Born after Kragh and Yarda, Vetarion inherited the Emperor's drive for passion and desire. he has eternally sought to challenge himself and sees reality as nothing more than a playground to exercise his wants and dreams. Even battle is nothing but a game to him. Join him or oppose him, it does not matter, for in the end he will find enjoyment in your fate.

- Dominion Cult passage on Vetarion

Vetarion Virios is the one of the godlike Archons of the Draconizane Dominion of universe 822912-3. The third child of Kordan and one of the oldest of the surviving firstborn scions (an honour he shares with Kragh Virios|Kragh and Yarda Virios|Yarda), he is a powerful descended being who has a fearsome reputation for reckless behaviour and taking enjoyment from all his pursuits. While not as old as his siblings, he is nonetheless a very dangerous and unpredictable opponent in part to his strategies of focusing less on efficiency and more on style in battle. Equally as extravagent is his taste for fine living, physical pleasures and exotic entertainment, earning him the title of the "Prince of Desire" for his affinity with luxury and entertainment that he and his favoured subjects and friends indulge in.

Behind this pleasure-seeking visage however is a deeply disturbed individual. A middle child, Vetarion has been forever scarred by the harsh attitude of his older brother towards him, and holds a deep-seated desire to constantly validate his power, position and reputation though an unpredictable mix of carnal pleasures, personal entertainment and sadistic bloodshed. Never satisfied until he is sure the entire universe, and everyone in it, loves him for all his vanity and excesses.


Kragh was born to Kordan and one of his wives sometime in the Draconizane Dominion's early interplanetary era. raised among his two already-adult siblings he had to put up with his brother Kragh's bullying. While Vetarion was never seriously hurt in the ocuntless incidents, he was mentally scarred, a scar that exists to this day. Yet somehow, in his younger years, he foudn himself frequently paired with Kragh.

Durring the Grugggysul War, Vetarion was the first to respond to the first signs of conflict, engaging a Gruggysul ship on the outer edges of the Volix system. It was in these first battles he gained the title "the Prince of Worms" after the ruggysul commander demeaned him and further insulted him for Vetarion notifying the man of the latter's position. When the fleet broke through, Vetarion joined them and quicly gained a reputation planetside for his reckless and almsot showman-like style of combat, which included electrocuting an entire field of enemies. Alongside this and other combat situations he has constantly found ways to display how powerful he is to his opponent with feats of strength that included pulling a battleship towards a planet's surface, killing and burning a room full of Gruggysul soldiers, single combat with an Ungruggysul know nas "The Druid" and the various flamboyant ways he had killed millions during the war. This was mired by the often-harsh treatment by Kragh, who acted as though he was never satisfied with Vetarion's achievements, and constantly accused him of posessing a latant homosexuality due to proferring the company of the Dominion's soldiers to women or his family.

Vetarion did not learn from Yarda until months after his fight with the Druid that Kragh's actions were out of concern for him. he never believed this and continued in acts to satisfy Kragh. When Mithra was born, Vetarion was one of those who interacted with the baby the most and soon after was given the territory he dubbed Vetaris out of his own sense of hubris. Over the years after the war he developed Vetaris into a melting pot for commerce and culture, like he is with his sibling, the two realms maintaining a strong rivalry for supremacy.

Despite this rivalry, Vetarion maintained a vitriolic sense of fraternity towards his brother. Vetarion's main contribution to the capture of Tyraz Breek was in the initial arrest. Working with Kragh, the two stormed Tyraz's flagship, the Ghost of the Warrior, engaging in a one-sided duel with Tyraz where they neat him into submission before taking him to Kordan's palace. While Vetarion was pardoned by Kolossus for having no part in the sequence of events that led to Tyraz's escape, he devised a plan wit Kragh several years later to invade the Onuris universe. Vetarion promised to use his charisma to legitimise Kragh's bid for the throne, while also sending out agents to gather information to assist Kragh's armies. For once, after thousands of years, Vetarion wondered if he finally had a chance to connect with his older brother.



Vetarion is tall for hisspecies, although smaller than his older brother and sister. he poessess dark blue scales and a dark red rest - indicators that his mother may have been of a Miminan bloodline. Vetarion is incredibly particular about his appearance but despite quite an expansive wardrobe thanks to the wealth and station, many of his outfits consist of long open-front coats. He has an immense interest in the latest styles and enjoys parading in outfits designed for a specific event by a number of the Draconizane Dominion's finest stylists. These outfits are often made of exotic materials, rare gems and threads varying forms of leather. When more combat-appropriate attire is called for he dons a white laminated set of light armour trimmed with gold and covered in dancing and delicate patterns. He typically wears the breastplate under his coat with the shoulderpads strapped to the sleeves.

Vetarion is the msot vain of Kordan's four sons and it shows - lotions, body odours and artificial pheromones all coat his scales, he wears fine jewlery and even his horms have carvings inlaid with gold.


