Vastæ Scaeva was a female Libertus who served as the Imperial Grand Admiral of the Second Expeditionary Fleet, and the military commander, or Rector, of Imperial-occupied Republic space.

As a young woman, Scaeva pursued a military career in the tradition of her family's long history of service to the United Republic of Cyrannus, and to the Federation of United Worlds before it. A rising force in the Republic Navy during the Intergalactic War, Scaeva distinguished herself during the Battle of Capricaerón by destroying a vast Cognatus cruiser with her far smaller corvette. In the years since, Scaeva rose through the ranks of the Navy, earning the rank of Admiral during the first year of the Great Cyrannus War.

During the conflict, Scaeva became infamous for coldly ordering the bombardment of predominantly civilian population centres on Confederate worlds in a bid to discourage what she considered to be foolish acts of rebellion against the galaxy's reigning Republic. This reputation served her well under the New Imperial Order, earning her the position of Grand Admiral by 04 NE, and command of the Second Expeditionary Fleet from the Nemesis, the prototype Nemesis-class Star Dreadnought.

During the Second Great Cyrannus War, Scaeva was selected by Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius to serve as the Rector, or military governor, of Occupied Republic Space, serving as the true power in what remained of the New Republic. She was killed during the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds in 20 NE.


Early Life[]

Born on the Inner Rim ecumenopolis of Tharasavis in 47 BNE, Vastæ Scaeva is a descendant of a long line of military officers dating back to the inception of the Federation of United Worlds. As such, from a young age, the ambitious young Libertus aspired to follow in their footsteps, and enrolled in the Republic Navy upon leaving the academy when she was seventeen. By the time the Intergalactic War broke out, Scaeva had been promoted to the rank of captain, in command of a light corvette, and distinguished herself during the final Battle of Capricaerón, when she was responsible for destroying a far larger Cognatus cruiser. Promoted to Admiral in 03 BNE, Scaeva played a leading role in the defence of the Inner Rim from the Confederacy of Allied Systems, though became infamous for the bombardment of Thyrethaer, during which she ordered her cruiser to concentrate fire on civilian-majority areas of the planet, in an effort to stamp out Confederate guerrilla fighters using civilians as shields.

Becoming a feared Republic officer to the Confederacy, Scaeva served admirably during the duration of the conflict, and continued her service into the reign of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. In 4 NE, Scaeva was promoted to the rank of Grand Admiral, and placed in command of the prototype Nemesis-class Star Dreadnought, a massive 60 kilometre long behemoth intended to ensure Imperial dominance over the entire Cyrandia Cluster. She was later assigned to command the newly formed Second Expeditionary Fleet, which was assigned to map hyperlanes in the Unknown Regions, which had been opened up upon the defeat of the Neraida Gigamatrix in 10 NE.

Second Great War[]

She was finally recalled to Imperial space in 16 NE, in the midst of the Second Great Cyrannus War, and in the following year, she was assigned by Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius to serve as the military governor of Occupied Republic Space. Though somewhat sympathetic to the people of the New Republic, Scaeva had little tolerance for Zare'Anne's puppet government, and began her tenure in an unannounced broadcast to Republic Space without informing the President, detailing her position as Rector, and the finality of the Empire's commands.

Scaeva commanded Imperial forces during the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds, and while she initially held a considerable advantage in firepower, her forces were overwhelmed by the arrival of Republic reinforcements. Under intense allied bombardment, the Nemesis exploded, spelling an end for Scaeva and the Empire's occupation of Republic space.

Personality and Traits[]

Scaeva was an uncompromising and hard woman, who had little patience for timewasters and officers who failed to meet her stringent expectations. As such, while her officers rarely liked her as a person, her determination and strategic brilliance make her the object of near-universal respect within the Imperial Navy. Scaeva viewed the world in black and white terms, and had no patience for those who second guess their decisions.

In her view, one must always do what they think is right in the moment, and once that moment has passed, they should never look back with regret. As such, while Scaeva was a vocal critic of the Empire's decision to incinerate the Mou'Cyran system, Scaeva believed that to question it served no purpose, and that ultimately, the galaxy will belong to whoever does what needs to be done, regardless of questions of morality.




Blue face.pngContinue to impress me.


Orange face.pngStand and fight!

  • Apollo: "If you continue to persist, you doom the lives of millions."
  • Zare'Anne: "I have little time for foolish politicians. You serve at my pleasure."


With the Nemesis positioned over Capricaerón, I fear for the lives of my people. But one day, I swear it, Scaeva will be knocked from her perch.

- Senator Raen Magalen



  • Scaeva was created in 2015, while her page was created in 2018.


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