Volkanus is a surviving descendant of the infamous House Khaxvis, who were executed at the conclusion of the Second House War. Volkanus has been following the work of his predecessors and had been working tirelessly to bring about the downfall of House Ultanos and reclaim (what he considers rightfully his) the imperial throne.

Volkanus himself is notoriously cunning and has a natural gift for persuading others (A method he used to gain the support of the Brood of War).

Appearence and personality[]

On the outside he is tall and muscular for his kind with narrow red eyes and a squared jaw. He posesses four horns on the back of his head, two of which are considerably larger than what most Draconis have. His scales are a magnificent crimson and the interior of his body is laden with various high-grade cybernetic augmentations and internal reinforcement. This makes him both an intimidating figure and a serious presence on the battlefield. It was the genetic modifications Pyrak Yannor gave him that resulted on the form he poresses today.

Duringhis time as a being corrupted under Moxix Breek's influence, he became sometihng of a walking amalgamation of flesh. His once dull red scales became faded and grey and his skin pulsed with the shifting masses of flesh that flowed under his skin.

For the most part he is nothnig short of sly; choosing his words carefully he speaks in dulcet tones in a confident manner. When afraid he has been known to emit an oninuous low growl that follows a rhythm of slow breathing whenever he is angered or agitated. Some words (such as 'Ultanos') have also been known to set off this trait. He is constantly careful and quiet, preferring to stay within the shadows when he can although he has little against doing things himself. He shows little apparent care for anyone who suffers from any of his plans or actions, primarily concerned with his own survival. The only exception to this rule is with others in the Khaxvis bloodline and he considers each death - no matter how insignificant or pointless - to be worthy of his vengence.


First-and-foremost Volakarus is a negotiatior, preferring to fight with words to break his target's will or bend someone to hus cause with several choice words. In combat he is known for being flamboyant, focusing on several rapid-fire attacks and seamlessly shifting between slicing with a blade and firing from one of his pistols. He only resorts to combat when other options have been exhausted and is not above using flattery to fulfill his goals.

Like other members of his house Volkarus has been gentically augmented to be stronger, smarter, more perceptive and more durable than other draconis. A side effect is that even before his encounter with Tyraz breek he was larger than the norm.

He is known to use descentsion energies, primarily of which is the ability to absorb the organic tissue of other creatures into his own body. Trough the enrgies he is immortal, capable of summoning lighting from his fingers and can create shapes such as tentacles made out of descentsion energies. His body is very durable and combined with an enhanced regeneratino rate and use of spare tisssue his wounds can close up within minutes. he is also capable of descending others.


Volkarus was born into the Khaxvis resurgence - a group containing the descendants of a surviving clutch of Khaxvis-line eggs - and like his brothers and sisters he venerated these clutch members. Raised in secrecy from the rest of the Imperium he was taught from a young age that house Khaxvis deserved the imperial throne. Like his kin he was raised in mediocrity within a a fortified compound for the house and for the first decade of his life knew little of the outside galaxy. At a young age he became experienced with organising and commanding mercenary groups and by the age of 55 he was commanding mercenary groups against high-profile targets of house Ultanos. His skill and subtlety made it hard for the house to realise who was fighting them.

At the age of 95 he was placed in charge of the resurgence's finances and made backroom deals with several crime syndicates. his talent for negotiation shone through with such deals and was secretly keeping crime down within the empire. On occasion he would still work to recruit mercenary groups and by the age of 100 had become a valued member of the Resurgence after thwarting a Blood Dragon raid on the compound he was hatched in.

Alliance with Tyraz Breek[]

When the Brood of War attacked Solvani III word quickly reached the resurgance of their firepower. For a time Volkarus wondered if they would make suitable allies but the attack on Crepusculum sealed his decision: The Brood would make perfect allies. He realised they were the embodiement of his vision of a 'purer' empire, one that had not grown soft through diplomacy (as was his opinion of the modern Draconis Empire). A month after the attack he organised for a shuttle to secretly transport him to their leader.

