire. Though he did not trust the Empire, Acetenus decided that the opportunity was too lucrative to miss and agreed to join the fleet under Xelluanion as a warrior. After the space battle in orbit, Acetenus rallied the remaining forces loyal to the Primercer to join with the Order, most notably in the case of Warmaster Theu Vandon, who agreed to Acetenus' request.

Vectors of Chaos and Order 04

Voro and Vos prepare to clash as the battle rages on behind them.

Travelling to the surface of the planet, Voro fought tooth and nail to defeat the garrisoned forces of the Primercer, pitting him in a deadly duel with Vos Adamae. Feigning incompetence during their duel, Voro eventually emerged victorious by tricking Adamae, severing his sword arm and impaling him through the stomach. Just as he was about to deliver the killing blow however, Adamae was beamed up by his troops in orbit where Voro knew that he would continue to hound the Order. After the battle ended in victory with the death of the Primercer, Acetenus managed to sway a large portion of the Cognatus military to his side though confided in Xellunaion that while they may have won a respite, the remnants of the Cognatus Empire would not give up easily.


Though the New Cyrandia Wars were over, Acetenus was forced to deal with the continuation of the Sundering of the Cognatus, which continued to ravage Cognatus space throughout the opening years of the Cyrannian Cold War. In the midst of the conflict, Voro travelled to the Borealis Galaxy, where he attended the funeral of his "battle-brother" Koluap, whom he fought alongside with during many conflicts.

Neraida WarEdit

Unleash the wrath of our cannons, shiplord! Let these abominations taste plasma!

- Primarch Acetenus speaking to Shiplord Tohlaven during the Battle of Angrenos

In 10 NE, five years after retaking Cognalorilos, Primarch Acetenus was informed that the New Republic had been invaded by an old foe, the Neraida Gigamatrix. With the Sundering of the Cognatus quiet since the apparent disappearance of Archon Vos Adamae, Acetenus gladly offered the aid of the Order of Cognalorilos. As the position of Primarch was that of a Warrior-King, Voro decided to personally partake in the Neraida War from his flagship, the Herald of Retribution. During the Defense of Angrenos, Acetenus personally took command of the Herald against the Neraida Supercube commanded by Aedanius II of Neraida, being the first to fire on the Neraida and the first to draw what Voro described as "cybernetic blood".

Though victorious, he would be dismayed to learn that the cube escaped and began the Bombardment of Coruanthor, a nearby city world home to over ten trillion inhabitants. Fighting alongside the other nations of the Mou'Cyran Accords, their new allies, the Talven Empire and Voro's old foes, the Delpha Coalition of Planets, Voro and the other allied leaders managed to defend Coruanthor, preventing the planet's utter destruction. After the battle concluded, Voro swore that he would exact revenge on the Neraida, not only for Coruanthor, but for the Cognatus worlds lost to the cyborgs in both the ongoing war and the Great War over a decade ago.


Voro duels his attacker on the desolate ice world in Neraida space.

During the invasion of Neraida space toward the end of the conflict, Voro personally travelled to a desolate ice world in search of a missing Cognatus vessel. There, he was shot down by a Dronox commander, who engaged Voro in a vicious duel to the death. Though injured and caught by surprise, Voro emerged victorious, smiting down his foe and emerging from the battle as a mythical figure in the eyes of his men. Subsequently, Voro healed on the Herald while coordinating with the allied fleet during the final battles of the conflict. During the Battle of the Neraida Core, he joined Forterra, Carchal Nal and a contingent of warriors on a diversionary attack on a Neraida Cube. Though they fought bravely, they escaped death's clutches only when the Aevarin Virus destroyed the Neraida hivemind, causing the Gigamatrix to collapse and ending the Neraida War.

War of Cleansing

With new allies from the Mirus Galaxy, Voro bid his farewell before returning to Cognatus space, relishing in the chance to finally bring an end to another eternal foe—the Cognatus Empire. Indeed, to his delight, the Cognatus Empire had continued to dissolve into anarchy, with the warlord Xarn Senakh'tenre stopping short of openly defying the Archon, Vos Adamae, while fomenting chaos in an effort to gain power. In 11 NE, Acetenus orchestrated the War of Cleansing against Xarn's forces stationed in the Borealis Galaxy, aiming to liberate the Eaglartin from his cruel grip. Dispatching Fleetlord Thaur Vicliquam to deal with Xarn's forces, Voro coordinated closely with the Polar Crystal Alliance, and ultimately drove the Cognatus Empire out of Borealis. In the aftermath, Fleetlord Morin Ehtar informed him of whispers of a more powerful Cognatus presence in the Milky Way Galaxy, the reality of which would not be revealed until well into the dark days of the Second Great Cyrannus War.

Second Great WarEdit

Early Stages
Siege of Manannán

Cognatus forces ambush the Imperials at Manannán.

