Paragavatus Uriel Ultanos the Fifteenth was a former ruler of the Draconid Imperium, made legendary by this inter-empire efforts, making paradigm-changes to Talon infantry doctrines and establishing long-lasting relations. He is also famour for living a good deal beyond the expected lifespan of his species. Dying of old age at the grand age of 1045 years.

Uriel has been immortalised as a just and firm-handed ruler.


Early Life[]

Uriel was born in ID.218722 to the broodmother Salissia Ultanos alongside three other hatchlings. He never knew his father and when he was age-12 eh accepted this as something common. COntrary to what some may believe, he grew up on an estate within the Draconid Imperium's outlying colony of Antiparia II. While he lived in modest luxury, he was a distant member of the Paragon line. Connnected very loosely with the reigning Paragvessa Torelenia XXV.

Growing up in the countryside, Uriel quickly learned how to hunt and by the age 15 years, he learned many things about using rifles and it was at this age he managed to build his first hunting coil rifle. While modest, it was something he would later carry to his grave. He often went out into the swamps near the estate to hunt birds and brought his kills into a local town to sell at a regular farmer's market. As he got older he hunted larger creatures and sold them to local crafts people. By the time he was 23 years old he, with the help of two of his sisters, owned a startup busness selling furs he had tanned himself.

He was educated at home for the most part. With one or two of his uncles being military veterens they gave him noticeable survival training while his mother continued to support him, teaching him history and sociology among other things. Upon reaching maturity at 40 years old, the estate was approached by officials of the Imperial Talon Navy who had come so he could carry out military service. Learning of his skills as a marksman, Uriel was trained further within a local academy as a military sniper, his already-proficient use with pecision rifles giving him an edge over other cadets at the academy. After two years, Uriel graduated from the academy with honours and was transferred to the Talon Marine Corps

Over his 10-year service, Uriel was sent to the outskirts of the Imperium's territories within Plazith Rim where he was often sent on pre-empative strikes against potential enemies of the Imperium. he gained a reputation for his effective use of a sniper rifle. he often complained that the standard-issue one he was given was "too clunky and loud" and during his 10-year service he insited on making modifications beyond regulation. This proved dangerous when at the end of his service he was asked to hand the weapon back to his superiors they were dissapointed to se it had been jury-rigged and heavily modified. As punishment, Uriel was forced to keep the weapon however he also had to pay the cost of the rifle. Afterwards he requested a waraxe as a personal weapon since, by regulation, he was not allowed to keep the rifle as a sentimental weapon.

After the ceremony heagreed to spend another century in the Imperial Talon Navy as a marksman. Over the course of his time he became more and more aware of the state of the colonies. In some cases he was tasked with assassinating insurgent leaders. he grew to believe that violence was not the answer and, after 80 years of service, he handed in hsi insignis and left to live out in the far colonies.

Making His Mark[]

When he was 130 years old, Uriel moved to the border system of Quanpiliva Prime. Using what resources he had at hand he constructed a new estate in the countryside surrounded by lush teal forests some 20 kilometres from the sity of Luskmarus. For the first 20 years of his new life he hunted the forest's local wildlife and brought the furs, bones and meat to markets to sell to local industries. In this time he felt he had found his perfect life. He possessed a modest home and a strong, regular income. In his spare time when he was not hunting, he often invited local merchants to his home to discuss new deals, eventually faining considerable influence on the continent.

he used his connections to bosot the improvement over the quality of life on his home continent. This success drew the attemtion of the local prefect, who visited Uriel in his home. The two became firm friends after a night of discussion and social drinking, a bond which had grown stronger in the years since.

In ID.218965, when he was 243 years old, his efforts were noticed by Solaron Valessia Ultanos. A distant associate of the paragon at the time. Valessia visited his home and, impressed with his accomplishments, said she could offer him better oppertunities. Uriel was hesitant at first, not wanting to leave the life he had built for himself and - due to his distant heritage - saw little point in trying to impress anyone connected to the paragon.

A few nights later however he reconsidered, contacting her and agreeing on a business tour. For the next century he alternated between lecturing entrepenureal practices and survivalism in academies across the imperium and used his influence to improve the lives of peopel in several sectors on the fringe. Throughout this time he had a long yearning for a chance to have a family. He spent the two years wooing Valessia and, with her eventual consent, he helped her give batch to her first clutch in ID.219032.

