When I lay down to sleep, my mind flickers back to that day. The day I saw the skies above Ae-Vrakis burn, the streets and roads becoming canals of blood and corpses as the Zazane razed my home city to its very foundations. The screaming never stops, even after I wake up... Whenever I need motivation or a reason to act, I look to my dreams to remind myself why I cannot accept standing aside and allowing bad shit to happen with a blind eye!

- Vatra Morikair

Vatra Morikair Lyria, otherwise affectionately known as Vee, is a Sylit esper and a student of Hachiman Shinha, a legendary ascended master of Dream energy and a renowned, if controversial, Gigaquadrantic figure. Vatra was born within the border worlds between the Andromedan colonies of the Veatrex Imperial Federation and Frenzy Space, a subsector of Segmentum Umbra dominated by feudal Zazane warbands and kingdoms following the dissolution of the Brood of War. Due to the circumstances of her birth, she was accustomed to a martial lifestyle from her family's military background even prior to her adventures and studies beneath her master, having been a survivor of a particularly fierce Zazane assault on her homeworld of Ae-Vrakis.

A fierce and headstrong individual, Vatra is deceptively clever in spite of her seemingly reckless nature and is capable of combining various basic aspects of both Dream and elemental energies to enhance her martial prowess - in spite of the potential danger in doing so. She anticipates challenge and respects strength, dedication, and commitment, possessing a dislike for pacifist philosophies and an overall distrust towards Zazane due to her upbringing within Ae-Vrakis' military families. Vatra was chosen by Hachiman for her youthful ferocity and energy and seeks to provide her with the teachings to install a form of balance within her heart and quell her lingering resentment.


Early LifeEdit

Vatra Morikair was born on December 31, 2808, to Morik Kiytorahv Lyria and Cresta Targrinair, esteemed members of the terrestrial division of the highly-militarized world of Ae-Vrakis' planetary defense force. A member of a discipline-driven, yet affectionate household, Vatra was raised on glorified tales of the military exploits of the Veatrex Imperial Federation and on the stories of renowned heroes and warriors across the cosmos, including the likes of Hachiman and his fight against the Corruptus, thus causing her to aspire towards a position of heroic or military significance from a young age and idolizing such characters as personal inspirations. However, her wrathful tendencies would begin to develop when Vatra proved positive as a Sylit esper during her early school years, demonstrating numerous basic and minor abilities yet being unable to fully control them. This lack of control over her powers caused her to be seen as potentially dangerous by her peers and tutors in spite of how she sought to impress them with her sharp eye for detail and problem-solving capability.

In 2816, a few months after the hatching of her parents' most recent clutch, Ae-Vrakis was subject to a devastating assault by a war-fleet composed of various allied Zazane feudal kingdoms, warbands and mercenary armies that had been accumulating strength within the borders between the VIF's Andromedan settlements and Frenzy Space. Forced to evacuate her family's estate and watch her homeworld burn to ash around her, Vatra became separated from her parents during the massacre as Zazane warriors, heavy mobile units and orbital and atmospheric bombardments decimated the populace of Ae-Vrakis' capital city, leaving her in possession of two of her infantile siblings and forced to seek cover within the city streets - a task made difficult due to the young Sylits' loud cries. Desperate and risking death by travelling with her siblings, Vatra eventually made the decision to leave them behind to their fate and sneak past enemy taskforces and patrols in order to reach a surviving VIF evacuation ground-to-air vehicle. The bodies of the young children she abandoned were never found. The experience of witnessing her home burn and sacrificing her defenseless siblings to save herself would scar twisted and nightmarish versions of that day within her mind, forced to endure it whenever she slept and developing a deep-seated guilt and rage towards her own cowardice and inability.

In spite of her intelligence and physical ability, Vatra gained a reputation among her peers following the reconstruction of Ae-Vrakis' capital for being reckless and persistently angry, with little regard for her own safety during training and practice duels. On her 17th birthday in 2824, Ae-Vrakis was visited by Hachiman Shinha, who was seeking potential candidates to become students in the arts of Dream energy; Vatra, ashamed of herself for her actions almost a decade ago and believing herself worthless before the hero, chose not to apply. However, she was eventually found by Hachiman and, sensing the turmoil and rage within her heart alongside her youthful energy and dreams of heroism, granted her the option of becoming one of his acolytes should she wish to. Initially hesitant and perplexed as to why a Gigaquadrantic hero as renowned as himself would settle on her, not even applying as a candidate, Hachiman informed her that of all the young citizens of Ae-Vrakis' capital city, none had the drive to correct and better themselves and wish to defend others in the process as she did and that he admired her fighting spirit even in the face of tragedy. She would eventually accept his proposal and be taken to his residence on one of the moons of Klambah to receive her training.



