There are none who can face the Empire and prevail. You have rebelled against the righteous rule of the Emperor and in so doing, have brought this fate upon yourselves. Atone for your grievous error in your final moments. Admiral, initiate a base delta zero.

- Lord Venatorius, ordering the destruction of a rebellious planet during the New Cyrandia Wars, 05 NE

Venatorius is a male Phraedra that serves as a Dark Master of the Phaedric Order, under the Dark Lord Tyrómairon, Emperor of the of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Born thousands of years before the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War, Venatorius was a high ranking member of the Phraedric Empire, a vast galactic force of crimson conquerors that at one point in history conquered the entire Cyrannus Galaxy in the name of their dark lords. However, when the Phaedric Empire collapsed, Venatorius took a group of his followers into deep space where he remained in stasis until the Dark Times, when the Emperor himself reawakened him, bestowing unto him a unique suit of Mornûnenduran armour.

A being of many dimensions, Venatorius is both stately and unforgiving, possessing zero-tolerance for failure and a strong urge to better the galaxy. A new-found Imperial patriot, Venatorius holds the utmost respect and loyalty toward the Emperor and his Empire as well as his other dark masters in the Mornûnendur. In an act of remembrance toward his ancient fellows of old, Venatorius aided Tyrómairon in reorganising his acolytes, resulting in them being renamed the Phaedric Order, of which Venatorius is a leading member.


Early LifeEdit

Venatorius was born a slave in the ancient Phaedric Empire over twenty four thousand years before the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. However, when the wise and powerful Phaedric Lords sent Venatorius to the capital planet of Thyelles, they discovered that he was born with great power that rivalled their own. Freeing him from the bonds of slavery, Venatorius quickly grew to become one of the Phaedric Empire's most powerful warriors, being hailed as a keen tactician and a cunning master of the dark arts.

Crimson ConquerorEdit

Over one hundred years later, Venatorius was the Phaedric Empire's most trusted naval commander having been responsible for countless campaigns in the war against the First Republic including the burning of Tooine and the devourer of Magellus. However, the crowning moment of his success was the invasion of the Republic Capital World of Orbispira during which he smashed the capital's defenses and personally led the attack on the city world's endless towers.

However, it was the cunning of his nemesis Admiral Fo Yularkin that ultimately repelled Venatorius and his Phaedric invaders. Despite this, during his exploits he became known as the "Crimson Conqueror" due to his ruthless nature in battle. Ultimately however, the Phaedric Empire fell under unknown circumstances. In order to escape the turmoil throughout Phaedric space, Venatorius locked himself away in his flagship and cryogenically froze himself. It was tens of thousands of years before he awakened.

Early Service to the EmpireEdit

The Dark Lord has cast you aside! You do not have the abilities to access the power that drew you here.

- Venatorius, speaking with Zillum before their duel on Phaedron.

Thousands of years later, the Phaedra were little more than a distant memory all but forgotten apart from those schooled in the early history of galactic civilisation. Then, in 03 NE, the Dark Lord Tyrómairon discovered the location of Venatorius' ship and awakened him. Humbled to be standing before one of his gods, Venatorius swore undying loyalty to the Oikoumene Emperor, who returned to Orbispira with his new thrall.

Upon arriving, Tyrómairon reformed his acolytes into the Order of the Phaedra, an homage to the ancient empire that Venatorius served. With Venatorius being one of the most powerful of these new Phaedric Lords, he was made a high-ranking admiral in the Imperial Navy, leaving Venatorius with a strong desire to bring order to the cosmos.

Venatorius and Zillum 01

Zillum and Venatorius battle to the death.

In the midst of the New Cyrandia Wars, Venatorius visited his old homeworld of Phaedron, where he felt drawn to an ancient temple. When he arrived, he noticed a shuttle touching down nearby and a large Mortalitas emerging from it. To his surprise, the Mortalitas turned out to be the dreaded Zillum, resulting in a vicious duel between the two. Though initially evenly matched, Zillum gained the upperhand when he mortally wounded Venatorius by biting his neck.

However, the timely arrival of Lord Morumadáin saved the Crimson warrior by banishing Zillum and healing Venatorius' injuries. The two travelled deeper and deeper into the ruin where they were transported to another dimension. However, the Primercer had arrived first. Swatting Venatorius back to the Cyrannus Galaxy with a simple gesture, the Mornûnendur had failed their mission leaving Venatorius thirsty for revenge.

