The Republic's continuity is my only concern.

- Val Niathan

Val Niathan was a male Mon Nahdar who served the United Republic of Cyrannus, the Republic in Exile, the New Cyrannian Republic and later, the Cyrandia Resistance, prior to his death at the Battle of Ambar in 15 NE. As one of the many Mon Nahdar graduates in the Navy of the United Republic of Cyrannus, Niathan initially found it hard to make himself stand out, though his skill in battle was eventually noticed by none other than Willelmus Cretacea, who took Niathan under his wing during the Great Cyrannus War. Niathan played a key role in many of the conflict's greatest battles and by the end of the second year, he was granted the title of captain.

Niathan was a great lover of his people's culture and when the time came to choose a flagship for himself, he opted for a Mon Nahdar Cruiser known as the Liberty, instead of a generic Star Destroyer. Niathan and the Liberty were eventually stationed over Apatalore when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed. Niathan was horrified as the Republic he so passionately defended crumbled within a few short hours, replaced by a regime that soon forcibly subjugated his people and home planet.

The Empire's formation changed Niathan from a wide-eyed idealist into a cool-headed, cynical and merciless commander, determined to destroy the Empire, though when the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, he kept these feelings private. Serving with the Republic for several years, he eventually grew frustrated with the Senate's refusal to declare war upon the Empire and defected to the Cyrandia Resistance, taking the Liberty with him. Coming into contact with General Sesoka, Niathan offered his flagship as the Resistance flagship and interim capital, serving as the movement's unofficial fleet commander until the Battle of Ambar in 15 NE, during which he went down with the Liberty when it was destroyed by the Star Destroyer Accuser. Niathan is remembered as a hero in both the New Republic and the Resistance.


Early LifeEdit

Val Niathan was born on the Mon Nahdar homeworld of Nahdar in 29 BNE, only a few short years after Nahdar was exposed to the galactic community when it joined the Federation of United Worlds. Niathan's father joined the peace keeping armada of the Federation and from a young age, Niathan wanted to do the same. Soon after the United Republic of Cyrannus was formed, Niathan enrolled at the naval academy on Picona and graduated in 04 BNE. A year later, Niathan was assigned to the Resolute, the flagship of Willelmus Cretacea and saw active engagement in the Great Cyrannus War.

Great Cyrannus WarEdit

Cyroenia Battle

The Battle of Cyroenia.

Niathan fought in many key conflicts in the ensuing war including the decisive battles over Capricaerón and Cyroenia. His skills in leading people earned him the attention of Admiral Cretacea, who took Niathan under his wing, giving him special training in commanding and effectively leading fleets. Niathan took his job very seriously and developed a fervent love for the Republic he served.

Near the end of the second year, the Resolute was boarded by enemy Mortalitas and Tiranozark troops, who managed to incapacitate Cretacea and gain control over the ship. Gathering the remaining crew of the ship that weren't captured, Niathan organised an effective resistance campaign, ultimately being responsible for retaking the ship and rescuing the Admiral. Due to his exploits during the battle, he was recalled to Orbispira, where he was promoted to captain.

Instead of gaining command of a generic Star Destroyer, Niathan instead chose to command a Mon Nahdar cruiser, which was christened Liberty. In his new assignment, he was sent to the Quadrant Galaxies, where he was part of the fleet that was stationed in orbit over the URC colony world of Apatalore. While there, he became friendly with the Count of the planet, Apaltar.

Dark TimesEdit

Several months later, Niathan was heartbroken when the Republic fell and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus rose in its place. Vowing that he would never be party to that government, he was glad when Apaltar decided not to either, ultimately becoming an important military figure in the Republic in Exile. Niathan served under Laege Shavalera and the two military figures found a comradery in their hatred for the Empire, however these feelings were curbed by Apaltar's more diplomatic views on the matter. Niathan and the Liberty remained orbiting Apatalore for the remainder of the Exiled Republic's existence, with no conflict erupting on or near the planet that required his attention. However, Niathan's hatred for the Empire only increased when he learned that they had subjugated and enslaved his homeworld. Niathan promised himself that he would return to Cyrannus and liberate his people from the threat of the Empire.

New Cyrandia Wars

The meeting on the Liberty.

Niathan was delighted when the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, and even more so when he learned of his promotion to Commadore. Under direction from Apaltar and his old mentor Admiral Cretacea, Niathan aided in the designs of many of the starships that would lately shape the newly formed Republic Starfleet including the highly advanced Phoebus-class Star Destroyer and the Ares-class Assault Frigate. When the New Cyrandia Wars broke out, Niathan was chosen to be a member of President Apaltar's executive committee in order to coordinate the Republic throughout the emergency.

Resistance CommanderEdit

However, he eventually grew frustrated with Apaltar's indecisiveness against the Empire and left the New Republic Navy. Though he gave his officers the chance to remain, he took the Liberty, with the support of the government of Nahdar, and sought out General Sesoka, who was leading a nascent Cyrandia Resistance against the Empire. By joining the Resistance with the Liberty, Niathan brought with him a great deal of military power, with the Liberty serving as the command and control capital of the Resistance fleet.