In ID.219065, news reached his ears that Paragvessa Torelenia XXV desired to meet with him in person. He reluctantly agreed, not originally being interested in politics and was specifically asked to head to her chambers, eventually learning that she had grown weary of her time in power. The two of them formed an amicalbe relationship over a period of 30 years. Torelenia's life ended when she was assassinated by the Khaxvis Resurgence, who had hired mercenaries who attacked her ship in an ambush while she was touring in the mid-rim, completely destroying it and leaving nothing. Five years prior, she had told Uriel that, due to his success, he wanted him to take his throne after her passing, dissatisfied at the performance of her own offspring enough that a distant relative appeared the most suitable candidate.

Becoming Paragavatus[]

Uriel was 373 years old when he was taken to Alcanti in ID.219065. Agreeing on the belief that his time as a young man was over. When he arrived at the imperial palace he was met with dissapointment by Torelenia's thirty-two children. It only took a few minutes for Uriel to understand why Torelenia was dissatisfied with her childrens attitude, for in his time at the palace Uriel was called such things as a half-blood due to how distant he was biologically from the former paragavessa. Within the month, the most authorotative of the offspring, Corunius, challenged Uriel to single combat in order to prove his worth. Uriel was more of a marksman, however he accepted the challenge with confidence, the duel itself occured a week later.

The fight drew a huge crowd in one of the apitheatres of Minos'Drakon. Uriel and Coronius obeyed the rules and traditions of the tournament; both wearing minimal armour, wearing durable and practical clothing and both wielded a longsabre. Within the first minute of the fight, uriel relaised Coronius was a professional swordsman, Uriel himself relied on the traits he gained as a huntsman and Coronius was surprised by his opponent's agility. He did not expect the rugged strength Uriel displayed ad after 20 minutes Uriel managed to disarm his opponent with a swift parry and a twist of Coronius' arm.

After the duel, Uriel scolded him for going against the judgement of his own mother, the speech was broadcasted across the core worlds, giving Uriel more incentive to be crowned Paragavatus. Uriel was coronated at the gates of the imperial palace in a ceremony that was broadcast across the Imperium. he was met by cheers of exited citizens eager to see their new ruler.

Uriel ruled wisely and jutly over the next two-hundred years. He often travelled and maintained his duties as an exemplar warrior, fithing on the frontlines of numerous key campaigns, perferring to stay with the riflemen in battle where his skills were best-used. Alongside combat he engaged in first-contact with over a hundred species over his life, many of which later joined the Imperium as provinces. unknown to him, some of these leaders (Such as Emperor Wormulus II) rose to galactic fame after his death.

As paragavatus, he became father to numerous clutches over his long life. Like his father before him, he mated with several women as paragon, he quickly created a legacy for himself. he was know nfor his inspiring ExoNet speeches, royal addresses and calm head in crisis situations such as the Kothi Campaign.

Later Life[]

In ID.219195, Uriel, having witnessed a fall into depression of one of his bodyguards, agreed with the soldier to engade in a ritual in which the soldier would become indebted to protect Uriel for the rest of his life. Davius was very grateful of this genture, partialyl aware that he would outlive his bond partner.

In ID.219287 Uriel was blessed with another clutch of eggs. By now he was getting old and had lived beyond the average life expectancy of his species, but still he did what he could to keep the Imperium running. He was old, growing weaker, his hair had become a stark silver and his scales were faded. Within this clutch were his sons Uriel and Korr along with three others. In his final years he also gave permission for Larnus Vontarion - who was a lieutenant at the time - to becoem a mentor to the younger Uriel and a student of then-Lord Admiral Tothanor despite Uriel being only twelve years old.

As he reached the final years of his life, he chose for Korr Ultanos to be his successor, speaking with the nominee in privacy that he felt Korr's brother Uriel required a few more years before he was ready. Korr deferred to his father's wisodm and would say nothing until years after his father's death. Uriel died peacefully in his sleep in ID.219359. At 908 years old he was one of the oldest Draconis in generations. A funeral was arranged where his body was taken though the central promenade and down into the crypts. He was buried with his hunting rifle and his cermonial armour beneath the Imperial Palace where he remains to this day. The day he was entombed a wake was held within the palace's great hall.


Uriel is regarded as one of the finest rulers in the Imperium's Era of Revelations. His endeavours tuched quadrillions wthin both Andromeda and Plazith RIm. He founded a new dynasty, having mated with over a dozen different women over the course of 650 years, including the present Paragavatus, who was named after an ancestor rather than his father.