New Cyrandia WarsEdit

To defeat the Primercer, we must begin from below. After all, that is how one devours a whale; one bite at a time.

- Venatorius

Though he had failed, Venatorius was granted ever more impressive powers to the point where he was appointed one of the Masters of the newly formed Phaedric Order alongside Agonânghâsh. For this new role, Venatorius donned an intimidating black armour more elaborate than his previous garb symbolising his role as one of the Empire's most fearsome enforcers. In his new position, Venatorius became known for working closely with the Imperial Inquisition, sending various Inquisitors on missions important to the Empire.


Charcar'maer speaks with Venatorius on Orbispira.

As the second year of the New Cyrandia Wars began, Venatorius summoned Inquisitor Charcar'maer to his domain on Orbispira, where he ordered him to travel to a Cognatus Empire world and destroy the Blade of the Primercer, one of the most potent servants of the Fallen One. When the Inquisitor failed, Venatorius and Agonânghâsh personally dealt with the situation by maiming the Blade as a message to their Oikoumene enemy.

After the duel, Venatorius returned to the capital, where he was himself ordered by Apeligateza to work with Meketanor to awaken the ancient Oikoumene Thaurlathrón from his slumber on Nandóband. The resulting battle saw the Blade once again fight against Venatorius, though this time the Cogsangui was infused with greater powers and was defeated only through the intervention of Maethoruin, a fellow ancient Phaedra who led Meketanor and Venatorius into Thaurlathrón's lair, who soon awakened and travelled to Orbispira.

Afterwards, Venatorius travelled to the Corruptus Overworld Brezank, where he led his fellow Phaedra in the initial attacks on the gargantuan Core of Brezank. However, the power of the Core was such that even the combined efforts of the Phaedra could not defeat it. However, the timely arrival of Agonânghâsh managed to rally the Phaedra, and along with his comrades, Venatorius unleashed his full power on the Core, having a hand in destroying it.

As the other Phaedra returning to Orbispira, Venatorius travelled to the newly arrived Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation, watching in awe as the Station obliterated Brezank. However, he could not help but sense a disturbance as the planet exploded, though he put these thoughts to the back of his mind, content with the Imperial victory.

Cyrannian Cold WarEdit

Thus always is the fate of those who defy the Dark Lord, child. We do not have to be... enemies. Come with me, join the Phaedric Order, and know true power.

- Venatorius, during his duel with Aoirtae Valaeris

In 07 NE, Venatorius learned of the existence of a band of supernaturals led by Master Ryen from the Inquistorial Inquisitor Vandalion. Venatorius recognised the emergence of such a group as the fulfilment of the Dark Lord's prediction of the post-New Cyrandia War galaxy, in which the servants of the Lord of Eternal Starlight would emerge to challenge the dominance of the Phaedric Order. The Phaedric Master would spend much of the next several years attempting to track down the location of their hubworld Aldár, ultimately discovering it in 10 NE.

Battle of Light and Dark 07

Aoirtae faces Venatorius.

Travelling to Carnthedain, Venatorius met with Morgandaûr and discussed with him the potential of a joint strike against the Aldárae before they could become a threat to both of their interests. While Morgandaûr had been a rival in the past, he agreed to aid the Phaedra in quashing this emergent threat. Travelling to Aldár, they found it defended only by a single Yodian, who despite his great power, was unwilling to defend the Aldárae Temple from them.

However, the sudden arrival of Ryen, Aoirtae Valaeris, Kara Inviá and to Venatorius' surprise, Apollo, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, Dané Elenya and Rtas'Shagili complicated matters. Venatorius soon became engaged in battle with the young Ortella Aoirtae, within whom he felt an unusual connection. When he failed to convince her to join the Phaedric Order, he engaged her in a duel, quickly defeating her by sending her smashing into a wall.

With victory seemingly assured, Venatorius prepared to deal the killing blow, only to be distracted by the arrival of the Dragon Lord Du'utahrovin, who unleashed starfire on the Phaedric and Morgandaûr, ultimately weakening the latter to the point where Aoirtae destroyed him with a sword through the chest. Fleeing with Meketanor, Venatorius vowed that he would destroy this "Aldárae Order".

Later that year, Venatorius became involved in a conspiracy known as the Operation, in which he worked closely with Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur and Grand Admiral Tector Decimius to bring about the ruination of the New Republic. He later stood aboard the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation and bore witness to the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, though warned that the Empire's victory in the Second Great Cyrannus War was far from assured.

