Voe Dirais is a male Libertus "hacktivist" native to the Core World of Cancerti. Once targeted by Imperial Intelligence due to his outspoken beliefs against the Empire, Dirais was spared assassination when Agent Caranye Valaeris felt pity for the hapless conspiracy theorist, instead setting him up in a safe house on Antemurale. When she returned several months later, he played a critical role in uncovering Lord Ruuvitharn's conspiracy and in the process, became a member of Caranye's team.


Born on Cancerti, one of the twelve original Libertus homeworlds, Voe Dirais became a noted conspiracy theorist on the HoloDomain during the reign of the United Republic of Cyrannus, propagating his beliefs and opinions for the galaxy to see. While largely ignored during the Republic's last years, with the noted exception of a small following in the dark corners of the Domain, Dirais established himself as an annoyance to the Empire upon its formation at the close of the Great Cyrannus War. Making use of shadow feeds and misdirection, however, Dirais remained one step ahead of the Empire for over a decade, before being tracked down by Agent Caranye Valaeris of Imperial Intelligence. Rather than kill him, however, Caranye took pity on the hapless Libertus, and brought him to one of her safe houses on Antemurale, though she was sure to cut off his connection to the HoloDomain.

Incident on Antemurale

You can't trust an AI, Caranye! They want you to think they're all perfect and stuff, but where were they when the Ryderallo Monster rampaged through Orbispira?! Huh?!

- Voe, regarding the Eternal Enigma

Several months later, Caranye returned to Antemurale on a secret mission to locate a Resistance base located somewhere in the untamed forests of the planet. Travelling to the safe house, she introduced Voe to Eternal Enigma, her recently assigned artificial intelligence, much to Voe's chagrin. Nevertheless, persuaded to help the agent, Voe was granted access to the HoloDomain, and after checking his scores in the Clash of Dvotties game, ascertained the location of the base. Once the Resistance had been driven from the planet, and the involvement of the Phaedric Lord Ruuvitharn discovered, Voe joined Caranye in her exploits across the galaxy, including her clandestine defection to the New Republic in 15 NE.

Personality and TraitsEdit

An eccentric and energetic young man, Voe is deeply suspicious of the very concept of government, and views the Empire and the New Republic as two sides of a particularly unpleasant coin. Nevertheless, it is inarguable that, as a blogger and a HoloDomain conspiracy theorist, Voe flourished under the United Republic of Cyrannus, though sheltered from nay of the real consequences of defying the Empire, Voe has yet to form anything in the way of a political opinion about the current state of the galaxy. As such, Voe spends his time on the HoloDomain, hacking into the most secure Imperial and Republic databases, and playing games such as Clash of Dvotties and AngryRambos, ascending to the top of the leaderboards on both.

However, he fundamentally believes in the truth of even his most outlandish theories, which include the Eternal Enigma's role as a spy for the Neraida Gigamatrix, and the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm being orchestrated by Apollo to justify an invasion of Vasuband. Deeply suspicious of AIs, Voe believes that they were directly responsible for the Ryderallo monster's rampage across Orbispira during the Great Cyrannus War, though has grown somewhat fond of his interactions with Eternal Enigma, whom he refers to as "Mr. Purple Swirl". Indeed, while Voe often annoys Agent Caranye and Enigma with his antics and conspiracy theories, the agent keeps him around in the knowledge that he simply would not survive in the outside world.



Blue faceYou guys I like, you're really great. But don't let me catch you poisoning my water supply!

  • Caranye Valaeris: "I'll never forgive you for disconnecting me. Nearly one thousand nine hundred hours without Clash of Dvotties. I will have my revenge."
  • Eternal Enigma: "Most AIs I know take the form of whatever species they like. I take it you like... big, weird, purple swirls?"


Orange faceI'll give you the trolling of your life, buddy!

  • Ruuvitharn: "I bet he was the one who banned me from SnoutBook."


Is he annoying? Yes. Is he useless? Mostly.

- Caranye Valaeris

You're fun. Barking mad, intensely irritating and with little in the way of skills and commonsense. But fun, so you have that going for you.

- Eternal Enigma




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