For the first time in decades, someone impressed him. Volkarus was moved by the apparent sympathy Tyraz Breek showed for the remmnant's cause. The agreement to an alliance was sealed after Tyraz promised him the oppertunity of descension; to have such power overwhemed him with pride and he agreed that the remmnant would side with the Brood in exchange for their support in placing the Khaxvis (specifically Volkarus himself) on the imperial throne.

After an Inquisition assassination attempt on the Elder council was thwarted Volkarus voulenteered for Tyraz to descend him in full-view of many of the highest-profile members of the house. After the experience he renoounced all faith in Drakon under the misguided belief that the latter had abandoned them all. The transformation caused un uproar among the council leading to his mother shunning him and for Elder Sorus - one of the more senior elders - to challenge him in the ring of honour. Volkarus prevailed, killing the elder, and reveled in his newfound power and strength.

This newfound alliance did not last long. When Tyraz learned just how far he would go to achieve his goals the Zazane almost killed him aboard his own flagship, after which he proceeded to send his armada to Alcanti. During the battle he fought his way to the Imperial palace but upon realising Tyraz was after him he used his own words for a trap - while Tyraz was distracted to rescue Uriel's wife, he teleported in and unleashed his full power, decimating Uriel's bodyguards and was about to deal the kiling blow when Tyraz arrived. Volkarus decided to leave Uriel to die of his wounds while he fought the Zazane. Defeated, he returned to his ship to find the battle had changed him considerably. Although he retained control over demonic energies he was forever changed, saved by his genetic augumentations but at the same time cursed to a state of pseudo-undeath.

Red Snake Rising[]

Since the battle Volkarus had become more bitter. He was approahed by a group of Zazane who disliked Tyraz and offered theri services. Upon being given a scroll written in Moxix's blood he unwittingly invited the spirit to share his mind. Moxix taught him how to absorb the flesh from living creatures and over time he became a bloated titan of flesh. he would consume anyone wh dissapointed him and continued down a path that slowly destoyed who he was.

His newfound sadism prompted him to take more vile actions as time passed, including ressurecting Oniron Voxis to serve Huse Khaxvis once again. Volkarus later used Oniron to set a trap for Tyraz on the selenopolis of Araveene, absorbing Tyraz's descentsion energies to the point wehre he had surpassed the level of power Tyraz had originally given him.

Over the next few months, Volkarus use Onioron as a hitman for the Ultanos family and several delegates and citizens from the Brood of War. He also recruited the infamous Kol Daren to further his super-zazane projects. His plans reached a climax when he orchestrated for a raid for a body harvest on the Grand Cathedral on Alcanti, taking several inquisitors, most of the senior council and High Inquisitor Arsac herself. Volakrus had gathered all of them to consume their essence. Despite the intervention of both the Imeprial Talon Navy and Tyraz Breek, he managed to attain an almost godlike level of power and after Tyraz had killed Vedrix (who Volkarus had turned into an undead abomincation) the two eventually fought to the last man. Volkarus had the upper-hand thoughout the battle and Tyraz was on the brink of death when he was pinned to a wall, summoning his strength he killed Volkarus by burning him from the inside. In his last moments of life, he transferred his mind into Pyrak Yannor and teleported the superzazane away from the fight.

Volkarus's body, his dreadnought and his fleet was destroyed by the Imperial Talon Navy soon afterward.


Contrary to popular belief, Volkarus had preserved his mind by hiding it in the deep recesses of Pyrak's brain. For several years after, Pyrak secretly created a clone body, spending a considerable amount of time and resources using his skills to fine-tune Volkarus's body into a symbol of perfection. Making him stronger in body, eventually mind and body were reunited six years after the conclusion of the Andromeda War. Volkarus awoke under Pyrak's supervision and as a reward, Volkarus unlocked the descension energy potential within Pyrak.

Volkarus spent a few months restoring his former power and accepted the tutelage of Pyrak to become even stronger in the arts of Descension as well as agatering allies, in particular Grand-Admiral Gnorvi of the Stratocracy of Karnagtah. A blood pact with the Gros grand-admiral led to the latter's descension which his system unfortunately attempted to reject. Not wanting to harm relations, Volkarus offered to help Gnorvi channel his powers. A few months in Volkarus hatched a plan and orchestrated for the kidnap of Alessa Ultanos by his forces and with Pyrak's help brainashed her into falling in love with him with the intent to marry her and be able to get close enough to Uriel to usurp him. The plan however failed when Pyrak's "pet", Oreleva exposed him and he resorted to draggong Urie lthrough teleportation to his ship where he fought Uriel with the intention to tear him apart.