Vetarion is easily the most flamboyant of the scions of Kordan VIrios. Confident, sociable and at times childish. He frequently makes jokes at Kragh's expense despite how rough his older brother can be and he is known for a very sharp sense of wit. Vetarion holds a darker side however - his flamboyancy extends into a childish savagery when forced into a fight. He will berate his opponent, preferring to intimidate or disturb rather than ooutright kill. Preferring instead to find any means to make his fights enjoyable. As such, he often approaches battle with his enemies mistakenly believing he sees such things as a child would. Hidden within the recesses of his mind, Vetarion has fostered an intense dislike for the abuse Kragh has dealt him, which manifests in a constant desire to affirm his confidence in himself and prove his ability to an impossible-to-please sibling. Despite his age, Vetarion is very immature and prone to childish outbursts when riled. Proving incredibly unpredictable when emotionally strained.


Vetarion's main weapon is a scythe, corrupted with descension energy, it sparks with electricity from a twisted blade etched with markings in the draconizane language. because the scythe acts as an extensino of his own energies, its sweeping motions can create shockwaves of energy to fry or singe anything that gets in his way, the swings are capable of cutting though solid rock given half the chance.


Vetarion is a keen weaponmaster, both in close combat and with a rifle. The millennia he has spent on hunting expeditions have made him a marksman to be feared, skilled beyond perhaps what most mortals can achieve. Like his siblings, Vetarion is a descended being and his style of combat involves using his energy for feats of acrobatis, teleportation, combinations of ranged attacks and is overall energetic in movement. he can twist weapons at blurring speeds, creating literal whirlwinds of Descension-corrupted steel. Vetarion's talents with Descension energy primarily manifest in combat. He has mastered a combat style that involves transitioning in and out of an incorporeal fog-like state which he uses to avoid damage, speed himself up and ambush or flank his opponents. This fog creates a burning sensation on contact with skin or when inhaled, and can corrode ceramic and metal armour. With further concentration Vetarion has flooded battlefields with Descension fog, becoming a stealthy ambush predator by pulling his victims into the fog where they either burn from the harmful nature of the essence, or are eviscerated by the semi-corporeal form that Vetarion takes while swimming in the mist. Vetarion's control over electricity grants hi ma rudimentary form of puppeteering in both living and dead organisms by activating electrical impulses in the nervous system. He most noticeably uses this ability to raise the dead for use as shock troops and cannon fodder in his armies.

Vetarion's talents also lie in the manipulation of plasma. He is capable of enhancing himself by absorbing sunlight through his skin. Becoming faster and stronger the stronger the light that touches his body. As such, Vetarion is considerably stronger and faster in environments where he can gain the full amount of light - out in space or high above a planet's surface. With significant amounts stored, Vetarion is capable of unleashing intense beams of plasma from his hands and mouth. Setting himself apart from his siblings, Vetarion has foregone a Demon form. Rather than moving past it like his father or sister Mithra have, Vetarion submerges himself in an alternate state that he enters when he has absorbed significant amounts of solar radiation. Like the demon form, Vetarion's solar state enhances his strength, speed and regeneration by a considerable margin with the added advantages that Vetarion is able to channel the stellar energy and material to create blows that hit like white-hot metal. While not at risk of being lost to an aware subconscious, the solar state requires a considerable amount of energy to sustain, a failure to provide a sustainable amount of energy to his body begins to break down his physiology and puts incredible strain on his physiology, exhausting him, or potentially causing severe damage to his anatomy.

One additional advantage is his body is highly resistant to high temperatures. While other immortals might burn or char at temperatures of hundreds of thousands to millions of Kelvin, Vetarion's body does the opposite, regenerating itself and boosting his potential. Vetarion's body is in effect immune to many forms of directed energy weapon. But remains vulnerable to physical attacks.

Vetarion holds a limited power over the mind that - unlike his sister Yarda - primarily manifests as a form of animal magnetism. Vetarion is a seducer in more base terms than his sister, simply triggering the emotional parts of his target's brain that enthralls them to him. A talent he has notoriously used to seduce mortals of both genders in order to satisfy his libido.



Green face.pngVictory shall come for us!

  • Zr'An'Kar - You give me drive, my master!
  • Kordan - I always enjoy my father's stories.
  • Kragh - I'll prove my strength to you one day. you'll see.
  • Yarda - When Kragh gets pissed, I can always confide in her.
  • Mithra - my little sis is good fun to mess about with!


Yellow face.pngYou're starting to bore me.


Red face.pngThe only fun you are is when I spill your blood.

  • Free draconis and Zazane - I shall relish in playing with all of you!
  • Tyraz - I hope you die painfully for your insolence.
  • Crispy - Pah, you're not fun at all.


As much as I care for you I really wish you and Kragh could just get along.

- Kordan

I do think you need to grow up, brother

- Yarda Virios

Learn your boundaries, before you hit the wall.

- Kithworto

The Prince of Worms shall become the King of Worlds.

- Kolossus


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