You do not know what it takes to win a war... but I do.

- Vandorallen, to General Nakatar during the Battle of the Hubworld

Vandorallen was a male Libertus who served as Lord of the Phaedric Order, prior to his death at the hands of Aoirtae Valaeris during the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall in 15 NE.

A native of Cyroenia, Vandorallen grew up with a strong sense of honour and a moral obligation to protect the weak, an aspect of his personality manipulated by the Dark Lord, leading him to become an acolyte of the Mornûnendur. Though he initially retained these virtuous qualities during his early days under the Emperor, as he grew more powerful, so too did his apathy and sadism. Though he was physically strong, like most Phaedric Lords, he preferred using his mastery over Darkness to combat the enemies of the Dark Lord. In this capacity, Vandorallen often served as the Emperor's Emissary.

Vandorallen played a crucial role in the events leading to the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, fighting against the nascent Aldárae Order to maintain the supremacy of the Empire, only to be killed by Aoirtae during the opening battle of the conflict.


Early HistoryEdit

Vandorallen was born on the Core World of Cyroenia in the year 33 BNE. Like most of the natives of his planet, Vandorallen's descendants came from Capricaerón, a fact that most Cyroenians are happy to mention in conversation. As he grew up, Vandorallen developed a keen interest in the old stories of the Oikoumene and became a firm believer that one-day, the Libertus would reclaim the Oikoumene's place. He also grew up with a keen sense of honour and a strong moral conviction to do what he saw was right. When he became old enough, these morals aided the newly arisen Dark Lord in indoctrinating Vandorallen as a new acolyte of the Mornûnendur. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, Vandorallen rarely left the Mornûnendur's lair deep within the Core of Orbispira, instead opting to remain, often aiding Ekrillium with the discovery of new lore previously lost to the ages. Though Ekrillium distrusted the use of acolytes, he eventually became rather fond of the Libertus due to their similar personalities and devotion to the Dark Lord's plan.


The acolytes confront the Primercer.

During the third year of the Dark Times, Vandorallen became concerned when he learned of the reawakening of the Licent, an ancient Oikoumene AI that greatly unnerved his master. As it would later turn out, Vandorallen's concerns were well founded when the Cognatus Empire managed to resurrect the Primercer, Tyrómairon's ancient enemy. Under orders from Mormuadaín, Vandorallen joined his follower acolytes Agonânghâsh and Meketanor in an assault on the Primercer's lair. The three acolytes caused massive damage to the central city on Cognalorilos, ultimately destroying the Licent though failing to kill the Primercer. When Vandorallen returned to Orbispira, he reported the mission's outcome to the Mornûnendur, who began to formulate a more calculated strike.

Lord of the PhaedraEdit

As a Phaedric Lord, Vandorallen would fight against the demonic spawn of the Corruptus world Brezank during the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone and would subsequently be tasked with infiltrating the Capricorn Remnant Alliance, a rebel force opposed to the Empire's expansion. Though Vandorallen found such a mission distasteful, he nonetheless began influencing events behind the scenes in the Alliance which would lead it toward destruction. During the Cyrannian Cold War, this would come to a head with the Battle of the Hubworld, which would result in an Empire victory and Vandorallen's revelation that he was in fact posing as the President of the Alliance.

Taking command of the Imperial mission, Vandorallen would cruelly order the execution of the Alliance's leaders in addition to a brutal orbital bombardment against the citizens of the Hubworld. After delivering the Allied General Nakatar to the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation, Vandorallen would return to the Citadel of Antemurale, where he would begin plotting his next move.

Cyrannian Cold WarEdit

Battle of Ambar 04

Aoirtae duels Vandorallen during the Battle of Ambar.

What could you possibly hope to achieve here, Aldárae? Surely beings who claim to be wise know that against the power of the Dark Lord, there can be no victory.

- Vandorallen, during the Battle of Ambar

During the Battle of Ambar in 15 NE, Vandorallen fought alongside his fellow Phaedric Lords against an Aldárae incursion to liberate the Miluiel from the Dark Lord's clutches. During the battle, Vandorallen fought viciously against the young Ortella Aoirtae and Kara Inviá, the daughter of Apollo, and was most impressed with the power displayed by the young women. However, like his fellow Lords, he was defeated during the battle, and fled upon Apolithanatár's arrival. Seeking revenge against the Aldárae, Vandorallen travelled to the site of the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall, the first battlefield of the Second Great Cyrannus War, boarded the Silencer and duelled against Aoirtae once more. During the fight, though he physically overpowered her, he proved no match for her potential over the Light, and was cut down and killed by her blade.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Vandorallen appeared much like a typical male Libertus, though he possessed a dark golden colouration while his eyes often glowed brightly, something that other beings found unnerving. However, Vandorallen could control this trait and was one of the few acolytes who could pass as a typical member of his race. Vandorallen often wore an ancient Oikoumene armour infused with Mornûnenduran energy, though when not on official duty, he preferred to wear maroon robes, such as while delving through the ancient tomes of the past.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Like all the acolytes, Vandorallen was motivated fully by the desire to serve the Dark Lord Tyrómairon in his plan. However, beyond this, he had a diverse personality. Though not considered a Libertus-supremacist, Vandorallen believed that his people are destined to rule Cyrannus and saw his master as a means to get there. During his early life, he also had a deep sense of personal honour and unless directly conflicting with a direct order from Tyrómairon, he would never dream of killing an innocent civilian, something that other acolytes such as Meketanor saw as a weakness. Over time however, such moral concerns vanished from Vandorallen's mind, to the point where he cruelly ordered the execution of the leaders of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance, in addition to the people of the Hubworld. In the case of the latter, he would therefore be responsible for the deaths of millions. Vandorallen claimed that he was sparing them from the hellfire wrought by the firing of the Imperial Battlestation in the days to come. Vandorallen was a keen supporter of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and had an active dislike for Apollo, the New Cyrannian Republic and his eventual killer, Aoirtae Valaeris.



Green faceI will serve.


Blue faceWe serve.


Yellow face...


Orange faceI do not wish to hurt you...


Red faceYour judgement has come.


The Libertus was always weak! So much he fell to the blade of children!

- Meketanor

I have witnessed the power of the Phaedra through him. I can see the reason they are both feared and respected.

- Mortalagueis

Perfect, another silver-tongued lizard who thinks terrifying the universe into submission is a sound long-term strategy. The Empire is most certainly not short on those.

- Saros Savenium, viceroy of the Draconid Imperium in Cyrannus



  • Like Laege Shavalera, Vandorallen was renamed to sound more like a Libertus.
  • Vandorallen's original name was Kossa-Vole.


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