We in this universe forever indebted to the one goddess who fought for us her entire life. The one who truly looks out for those beneath her. I am immensely honoured to call myself a child of Volzara.

- Tuolog

Vyro'Narzdea, better known as Volzara, is the benevolent goddess of the Vyro'Narza and the goddess of Time. She is the most powerful entity in the fifth dimension, with a supreme command over holospace, as few who subscribe to the Chronoscopic Time Theory of question her power over time itself. Volzara is also notable for being one of the leading gods of the Essentials.

Volzara is extremely powerful, being able to manipulate space and time with her Chronoscopic powers, and has ultimate command over the entire Vyro'Narza group mind. Of the supreme beings in Taldar philosophy, Volzara is the figurehead with direct command. She strongly opposes the Xhodocto and the Dominion of the Xhodocto, as she feels they are tyrannical and cruel to those beneath them. This is because she is one of the few godlike beings who is sympathetic to mortals, and acts as a motherly figure to them. She particularly takes care of alien races created by her, notably those in Ottzello, who she refers to as her children.


Archaic historyEdit

Volzara was a pre-Vyro'Narza Taldar in the Taldar Empire. She was born in a wealthy family of scientists, and studied the science of time and the fifth dimension at the Empire's most respected university. She studied alongside prince of the Empire, Zargoth, who was at the time romantically interested in her. While the two were good friends, she ultimately declined to enter a relationship with him, even despite his status. When they both graduated, he left to serve his duties as the emperor, while she stayed as a researcher.

As part of her research, Volzara vowed to investigate the issues of time anomalies with the space-time continuum. She and her team believed that many of the time anomalies cracking time apart were caused by Taldar activity, and by how frequently and liberally the Taldar would travel through time and alter the course of history. Volzara was among many researchers who tried to warn leaders that the Taldar's activity was not sustainable, but her warnings were not heeded.

Nonetheless, Volzara did not give up her quest to ensure a future for her people. Continuing to investigate the fifth dimension and holospace, Volzara discovered an energy which connected holospace to the third dimension, which allowed projections from holospace to the third dimension to be manipulated. She dubbed it Chronoscopic Energy, and after dozens of experiments, infused herself with it. As the first Chronoscopic being, she over time was able to gain control over it.


By the time Volzara had truly come to grips with her powers as a Chronoscopic being, she had now ascended to the fifth dimension as a goddess amongst men. She would use her powers, she decided, to repair the space time continuum and solve the problems of anomalies that the Taldar Imperium had created. At this point, though, it was too late for it.

The Xhodocto leader, Krathazhrukhal, saw fit to punish the Taldar Imperium for its damage to space and time that could irreparably destroy the universe. Volzara took it upon herself to intervene, as she promised that the Taldar would become servants to the fifth dimension for the rest of their existence, which would be resigned to fixing space and time. Krathazhrukhal ultimately agreed, and allowed Volzara to ascend the rest of the Taldar to the fifth dimension as the Vyro'Narza, which would then slave away at once. However, Emperor Zargoth would become a servant directly to the Xhodocto instead.

Volzara and the Vyro'Narza became servants to the fifth dimension across the entire omniverse, as one of the most omnipotent Essential godraces. As an omniscient being who could view the timelines across every universe, Volzara soon saw the evils of the Xhodocto, who she felt had too much control over the omniverse, and who were oppressive towards mortals of the third dimension. Joining forces with the Vi'Navitum, and their leader Verezuon, she became a leader of the Order movement against the Dominion of the Xhodocto.

Recent historyEdit

In addition to the maintenance of Time, Volzara has been responsible for the creation of many sectors of space, and even full galaxies, within many universes in the omniverse. The most notable of which is the Ottzello Galaxy, later the Ottzello Sector, which were directly created by her due to the importance of the universe they were involved in.



Volzara is a very empathetic and motherly goddess, who makes it her goal to look after beings that are beneath her. As a former three dimensional mortal, she can also relate to many of their struggles. In particular, Volzara is very protective of beings created by her, including the Vyro'Narza and the Ottzelloans. To that end, she never demands a reason to help mortals.

When visiting a universe, Volzara's mood changes based on the time period she is currently in. During times of conflict, she will often show remorse and be sad, while still being hopeful for the future. In peace time, she is often much more cheerful, though still cautious of the future.

Volzara is also very idealistic, particularly in wanting the best for other beings, and trying to create an omniverse free from the tyranny of the Xhodocto. She believes that no one should be at the mercy of them, even if she is helpless to fight them directly.


Volzara is a large, gold and green goddess. Her form is very feminine from a mammal's perspective. Notably, her form is similar to that of a Galotian and many three dimensional mortals she has created in other universes. In such species, her form would also be considered very attractive. Those who have seen her have called her form very magnificent and striking, and while they have described being in awe of her, they have never felt afraid of her despite her power.


Volzara is an incredibly powerful goddess, and far and away the strongest user of Chronoscopic Energy. This has allowed her to overwhelm the vast majority of targets with beams of Chronoscopic Energy that can destroy most of them. Additionally, her powers allow her to almost instantly heal from any damage, to move far faster than most can keep up with, and to fool her opponents.

When visiting the third dimensional plane, she can manipulate time around a large sector of space fast forwarding and rewinding it by millions of years at once. This has been seen as she has reversed an area to before planets formed, or fast forwarded it to when a supernova destroyed it, while overcoming enemies. She can do this more specifically on specific targets as well.



Green faceWe shall create a greater omniverse together.

  • The Krassio - Powerful allies to have, with a history of great strength.
  • Vi'Navitum - You are like brothers and sisters to me. I shall defend you always.
  • Union Republic of Ottzello - My children. I will ensure the best for you.
    • Tuolog - A truly blessed creature. What you have done throughout time has been a fantastic service for mortals.
    • Valzaria - Your mother and father would be proud if they could see you now. I have seen the timelines in which they are.
    • Yogtam - You have lost so much, and yet you are still so strong.
    • Kralgon Emperor - You do not need to be so hotheaded, child. There are other ways to fight for what is right.
    • Zr'Ahgloth - Even despite the disadvantages you've had, and your dark past, you have made me proud.
    • Commander-King Thylaxiz - You have done a fantastic job looking after my children.
  • Dakster - I wish you could have had a better deal. But you have made me so proud.
  • Mac - A brave fighter.


Orange faceYou shall leave my children at once.

  • Vyro'Ralzora - Alas, if only things could've worked out differently. Yet, there is not a timeline to what would happen.
  • Xhodocto - One day, I will bring your rule to an end. Mark my words.


We very lucky to have a goddess as magnificent and kind as her.

- Tuolog

I remember that Volzara girl. She could destroy you in seconds, but you had a feeling she wouldn't dare do it.

- The Mechanic

My feelings for you mean nothing. I will one day destroy you.

- Vyro'Ralzora

Time is but an aspect of the greater complexity of existence, an abstract concept that we use to comprehend the universe.

- Iovera IX

Give rise to my perfect design; fail not, as the convergence of events cannot diverge. As so you pledged your existence to me, so you shall perform as what is intended.

- Krathazhrukhal


- Fre'kloar

Devour time.

- Shu'rimrodir

O Goddess of Time, may we watch over creation itself forever more

- Anur'Ctar



  • The original model was created by MushrumKing, but has been replaced by OluapPlayer's model which the creator thought was more fitting.


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