Second Great WarEdit

Only cowards run from the inevitable.

- Lord Venatorius

With the rise of Mar-Júun as a considerable threat to Imperial interests, Venatorius met with the other Phaedric Lords to discuss their course of action, when the demon managed to disrupt Imperial operations during the Borealis Front of the war. During the meeting, Venatorius grew irritated by Lord Meketanor's disrespect for the other members of the Order, and to prove a point, used his command over the darkness to telekinetically strangle him. He would later be displeased to learn that Meketanor had been destroyed by Mar-Júun prior to the Battle of Vasuband, during which the Aldárae managed to finally defeat the demon lord.

Dark Tidings

Venatorius strangles Meketanor.

During the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, Venatorius accompanied Grand Mandator Caesarius and Grand Admiral Decimius to Capricaerón, where he intended to personally execute President Apollo and his few remaining supporters. Cornering the President's administration within the Presidential Pyramid, Venatorius killed Ambassador Ansin Cyrellon to illustrate Zare'Anne's powerlessness against the Empire, though was prevented from doing the same to Apollo by the timely arrival of Aoirtae and Kara, who repelled him and rescued the future leaders of the New Republic Remnant.

Lord Venatorius gained further notoriety in 18 NE, when he personally led the final assault on the Cyrandia Resistance's headquarters on Andustar. Bursting through the Resistance's command centre by way of the Darkness, Venatorius personally engaged with the Resistance General Sesoka in single combat, quickly dispatching the old general, before personally executing the remaining members of Resistance High Command, including Kyrsá Nimrais.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Venatorius is a being of many dimensions. Though at times he can be seen as cruel, unforgiving and heartless, at other times he can be considered loyal and charismatic. In the aftermath of his awakening, Venatorius has become a loyal Imperial patriot, determined to bring order to the cosmos under the guidance of the Galactic Emperor, a figure who Venatorius considers a savoir. Though he thoroughly enjoys commanding battles in space, Venatorius is also capable of leading ground forces with great efficiency, though his zero tolerance toward failure or cowardice has made him a somewhat feared figure in both the Navy and the Army of the Empire. Venatorius is also one of the Empire's most renowned sword-masters and has more than once personally trained one of the many Imperial Inquisitors.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Under his helmet and body-suit, Venatorius possesses crimson skin and piercing yellow eyes as well as bone structures unique to his species. However, it is his helmet and armour that truly make Venatorius infamous. A suit of black armour adorned with a sinister helmet make Venatorius a figure that is feared by those in the Empire and those outside it. Venatorius is arguably one of the most powerful Phaedric Lords, with only Agonânghâsh being proven capable of defeating him in battle.



ImperialLoyaltyFaceWhat is your will, master?


Yellow faceImpress me.

  • Moranonúngur - Effective. Though your failures shall not be forgotten.
  • Agonânghâsh - A useful tool.
  • Deoclet Caesarius - You have vision, Imperial.
  • Maethoruin - We crimson conquerors rise anew, and wield our true mastery over Darkness.
  • Archaxys - A child of the Phaedra, sculpted by the cleansing fires of pain.


Orange faceI shall make myself plain. If you do not cooperate, I will kill you where you stand.

  • Emperor's Wrath - Control your emotions. They will control you.
  • Mezzadriel - Your passing shall not be mourned, fallen servant of Light.
  • Meketanor - Your attitude is unbecoming of a Phaedric Lord, child.
  • Vandorallen - A failure.
  • Echoriax - The child is useful, though it may run its course.


Red faceYou will die in agony by my hand.

  • Zillum - You will not defeat me again.
  • Aoirtae Valaeris - Join us or die, girl.
  • Ryen - Your Aldárae Order will fall, as all enemies of the Empire must.
  • Primercer - Your fall was inevitable.
  • Ruuvitharn - Your leash is long, Basileus. But it is not infinite.


Serve ancient one, or fall back into shadow.

- Agonânghâsh

I respect his skills in battle.

- Nirndal

Hail... friend?

- Emperor's Wrath

Your age means nothing to me, I am superior.

- Meketanor

I hold much respect for you. I hope someday I can be as renowned as you once were...

- Tytho



  • Venatorius is based on Cyrannian's Sith Inquisitor character in Star Wars: The Old Republic. His armour was originally based on Darth Vader, before being changed to resemble Kylo Ren, and finally, Darth Revan.


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