At school, we are taught about the Great Mother, the Rovegar who nurses the entirely of our people, and we are told to bask upon her glory. They also claim she loves us all equally, that we are all her daughters... If you want my opinion, she is the worst mother you could ask for. An assassin, a butcher and a snake who misguides and mistreats our people on a daily basis. But just try saying this over at the Matriarchy. You'll disappear and all hints of your existence will vanish faster than you can say "Damn the Composer".

- Dr. Traslia Larengyael

Vileraz Syadaern the Fourth was an elder member of the Rovegar race who served as the Royal Matriarch of the Rovegar Matriarchy up to the events of the War of the Ancient Three. Equally respected and feared by her people, she was an individual who valued a life of power and luxury above all else, focusing all of her efforts to make herself the greatest member of her race and indeed, all races of the Borealis Galaxy. Not above getting her hands dirty to get what she wantsed, Vileraz was a cold manipulator and one of the most dangerous leaders of the galaxy in modernity.

Leading her people to return to galactic affairs after thousands of years in seclusion, Vileraz sought to turn Borealis into her thralls through the use of manipulation and proxy wars, using her "allies" as tools to combat her enemies. Largely malevolent, she held little empathy for her subjects, which led her to become unpopular across her empire though she was aware they could do little to stop her, for while her methods were questionable to offensive in most cases, her sheer power would stop any opposition on their tracks and her feats of leadership were difficult to ignore.


Vileraz IV's past is not known by those outside of the Rovegar's royal family. Ever since she was young, she was suspected of countless murders, abortions and accounts of slavery during before her rise to the title of Matriarch. It is widely believed that she murdered her mother, Vileraz III, in her sleep to ascend to the throne of the Rovegar throne. Ever since, she made herself the most powerful Rovegar possible by using whichever means necessary, making herself equally disliked, respected and dreaded among her own people.

Before the events of the Ice Age, Vileraz IV watched the galaxy as it was plunged into the Second Borealis Galactic War. She demanded for her servants to capture the later-promoted Vekaron so that she could make him her slave, but due to an attack launched by Torrent, her plan failed and she got in trouble with the Polar Crystal Alliance. Through the use of sweet talking and manipulation, she managed to get in good terms with the Alliance and eventually have the Matriarchy join them, which ultimately led the Rovegar to obtain a seat in the Polar Crystal Council at 14 IA.

Her plans reached their apex during the War of the Ancient Three, where she manipulated the Polar Crystal Alliance into eradicating the Ganthorea; they would destroy one of her people's ancient enemies, and while they were fatigued from war, she would take the entire Alliance over in one swoop. However, her plans fell apart due to the actions of Vekaron and Kirlisir, who led the rebel movement known as the Discordant Ones against her followers and then confronted the Matriarch herself. She attempted to awaken an ancient Seireniar to use as a weapon, but after losing control over the Ultraterrestrial, Vileraz had her body and soul consumed by her, annihilating her entirely.



Vileraz IV took the appearance of a tall Rovegar female who, due to being extremely old, has gray-colored skin. She wore regal clothing and made no effort to hide the fact she was royalty by showing off her jewelry whenever possible, for the sole objective of making herself look mightier than others. Despite her age, she was often seen as one of the most beautiful Rovegar alive.


Vileraz IV was a power-hungry, cruel and insensitive Rovegar who focused on luxury and wished to make herself the greatest by all means necessary. She worked from behind the scenes, manipulating others so that her will may be done. She was incredibly intolerant and was completely content with verbally or physically abusing her servants in the event of they failing to please her. Her people's disdain for her was clearly justified, as Vileraz IV was an extremely unpleasant individual who did not care for the whole, but only for herself.


Vileraz IV was one of the most powerful Rovegar in recorded history. Her psychic abilities were formidable, and she could easily tear another creature apart with the power of her mind alone, without moving a single muscle. As a Rovegar, she was very agile, but was physically weak and could not sustain much damage. Vileraz IV preferred to use her power to intimidate and threaten her servants, and sent her soldiers and Erureidan to fight enemies for her if deemed necessary.



Blue face.pngYou have more uses to me than you think.

  • N/A


Yellow face.pngServe me and remain silent.

  • N/A


Orange face.pngYou are trying my patience.

  • N/A


Red face.pngI will crush you under my heel.


I'll only tire of dancing when I dance upon your grave.

- Kirlisir

Never liked royals.

- Venoriel

Interesting...I say we should keep an eye on this one.

- Valzaria





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