I am named Vanikaimar. I am the last voice of the Nagith. With my people gone, I have nothing more to lose.

- Vanikaimar to Ryen and Helo Roslia

Vanikaimar was an ancient Nagith who served under the Aldárae Order. Formerly a commander of the old Nagith Empire, he was captured and used as a test subject by the Neraida Gigamatrix for over 25,000 years, until he was reawakened by the efforts of Master Ryen during the Neraida War. Pledging his allegiance to the old Osteola master, Vanikaimar acted as one of the warriors of the Order of the Lord of Starlight - while largely unconcerned with the Order's goals, all who opposed him or the life of Master Ryen's students faced the full might of his ancient power.


Early HistoryEdit

Vanikaimar was born during the final centuries of the Nagith Empire, during its ancient war against the First Republic. His Empire was ruthless but accepting to those who pledged themselves to it - all races who joined it eventually became accepted as being Nagith, regardless of origins -, and Vanikaimar was part of one of the last generations of true, pureblood Nagith. Praised for his great strength and intelligence, he would rise among the ranks of the Nagith Empire's military and become one of its commanders in the war against the Republic.

Complications arose when the Children, a race of synthetic servitors, rebelled against the Nagith. Vanikaimar would be put among the forces dedicated to fight them, but at that stage, he would realize he was fighting a losing battle - the Republic and the Children together were too much for the Empire to handle. Eventually, Vanikaimar's fleet was defeated by the Children and he was taken hostage by them, being put to slumber within a dyson sphere at the Unknown Regions to serve as a test subject for the creatures who would later be known as Neraida.

Long after the defeat of the Nagith Empire and the extinction of the true Nagith race, Vanikaimar remained under the custody of the Cyrannian Neraida, vaguely aware of the passage of time. He would grow aware of the battles between the Neraida and the Bisistar Domain, as well as their battles against the Cogsangui. In the wars prior to the Great Cyrannus War, Vanikaimar would also sense Tyrómairon's presence when he invaded Neraida space and took Meketanor from them, an event which the Nagith described as filling him with dread.


Mystery of the Nagith 02

Vanikaimar is freed from his stasis pod.


Vanimaikar battles Aedanius II of Neraida at the Neraida Core.

During the events of the Neraida War, Vanikaimar's dyson sphere prison would be discovered by the New Cyrannian Republic through studying the databanks of the Neraida drone Sakhmet. Master Ryen and Helo Roslia would venture into the sphere and discover Vanikaimar's stasis pod before freeing him from his slumber. Initially startled over how much time had truly passed since his imprisonment, the Nagith would agree with aiding the Republic against the Neraida by giving them the location of their new Core as well as insight on them and his own Empire.

After the defeat of the Neraida, Vanikaimar decided to follow Master Ryen out of gratitude and became an inhabitant of Aldár. While officially a member of the reborn Aldárae Order, the Nagith has no interest in their goals nor does he show any appreciation for Apolithanatár, reacting to the Oikoumene's presence with indifference when he first appeared to the Order. Being put alongside Aoirtae Valaeris and Kara Inviá, he would participate in the rescue of Apollo, the Battle of Ambar and the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall which brought about the Second Great Cyrannus War.

Second Great Cyrannus WarEdit

SGCW Precipice 02

Vanikaimar and Aoirtae speak to Jar'Dris Ravencrow of the Rambo Loyalist.

As the Second Great War raged on, Vanikaimar remained among the Aldárae Order's ranks in order to provide support to the Republic. During the Battle of Coruanthor, he was dispatched alongside his fellow Aldárae companions in rescuing the Coruanthori council, only to find them massacred by the Phaedric Lord Echoriax; following a short battle, she would retreat and the Aldárae knights departed when the Republic claimed victory over the planet.

In the following months, Vanikaimar also participated in the Borealis Front by providing aid in the battle against Harbinger, a Greater Nightmare of the Corruptus, and later the New Republic Civil War by contacting the Rambo Loyalist in order to find the whereabouts of Laoi Cretacea, the son of Apollo, who was being held hostage at Pauvenris. What followed was Vanikaimar's participation in the fall of Rambo Nation where he contributed to the death of High King Rambert Ramveral and ousted Mar-Júun as responsible for the war between the Rambo and the Republic.


Vanikaimar's final stand against the Pheadric Order.

Vanikaimar was a pivotal combatant during the Great Battle of Orbispira, where he was the one who revealed the existence of the ancient beacons once used to defeat the Nagith, which could now be used to call reinforcements across the galaxy. The ancient warrior would finally meet his end once the beacons were lit, buying time for Aoirtae and Kara to escape the Phaedric Order by facing them all on his own, a sacrifice which bought them some time. While Vanikaimar fell in battle, he took Lords Echoriax and Cythonia with him in a display of fury and skill which shook the Phaedra, despite his inability to wield the Valin'uvalyë.

While his body was never recovered, his weapon was found and is now under the possession of Aoirtae.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Vanikaimar was a tall member of the true, original Nagith, a race of bipedal reptilians. He wore a very ancient but extremely advanced set of armor, common for Nagith of his rank during his days as a commander, which rivaled the technology of the modern day's galactic nations.

Personality and TraitsEdit


Vanikaimar was a fearsome sight to behold.

Vanikaimar was at one point patriotic and protective for the Nagith Empire's continued existence, though all of these feelings were long shattered after what felt like an eternity imprisoned by the Neraida. A highly cynical and pessimistic individual, he was notable for his constant sour mood, dry sarcasm and blunt wit, often stating his distaste for things out loud whenever he pleased. While the ancient Nagith revered the Oikoumene as gods, Vanikaimar showed no respect for Apolithanatár, much to the chagrin of other members of the Aldárae Order, due to the years of torture under the Neraida making him lose what faith he had in the past. He showed particular disdain for the Basileus race and often suggested them be driven to extinction.

In battle, Vanikaimar fought with a combination of great physical prowess and his weapon of choice, a large blade on a staff - appearing to be a highly advanced version of a naginata. His armor allowed him to shrug off energy weapons, its shielding much stronger than it seemed, as he would simply charge through weapon fire to get to his enemy. Unlike most members of the Aldárae Order, Vanikaimar was not able to manipulate the Light, and used a Republic-grade assault rifle in order to fight enemies at range.



Blue faceSpeak.


Yellow faceDo not waste my time.


Red faceYou will die.


A wise leader knows when to follow.

- Du'utahrovin

I'll make a Sentinel out of you, yet!

- Ryen

I do with my colleagues would've brought back your body. Such a powerful warrior could've served well in my labs as a base for further spawn.

- Crothal




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