They sing songs of him, you know. The pirates, the mercenaries, the scum that plagues the wretched, fleeting criminal underworld of our galaxy. They tell tales of his triumphs for him, they sing songs of his victories... Of his merciless, bloody crusade. He has torn whole worlds apart and massacred entire armies. ... A typical pirate hates him and would seek his end. A smart pirate fears him and would, at all costs, seek to avoid him.

- Kirlisir

Vekaron Zankho is a Zoles soldier and hero, formerly one of the Grand-Commandants of the Zoles Imperium and a member of the Polar Crystal Alliance's Penumbra Unit, being its very first member. Famed for his actions during the Second Borealis Galactic War, he is seen as one of the greatest heroes of the Zoles Imperium's history.

Famed for his determination, skill and combat prowess despite possessing only above average strength compared to other members of his race, Vekaron has faced augments and supernaturals and emerged victorious every time thanks to superior strategies and teamwork. A role model for all Zoles in the Imperium as well as his fellow Penumbrans, Vekaron followed the orders of the Polar Crystal Council with his team of close affiliates, commandeering over the unique space fighter known as the Shadow's Beginning.


Early History[]

Vekaron was formerly a businessman, native of the small outer colony of Veriomar. Vekaron's life was quite simple and slow-paced, with him having the same routine of every Zoles businessman out there. During his teenager years, he met and fell in love with a Zoles student named Miriakan, who he would years later marry and have a beautiful daughter named Tiekar.

His regular routine ended, however, when Veriomar was attacked by the Wranploer Legion. The attack, led by the Kvargo named Torrent, burned the colony to the ground, leaving nothing but a few survivors. Torrent personally assaulted Vekaron's home to loot it and in the process, murdered both Miriakan and Tiekar in front of Vekaron's eyes, before knocking him down and burning his home with him inside.

Vekaron, however, survived the attack, waking up after the Legion had departed and Zoles reinforcements had arrived. Fueled by a hunger for revenge, Vekaron joined the Zoles military, his sheer determination making him rise to the rank of Grand-Commandant in a matter of three decades, and he has since then hunted Torrent up and down so he may avenge his wife and daughter.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

During the Xi'Arazulha invasion in the Second Borealis Galactic War, Vekaron led the Zoles in battle against the godrace, along with King Rebaris. Vekaron and Rebaris worked together to turn on the Galactic Grid, which would later be used against them. In the final effort of stopping the Xi'Arazulha, Vekaron faced the Devourer's Chosen and the demons of the Corruptus, later winning the battle. During the Vague invasion, Vekaron fought for UNO's side, but eventually gained distrust over it and supported its quarantine. Following Ottzello's quarantine, Vekaron struggled as his authority fell thanks to the War Economy, but eventually got over it, and helped the rest of the forces of Order to bring the BCN down.

When the Wrath of Gods began, Vekaron reluctantly allied with his former enemies to defeat the Seagon Empire, the Alvino Brood and the Devourer's Chosen and the Borealis Grox Empire. After this, the Shards were turned into the Chronoscopic Orb, which Volim stole from the Polar Crystal Alliance. Following this, Vekaron saw the Alliance fall before his eyes as the BCN dominated the galaxy and destroyed his empire. Eventually, he surrendered to the BCN, fought Zargoth and was then killed by Torrent. However, due to Kolossus surviving and going back in time himself, the plan was foiled, and Vekaron's death was undone. As retribution for before, Vekaron severed one of the Kvargo's arms and then helped put a definitive end to Zargoth, ending the war.

Joining the Penumbrans[]

Vekaron and Wragrot versus a Kaos Sand Whale

During the second year of the Ice Age, Vekaron was chosen to be the first member of the Alliance's new special ops unit, the Penumbra Unit. He accepted the offer after being encouraged by King Rebaris. Following this, he was given a special spaceship and started to search for more warriors to join his mission. The first would be the Murgur Battlemaster called Wragrot, who joined Vekaron after both of them took down a Kaos Sand Whale, and the second would be the Kicath mercenary Kilchárunya, after the three of them took down a Zí-Jittorám together.