Volkarus had a persistant edge over Uriel but the latter eventually overcame him, slicing at his leg and plunging his sword down Volkarus' mouth and bisecting his jaw.

Six months later Volkarus was contacted by Ixxan, a Dronox Commander formerly of the Grox Meta-Empire. Offering him technology and a the potential for godhood on Cathamera. Volkarus cautiously accepted Ixxan's proposal and wasted little time in preparing to continue his eternal quest for ultimate power.

After Pyrak failed to bring Tyraz's battered body to Volkarus during the second battle for Cathamera, he took matters into his own hands and headed to Cathamera's suface. He ambushed Inquisitor Kelsos inside Cathamera's tunnels, breaking Kelsos' limbs and throwing him about. Kelsos had tried ot defend himself by drawing weapons end-first towards Volkarus using telekinesis but this only allowed the latter to demonstrate his newly-aquired resillience and further injured Kelsos before picking him up and gradually applied pressure to the sides of his head. He almost killed the Inquisitor before Tyraz once again intervened. The two engaged in a confrontation within Cathamera's tunnels, culminating in revealing how he had managed ot regain the ability to bring forth his Demon Form (an ability he had not displayed since the Battle for Alcanti) and proceeded to pound Tyraz (who until the last moment refused to lose himself in his own demon form) into submission.

His dreams of finally ending Tyraz were scattered when a Sader inquisitor - empowered by the spirit of Master Br'klakkon - attacked him in order to appease its host. The battle was a test however, and Br'klakkon abandoned the deluded inquisitor with the intent of using Volkarus as a host to further his own goals. Unlike the Sader, Volkarus proved strong-willed enough to resist losing himself after his new host offered him a taste of power that he performed on Tyraz, intent on breaking the Zazane before finally killing him. Once again, Tyraz' life was spared after Sarec arrived to defend him and hold Volkarus off, sparing Tyraz and Kelsos. Out of a fit of immense frustration, Volkarus inadvertantly obliterated a chunk of Cathamera's crust over once again losing his chance of destroying Tyraz.



Blue face.pngYes... We can come to some sort of arrangment.

  • Vedrix - You deserve rebirth... such a waste.
  • Pyrak Yannor - My most loyal of all servants!
  • Moxix Breek - A shame we had to part ways.


Yellow face.pngYou could be useful, in time.

  • Template:CaptainIovera IX - You host much power, power that I can take for myself!
  • Kol Daren - You dare steal my legacy!?
  • Oniron Voxis - Crawl back to the Imperium. I do not care.
  • Oreleva Khaxvis - Be thankful neither me or Pyrak crushed your skull to paste for your incompetence.


Red face.pngNothing but an obstacle.

  • Uriel Ultanos - The imposter paragon, sitting on MY throne!
  • High Inquisitor Arsac - Tyraz will not be around forever to save you...
  • Tyraz Breek - I will one day have you. body. and. soul!




  • "As planned"
  • "I think we can come to an arrangement"
  • "You dare threaten the heir of the true emperors?"
  • "There is only one thing that matters in life: Power"


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I respect him.

- Zev

Wage war against the Imperium... yes... they took your throne, your throne!.. Kill them, kill them all!

- Divin-Ra

Awww I want to pet you, you're so cute, maybe we could ally each other and then we'll be picking flowers together and watch the friendly adventures together! Don't feel sad because Draconis dislike you, I see that you're a good and cute person!

- Diplomat Lezia of the FRA

Go back to the grave, insect.

- Kolossus

A monster in nearly all forms of the word, I feel ashamed I once saw potential in this man.

- Tyraz

He had the potential of a leader, but was ultimately blinded and lost control.

- Crispy

Your flesh is weak. Join the plan.

- Vorius


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