We come. We hunger. We desire.

- Vorius

Warlord Vorius Govardian was a chimera, formerly a Wranploer, who was the founder and leader of the Children of Synthesis.

History Edit

Wranploer Legion Edit

Vorius was, at first, a standard captain of the old Wranploer Legion. He followed the ideals of General Volim with great zeal, seeing the General as a hero for his people. During a certain battle against the Zoles Imperium, Vorius had his life saved by another Wranploer soldier named Nookrul. The two of them would become close friends and would spend most of their time together on missions, sharing loot and kills. Vorius and Nookrul's relationship was not unlike the one of brothers.

Borealis Consortium Network Edit

When Falrik Zaarkhun arrived and reformed the Legion into the Borealis Consortium Network, Vorius was at first skeptical about it, but as time passed, he learned to embrace the new government has his own life quality increased. Sometime during the initial years of the Second Borealis Galactic War, Nookrul was abducted by the Alvino Brood and turned into an overly mutated slave drone. Vorius thought Nookrul was on his own missions, but worried for the fact he no longer gave news.

Rise to Power Edit

March of the Mutations

Vorius attacks a Wranploer remnant

Following the end of the war and the beginning of the Ice Age, Vorius got into possession of a piece of Regnatus' remains. Little did he know, though, that this piece still held massive psychic power, which started to whisper and slowly indoctrinate Vorius. In a matter of two years, Vorius had gone completely insane and obsessed with the idea of "succumbing and ascending". The shard instructed Vorius into building a processing machine unlike those once used to create the living parts of Ascended-class Dreadnoughts, and Vorius used it to combine the genetic codes of every Consortium Network race into his body, becoming a mutated monster in the process.

Vorius spread his experiments through his Wranploer remnant, converting more unfortunate victims into chimeras while absorbed more individuals, increasing his power and body mass. However, he managed to keep a low profile and remain hidden from the main power of the galaxy. During the Borealis Campaign, the 100 Dominatus members of the Aurfaust PMC attracted Vorius after they had been hired to attack the Zoles homeworld of Zoleia. Intercepting them on their way, Vorius fought all 100 Dominatus and absorbed all of them one-by-one, vastly increasing his power and body mass. He would later be attacked to another planet during the Blak Kroozade, where he absorbed the nearly-dead Loron Gratz'kaoz, and later took control over the damaged carcass of the Iron Fist.

Vorius would then be attracted into the Kvargo homeworld of Biavumd, the headquarters of the New Wranploer Legion, where he wanted to absorb Torrent due to his rare DNA. Attacking simultaneously to an infiltration mission of the Penumbra Unit, Vorius launched a relentless attack on Torrent's base which left it into ruins, devouring all the personnel he came across. When confronted by both Torrent and Vekaron, Vorius absorbed Torrent's perfect Kvargo clone as well as the Draconis soldier Soredus. This attack traumatized both Vekaron and Torrent and, following the attack, Vorius disappeared from sight as fast as he had arrived. Following this, Vorius had a brief and rather shaky alliance with Angazhar which lasted up to the end of the fifth year of the Ice Age.

World of Corpses Edit

The End of Regnatus

Vekaron and his team confront Regnatus' soul

During the sixth year of the Ice Age, Vorius' plan escalated and was revealed to the galaxy: his ultimate goal was to become as large as a planet, calling himself a World of Corpses, by using the biomass of the victims he had gathered. He wiped out entire worlds to do so, including even the Imalmah Hegemony, and even being betrayed by his Spawn of Vengeance lieutenant could not slow him down. Vorius would achieve his goal toward the last few months of 2796 and turned himself into the World of Corpses, where he then engaged in battle against the united military of the Polar Crystal Alliance and many of its allies. Despite causing considerable casualties to his enemies, the World of Corpses was eventually breached and the allied force invaded his interior.

Inside the World's core, the united army fought hordes of mutants while Vekaron, Wragrot, Kilchárunya, Vansenk, Kamaris Vorava and Kirlisir were sent inside the Regnatus Shard's mind by Tuolog, where they engaged in battle against a fragment of Regnatus' soul. With Vekaron emerging victorious, Regnatus' soul was destroyed and the Shard which acted as the World of Corpses' mind became inert, causing the entire mutant planet to die out. After the armies retreated, the World of Corpses was bombarded from orbit and annihilated. The surviving mutant thralls of the Children of Synthesis who were not at the World of Corpses when it was destroyed were reduced to animal intelligence, and eventually all died out of multiple organ failures, leading to the end of the mutants' schemes.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Vorius was an amorphous being capable to change his form to whatever he wished. He usually kept a Wranploer-like shape, but he could change form in seconds, to the form of other creatures to a completely featureless mass of living tissue. His forms retained an orange, experimented skin, filled with scars from what appeared to be medical tools. His eyes were always deep black, and his voice randomly changed from normal speech to a monstrous, booming roar. Vorius was gigantic in size, and grew more with each new genetic code he obtains.

At the time of his destruction, Vorius had genetic material of Wranploer, Levarcor, Heeyorian, Zí-Jittorám, Sankáryn, Borealis Zazane, Chronodrake, Galotian, Varkorus, Boglot, Minchar, Strickendale, Arviper, Borealis Horder, Loktan, Keelaw, Croike, Zazane, Dominatus, Loron'Kikra, Draconis, Kvargo, Zoles, Nilito, Heleanorian, Samilinus, Inalton, Kralgon, Ioketa, Ottzelloan Grox, Ottzelloan Marinox, Ottzelloan Zazane, Temporalus Radeon, Norosaurian, Ottzelloan Libertus, Fotoriz, Konth, Clathos, Behquiniar, Theleam, Verdimihn, Katel, Duletha, Loron, Norol, Dark Loron, Cold Loron, Zarkhator, Imalmah, Adrahira, Minga, Elzie, Ransio, Gooplet, Krinkut, Kalda, Herame and Egelielano.

Personality Edit

Before becoming a monster, Vorius was much like any standard Wranploer: big, brash, brutish and loved to fight. But as a mutant, Vorius had completely surrendered to the shard, becoming not unlike a zombie. While Vorius was not a reborn Regnatus, the shard made him think he was to an extent.

Abilities Edit

As stated, Vorius could change his body shape at will, meaning he could create weapons out of his own tissue. Often, Vorius attacked his enemies with tentacles, and then forced the enemies into his own body, absorbing them and merging their genetic code with his own. The shard on Vorius' body also allowed him to use psychic abilities such as telekinesis. If any of his tissue was severed, it would return to Vorius' body and merge itself with the larger mass, making Vorius virtually immune to being dismembered. Vorius also had displayed the ability of surviving in deep space vacuum and teleportation.

Relations Edit

Allies Edit

Red faceAscend.

  • N/A

Neutral Edit

Red faceSuccumb.

Enemies Edit

Red faceBecome part of me.

Quotes Edit


- Lemmo


- Hachiman

It seems we both know the joy of having other people inside us.

- Kalcedia Myran


- Agent Nu

You're not the only one with a parlor trick, mutant.

- Kithworto

Remember that you will die.

- Angazhar

This is why genetic engineering is regulated in Dranvamus!

- Tarsus Senvinus

You consider yourself a higher being? Hrmph. Pathetic.

- Volkarus Khaxvis

Oh shit.

- Dominatus

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Trivia Edit

  • The Shard of Regnatus' appearance and mannerisms were inspired by the Four Kings, a boss from the game Dark Souls.
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