The invisible hand can change more lives at one time than an iron fist. But sometimes it helps to bring that fist out to bloody some smug dissident

Valserion Trestar Khaxvis is a high-ranking member of the Khaxvis Resurgence and one of Volkarus "Blessed Few". Currently the chief executor of the Resurgence's operations, Valserion has gathered a considerable amount of influence within the ranks of the Blessed Few, his current rank being an honour given to him by Volkarus himself.

Valserion is an adherer to the principle that there are better ways to gain power and influence than gaining territory, and has his sights set on becoming one of the next greatest crime lords of the Borealis Galaxy.


Valserion was not born in the enclaves maintained by the Khaxvis Resurgence like other members of the faction, instead he was born on the elders' flotilla. He grew up in a contained spacebound environment and took a shine to logistics as he was growing up, impressing the Elders with his organisational skills.

Utilising this knowledge and understanding, Valserion was put to work managing the various mercenary companies that the resurgence hired and over the course of a decade was able to streamline the books within his department, allowing more mercenaries ot be hired as well as exploiting loopholes. To further improve his skills, he was given several computational implants that enhanced his thinking ability and allowed him to track larger numbers at a faster rate, becoming a hyper-competent administrator and rising further through the administrative ranks.

In the early Andromeda War Valserion had gained enough trust amongst his kin that he eventually found himself working within the resurgence's flagship. His knowledge gained him noticed withi nth einner circle. On the day Tyraz addressed the council he was in the crowd and watched as Tyraz transformed into a colossal demon and saved the entire chamber from an Inquisition virus bomb. Surprised he found himself interested in the power Tyraz wielded, he became one of dozens in the room who accepted Tyraz's gift of descension, originally reluctant due to the prospect of death, momentarily made more hesitant when he saw the two inductees before him were revived as the undead, who were swiftly killed before him.

Valserion later overheard Tyraz talking to two guards who had also undergone the process, originally disappointed when they wondered about establishing their own personal empires, the thought constantly collected in his mind for the next several years, though the war's progression and through the New Dawn period. During the period of Volkarus' death, Valserion sought to reunite the fractured resurgence, gathering other Blessed Few under him and disciplining more rebellious groups. Over time he secretly fashioned himself as one of Volkarus' rightful successors. Being overcome with both disappointment and relief when Volkarus returned in ID.219503.


Valserion was thrilled when Volkarus offered him the opportunity to expand Resurgence operations. He became even closer to the resurgence's head after Vedrix's death at the climax of Operation: Red Snake Rising and spared no opportunity to expand hsi influence n the new galaxy. He realised that with Volakrus dealing with matters in Andromeda, he could realise his own vision. Knowing the overt nature of building an empire, he focused on a more clandestine approach, exploiting the money-driven PMCs and black market outlets that the galaxy had to offer, he fashioned himself a custom starship which he decided to use as a remote base of operations within the galaxy, further consolidating his power with acts of hostile takeover, embezzlement, market manipulation, extortion, piracy, protection rackets and placing pressure on present pirate empires. He saw Borealis as a canvas and decided to paint it in colours that suited him.

After the Draconid Imperium moved out of Borealis in ID.219506, he stayed for the most part. Under his direct order, his command fleet was moved to the fringes of the galaxy's halo region. He secretly used a combination of the galaxy's communication systems and a series of middle-men to continue influencing the movement of goods and currency throughout the criminal underworld and the galactic black markets. Effectively becoming a shadow far from the eyes of civilisation.



Modified as with the rest of the Khaxvis bloodline, Valserion stands taller then other draconis and at full high, horns excluded, stands at 3.2 metres in height. Extending from the back of his head are two pairs of horns, between which is a large mass of strandlike hair, some of which is braided. His body is adorned with deep crimsons scales, a trait many of his siblings share.

Valserion takes pride in his appearence, as well as the aforementioned braiding, he is also commonly seen wearing a long elegant crimson high-collar coat, trimmed with silver. This civilian elegance contrasts the light body armour he wears underneath it.


Valserion is tactful on the outside, often preferring a civil option in outward conversation and even offering his enemies a chance to step back, retreat or even switch sides before reacting to their decision. When threatened with violence however, he is not above showing the unnatural strength his status as one of the Blessed Few has given him and has been known to indulge in acts of sadism to satisfy a deeper bloodlust.

Despite this bloodlust, on a strategic level he has been witnessed to be extremely competent, preferring to keep a low profile on his work or using diversion or disguise tactics to shift the blame, Valserion has gained a reputation as a competent operator of deception, going as far as to pull of a heroic image to some figures. His supernatural nature has aside from a few individuals, is largely unknown about it largely because of the Borealis Galaxy's attitude to demonic entities.


Valserion wears a layer of light nanoalloyed ceramic body armour in an attempt to disguise the qualities he possesses as a descended being. Attached to his gauntlets are two wrist-mounted chains with retractable barbs. Using implants he can also call for the chains to at-will deploy scalpel-sharp barbs. He bears numerous other implants inside his body that are used for various purposes.


Valserion has trained himself proficiently in the barbed chains he uses as a weapon. He can can control by manipulating the motion of each segment in a domino effect can command the barbs of these chains to extend or retract at will.

Volkarus gave him his position not simply because he is one of the Blessed Few, but also due to his extreme strategic and administrative ability, as he has largely kept a firm leash on Resurgence operations within Borealis. Despite this apparent restraint, it is evident from operations that he is very capable as an administrator, performing feats such as raiding, sabotaging exploiting and generally undermining the other Borealis power for his and the Resurgence's gain.



Green face.pngLet's work to a mutual advantage shall we?


Yellow face.pngI have no business with you unless you get in my way.


Orange face.pngStep by step, your assets become mine!

  • Torrent - Count your assets, Kvargo. Go on, count them.
  • Billig Oltauris - Another rival for the head of the pile.


Red face.pngI can use more than rifles and tanks to completely bury you!

  • Xerkea - I will grind your carapace beneath my boot!



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Great, more demons. Get the Imperium to take care of this one, it's their species after all.

- Xerkea

I'll teach you how I welcome demons in my galaxy.

- Torrent

Interesting. Become part of me.

- Vorius


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