The general who advances without coveting fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, whose only thought is to protect his country and do good service for his sovereign, is the jewel of the state. And I definitely am, so you'd better listen to me.

- Venoriel

Venoriel is an officer of the Dei'Ar Order and the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, most notable for her participation in the Second Borealis Galactic War.

A stereotypical by-the-book Divinarium commander, Venoriel is loyal, strict, and traditionalist. She sees order as the only way to exist and she will follow military protocols no matter what the situation, a cold force of justice. Her status as a veteran of War of Ages only strengthens her resolve, and the fact that she participated in the defeat of the most powerful force in the whole multiverse makes her quite arrogant.


Early history[]

Venoriel in the military academy.

Mieo Venoriel was born in 2552 on Sanctuarium, in a rich, respected military family with a long history of serving in the Dei'Ar Order. A daughter of a fleet commander and an intelligence officer, Mieo was raised from her childhood with a single mandate given by them: she was to follow in their footsteps. Constantly competing with her twin brother, Quishi Venoriel, the rivalry between the siblings eventually came to its peak when they were sent by their parents into the First Military Academy of Vendespode, the place where Dei'Ar's finest were trained. Ultimately, only one of them could succeed and be accepted into it. This one, of course, would be Venoriel, who found evidence of her brother's participation in an anti-government demonstration, and thus destroyed his dreams of joining the Dei'Ar Command.

After being accepted, Venoriel quickly climbed the ranks of the Dei'Ar Order through extreme determination and strict adherence to military protocol, earning her stripes leading several Church campaigns against the Riftstalker Raiders, most of them from her starship's armchair. Her tactics, though seen by other officers as cowardly, ensured the Church's success in these campaigns, establishing its complete dominion in the Rifts, and after the war had been over, Venoriel wrote several tracts on strategy, known collectively as the Stratagems of Superiority, which are now taught in Divinarium military academies.

War of Ages[]

Tell your masters that shouting about the end of existence in Ancient Shadow Tongue is counterproductive. We can hear you, you know.

- Venoriel to a Hell Demon

Venoriel was one of many Dei'Ar officers who were sent to fight the diabolical Xhodocto during the War of Ages, taking command of the Second Fleet of the Church along with another famous Ecclesial Navy commander, Venthar Thenarieth. Over time, he developed feelings towards his sister-in-arms, and although Venoriel did not return the feelings at first, she warmed up towards him eventually and during the Truce when the Xhodocto conflict was put to a halt, they became an official couple. What happened afterwards is unknown, but after a year of living Venoriel, Vethar died under unknown circumstances, presumably having committed suicide.

After the War of Ages and the Church's destruction that followed it, Venoriel did not side with Tadjamad like most of the Dei'Ar, instead joining the Sanctuarian Masaari Remnant. After its reformation into the Divinarium, Venoriel's military rank was restored and she returned to the reformed Order, leading its fleets ans armies in the Second War of Twilight and in the Andromeda War.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

As the dust of the Andromeda War had settled and the Divinarium started expanding once again, the Conclave turned its eyes towards the Borealis Galaxy which was thereat amidst a large conflict. Taking her new protege, Quinniath Enoru, as her second-in-comamnd, Venoriel was sent into Borealis, given a cart-blanche to do whatever it secure the Divinarium's interestes and colonies in the galaxy, which were already devastated by the deranged Devourer's Chosen. Over the course of the war, she led the 901 Fleet of the Divinarium against all threats that opposed the forces of Order, using her psychic powers, tactical insight, and immense ego to ensure the Polar Crystal Alliance's victory.

When Iovera IX, nearly killed by Dark Apostle Geltastra during the war, was replaced by Laurinn Ma'fest, Venoriel swore her allegiance to the new ruler. When Tyraz, Iovera's lover, and captain Lemmo Meronis attempted to retrieve the Forge, the Tertamian artifact that could return Iovera to life, Venoriel was sent by Ma'fest to stop them. However, when the artifact, which turned out to be sentient, had reminded her of her past with Venthar, Venoriel surrendered and gave the Forge to Tyraz, who then used it to revive Iovera.

After the war Venoriel found herself romoted into the ranks of the Guardians of Light and given the title of the military executor, thus giving her control over all forces of the Commonwealth within Borealis. Now, Venoriel remains in the galaxy aboard her new starship, Impetus.



Venoriel, due to both her psychological age and her strict military and faith-orientated philosophies, maintains an orderly and tidied appearance at all times, even if such occasions do not call for it as it is thought to display the extent of her complex of superiority and supposed moral dominance over others. Her hair, while silky and long like ribbons, is always kept at a manageable length and is nearly always seen in a tidied, neat fashion for practical purpose. She always stands with an imposing atmosphere surrounding her graceful, elegant form, with her head positioned in a consistent downwards motion so as to look down with absolute disdain upon her stoic face towards her colleagues, allies and enemies. Her pelt, while still soft, begins to display signs of age due to its blue tinting from its original grey, a side effect of her exposure to the Cold Relays, and its roughening texture. Despite this, she correctly refuses to be identified as a Borealis Radeon.