Uriel's image is highly prevalent as a legend in imperial media, the stories of his life as a huntsman are ever-popular reading and biographies of his life flooded the cultural exchanges thoughout the Imperium and beyond. His image was immortalised in the Grand Cathrdral; portrayed with a golden aura sitting on his throne surrounded by lush forest peppered with images of wild animals, at his feet are many different alien species which joined the Imeprium under his rule, all applauding him. In his hand and standing vertically is an classic hunting rifle marked with beautiful carvings, with the stock resting on the ground beside him. Embroidered into the throne's backrest is the iconic image of the defeat of Coronius Ultanos, with Uriel standing proudly.

Uriel was temporarily ressurected in ID.219477 when the undead plague of Moxix Breek swept accross Andromeda. Raised as a servant of The Butcher he was one of the first to break out of the crypt but his body was summerily destroyed as he held Davius in his grasp. At the endo f the crisis, his remains were cremated and scattered in the palace grounds, his tomb replaced with a headstone while his rifle, although rotten, was treated and infused within the stone. Finally granting his body and soul eternal peace.



Uriel was a somewhat tall Draconis with long coarse hair and tan scales. He posesseed clearly-defined muscles and strong legs with twisted horns patterned with intricate etchings. His horns were oftened adorned with gold hoops and his hair was kept neat, often with silver bindings. He took great pride in his appearence. His eyes were a deep emerald. He enjoyed polish on his scales, preferred wearing practical clothing adorned with silver and gold lining along with a variety of fien velvet coats.

Uriel's face was quite square with a firm jawline and a thick neck. The scales that adorn the upper half of his head, the middle of his stomach and his back were a bright crimson.


Uriel was known for his deep soft-spoken voice and his way with words. He often spoke calmly and clearly, which made him popular as a proffessional speaker. He maintained a level-headed attitude throughout most of his life, which emerged not long before he became paragavatus. before then he was prideful and confident and was always ready to contain a crisis.

Uriel cared greatly for those he knew, while he may have had a reputation of indifference towards people he had not directly helped, he had on countless occasions displayed confidence and determination enough to care for people who needed it.


Uriel's signature weapon was a gilded waraxe with a collapseable shaft and flexible sheath that he always kept on the right side of his waist. His passion for hunting meant that he often used a custom-built hunting rifle for sport and a battle-rifle whenever there was a sign of conflict. Like his prececessors he was given a signet ring that linked him to the Imperial Throne.

In battle he posessed a suit of battle armour much like what his son presently wears. However his had a few differences, namely the style of the shoulderpads and the engravings carved int othep lates. The personal shiedl generator was mounted on the back and built into a crest, which guarded the back of his neck.


Growing up on the outlying networks of his family, Uriel had gained many practical talents over the years before he was crowned, but was first and foremost a speaker. He always knew just what to say and how to say it. Alongside this he learned many combat skills primarily in using pistols, rifles, spears and sabres. He trained regularly, typically twice every ten days and became a formidable fencer by the time he was 350 years old.

Even before adulthood, Uriel was a proficient hunter and trapper. He enjoyed using firearms and became very proficient at an early age. As a professional hunter he would never go hunting for the sake of it, as is tradition, whatever he killed was often brought back to be put on the table.



  • Uriel Ultanos - My dearest son, may he rule as wisely as I did.
  • Korr Ultanos - Rule with strength, and you would go far.
  • Torelenia XXV - I will never forget the kindness you showed me.
  • Valessia Ultanos - Without you, I might never have achieved so much.
  • Koluap - A little unstable, but quite social.


Coronius Ultanos - His defeat served as an apt lesson.

  • Emperor Wormulus II - Much like myself in a way, rising from humble beginnings and heralding a new age for his people.
  • Jerkon - A promising lad when I first knew him. It appears he did well after his trianing




Look at yourself, look at where you are. Your own mother, in her last few years thought long and hard over who would take up her signet. You, or any one of your thirty-one siblings, or me? A relative stanger. She chose me, and this arena is exactly. The reason. why. Even after her choice was made and her life was taken from her you still brewed contempt that she not pick you. She would turn in her own tomb to know her own children took up a sword over her judgement. You will live with that shame, Coronius, but only because you wholeheartedly deserved it!

- Uriel Ultanos, after his victory against Coronius Ultanos in single combat.


You will be remembreed forever, dear father...

- Uriel Ultanos XVI

A great man, while noble at the same time. May he rest in peace

- Larnus Vontarion

What do you mean he's dead? But I liked that guy! Loved his adventurous spirit...

- Koluap

I've met Uriel during my captain training. He was a good man, and it was sad when I received the news that he had passed away. Fortunately, his son gives him a good name.

- Jerkon


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