I would strive to achieve a universe in which we can all coexist. Sometimes, diplomacy does not always succeed, but we will try our hardest.

- Valzo

Valzo was the most famous Galot captain, who served as a loyal captain in the Galot Republic and later within the United Nations of Ottzello, before becoming a Leader of the Unified Nation of Ottzello. He fathered Feldosia's child, Valzaria, before his death, making him partially responsible for the return of the Galotian species.

Much like the rest of his kind, Valzo was a kind and peaceful individual who fancied himself an explorer. However, he was also a strong fighter by Galot standards and was skilled with using his weaponry. Valzo served primarily as a captain for the Galot Republic, fulfilling the role both as soldier and diplomat, due to their limited military. When the Galot Republic's President Regto passed away, he took over as the Galot leader in the United Nations, a role he retained in the Unified Nation.


Early historyEdit

Valzo was born to a wealthy Galot family of lawyers, and had a mostly sheltered and upper class upbringing. He had dreamed of piloting a starship and exploring the galaxy, wishing to expand beyond the simple life he had lived with them. Though initially disappointed that he did not intend to pass the torch and become a lawyer himself, his family willingly supported his bid to train as a pilot, and bought him his first vessel.

After exploring the stars with a crew he had recruited, encountering many space pirates and criminals along the way as he sought adventure and met new species, Valzo received a Presidential Award for his many discoveries, and soon was employed directly by the Republic as both a diplomat and a soldier.

Ottzello warsEdit

When the First Ottzello Galactic War begun, Valzo was summoned to help lead the Galot Republic's efforts against Da Propa Big Loron Empire, due to the Republic's very limited military. Galot was able to muster forces that could slow down their attacks, using his expertise against space pirates to fight off many Loron forces, though he was unable to deal a significant blow to them.

Later, President Regto of the Galot Republic asked Valzo along with the Telzoc captain Zelfron to assist Delpha Coalition of Planets Warlord Titanozor when recapturing a planet that contained Vyro'Narza artifacts from the Loron. Valzo would then help fight alongside the Delpha Coalition against the Loron, until they fled the galaxy in the Second Ottzello Galactic War. During this time, Valzo was crucial to securing an agreement with Dakster of the Grand Ottzel Order, and later attempted to negotiate with the Kralgon Invasion Force, but instead could not do so and was forced to evacuate and hide the rest of the United Nations of Ottzello after President Regto was killed. He became a leading figure for the United Nations during the Third Ottzello Galactic War, in which he was tasked to work alongside Feldosia to search for help against them.

Unified Nation of OttzelloEdit

Following the Third Ottzello Galactic War's conclusion, Valzo was one of the founding members and a Leader of the Unified Nation of Ottzello. He helped search for a new home for the Unified Nation when the Annihilation destroyed the Ottzello Galaxy, as he helped moved them to the Ottzello Sector of the Borealis Galaxy. He served as the key diplomatic member of the Unified Nation of Ottzello Leaders.

During the Second Borealis Galactic War, Valzo fell in love with Feldosia, as the two learned that their species shared DNA. He fathered her child in secret, making him one of the new progenitors of the Galotians, before he was killed by Sollow.



Valzo has been known to wear typically regal and upper class clothing, which hails from his upbringing. He has been thought to be very handsome among Galot, and his charming and calm appearance presents a pleasant face to be used when negotiating with other species. He also wears some armament at all times so as to protect him from danger, but not too much to ensure he does not frighten others.


Valzo had a very sheltered upbringing, and grew up very pacifistic and idealistic, but also desired adventure. However, his years of exploring the worse parts of the galaxy, and learning more about the harsh conditions of those in lower classes or on planets ravaged by crime, have since changed him. He will strive to achieve diplomacy and peace any way possible through dialogue, but is prepared for the consequences when that is not possible.


Valzo made use of limited equipment during the Galot Republic aside from a shield generator, dual-wielded few turbolaser handguns and missile launchers. Since then, he has made use of plasma rifles, plasma cannons and missile launchers to fend off foes in the Unified Nation.



Green faceMy allies. We shall co-operate, for the great good!

  • UNOL - It is a pleasure to work with you!
  • Dakster - Once a friend, always a friend.
  • Vekaron - You remind me of myself in the Ottzello Galaxy in some ways. However, you are a far better captain than I could hope to be.


Yellow faceI'm sure we can work together somehow.

  • Falrik Zaarkhun - You seem to be coming to your senses, but I've known you to betray me before.


Orange faceI wish you saw the advantages of working together.

  • None


I didn't know that, after all he's been through, he could possibly still remain the same nice person we all know.

- Dakster

Were it not for him, UNOL would be almost incapable of diplomacy.

- Kralgon Emperor

He great person indeed.

- Tuolog

hur man hes too noic an peecful an a stoopid wimp

- Zr'Ahgloth

Diplomat, I'll break you and your spirit until you learn peace is impossible.

- Kolossus
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