Venoriel consistently wears an elaborate uniform of azure that is of Dei'Ar design and engineering, which, while coming installed with its own maintenance hardware, she keeps personally polished at all times possible while outside of the field. Due to the fact it is not specifically designed for ground confrontation, although such is one of its multifunctional uses, the armour often misleads her enemies into believing she is little more than an off-field commander with little to no combat experience of her own. This image is assisted by the evident presence of the Dei'Ar equivalent of glasses; while the sight in her cold eyes of purple is not damaged nor faulty, she makes use of this mechanism as a means to analyze enemy vulnerabilities, examine the surrounding environment with unchallenged detail and efficiency, and a variety of other combat-orientated applications.

Venoriel's physical age allows her to appear relatively young to other mammalian aliens even after two centuries, although she is considered as being within the Radeon equivalent of middle-aged. Venoriel is recognized and widely renowned for her shapely body; she is considered "gifted" with generous assets in the front and rear areas of her form, which provides evident, if not partial, distraction towards certain foes. Her armour and clothing is usually customized and modified to suit her body due to her large bosom and rear end.


Venoriel during the War of Ages

Venoriel could be considered as one of the Gigaquadrant's greatest military masterminds due to her overwhelming amount of tactical knowledge and strategic application. It was this skill that allowed her to ascend the military ranks and outdo her colleagues, with her cold, calculating process of thought enhancing her mathematical logic and theory. This is often why she is assigned to off-field positions and responsibilities; it is where her ability shines most, although intelligence is not her only weapon.

Venoriel possesses an advanced understanding and sensitivity for elemental energy, which she has been making extensive usage of since serving upon the frontlines of the Tigris War. Her mastery and control over them allow her to use them only when necessary while also dealing beyond-excessive amounts of damage and carnage upon the battlefield through manipulating accepted physics and laws of spacetime. However, for all of her Essence-based combat experience, she is still considered something of a student in the eyes of far-more advanced and complex individuals who have made use of it throughout the entirety of their lives such as the Dei'Ar Magi and the current Clericarch.


Venoriel is easy to hate. A fervent adherent of the Divinarium's philosophy and Dei'Ar military protocol, she is arrogant, condescending and cold, obsessed with doing everything rigid, proper, by the book, and most importantly, the way she wants. Never tolerating failure, Venoriel is merciless towards those who dare to disobey her, as much as she is merciless towards her enemies. Neverthless, she never shows this hatred, instead hiding it behind a thin veneer of sarcasm. The Dei'Ar code, after all, tells her to be polite, and she always is, seeing it as a way to show her superiority.

Despite her snobbishness, Venoriel neverthless treats her subordinates fairly, often acting as a voice of reason when the situation goes out of control. Whole-heartedly devoted to the Divinarium's cause, she has the universe's best interests at heart and always aspires to do the right thing - even though her perception of "the right thing" is somewhat warped.


Venoriel makes use of Guardian-Pattern armour which uses nanomaterial as a vital source of construction and is installed with kinetic barrier hardware alongside a customized data storage application that allows her to upload, download and translate information such as music and literature, with one noticeable subject of the latter being a digitaized copy of the Stratagems of Superiority. The armour also possesses additional Essence-cloaking technology in order to keep her invisible from more powerful enemies while on the battlefield.

Venoriel also always carries her personal plasma pistol; originally of Dei'Ar design and engineering, it has since been upgraded, updated and modified with AGC technology to enhance its damage potency and range while also reducing the cost of energy required to use it.



Yellow face.pngImpressive.

  • Quinniath - You're a prodigy. An annoying prodigy.
  • Venthar Thenarieth - You were doing it wrong.
  • Iovera IX - At your service.
  • Uriel Ultanos - Hail the Commonwealth.
  • Tyraz - ...
  • Jahric - Do not fail Her Holiness, youngling.
  • Chief Major Xerkea - Bring law to Borealis.
  • Vekaron - Bring order to Borealis.
  • Agent Tau - We have much in common.
  • Kithworto - You are quite skilled with Essence.
  • Arkarixus - Most impressive.


Orange face.pngImpress me.


Red face.pngUnimpressive.

  • Dark Apostle Geltastra - ...Dissident.
  • Torrent - Pathetic.
  • Vorius - Disgusting.


You're annoying, ma'am.

- Lemmo

Hmpf. Never liked you. Bet no one would miss you if you died.

- Baptarion Light

Well, she's...certainly something.

- Vekaron

She has the attitude of a cocky undisciplined private!

- Xerkea

I'd rather not corrupt this one. She may "bother" the gods. Instead she will burn.

- Geltastra

I feel all warm and tingly inside!

- Hachiman

While you may not be of the Brood, you shall certainly follow my orders when I give them.

- Tyraz Breek

Kithworto is 'quite skilled'? Hm. You need to brush up on your knowledge more.

- Agent Tau

Well. You're not the most quiet of Radeon.

- Kithworto


- Wragrot
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