War of Capricaerón

I support the New Republic completely, though at times diplomacy cannot work and a more serious approach is required.

- Val Niathan

Several months after joining the Resistance, Niathan led the fleet on a desperate mission to liberate the Libertus homeworld of Capricaeron from the Empire. During the War for Capricaerón, he brought the Liberty into low orbit over the capital city, where he deployed troops to help support General Sesoka against the rallying Imperial forces under the command of Captain Nirndal of the Silencer. Just when the battle was about to turn against the Resistance, they received word from the Republic Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea that the Empire had agreed to cede the Capricorn Sector to the Republic in exchange for the Senate's support in the battle against the Cyrannian Imperial State.

Battle of Ambar

Niathan's final stand.

After the battle concluded and particularly in the aftermath of the Ezduiin Incident, Niathan concurred with General Sesoka's order for the Resistance to reorganise into a series of rebel cells spread the Cyrandia Cluster, in order to ensure their survival against Imperial reprisal.

Death at the Battle of Ambar

We must hold the line while the Aldárae and Sesoka complete their mission!

- Val Niathan's final stand

Ten years after the Battle of Capricaerón, Niathan, who had been promoted to Admiral, led the unified Resistance fleet—which had mobilised for the first time under a united banner—during the Battle of Ambar. Coordinating closely with the newly formed Aldárae Order, Niathan worked to ensure that the disparate rebel cells of the Resistance which had united in their first major strike against the Empire coordinated efficiently. However, it soon became clear to him that they were outmatched by the six Imperial Star Destroyers stationed at Ambar. In a bid to protect the Rambo Loyalist flagship Loyalist One, Niathan brought the Liberty directly between the Loyalist and the Imperial destroyers, buying time for it to be towed to safety. When the Liberty sustained critical damage, he ordered the crew to abandon ship.

Though Raen Magalen protested, Niathan decided to go down with his beloved ship, buying time for the Resistance fleet to rally against the Empire. Though he did not survive the battle, his legacy within the Resistance lived on, being celebrated as a hero by the Aldárae, the Resistance and the New Republic. A monument in his honour was soon erected in the royal plaza beneath the waves of Nahdar.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Val Niathan was a male Mon Nahdar standing at just over three metres in height, making him taller than the average member of his species. Unlike most members of his race, who generally possess salmon-coloured skin, Niathan had green skin, which indicated that he originated from the coastal regions on Nahdar's northernmost continent. According to his fellow crew mates, Niathan had a distinct, but pleasant salty odour reminiscent of the open ocean. When he became a Fleet Admiral in the Resistance, Niathan garbed himself in a navy-coloured suit adorned with circular symbols native to his homeworld.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Niathan was a passionate and strong-willed individual motivated by a desire to succeed in life in the hopes of making his people back on Nahdar proud. Like many Mon Nahdar, Niathan was very creative and had a strong affinity for the arts, being an accomplished artist and musician in his spare time. It has been commented by those who served beneath him, that as a commander of a ship, Niathan directed his fleet as a composer would direct an orchestra, earning him the admiration of his crewmates.

However, Niathan also had a darker side. Since the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Niathan came to despise it with conviction that could be considered religious. This utter hatred only increased when the Empire subjugated his homeworld, forcing millions of his people into slavery. Though the New Republic officially desired to maintain peace with their far more powerful Imperial neighbours, Niathan ultimately planed on liberating his people through force.



Nahdar Cruiser C

I command the Liberty. It is a work of art, not a warship.

- Val Niathan

Since the third year of the Great Cyrannus War, Niathan has commanded the Mon Nahdar cruiser known as the Liberty. Niathan, a massive supporter of the arts refused to command a generic Star Destroyer and instead appealed to the Mon Nahdar government to allow him to command a native cruiser. The vast majority of the crew of the Liberty were Mon Nahdar mainly due to the fact that large segments of the ship are submerged under water, like most Nahdar cruisers. The Liberty was a highly advanced vessel equipped with exotic weaponry and tractor beams designed to cut down enemy warships. Niathan saw the Liberty as a work of art as opposed to a warship and fell in love with the ship, deciding to remain on the bridge during its destruction at the Battle of Ambar.



Blue faceI'm pleased to call you a friend.


Yellow faceI don't know them well enough.

  • Apollo - I've never met him, but I respect his commitment to peace and democracy.


Orange faceBah!


A great man and officer. Yet don't let your lust for vengeance threaten the peace!

- Apaltar

I do respect those who are faithful to their ideals... but do not expect mercy, dissident.

- Commissar Aerlon

A great fleet commander, your valour is admired and your sacrifice will not be forgotten!

- Lord Ramannis Le Rambo


  • Niathan is the first Mon Nahdar character with an individual page. His appearance and name is based on General Var Niathan from Star Wars: The Old Republic.



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