Following this, Vekaron was tasked to save the Samilinus Vyatak from the clutches of Billig, adding him to his team. He then finally traveled to unknown space, where he would find a fourth squadmate on the Hserile Vansenk after they defeated an Alpha Malcaeum together. Following this, Vekaron would travel to Rovegar Matriarchy territory, where the Rovegar planned to ambush him. They were stopped, however, when Torrent appeared and attacked the entire planet. While at first beaten by Torrent's new nanomachines, Vekaron and his group would defeat him after being helped by a young Rovegar girl named Gardin. Following the fight, Vekaron adopted Gardin, as her parents had been killed in the invasion.

Vekaron and his team encountering Vorius for the first time

Vekaron and his team would begin a hunt for Fleet Commander Bakarl of the Imalmah after he attempted to throw an asteroid on the homeworld of the Rafows race. During this time, Vekaron met and grew a hostile relationship with Agent Chi due to the Kicath's aggressive attitude toward the Penumbra Unit as a whole. During his search for Bakarl, he obtained two new squadmaters in the Mahanayan Kamaris and the Rovegar Kirlisir, who both joined Vekaron after being defeated in battle by him and his team. By the end of the fourth year, Vekaron and his team attacked Torrent's base with the help of the Draconid Imperium and Agent Chi, where they met and fought Dark Grip for the first time with the objective of saving Baptarion Light, who had been kidnapped by Torrent. By the end of the mission, Vekaron and his team encountered Vorius and escaped the base with Baptarion saved.

Following this, Vekaron was caught in a conflict against the individual known as the the Benefactor. Traveling to Andromeda and later Afiloxenos to learn about him, Vekaron's relations with Agent Chi turned into sheer rivalry as he learned he was a servant of the Benefactor. Chasing him across the galaxy, Vekaron and his team clashed with Agent Xi and later killed the Benefactor. During an attack at the space station of Hyperborea, Vekaron fought and finally killed Chi, before confronting the mastermind behind the entire event: the Xhodocto Angazhar. Fighting him, he barely survived before Angazhar left to terrorize the galaxy again in a later date.

Mutant and Pirate Wars[]

Vekaron and his team confronting Regnatus' soul

After Angazhar left Borealis, Vekaron and his team would become responsible of dealing with Vorius and the Children of Synthesis, gathering information about them. Vekaron would learn of Vorius' plan to become the World of Corpses, and then lead his crew into battle against the Spawn of Vengeance, eventually slaying him with a single slash of his sword. After the World of Corpses was formed, Vekaron acted as the commander of the attack on the mutant. Him and his team, with the aid of Tuolog, entered the mind of Vorius' Regnatus shard and engaged his soul in combat. Despite nearly being killed in the process, Vekaron eventually emerged victorious and the World of Corpses was destroyed. Vekaron and his team would be taken to the medi-bay of his ship for the next days to be healed, as the battle left him and his team gravely wounded. During this time, Vekaron began growing closer and closer to Kirlisir, to the point he was clearly in love with the Rovegar.

In the following year, Vekaron recruited Kitmnárochoaltánún and later Kalcedia Myran into his ship following encounters with both. The Zoles would become sexually involved with the Zazane sniper for a single night before regretting his actions, with Kalcedia choosing to instead help the Zoles conquer Kirlisir's attention through tips and hints. Vekaron would aid Wragrot in bringing an end to the Murgur Warbands, eventually leading to their defeat and reformation under Wragrot's rule as the Empire of the Murgur, fighting and defeating the Niaka Xegriek in the process. Following this, Vekaron and his team defeated Dolgan Tuchaki and the Penumbran chose to gave her a chance to redeem herself by serving on his team, which she accepted. Vekaron and his team would proceed to kill off the rest of Dark Grip, with the Zoles witnessing the murder of King Rebaris by Torrent's hands. After defeating Dark Grip, Vekaron had his final confrontation with Torrent, disabling his nanomachines and engaging him in unarmed combat until the Kvargo died in battle, ending their rivalry and avenging the deaths of his wife and daughter.

The wars ended with Vekaron being commended through the whole galaxy as the ultimate pirate slayer, and the Zoles also succeeded in becoming a couple with Kirlisir, who revealed herself to also be in love with the Penumbran.

War of the Ancient Three[]

Vekaron was essential to the War of the Ancient Three, being the one who found out about Aentaeus' fall from grace and the existence of the Hollow King, a backup intelligence based on the dreaded Regnatus. With the use of an antimatter explosive, he would destroy this intelligence, freeing the galaxy of the threat of Regnatus once again. Afterwards, he would be tasked to contribute to the war effort against the Ganthorea and the Kondrakar Dominion, being one of the many Penumbrans involved in the deaths of Princess Ganthar, Doctor Brekiel Ganthor and Maknagrius.

