With every breath, you defy the Emperor, with every act, your order poisons the galaxy, threatens our hard-fought peace and order. I will not rest until the Republic is dead and gone. Starting with you.

- Vandalion, speaking to Aoirtae Valaeris

Vandalion was a male Basileus who served as the Grand Inquisitor of the Imperial Inquisition. Stationed in the outer regions of the Empire, including its sprawling extragalactic territories, Vandalion specialised in overseeing many of the Empire's most crucial operations, including missions ranging from assassination to regime change, before his promotion to oversee all Inquisitorial operations in the Gigaquadrant. Though he believed that the Basileus are a superior race, he was not as overtly specistic as many of his kin, though he shared a condescending persona emblematic of both his race and agents of the Imperial Inquisition.

Vandalion first emerged to galactic prominence during the Cyrannian Cold War, which brought him into direct conflict with the Aldárae Order and specifically, the young Ortella known as Aoirtae Valaeris. Toward the end of the quasi-conflict, Grand Admiral Tector Decimius organised his capture by the Order, revealing to them the existence of the dreaded Ecimaex superweapon. Before they could charge him for his crimes, however, Vandalion escaped their clutches and returned to Imperial space to help plot the Empire's next move.

Ascending to the rank of Grand Inquisitor immediately prior to the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, Vandalion ruthlessly began rooting out any and all internal opposition to the war effort within the Empire, though was seriously injured during the Battle of Laurantia at the hands of Grandmaster Ryen of the Aldárae Order. The Inquisitor survived, however, and faced down his nemesis Aoirtae one final time during the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds, during which he met his end.


Early LifeEdit


Vandalion was born in Vasuband's capital city of Basilban in 39 BNE.

Vandalion was born on the Basileus homeworld of Vasuband in 39 BNE to a wealthy family of merchants based out of the capital city of Basilban. As an intelligent and clearly ruthless young man, Vandalion's family was approached by the elite forces of the Justiciars of the Imperium, a group of roving knights, diplomats and sages considered to be the official enforcers of the rule of the Basileus Imperator. Throughout his teenage years, Vandalion was raised by the Justiciars away from his family on the outer Basileus colony of Alinvolkhel, where he was forced to endure years of indoctrination and both physical and mental trials.

When he came of age, he was assigned as a protector to a senior Justiciar and spent the subsequent eight years travelling throughout Basileus space and beyond in search of those who would defy the decrees of the mighty Basileus Imperium. By the time the Great Cyrannus War erupted throughout the galaxy, Vandalion was a fully fledged agent of the Imperium, whose voice was well respected in the halls of power on Vasuband. Charged with formenting rebellion on worlds held by the United Republic of Cyrannus, Vandalion grew to distrust the Confederacy of Allied Systems as the war progressed, becoming convinced that they would impose a regime identical to the Republic if they secured victory. He was therefore pleased when Imperator Tyranus declared the departure of the Basileus from the Confederacy as well as the subsequent rise of the New Basileus Empire.

Vandalion was given free reign under the Basileus Empire, being stationed aboard the mighty Basileus dreadnought Dominion of Vasuband during incursions into the Inner Rim of the galaxy. When the third year of the conflict came to an end, Vandalion was shocked when the Basileus Empire, the Republic and the Confederacy were all swallowed up into a single galactic regime known as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Though initially hesitant about the Empire, the high status of the Basileus within Imperial power structures eventually swayed his opinion toward supporting it. Over the subsequent three years, Vandalion continued his role as Justiciar, remaining loyal to the Empire despite the rebellions of both Tyranus and Tyermaillin. Indeed, he became one of the most feared agents of the Empire within the Cyrannian Imperial State, knowledgeable of the many ways to inflict maximum pain on dissident Basileus.

