Varugr Kriess, otherwise referred to as the Frenzied Lord and the Inheritor, is an Andromedan Zazane and one of the Seven Vanguards of Shu'wokerama, of which he is the seventh member. A self-righteous and malevolent entity prior to his descension, Varugr is highly delusional and hostile towards others, with little regard for mortal life - which has come to outright sicken him following his transformation - and is infamous for gaining a twisted form of pleasure from the pain and suffering of those he deems beneath him, which encompasses a vast majority of mortalkind. A powerful wielder of dual Essences and a martial adept, Varugr is a versatile combatant who, while otherwise clinically demented, boasts a proficient knack for the manipulation of others although he is occasionally halted in his schemes by his own egotistical tendencies.

A psychopathic individual with a lack of empathy or remorse and an inclination against social and political order, Varugr possesses blatant affection for himself and a strange obsession towards astronomical observation and phenomena, such as stars and nebulae, while he struggles to found genuine relationships with other people due to believing that a majority of individuals are impure, filthy, or weak thus make him rather discomforted and paranoid; boasting a capacity for afflicting and influencing others through fear, Varugr is as merciless as he is sadistic towards his enemies and is regarded by his colleagues to be an effective and dedicated terrorist unit. While not an adept commander or strategist, he is capable of formulating and adapting plans while on the move and makes use of his powers and to counter whatever foils may pose an affront to his schemes.


Early Life[]

New Dawn[]

Varugr meeting Shu'wokerama

Tantummodo Mortem[]



Varugr is an identified psychopathic individual who differs somewhat from the mentality of other Zazane due to an inherent incapacity to found intimate, close relationships with others, instead being driven by his own selfish and remorseless motivations as he has always been unable to become genuinely emotionally attached to other individuals - although he understands and comprehends how emotional attachments work which gives him insight into how to manipulate and influence others, as he can only truly value people by their benefits to his causes and desires. Selfish and narcissistic with evidence of germaphobia and paranoia, Varugr derives pleasure and satisfaction at the expense of others and applies method to his madness to ensure optimal psychological damage against his enemies, with himself being recognised as the token terrorist of the Seven Vanguards and, by significant margin, the most deranged due to these psychopathic and sociopathic traits.

Varugr is known for his seemingly reckless and overall cold and destructive approach towards problems, alongside his own preference for isolation from other individuals during his leisure time; Varugr expresses an almost fetishistic obsession with astronomical phenomena, such as stars, quasars, and nebulae, and finds the workings of the universe to be a significant aspect worth contemplating and exploring, which lends itself to his emotional and social detachment from other people. He considers mortalkind to be greatly flawed and impure, leading him to despise non-hostile contact with them, and vows towards either their "enlightenment" or destruction on behalf of his master alongside his own personal interests. Versatile in his affinity for Essence and his capacity to adapt to otherwise unforeseen conditions during situations, Varugr is anything but an adept tactical strategist and is often restrained by either his self-righteous affection for himself or his incapacity to connect with others emotionally. Mortal concepts, such as sex, chivalry, and laws, are disregarded as mere folly by Varugr and is known to greatly underestimate his opposition in regards to their abilities as opposed to his own, maintaining great confidence in his own capacity despite his shortcomings.


Due to his status as a being of both Nightmare and Descension energies, Varugr maintains a greatly intimidating and physiologically deformed appearance by comparison to other Zazane which appears vastly different from the form he was bound to prior to his promotion into serving the Corruptus; standing at over four meters tall with sickly green flesh and various severe bodily mutations, including a secondary maw at the end of his tail, tendrils and thorns emerging from his flesh, exposed veins, and several pairs of blackened eyes upon his head alongside a daemonic third eye, Varugr boasts defined musculature and two pairs of curved, twisted horns which extend from his cranium. His otherwise draconic wings have become afflicted to appear more chinopteran and daemonic and Varugr also sports a physical deformation that existed prior to his corruption and transformation in the form of a forked tongue.

Due to his narcissistic attitude and his daemonic physiology, which encompasses a multitude of mutations and supernatural malformations, Varugr prefers to keep much of his body exposed - in particular his upper torso - although he has come to adorn himself with pieces of black, hi-tech armour arcanised with a combination of Nightmare energy and Varugr's innate Descension energy, which grants it additional resistance to attack alongside allowing its materials and components to be manipulated like organic appendages at will for it has become assimilated as a part of Varugr's flesh. Varugr is rarely seen without his infamous Essence-enhanced longsword - dubbed Decimation - and uses it as his primary means of assault during hostile encounters.




Green face.pngI behold your beauty.

  • Shu'wokerama - “You have made me pure. My soul and service are yours.


Blue face.pngWe all have purpose, some more clear and righteous than others.

  • Cairaovén - “Your bloodied hands drive my interest.
  • Mordathai - “Far too fondly do you talk, far too lightly do you show.
  • Mar-Júun - “The affinity you bare for the shadows perturbs me.
  • Murangon Nal - “Honour is both too prominent a setback and too universal a folly.
  • Geltastra - “There is something I find fond of you, mistake it not for envy.
  • Vouinas - “Compassion is best reserved for one's self and masters than it is for mere serfs.
  • Commandant Kolger - “Mistake not who are your masters and who it is that clasps your leash.


Yellow face.pngBother me at risk of your blood.


Red face.pngI will leave you no cold, dead hands from which to pry your world from when I am finished.

  • Hachiman - “Your destiny is to die, child or not.
  • Tagutan - “To refuse your gift is to refuse your very life.
  • Sarec - “You cannot save everyone and that amuses me ever so greatly.





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