None will prevent my master's rise to absolute power. I will make sure of that.

- Vedrix Khaxvis

Vedrix Khaxvis is the personal advisor and right-hand to Volkarus Khaxvis. Effectively making her one of the most influential members of the Khaxvis Resurgence below Volkarus himself. As a member of the Chosen Few she is also priveliged enough to meet with Volkarus in person on a regular basis.

Appearence and Personality[]

Like all members of the Resurgence, Vedrix is aa red-scaled draconis that has been altered with genetics to set her apart from the mainstream. She is slim with horns of a typical size with silver rings hanging from them. her wardrobe usually consists of synthetic leather as well as a variety of formal attire.

Her personality is nothing short of decieving: Away from Volkarus and among her peers she is considered to have a condescending attitude even for a Khaxvis Draconis, and has little patience for aliens. Among aliens outside of the Resurgence she is quiet and patient. She considers Volkarus a role-model and is frequently humble in his presence - constantly respective of his apparent strength. Along with this she is also typcally uncaring of anyone outside of the House and can be deceptive if she wants to secretly enjoying any action that makes younger or shorter-lives spacefaring species seem foolish or blind.


Vedrix was bred with one key trait: Intelligence. Trained from a young age to use an enhanced capacity she is considered dangerously intelligent and supremely gifted with software and electronics. As well as this she was later trained for a variety of intellectual tasks including strategic planning, negotiation and management. These abilities had made her the ideal candidate as Volkarus' assistant when he rose to power.

She has also learned a proficient degree of firearm and close-combat training, making her fully capable of defending herself. Since being descended by Volkarus she has become immune to age or disease and has a limited amount of control over descentsion energies.


Vedrix was born on one of the resurgence's enclave worlds 120 imperial years ago. Unlike Volkarus she was trained as an intelligence agent and learned to use computers and a large variety of software from a young age.

For over a century she became infamous for sabotage raids on the Imperium and, using black market algorithms, had boosted the Resurgence's ageing firewall programmes to rival software found in the heart of the Imperium. She had met VOlkarus in her early 110's and the two developed a working relationship. When news of the Brood of War arriving in Andromeda reached the resurgence's ears she opted to represent the house she lost out to volkarus after Salessana - Volkarus' own roodmother - managed to persuade the elder council to choose him.

Vedrix felt bitter, and when word returned that Volkarus was to bring the Brood to the fleet she grew even more jealous. Convinved that it should have been her to meet with Tyraz. Vedrix was not at the ceremony personally, but like many she saw the events unfold later she realised not being there was a good thing after seeing the failed assassination attempt. Any envy she had faded when Volkarus battled on of the elder council.

For the next few days Volkarus had visited her to restore faith and in this time her respect for him returned. Prior to the battle of Alcanti Volkarus agreed to make her immortal, saying he had big plans for her and the resurgence. After the battle Volakrus was weakened by the fight with Tyraz and appointed her as his right-hand, promising her that when he took the throne she would be by his side. The two of them grew closer since.



Green face.pngIf you support the goal, you are worthy.


Yellow face.pngChoose your side, and quickly.

  • Pyrak Yannor - Respect the master, if you know what is good for you.


Red face.pngThese morons will burn for defying the master's will!

  • Tyraz - Such a shame the hellspawned little git had to turn on us...



  • Hail Volkarus!
  • I am more than a tool, I am the will of Master Volkarus!
  • I may only know of 10 or so ways to kill you, but I know hundreds of ways to make you suffer.
  • I set my targets, and I strike.
  • It's fun to watch the young and the naive fumble aimlessly in the dark.


Pfft. Yet another Draconis rebel. I hate rebels.

- Primarch Matheoward

I like her ways. Maybe I could become her personal merc?

- Ka'zun Härza


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