Imperial InquisitorEdit

Upon the formation of the Imperial Inquisition in 04 NE, Vandalion's role evolved from that of a mere Justiciar to the newly formed position of Inquisitarial Justiciar, a rank which merged the powers of a Basileus Justiciar and an Imperial Inquisitor, affording the wily Basileus a position considerably more powerful than either within Imperial space. Commanded by the Grand Inquisitor himself, Vandalion fought to destablise the Imperial State during the final months of its existence before finally seeing direct action during the Siege of Vasuband, being instrumental in liberating the capital of Basilban. After the end of the war, Vandalion was dispatched to the outer regions of the Empire, where he awaited his next mission.

The Resurgent Order of Light

Aoirtae Valaeris takes up Ryen's blade against the Inquisitor.

Vandalion: "Your presence here is unexpected, "Master" Ryen. But it is not unwelcome. Your capture will please Lord Venatorius."
Ryen: "On the contrary. He will be disappointed that his lackey has failed."
―Vandalion and Ryen

While tracking the crew of the Auethnen Raptor in the unclaimed space near Andustar, Vandalion, in command of his Rapax assualt ship, gave chase to the Raptor, along with a small squadron of Imperial fighters. Distracting the ship with the fighters, Vandalion managed to beam away a single occupant of the ship when its shields briefly dropped, before withdrawing. Taking the girl to the brig, he was irritated by her lack of respect and her refusal to give up the name and location of her friends, ultimately deciding that she would spend the rest of her life as a slave on Vurdon for her insolence.

Unbeknown to Vandalion, his ship was tracked in turn by the Raptor, the crew of which sought to rescue Aoirtae. On Vurdon, the Raptor arrived just in time to witness Aoirtae unleash the power within, throwing off Vandalion's guards as they escorted her to the mines. Stepping forward from his ship, Vandalion met his prey, Master Ryen in combat. While Ryen was far superior in skill, Vandalion utilised his compassion against him, striking him down as he tried to save a group of slaves. Just as the Inquisitor was about to finish Ryen off, Aoirtae rushed forward, took up Ryen's blade and defeated Vandalion in a vicious duel. When Aoirtae, Ryen and the crew of the Raptor escaped, Vandalion promptly contacted the Phaedric Lord Venatorius to warn him of the threat posed by the agents of the Light.

Guardians of the New Republic 04

Vandalion brandishes his blade.

Decimius' Machinations
Vandalion: "It is as the you predicted. Senator Apollo and his cohorts have been captured. He sent out a transmission to the Aldárae before losing consciousness."
Decimius: "Excellent. Your Inquisition need not seek out the Aldárae, when they will act of their own volition. My web has been spun, the trap laid. Soon, we will spring it."
―Vandalion and Grand Admiral Tector Decimius

Several years later, Inquisitor Vandalion was at the heart of a nefarious plot by the Inquisition to destabilize the New Republic by fomenting chaos within the Eastern Borxderland Alliance, a quasi-union of disenfranchised worlds seeking to reform he Republic in their own image. In order to do so, he disrupted the peace negotiations between the Rihanaen, prompting President Nexarón Valkistair to send Senator Apollo and Doctor Dané Elenya to smooth over tensions. Vandalion's machinations culminated in the wily Basileus executing the Borderland Alliance's senator Tanarr-Nuin and capturing Apollo and his companions, including Nuin's daughter Arasah, though he failed to kill the other Republic senators which had travelled to Rihanae to oversee the peace negotiations.

As Grand Admiral Tector Decimius predicted, the Aldárae sent Kara Inviá, Aoirtae Valaeris and Vanikaimar to Rihanae to rescue the captive Senator. There, Aoirtae fought viciously with Vandalion, though the Basileus had garnered some strength in the Dark—the energy utilised by the Phaedric Order. Though he defeated Aoirtae, he was surprised by Vanikaimar's strength, with the ancient Nagith knocking him unconscious and bringing him back to Aldár to answer for his crimes. There, he revealed the existence of the Ecimaex superweapon, but before he could be questioned further, he revealed his ruse, escaping into hyperspace with the help of the Grand Admiral.

