Survival of the fittest, baby! I suggest you get with the program, and be on the winning side.

- Vaktyl

Vaktyl, known by his codename The Spitter (The Poison Gland) is a Norosaurian member of the UNOC unit. A heavy trooper, he has the deadliest of all UNO's infantry weapons, so deadly that a normal infantry soldier could not legally carry. Due to his status within UNOC, Vaktyl has access to weaponry that most other soldiers do not get to enjoy.

Vaktyl's plasma cannons, subatomic disruptor chain gun and portable turbolaser are heavy enough that a soldier without his artificial muscles would not be able to carry, and the weapon is illegal in most of the Borealis Galaxy. His subatomic disruptor chain guns are capable of turning matter to paste, while his other weapons are almost as powerful as weapons used by starfighters on the ground. Vaktyl is reckless in his use of weaponry, but not too much so that he will fire on his own troops. Socially, Vaktyl is a wise and hardened soldier, but still struggles with post-traumatic stress.



Vaktyl was born during the short period before the DCP/Loron War, into the Delpha Coalition of Planets. At a young age, however, he was forced to fight the Loron, being kidnapped by a Norosaurian dictator on the world, and forced to fight as a child soldier, with his entire family being forced to fight.

Perils of Ottzello[]

Vaktyl fought in the Perils of Ottzello, starting with the Delphan Excavation War of Ottzello. During the early stages of the war, he had to witness his father take several bullets for him, and his entire family hit badly by an attack, almost destroying their muscles and brains. Everyone from the battle needed an implant but himself. Vaktyl blamed himself for his families' near death, although the rest of the Delpha Coalition of Planets blamed his family.

During the Third Ottzello Galactic War, he was once again enlisted to fight with his family; his father, brothers, sisters and mothers, all with implants, took all the fire for him once again, and were slaughtered by the Hostile Xenoform Threat in front of him. Vaktyl, in anger, used his weapon to destroy as many HXTs as he saw, trying not to survive himself, but to kill as many of them as possible. Vaktyl was destroyed himself and nearly killed, but he did not know that Norosaurian life still lived there, on the run from the HXTs. Several scientists fixed him up, using the very implants from the bodies of his family on him, and him being used as their perfect soldier, recoverng many DCP weapons that the DCP were scared to use.

Vaktyl survived on his own, against all odds, using whatever technology he could find to stay alive on the world, without giving in. When the HXT Swarm as destroyed, he reconnected with the Norosaurians, and joined the Norosaurians who became members of the Unified Nation of Ottzello.


As a member of UNO, Vaktyl moved to a new home in the Borealis Galaxy after all the events that hit them. Due to having the implants of his family, he would often feel their memories of the horrors of the wars they fought in, as well as his own. These experiences haunted him for many years, but still made him a stronger soldier. Vaktyl became a general of UNO in short time.

When leading the Unified Nation well in the time of the Rise of the Xi'Arazulha, Vaktly was one of UNO's most notable captains in the Second Borealis Galactic War, when he joined the UNOC unit in the Coming of the Vague.



Vaktyl is an eccentric, fun character, but one who's also haunted by memory. Vaktyl believes that life is all about survival, and to survive, he must destroy all enemies of UNOC. Vaktyl is laid-back off the battlefield mostly, but in battle and when seeing memories from his family (he often sees visions and memories of his family, due to having their implants), he will be haunted and be enraged, taking on his foes that way.


Vaktyl has the normal metallic, artificial skin of UNOC. He is mostly covered in weaponry, and is built purely for war and combat.


Vaktyl uses a subatomic disruptor chain gun, which fires high-energy "glueballs"; these convert anything they hit into quark-gluon plasma. As it is a chain gun, it (normally, in the main setting) fires rapid-fire hits similar to that of a rapid-fire machine gun, but each hit is incredibly deadly; a single shot could kill most infantry bar those with highly powered shields, which often require two shots to be taken down by the weapon. Shots powered up could potentially destroy an entire skyscraper-like building this way. The chain gun is his main weapon and is fired at the front, though it requires a huge amount of energy; to conserve this, Vaktyl has to aim well to hit as many targets as possible. Due to the chainguns' nature, it can suppress enemy forces, causing them to need to take cover and act slowly, as well as reduce their morale. The chain gun, on ordinary setting, can fire 450 rounds per minute.

Vaktyl also uses a turbolaser, a powerful plasma beam weapon that can cause damage over a wide area of effect, as well as severely damage tanks. In addition, he uses a plasma cannon, which fires guided plasma explosives. As he is designed with heavy-trooper in mind for taking out infantry threats, his turbolaser and subatomic disruptor chain gun are his main weapons.


Vaktyl has an incredible ability to aim his weapons. Thanks to nanomachines in his body, the artificial muscles, the spotting and calculations from his eye and brain, he is capable of focusing on a target and hitting straight into their weak points, even against massive hordes of infantry, and with chain guns that are so rapid fire. Given the nature of his weapons, no ordinary user of these weapons could achieve that.



Green face.pngWe'll take em all out, together!

  • UNOC - Comrades, let's take the fight to them!
  • UNOL - The higher-ups at UNO, they've been my best friends all this time.
    • Thr'aloy - Crazy dude, huh? Funny how quickly friends become enemies.
    • Durzhan - Likewise, an enemy that became a friend. Ain't the galaxy strange sometimes?
    • Vailisa - Now, you hold on there, don't wanna be smashing buildings we ain't gotta take out.
    • Commandant Darwishi - Chill, dude! The skies are dangerous.
    • Ghalan Elshan - Now, I know you feel inferior, but y'know, no one thinks you are.
    • Zelfron III - Always liked a good disciplined soldier, I did.
    • Lupercal - The hell are we supposed to keep up with you?


Yellow face.png|“Huh?

  • Zr'Ahgloth - Well, I hated you once...but I dunno...


Red face.pngSurvival of the fittest, baby!

  • Zalk'don - Man, I would love to blow you to smithereens!


He's an eccentric one, but also severely shaken by war. Really focused, and knowing how to use his anger to fuel his combat. PROPA SIK DOOD MAN

- Thr'aloy

It's like all my comrades are crazy bloodthirsty freaks.

- Lupercal


- Zalk'don



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