Aliankanv is native to the Mirror Universe. For the Principal Universe version of this individual, see Vankalian.

I have lot of names, names that the people gave me over the years... Someones call me the Dark Shadow, others the Chessmaster, the Puppeteer, the Man Behind the Courtine... But you never should wish know my real name, because I have to tell it to you in person...

- Aliankanv

Aliankanv is the leader of the ultra-secret organization known as the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony's hidden operations. He is native of other universe, where he was a powerful military leader, when his empire was expulsed form its own universe and arrived in the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony's territory, Aliankanv fastly located where the power was in this universe and start his plan to gain the favour of the Emperor Aedanius I.

Using dark trickery and deceit, he managed to sell his empire to the emperor and so, after some effort, got an important place as leader of the intelligence agency of the Hegemony. As leader of the Shadow Force he is doing what he enjoys most, manipulate, deceive and pull strings to keep the Hegemony under control.



Aliankanv was born in another universe, in a wealthy family in the main planet of a huge civilization that covered a large area in several galaxies. There he become an excelent polician and military leader and quickly he climbed to achieve the most important spheres of power.

Around 10 years after he become the most important leader of his universe, a strage event happened. Suddenly, a powerful and technologically advanced empire arrived to the universe, and expulsed him and his empire from their universe, making him and his nearly to extint race to wander between universes.

In some moment, he arrived into the Hegemony territories and fastly make a plan to get the favour of the emperor and start to climb again to the power. Without feelings of gulty he sold his empire to the emperor and transformed his best soldiers in polymorphs, entering them at all in the Shadow Force.

Leader of the Shadow ForceEdit

Once Aliankanv won the favour of the emperor and took under his command the Shadow Force, his ascension to the highest spheres of power in the Hegemony became metheoric. He quickly gained reputation among the highest political and military leaders for his charisma, mystery and chivalry, but also many of the highest rulers and political leaders began to doubt his loyalty to the Hegemony, and some came to fear that their actions might lead to a coup.

Aliankanv, anyway, continues his campaing agnaist the Hegemony enemies, hunting traitors, rebels and supercriminals efficiently and quickly, being depicted as more sensitive version Scorpio, because both share common goals but their methods and personalities could not be more different.

Recent historyEdit

"More Information When Something Happend"



Aliankanv is a very tall and muscular member of the nearly extint race of Giomus, an extruniversal race of tall, slim and agile mammals. Aliankanv, is even taller and more attractive than tthe other members of his race, having muscles toned and better defined than those of others.

It is unknown more features of his appearance because only a bunch of people has seen him.


First feature of Aliankanv's personality is his mysterious and enigmatic behavior, very few people have seen it in person and who have seen it, have seen only one of his many disguises. Actually, it is believed that out of the Emperor Shadow Force Aedanius I only seen him as he is.

Aliankanv is intelligent, clever and manipulative, able to deceive, dominate and pretend to be someone else in front of different people he is trying to bring under control. This feature gives him the ability to being a gentleman and kind law-abiding or a sadistic murderer. Alainkanv is fery confident too, being able to give the impression of being a reliable man, but in fact is a compulsive liar.

Very inside, Aliankanv suffers from an insatiable hunger for power, and a serious paranoia when working in conjunction with another person having the same rank. This is the reason why Aliankanv not own any real friend and why is highly competitive with other military leaders, as Scorpio.


Aliankanv has access to a lot of different kind of weapons from everywhere in the Gigaquadrant, due his influence in the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony. Anyway, he always prefers use long distance weapons (as sniper rifles) or tactic weapons (as tactical granades or time bombs), althought he is fond of the use of knives too.

Aliankanv more known equipment is installed on his skin, a huge network of nanobots that he use to change his skin's color for camouflage or change its shape to appear to be a member of another species. This device make him nearly undetectable for common ways and also work as an armour.


Due his biological improves, Aliankanv is stronger, faster and more agile than any Giomus in the history. His nanobots, which are in his skin, can change his skin's color and shape, making him virtually undetectable by ortodox ways. Aliankanv has improved his brain with technology too, so he is a really clever faster-thinker, allowing him making lot of complex plans without effort.

Aliankanv is a powerful user of the essence too, being capable to use telepathy and limited mind-control. Anyway, he deleoped his powers in the essence specializing in create mind-walls so nobody can read his mind and so he could lie without problems. He is capable to use the essence to help him to calculate the accuracy of his plans and, sometimes, he could uses it to read the peapole memories.



Blue faceYou had power... I like the power.

  • Emperor Aedanius I - With the emperor my future and the Gigaquadrant's future will be bright.
  • Patriarch Uriel - You will be useful for my... I mean, the emperor's plans.


Yellow faceYou are a pawn or an unnecesary being.


Orange faceCome on, don't be stupid and come to the winner side.


Red faceYou chooseed your side... The wrong.


I do not care for your position. Your paranoia is the result of your nature as a parasite. You claim power for your own in an attempt to achieve control. You are chaotic and dangerous to yourself. Surveillance status: moderate.

- Scorpio


  • Aliankanv is an anagram of "Vankalian".

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