SGCW Battle of Laurantia 02

Arasah-Nui and Ryen face Inquisitor Vandalion.

Vandalion would eventually be promoted to the rank of Grand Inquisitor, seizing it from Charcar'maer, just prior to the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, during which he was present on the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation.

Second Great WarEdit

Confrontation on Laurantia

Ah, Ryen, I remember this little girl. I skewered her dear papa, if I remember correctly. If it's any comfort, mammal, you'll be joining him soon enough.

- Vandalion, to Ryen and Arasah Nui

During the Battle of Laurantia, Vandalion led the Imperial defence of the Outer Rim world, intent on preventing it from falling into Republic hands. During the battle, he confronted Master Ryen and Arasah Nui once more, provoking the young Cargura into a duel. Though he defeated her, he was severely injured when Ryen engulfed him in mystical fire, burning much of his body. Knocked unconscious, Vandalion was escorted off the planet by Imperial medics.


Aoirtae faces off against Vandalion one last time.

Vandalion ultimately survived his injuries, and was stationed on Capricaerón alongside Charcar'maer, where they were tasked with seeking out and destroying any rebellious inhabitants seeking to aid the New Republic Remnant. In 20 NE, he was present on the planet during the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds, where he engaged with Aoirtae in a vicious duel to the death on the streets of wartorn Capricaepolis. Though he taunted the Aldárae for her inexperience during their duel, he failed to account for her advanced training, and was cut down by the more powerful Aldárae mere moments after Charcar'maer himself fell to Kara Inviá.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Vandalion was in most respects a typical example of a young male Basileus, being of the most common ethnicity of wine-scaled Basileus which included Tyranus, Carandial and Nirndal. Standing just over three metres tall, Vandalion was one of the few Imperial Inquisitors who did not wear the Inquisitorial armour generally bestowed upon agents of the Inquisition upon their promotion. Instead--as is appropriate for his role as Justiciar--Vandalion generally preferred to be garbed in ceremonial hooded Basileus robes, indicative of both his high status within the Empire and his important cultural status amongst his fellow Basileus.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Imperial supremacy is the only truth in this galaxy. I am the enforcer of that truth.

- Inquisitorial Justiciar Vandalion

As should be expected from a Basileus agent of the Imperial Inquisition, Vandalion was condescending, arrogant and contemptuous of non-Imperials. Despite being a loyal agent of the Empire, Vandalion considered himself to be "superiorly bred" in comparison to non-Basileus members of the Empire, though he was quite capable of suppressing these feelings in order to further his chances of progression within the Imperial hierarchy. Nevertheless, while Vandalion's personality traits in this regard often manifested themselves during encounters with either rebels or simply those Vandalion dislikes, they did not represent the whole of his personality. Indeed, as a Justiciar, Vandalion was a shrewd diplomat quite capable of being both charming and humourless should a mission require a more deft touch.



Green faceDo not presume upon our friendship. My first and only loyalty is to the Empire.

  • None


Blue faceYou have earned my acknowledgement. Be grateful.


Orange faceI'd kill you where you stand were I not bound by oath.


Red faceYour life is now forfeit.

  • Apollo: Soon... your Republic will be thrall to the Empire!
  • Mar-Júun: Demonic filth! Death will be your only salvation.
  • Aoirtae Valaeris: You will not be so fortunate, next we meet.
  • Ryen: I have defeated you once, and I will do so again.


Your service is satisfactory, nothing more.

- The Imperial Overseer

Those of my kind who willingly serve the Pretender will be subject to intense... re-education.

- Mar-Júun

I detest all Basileus, but this one particularly irritates me. I would see his knees broken and force him to walk through hot coal... It is not something my kind used to do, I would simply like to watch it happen.

- Vanikaimar



  • Vandalion was introduced in January 2016 and will be a major Imperial character in future fiction.
  • His appearance is based on that of an Argonian mage in the Elder Scrolls Online.


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