Enraged by the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, Voro immediately rallied the Order of Cognalorilos in defence of the New Republic, and declared war on the Empire. Taking direct command of the Herald once more, Voro first intervened in the Battle of Corathon, when his forces aided an Indoctrinate Collective fleet against Imperial Grand Admiral Mortalagueis, wounding the Mortalitas and winning one of the most major allied victories in the Second Great Cyrannus War. Soon after, Acetenus commanded his fleet to liberate the Republic colony of Manannán, once again scoring a major victory over the Empire within Coru Secundus. He later participated in the Battle of Coruanthor, which ended the Coru Secundus campaign and gave the Republic a much needed reprieve.

Given his loyalty to Apollo, Voro was outraged to learn that Praesator Adelheidis had raised her flag in open rebellion. Vowing that he would play a role in Adelheidis' downfall, Acetenus rallied his fleets from the bridge of the Herald, and led them to meet those of Fleet Admiral Laege Shavalera. Together, they coordinated a massive strike against the True Republic fleets amassed at Saxhleel, and drove them back into the Quadrant Galaxies.

A few weeks later, Voro led his forces through the wormhole to engage the last of Adelheidis' forces. There, Voro and Shavalera's armada was attacked by a Rambo fleet under the command of Commodore Malegras, despite the Primarch's warnings that the Cognatus would show no mercy to their former allies. When Kara Inviá and former N.R. President Apaltar arrived with their own fleet, the Rambo and the True Republic were forced to withdraw, though Voro knew that there was much fighting to be done before victory could be declared. The civil war would ultimately escalate upon the betrayal of Rambert Ramveral, who was revealed to have been corrupted by Mar-Júun, who had also been responsible for spawning a new faction of Cognatus in the Milky Way, utilising the lost battlefleets of the defeated warmaster Xae Vandon. Though Voro's forces, led by Thaur Vicliquam, managed to oust Vandon from the Plazith Rim, the Warmaster returned to his shadowy master at the helm of the newly formed Crimson Imperium, with Vasuband at its dark heart.

SGCW The Ghosts of the Republic 4

Voro and Apollo discuss the war on Cognalorilos.

Rallying his fleets to end the threat of the new Imperium before it could begin, Acetenus joined Aoirtae Valaeris, Kara Inviá, Qurik Skel, Vanikaimar and Hachiman on the surface of Vasuband, where he personally defeated Vandon in conflict, ending the greatest remnant of the old Cognatus Empire. After the battle, which had resulted in the final destruction of Mar-Júun, Acetenus offered the Herald of Retribution to the allied forces as a place of refuge, and returned to Cognalorilos to coordinate the war effort.


He seems like quite the leader, just the sort needed when times are bad.

- Aoirtae Valaeris, remarking on Voro

Several weeks later, after the Fall of the Twelve Worlds and the subsequent formation of the New Republic Remnant, Voro invited Apollo and his followers to seek refuge on Cognalorilos. Once they arrived, he met with Apollo in the City of the Ancients, where the two discussed at length the dismal state of the war effort. To complicate matters, Voro's invitation had incurred the wrath of followers of the Cognatus Empire, who provided coordinates of the world to the Great Star Dominion—an expansionistic power under the command of the fiendish general Zillum.

Fighting alongside the Republic against the Dominion, Voro was ultimately saddened to learn that the Mortalitas managed to destroy the flagship Republica, and with it, Admiral Willelmus Cretacea. In the aftermath, Voro provided starcharts for the Republic Remnant, in an effort to aid in the establishment of a new base upon which they could orchestrate a guerrilla war against the Imperials and the Dominion.


Voro Acetenus confronts Mortalagueis.

Final Battle
Mortalagueis: "Once your Republic allies are defeated, I will personally see that your despicable species is driven to extinction. I will drive you and your cults to cinders, and claim your worlds for the Mortalitas!"
Voro: "You may find yourself unworthy of the task."
―Mortalagueis and Voro during their duel

Ultimately, the Remnant was successful in gaining enough power to liberate Coru Secundus from the Empire's clutches, with Acetenus personally leading a Cognatus battlefleet during the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds in 20 NE. In the battle's aftermath, he voiced his support for Apollo's bold initiative to strike at the Imperial capital on Orbispira, and rallied much of the fleet of his kin to follow him. During the Great Battle of Orbispira, Acetenus proved to be an instrumental battle commander, and his bold strategies in ramming through the Imperial blockade led to him personally facing the Grand Admiral Mortalagueis in single combat on the bridge of the Judicator.

After killing Mortalagueis in a duel, Voro set the Judicator on a collision course with Admiral Carandial's flagship Imperatore. This set a chain reaction which resulted in the destruction of both the Imperatore and the Imperial flagship Sovereign, which allowed for the allies to begin landing ground forces on the planet's surface. Voro was quick to join the ground invasion, and participated in the final confrontation on the Imperial boulevard, where he fought alongside his closest friends and comrades and witnessed the beginning of the Empire's end.

After the battle ended, Voro joined the celebrations on Orbispira, hugging Apollo so tightly that the President feared he would collapse. Acetenus would later aid the New Republic in the campaign to liberate the galaxy from the Empire's remnants, and personally attended the victory celebrations on Orbispira five years later, when Henera Medé surrendered to Apollo. Though he continued to face numerous problems with Vos Adamae and the Nequam in his home space, Acetenus was pleased to play a part in restoring freedom to the galaxy's interior, feeling that he had finally atoned for his sins during the Intergalactic War.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Voro Acetenus in his garb as Primarch of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos.

