Vailisa, codename The Fist, is a member of UNOC, being both Duletha and Behquiniar, and one of the Unified Nation of Ottzello's greatest. He is the strongest and largest of UNOC, and has been described as their 'giant supersoldier'. With incredible strength and size, Vailisa is capable of destroying large buildings, and taking out most armies single handedly. While he is far slower than the rest of UNOC, Vailisa makes up for it with his sheer resilience and tough armor.

Vailisa is a very simple-minded member of UNOC. As the result of two beings fused together, Vailisa is the result of an almost-failed experiment. His vocabulary is limited, with his thought process only consisting of how to destroy his foes. Regardless, Vailisa is very sentimental, and child-like in ways.


Past livesEdit

Vailisa's past life was as a Behquiniar in UNO's police force, who was a strong enough soldier to hold off many HXTs during Corrupt Occurance. As a result of this, the Behquiniar was promoted beyond the police force, and became one of UNO's strongest military commanders. However, during the battle on Corrupt Occurance, while no one knew it, a certain Dark Chronoscopic cell had developed inside Vailisa, giving a sort of mutating cancer. Eventually, Vailisa transformed into a monster, and his mind would not work properly.

But the other half of the modern Vailisa, the Duletha Thordrin, had served in the same battle in the Corrupt Occurance as Vailisa, and the two had become friends from it. When Vailisa mutated fully during the battle and turned on his comrades, it was Thordrin who ordered that Vailisa be incapacitated, and not killed. Thordrin took up many tests on Vailisa, believing they could contain the mutation.


Thordrin was horrified when he learned that he could not defeat the cancer, as while internally nanomachines could be used to 'fix' the cells, as long as the outside skill remained, there was no way to remove Vailisa's cancer without it getting worse, and eventually killing him. But it was at this time that the new UNOC project went underway, and Thordrin was approached and tasked with creating a new UNOC member. Thordrin, after seeing the new artificial skin requirement, saw that Vailisa could be a potential UNOC member.

The new UNOC technology solved all of Thordrin's problems but one; the Behquiniar was no longer capable of thinking properly, a side effect of the cancer. Thordrin was sure that the only way this could be done would be to fuse their brain cells. While the resulting brain would have a large degree of intelligence, the brutish, single minded combat nature from the mutant Vailisa would remain. Thordrin sacrificed his life to become part of Vailisa, in brain cells, as well as in some other parts of his body allowing Vailisa to be resistant to chemicals and be more effective at aiming and focus, Duletha traits very high in Thordrin. Thordrin's sacrifice has been remembered across all of the Duletha people, and indeed, all of UNO.

Second Borealis Galactic WarEdit

It was in the Second Borealis Galactic War that Vailisa would properly act, alongside all of UNOC.



Vailisa is an incredibly child-like, brutish and single-minded warrior, who commonly says words such as "smash", "puny little enemy" and "break". He is a loudmouth, and will always insult the enemy. These are all traits of the mutation cancer from Vailisa's old post. While socially Vailisa shows little intelligence or care, Vailisa is intellectually clever, a trait mainly from Thordrin, though also from the Behquiniar's past. Similar to Thr'aloy, when the situation arises, he can control himself and calm himself down, if circumstances require intellectual thinking and calculation.

Vailisa is very child-like in his ignorance and being very sentimental. He also suffers from effects similar toPSTD, from the traumas of the HXT attack, the mutation and from their many battles in warfare. This can get Vailisa enraged to the point were he may even smash his comrades by accident.


Vailisa is a cybernetic enlarged Behquiniar, with all of UNOC's technological implants, artificial skin and muscles. From his original creation, as he was not identified as a 'real Behquiniar', he wasn't given Behquiniar colours, nor Duletha's after Thordrin became part of Vailisa. It is unknown how long this will last for.


While being most melee, Vailisa has some very strong weapons. On his arm, he has railguns mounted, as well as a large plasma cannon mounted to the side of his head. Thanks to Thordrin's Duletha traits, Vailisa is incredibly skilled at aiming, which is also helped by brain implants. Vailisa also has a fairly small bomb launcher mounted to his back. Vailisa's fists also charge electricity into them and resonate at high frequencies, making them incredibly strong.


Vailisa shines when it comes to strength. He is by far the strongest in all of UNOC, beating Thr'aloy easily, thanks not only to his mutation and huge size, but the size of his muscles. Thanks to his muscles, he is capable of being fast considering his size, able to run and jump, though his agility is poor.



Green faceLet's tear em apart!

  • UNOL - My leaders!
  • UNOC - Comrades!
    • Thr'aloy - The Fist like your style!
    • Durzhan - The Fist find you scary...but like your power!
    • Commandant Darwishi - The Fist find you funny!
    • Vaktyl - The Fist like your approach to combat!
    • Zelfron III - The Fist like you and your blade!
    • Ghalan Elshan - The Fist find you very nice, but a wimp half the time! Why you hide from fights?
    • Lupercal - You too fast for The Fist!


Orange faceGet out the way, punk.

  • Fostrak - Hah! The Fist grow a liking to you, even though it still want to crush you!


Red faceTime to smash puny enemy!!

  • Voa'reak - The Fist not like flying jetpackers! Unless they cowboy Marinox!
  • Kal'kuir - Who needs brains when you have Fists?


I wouldn't put my fangs on this disgusting thing even if I was paid for it.

- Dalverat


- Kal'kuir



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