I am steel! I am the cold killer! Wherever tyranny oppressing the weak! Wherever the evil rise! I will be there! To destroy!

Vankalian, better known as "Steel Carssarian" by his soldiers, is the former great general of the United Federation of Species and current leader of the Steel Soliders. He is a living leyend between the Federation citizens and half of the USF's most powerful couple, because his wife is the Senator Supremme of the Federation: Aranelia Brinal.



Vankalian was born on the port planet Baneran, on the Omega Region of a galaxy on a parallel universe, where the Federation was the most powerful empire. He was the single son of a poor family, small ship repairers.

About ten years after his birth, Vankalian met a boy of five years which he said, was called Zatock Zein, the boy was an orphan so Vankalian convinced his parents to take him. It was a year after this that Vankalian noticed her new brother caused certain effects on those close to him, which subsequently led to the tragic death of his parents.

Vankalian carrier and had to turn the security guard Baneran mobsters to keep his brother. It happened that after fifteen years in that situation Zein had a supposed revelation that predicted the destruction of the entire universe, so Vankalian acomapañarlo reluctantly accepted the capital of the Federation to advise the Senate of the cataclysm.

Federation ChampionEdit

During the Great Ring War, Vankalian led the special forces of the Federation in a run to stop the threat that dwelt in the galactic core, in order to activate an ancient artifact and flee to us dying universe. Vankalian led numerous campaigns against the enemies of the Federation, looking down tyrants of different planets, sabotaging enemy plans empires, but the power of the aliens known as the Macraborg were too powerful for the federation could cope.

In a final crusade, Vankalian managed to disable trade routes of Macraborg, allowing the Federation to launch a desperate attack against the enemy empire's capital. At that time, was appointed Vankalian newly formed Great Triumvirate, titled Fist of the Senate, would face the biggest challenge in that universe, attacking the tabernacle of Macraborg, on the border of no return the supermassive black hole, which was based the enemy capital.

Scape and MourningEdit

Vankalian, with the support of his two companions in the triumvirate, his brother Zatock Zein, and the Supreme Senator, Aranelia Brinal, launches the final attack to recover the artifact. After defeating countless enemies, Vankalian faces closely with the Master of War Macraborg, battle he barely survives.

Wounded and full of glory, Vankalian escapes a decaying universe, only to be informed that his beloved brother died after falling into the black hole. After making the deserved mourning for her brother, marries his partner and friend, Aranelia.

Great GeneralEdit

Vanklaian, since then, has sought his brother, claiming he could not die. Not to mention it has made several achievements such as overthrowing a tyrant, Mask, have been stuck in hyperspace and face the terrible Drakodominatus unaided.

Attero DominatusEdit

During the Attero Dominatus Campaing, Vankalian fought with the Dominatus again, but this time the things was different. During the Tasan Crisis, Vankalian was deadly harmed, and the only hope for him was be "techno-ascended" and became into a cyborg. The techno-ascension became him more powerful, tough and smart, but the part of his personality that made him heroic and gentle was increased.

After his "ascension", the Senate transferred him to a position more in line with his personality, driving him team leader supersoldiers known as the Steel Soldiers.



Vankalian is not too different from most of the Giomus, he is tall, slim and he has most of the Giomus features, as feathers in his back, a long and strong tail, two horns in his head, etc. Vankalian is even taller than most of the Giomus, being nearly two metres tall, also he is faster and more agile from the standar Giomus, specially after he be imporved by biomech.
Some things difference Vankalian from a standar Giomus is some of the features that came as an secundary effect to the techno-ascension, as his shining silver skin, and his robotic eyes.


Vankalian is known for be a born strategist, but often include tactiacs plans unrealistic, often illogical because of the high concentration of heroism and madness that must tenera those who made ​​the plan to achieve victory (which rarely survive and if they do is by some strange and fortunate twist of fate). Surprisingly, even counting this, Vankalian is a very charismatic and pragmatic, being simply adored by his countrymen. Another feature of Vankalian is that he is one of the only men in the Federation that has a truly and well-meaning sense of nationalism, he is possibly the most nationalistic member in the Federation, that has sense when one looks his office.

After his techno-ascension, he became more cold and ruthless, and his strategies became a bit more intelligent. Anyway, due a technnical trouble when his personality was download into his new body, Vankalian's personality suffered a change, now, if he is under enough psychological pression, he becomes a terrible destroyer that kill anything in his way.


Vankalian hasn't mystical or magical abilities himself, but his training and practice have become capable of amazing physical feats, being able to run hundreds of miles without suffocating, fighting beasts than doubled in size and weight, and even fight combat robot with bare hands.

Also Vankalian is one of the USF citzen who has more biomechanical implants, being more than 97% mechanic, that allows him being faster, stronger and tougher than any other Giomus in the universe. His body is nearly a perfect machine that makes him absolutly efficient, also, as his personality and genetic code is uploaded in The Network if his body is destroyed, he will back, with a more advanced body and more powerful weapons.


Apart of his cyborg-powers and his armour, Vankalian accesses countless varied weapons and items, which mainly used in combat. One of this is Banerian, the Vankalian personnel rifle, a modified blaster rifle Vankalian on his home planet, to that is his name. Unlike a standard rifle, Banerian has a number of inputs or tactical tools aggregatable the weapon, this makes the rifle very versatile and useful. Also has a battery Banerian much more powerful than that of a common rifle, so shots are more powerful and far-reaching.

The most mysterius object in the Vankalian equipment is the "amulet of the destiny", nobody really knows what it is, but apparently it was designed by Zain Zatock, this amulet as a necklace or reliquary has the unusual ability to increase the capacity of the esscence use it temporarily. Vankalian rarely uses it, saying that "the magic is just an illusion".

Relationships Edit

Green face FriendsEdit

My memories tell me that you are one of the good guys.

Blue face AlliesEdit

You have showed me that you are dependable.

Yellow face NeutralEdit

I have not done a full analysis of you, talk.

Red face EnemiesEdit

I will enjoy this.

  • Cult of the Deathmarch- I dread to think that there are beings like these out there.
  • Drakodominatus Tyranny- Even I have scars from our battles, are formidable enemies.
  • Supreme Commander Mask- MASK! Why it had to be Mask?


From himselfEdit

There are a small line between the courage and the madness, I don't know if I cross it yet

When the time arrive you will understand something... The plan A never works, it is better improvise on the fly

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The madness is just another kind of sanity.
The sanity of an insane person.
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