I might not be a noble, but that does not mean I am inferior. Remember this.

- Vesperon Maltris

Vesperon Corus Maltris is the current chancellor of the Imperial Grand Senate and the right hand of paragon Uriel Ultanos himself. This makes him one of the most powerful individuals in the entire Draconid Imperium, if not in the entire galaxy, save for the Highlords of course.

Formerly an Talon Ground trooper from a commoner family that has ascended to the highest circles of the Imperium society through a combination of tenacity, ambition and intelligence, Vesperon is a strong-willed individual greatly devoted to his nation and his emperor. He is also known for his past with the Brotherhood's leader, Khanjar.


Private Maltris[]

Vesperon's past life is mostly shrouded in mystery, mainly because of his high position in the government. It is known, however, that he comes from a poor commoner family of Lacrea II, one of the Imperium's most distant colonies. His father barely able to find enough money to feed his family, Vesperon had a spartan childhood, having to work from an early age to survive.

Later in his life, the young Vesperon was conscripted in the Talon Ground Legions, assigned to the 1019th Legion that was fighting in the Ammos Worlds Campaign (also known as the War of the Dragons) against the Segmentum Draco Federal Union, under the infamous General Ternamus. Together with his battle brother, a Rapidox trooper by the name of Genderr, Vesperon battled the Drasheril all over the segmentum, later participating in the ill-famed Siege of Voytrad. During one of the battles, Vesperon was almost killed by a Drasheril missile, which left him with major burns and discoloured scales.

The horrors of wartime shaped the main facets of Vesperon's personality: his strong desire for peace, his determination and his ruthlessness. After the Campaign was over, Vesperon left the military, vowing that he will ensure that the events of the War of the Dragons will never repeat again - by any means necessary.

Senator Maltris[]

With new aspirations in his mind, Vesperon had turned his eyes towards the political scene of the Draconid Imperium, hoping to gain enough political influence to make his dream a reality. Although his ignoble ancestry often made him a subject of mockery by old Draconis politicians who belonged to ancient, noble families, his determination and charisma eventually paid off, and Vesperon became quite popular among the Imperium's lower class citizens and protectorate species because of his egalitarian beliefs.

Meanwhile, Genderr continued to serve in the Ground Legions, climbing up the ranks of the Imperium's military hierarchy until he was given the title of Admiral, the highest rank a non-Draconis could get. Despite his high status, Vesperon still maintained contact with his old friend; however, busy with affairs of state, he could not meet Genderr in person until ID.4.8.219495, when the Imperium's archaeologists discovered a mysterious artifact on a desolate world in Northern Draco.

Nobody knows what happened on that fateful night, but it is known that after it, Genderr vanished, with most, if not all, traces of his existence gone. Vesperon's career, at the other hand, went uphill. Devoting himself to politics with even greater fervour, he gained influence in all spheres of the Imperium's society, and in the wake of the Andromeda War, was elected Chancellor.

Chancellor Corus Maltris[]

During the Andromeda War, Vesperon served as Uriel Ultanos's advisor and confidant, mostly working from behind the scenes. After the war, however, he became more prominent, directly overseeing the New Dawn project and guiding its efforts against the Brotherhood.



It is evident from the first sight that Vesperon was once a military man, despite his attempts to hide it. His face, as well as his entire body, is covered in scars from the War of the Dragons, and his scales are charcoal grey, in a stark contrast to the rest of the Draconis whose scales are usually vibrant red or blue.

Being a high-ranked politican, Vesperon dresses to impress, but because of his spartan upbringing, he dislikes flaunting his newfound wealth. As such, his favourite apparel is a plain grey and white Praetoral Lite suit, elegant enough to inspire awe but simple enough not to be lavish.


Vesperon is a puzzling person, with personality traits that seemingly contradict each other. He is an idealist and a pacifist, devoted greatly to Andromeda, and yet merciless, even cruel, to those who would dare threaten it. He's a socialite on the outside, friendly to everyone, but few actually know anything about him, and he remains an enigma to the higher circles of the Imperium's society - even to his wife, an Imperial aeden called Thanria Corus. He's a proud man, as one would expect from a Chancellor of the Grand Senate, but at the same time he is also quite humble, not blinded by his wealth or power.

One thing is known for certain, however: Vesperon is a man of determination and ambition. If he sets a goal, then he will do whatever everything in his power to accomplish it, even if he has to harm innocents - or himself - in process. He never compromises and never doubts.

Vesperon also has a slight dislike of the Drasheril because of the events of the War of the Dragons.


Vesperon still retains some fighting skills from the War of the Dragons, even though they have detoriated somewhat with age. His skill with a fusion pistol is superb and he still remains to be a proficient marksman.



Blue face.pngDominicus vintervaa.


Yellow face.pngInteresting, yes.


Orange face.pngA threat to the Commonwealth. Your termination is a matter of time.


He's... strange.

- N'rai

He was a fearsome soldier during the War of the Dragons. I'd say its a shame he decided to pursue a career in politics but we all have our passions. He certainly made his mark though.

- Lord-Admiral Larnus Vontarion

After my father's passing he served as a sound advisor. With both his and Alessa's support, we all prevailed in the Andromeda War.

- Uriel Ultanos

Unbelievable, a disgrace for the Imperium! A mere commoner as Chancellor! He now decides what the Houses will do? Ha, a joke he is if he believes the nobles will bent their knee for him!

- Aurestor Beldrin Savenium


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