Vatra is a young Sylit female, standing at 1.5 meters tall with a fit and athletic build and sizable bust. Vatra can be outwardly distinguished from other Sylits by red markings across her green crest, forming the shape claw marks beneath either eye. Due to her family's and homeworld's heavy military background, Vatra has developed a body fit for a soldier, with defined abs and muscles befitting her slender form. She clothes herself in urban-casual Andromedan fashion with a Sylit regional twist, most often wearing a short-sleeved jacket with a synthetic fur brim over a vest exposing her midriff and collar. Vatra will also occasionally wear a choker of some form. On formal occasions, Vatra prefers to dress in a masculine manner, favoring waistcoats and suits over frocks and dresses and does not show much love for high-class and overly-sophisticated fashion in general.


Vatra is hot-headed and energetic, with every action she commits herself to being accomplished with as much enthusiasm as she can muster. Due to her competitive nature she constantly seeks to outdo her peers and impress her superiors in both physical exercise and study, seeking to be first in all categories and ensuring everyone knows it. She despises slacking and cutting corners and maintains a consistent peak in both fitness and her grades, being about as clever as she is hard-working. This constant need to prove herself to others partially stems from her aspirations to become a hero and from a deeply-ingrained sense of guilt and shame towards her inability to save her infant siblings during the Zazane assault on Ae-Vrakis, pushing herself in a bid to rid herself of any weaknesses. Nightmares of the Ae-Vrakis massacre serve as a constant reminder and source of motivation for Vatra, as she is forced to endure the experience almost every time she sleeps, haunted by visions of her home burning and the screams of everyone she knows and love, thus reinforcing her determination towards becoming a hero.

At the same time, Vatra is known to become frustrated and aggressive rather quickly, most particularly when she makes mistakes or when she feels she is being personally challenged by others. She is impatient and while she can make quick observations and solve problems when she needs to, she approaches life headstrong and recklessly and has trouble maintaining her composure when her plans fall apart. Vatra sports a history of violence among her peers and can be vicious, spouting insults and threats to demoralize others when she is riled. She also has a tendency to forego her own health and safety in order to overcome obstacles and opposition, assuming a largely offensive style during the midst of a fight and heavily dislikes being forced to assume the defensive. She holds a significant distaste towards pacifist ideologies, believing them to be deceptive and useless, openly despises the Zazane due to their role in Ae-Vrakis' scouring, and finds great contempt for people that refuse to put all of their ability into a fight or challenge, believing them to be disrespectful to both themselves and others.


Vatra is a young and capable warrior, receiving mandatory training with various forms of firearms, close-quarters combat and melee weaponry from a young age as per Ae-Vrakis' heavily-militarized planetary culture. As a Sylit, Vatra demonstrates natural dexterity and agility reinforced by her basic military training regime and Hachiman's own training, possesses an efficient healing factor, tolerance for various forms of toxins and innate resistance to extreme heat, the ability to shift and change her natural colours while motionless, and can potentially poison her opponents using the venom stored in the protrusions at the side of her crest or the glands near her eyes. She keeps a civilian-model directed plasma sidearm on her person at all times and wields a military-grade vibro-scimitar as her primary weapon under Hachiman's tutelage. In addition to her physical capabilities, Vatra demonstrates quick observational prowess and can assess situations, threat priorities, and enemy weaknesses quickly and also has access to pools of both elemental by merit of her nature as an esper and Dream energy to perform various supernatural abilities, such as channeling energy blasts, and enhance her natural talents.

However, due to her violent tendencies and boisterous attitude, her handle over either Essence is loose and dangerous, capable of causing harm to both her enemies and to herself and her allies. She is also known to be reckless and her fighting style empathizes offense over defense, leading her to disregard consideration for her own safety in order to relentlessly attack and pursue her enemies like a bloodhound. She is quick to frustrate and anger and loses measure of her composure when disrespected or challenged, which, combined with her impatience, makes stealth and infiltration missions difficult for her. In spite of her connection to the Essences, Vatra herself is still only mortal and, unlike her master, is not of the Destined Strain of Dream energy beings - she runs the risk of suffering the often explosive drawbacks of the Essence, especially when combining or enhancing its abilities with her natural, untamed esper powers.



Green faceKeep up and try not to fall behind!

  • Hachiman - “Teach me how to be even stronger, I can handle it!


Blue faceNo better way to find allies than through good old blood, sweat and tears.


Yellow faceCareful which side of the line you're standing on.


Orange faceDon't play with fire. You might get burnt.


Red faceYou're all dead already.


If there's one word I can use to describe Vee, it's "potential". She has energy and sharpness, but she struggles keeping her anger in check. She'd best be careful not to self-immolate one of these days.

- Hachiman

There is no future for you but the screams of your damned kin. Join them now or later; it matters not. It will happen regardless.

- Shu'wokerama

The beauty of order is that it needs chaos to thrive...or perhaps it's the other way around. Regardless...nothing really ever resolves the way you want it to, does it?

- Santorakh




  • Vatra Morikair is the first Sylit character created purely by TheHachi and did not have an original version written by FalcoPunch.