The Rovegari insurrection saw Vekaron becoming one of the leading figures of the Discord Ones alongside Kirlisir, and the two of them led the battle against Vileraz IV. Upon Kirlisir's death, the Zoles tracked the Matriarch down and, with the help of his crew, put an end to her. However, he would experience further loss as both Gardin and Karleia were assassinated during Kirlisir's funeral - the assailants trying to kill Vekaron himself but missing - which would break the Zoles once and for all. Retiring from the Penumbra Unit, he retreated to the homeworld of Zoleia to spend the rest of his days in the rural parts of the capital continent, living in isolation.



Vekaron appears as a tall Zoles, standard for the appearance of males of his race. He wears a special outfit which served both as a military suit and as armor to protect him during combat. He is always seen wearing a wrist device which acts as a communicator as well as a scanner next to his right eye.


Since his early days, Vekaron was always noted for his extreme determination. Displaying a strong sense of justice, he wished to bring order to the galaxy by using the best of his abilities. His vendetta against Torrent turned him into a warrior who was not afraid to get his hands dirty to solve his problems, but Vekaron was not above using diplomacy to end conflicts. Due to the centuries of warfare, the deaths of both his old family and his new Rovegari one, and the exposure to demonic and eldritch forces, Vekaron suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, which he is forced to take periodical medication for.


During his time serving the military, Vekaron was an expert blade user and used a sword made out of hardened nanomachines as his weapon of choice, with a submachine gun as a sidearm for ranged combat. Overall, Vekaron had no special abilities or powers which may have helped him during combat, and relied solely on his skill to take down his opponents. He was as physically strong as any male member of his species and possessed poison like all Zoles, but he rarely made use of this ability as it was, comparable to his sword and gun skills, useless.



Green face.pngI respect my allies greatly.

  • Asraels - I apologize if I've done anything to you at any point.
  • Xerkea - Quite a competent leader and a good friend.
  • Hachiman - You have potential, kid. Explore it, and stop being a pervert while you're at it.
  • Arkarixus - A Kormacvar as a mentor. Who would imagine.
  • Baptarion Light - You're the most aggressive researcher I've ever seen.
  • Wragrot - I miss having you around shouting at everyone.
  • Tetra - I'm glad to see the Krektal have a good person representing them.
  • Kalcedia Myran - I'm glad to have you around, as odd as that may sound.
  • Kilchárunya - You need to cheer up.
  • Vyatak - Take good care of our ship.
  • Kamaris - A very wise and powerful warrior.
  • Kitmnárochoaltánún - The way we have met could've been much better.
  • Dolgan Tuchaki - It's time to truly live your life.


Yellow face.pngTell me your intentions.

  • Agent Nu - Why the hell is he a leader?
  • Agent Tau - I feel like you're the only sane one.
  • Agent Alpha - Well, he's nicer than I was told.
  • Agent Mu - You're... interesting-looking?
  • Agent Psi - Deliberately getting drunk to fight is suicide.
  • Kithworto - ...Intimidating.


Orange face.pngGet out of here.

  • N/A


Red face.pngI will not let you damage what I care for.


One day, Vekaron. ONE DAY.

- Torrent

I swear i'll pay for the damages to your ship...if Kicath had money. Heh.

- Agent Nu

Árazazhamalí'mítara, 'Penumbran'. Iróatalamanát. Talīchaoratazá ét malí'mnajakta ét ómatkasatøtínétaráí irókunasha ít mak'tánshakitasha. Ekolnyúratazhazá ét malí'm árazazá étara malí'm lékarana. [We'll see, 'Penumbran'. Good luck. You should think that you and your pathetic team have the courage to fight me. You will die before you even prepare.]

- Agent Chi

A brave and honourable individual, he is one of Borealis' finest. An aspiration of mine.

- Tyraz

Grandpa Vekaron can kick all the asses!

- Hachiman

He is destined for great things, but even they shall not prevent his inevitable, albeit unknown, demise one day. The Universe has stolen heroes before, it shall do again.

- Vansenk

I hope he finds the vengeance he craves, but doesn't forget what he's fighting to avenge.

- Tetra




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