A physically imposing male Cogsangui garbed in the traditional armour of his people, a key physical feature of Voro is his golden armour, which has seen multiple variations down through the years. This is the armour of a high-ranking official in the old Old Cognatus Empire, illustrating his respect for the honourable days of old in which the Cogsangui were honourable knights of the stars who fought for glory and prestige rather than the blind zealots they have become under the new Cognatus empire. Standing at nearly 3.5 metres in height, Voro Acetenus is an impressive and awe-inspiring sight to those who encounter him, bolstered by the fact that he carries himself with dignity and respect, even as a member of the motley crew of Claire Rambo.

Personality and Traits Edit

Those who e'er look to the heavens never see what is right before them.

- Voro Acetenus

Like most Cogsangui, Voro Acetenus was raised with an almost religious devotion to the vaguely established concept of Cogsangui honour, though he is also considered somewhat of an exception, being unwilling to allow this abstract concept get in the way of his higher reasoning. This pragmatic approach to life greatly enhanced Acetenus's skill as a fleet commander being noted by Republic Intelligence during the Intergalactic War as a far more dangerous combatant in battle compared to a typical blood thirsty Cogsangui opponent. Indeed, his prowess and skill in battle border on legendary, being considered on a par with individuals such as Zillum and Willelmus Cretacea.

As a young warrior, Acetenus was considered to be a cold and calculating individual, preferring solitude and cultivating a sardonic and even abrasive sense of humour. However, as he matured into a Fleetlord and later as the leader of the Cognatus Remnant, he became significantly more optimistic and progressive with regard to his attitude toward other species, which he would have considered mere beasts prior to the destruction of the old leadership of the zealous Cognatus empire. He also developed a healthy interest in the cultures of other races, even those hostile to him, perhaps in an attempt to understand their history, strengths and weaknesses.

In contrast to his unlikely friend Apollo of the New Cyrannian Republic, Acetenus is quite disdainful of the democratic way of governance and instead places his trust in a strict meritocratic system in which leaders must prove themselves capable of ruling massive space-faring empires. Nevertheless, despite his disdain for politics in general, he has proved himself to be a capable negotiator and diplomat, as well as an exceptional leader capable of inspiring great loyalty in those who follow him.

Relationships Edit



Voro has a special friendship with Claire Rambo.

Green faceI admire your tenacity and honour, friend.

  • Apollo: He and I have evolved from foe to friend. The galaxy is all the better for his leadership.
  • Claire Rambo: You have my thanks, orange one.
  • Corva: Her small size does not limit her bravery in the face of combat.
  • Tironus Manition: A capable warrior worthy of a Cogsangui's respect.
  • Stench: A curious creature.
  • Koluap: Unstable, but a mighty warrior. He must have been a Cogsangui in a past life.
  • Jerkon:Wise and powerful, no doubt.
  • Empress Ramashe: Yet another strong leader.
  • Adjunct: Could it be? An angel from the gods?
  • Lana Yrel: Forgive my failure.
  • N'thavo Xellunaion: His wisdom provides excellent counsel.
  • Voron Valna'leh: One of my closest and most trusted friends.
  • Carchal Nal: A fine warrior!
  • Forterra: A mighty force in battle.


Blue faceYou are a welcome sight.


Yellow faceThere is little I can say.

  • Maethoruin: Do not mistake my gratitude for trust, Imperial.
  • Marquar Cuinn: You serve an evil at the heart of this galaxy.

Enemies Edit

Red faceYou are unworthy of my blade.

Quotes Edit

I may not forgive your actions during the Intergalactic War, but I would surely be dead if you did not show yourself to be a great ally in the years past. Our friendship is dear to me and you are a symbol of hope for a future galaxy of peace.

- Apollo

Weak. Primitive. Simple minded.

- Commandant Khuenaten

I thought your kind were all dumb zealots with their heads stuck up their guts. I'm glad I'm wrong.

- Koluap

You may be problematic.

- Primercer

You oppose the Primercer? How intriguing...

- Venatorius

You're safe with me, big guy!

- Corva

My hero! The great and noble Consangui, our very own Big Guy Voro!

- Claire Rambo

Once I trusted thee, now I thirst for they blood! Beware you back, my sabre strikes from behind with deadly accuracy!

- Lana Yrel

You are a worthy warrior-king to fight alongside, Great Primarch. May the gods bless your people.

- Carchal Nal

Gallery Edit


  • Voro Acetenus's original name "Voro'Acetee" came from a website which generates names for Elite characters in the Halo franchise. Despite Cyrannian's fondness for the character, he deeply regretted this unimaginative origin and renamed the character in February 2015, four years after the introduction of the character.
  • Voro Acetenus is known to greet people, such as Apollo, with a friendly hug.
  • Voro Acetenus was nominated as the featured character in March 2015.


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