Primarch Uriel is native to the Mirror Universe. For the Principal Universe version of this individual, see Uriel Ultanos.

Dranvamus is mine. Those who say otherwise are free to take it from me as I pull them apart.

- Uriel

Patriarch Uriel is the head of state for the Empire of Dranvamus and the leading political authority of the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony in the Dranvamus Galaxy. A ruthless tyrant obsessed with perfection, Uriel is a warrior with few peers, who willingly upgraded himself after suffering decades of neglect by his father in favour of his brother Korr. Uriel siezed power from his brother and now rules Dranvamus with an iron fist.


Uriel was born into a clutch of five on Alcanti. The smallest of his siblings, he often sought the comfort of Saraina his brodomother as a hachling after the others in his clutchpicked on him or did nasty things. When he grew old enough to leave Saraina's constant care, it was noted that he clung to her, not wanting to leave her close proximity for fear of his siblings picking on him without his broodmother to run back to.

After several months, she convinced him to make friends among his extended family, quickly growing attached to one of his uncles. SOmetimes running to the comfort of his father who comforted him without an apparent sense of favouratism. When Uriel was twelve years of age, he learned through exploring that his father paid much more attention to Korr, grooming him and spending more time with him than Uriel. This jealously brewed inside him for almost ten years for Korr had always the largest and msot confident of Uriel's clutch, but mostly stood on the sidelines while Uriel was picked on. During his academic years, Uriel grew even more jealous as his father continued to display signs of affection and favouritism towards Korr. He often dreamt of beating up Korr in his dreams but whenever he did so in reality, either a Blood Dragon intervened or Korr knocked him down in self-defence.

While studying at the Gran@Thar military academy, Uriel secretly turned to genetic medicine, particularly conditioning and cosmetic serums to improve himself. Over a period of five years he gained a larger-than-average growth spurt and developed a pwoerful phisique. However, far from gaining his father's affection. Uriel was scolded for his actions, which his father deemed cowardly.

WHen he was thirty-five, a fit of rage brought on by another scolding drove him to violence. As his father told him off, Uriel threw several punches into his torso, the strength of which resulted in a cracked spine, paralysing his father from the stomach-down. As his father lay on the floor, Uriel paniched and locked himself in his room. It took a few hours of his broodmother talking to him through the door before he opened up and confessed to waht he had done, seeking forgiveness. Due to the magnitude of his actions, Saraina confessed that she could not fogive Uriel for waht he had done, telling him that since the beating came from his father punishing him for turning to serums, it could have been avoided by not being so obsessive about such tonics i nthe first place. Heartbroken, uriel slammed the door and stayed in his room for an entire week. During this time he grew to lear nthat he could not count on anyone for comfort or consolidation, and all that should really matter was waht he believed.


In his paralysis, Uriel's father offered Korr to rule the Imperium at his side when Uriel was fifty. Upon hearing of this news, Uriel almost exlpoded with rage. The resulting fit caused him to inadvertantly konck over and crush a slave under his foot. Lifting his foot away from the bloodied mess of the former slave's skull, Uriel had an idea. He travelled to the underlevels of Araveene where he began a secret project. With money-no-object, he organised the kidnapping of dozens of telepathic slaves from throughout the Empire, using the slave markets as a cover for the transits. Overseeing the work, the scientists he had hired worked tirelessly to decipher and understand the nature pg psychics themselves; how they worked, where their energies came from and so on.

After two years of painstaking research, Uriel underwent a drastic transformation. Using the knowledge his project had undertaken, he commisioned for the development of telekinetic implants which were designed to fit within his hands and up his forearms. After a three-hour surgical procedure, uriel tested his newfound implants when four Blood Dragons had been sent by his Father, how had discovered his secret project. In demanding for Urie lto face punishment, Uriel baptised the implants by lifting all four of the dragons above the ground and throwing them mercilessly about the room until each one was a bloodied mess.

There was one survivor. Uriel paced up to him, lidted him up by the head and exerted telekinetic pressures that crushed the skull, letting the mutilated corse drop to the floor. Uriel was strangely exited by the whole ordeal and two days later he underwent several more surgical pocedures. Using the resources of his family, he aquired the most expensive and potent bionic implants he could get his hands on, specifically ones to fit inside the boy. It took four procedures to replace his muscles with a synthetic analogue, his eyes were replaced with electronic implants and his brain was implented with several devices to increse his intelligence, reaction time and make him resistant to telepathic suggestion. After a month, Uriel was msotly cyborg, but made sure that on the outside he looked ahrdly any different.

When the news reached Korr of Uriel's expenditure he became furious and demanded Uriel return to Alcanti as soon as possible. Korr eventually confronted his brother on his odd behaviour in his personal study in the lower levels of the Imperial Palace. Uriel acted stubbournly throughout the interrogation until Korr inquired abouthis arms. Sensing it as a cue to spring his trap, Uriel telekinetically pulled Korr's throat into his grasp and asked his own quiestions. He pointed out how their father showed immense favouritism towards Korr and that everything he had been doing was a desire to prove he was better than Korr. After ten minutes of Interrogation, Korr revealed that he used his father's trust towork against the Hegemony, desiring for the Empire of Dranvamus to break free from the hegemony. Believing that the royal family used the close ties between Dranvamus and Cyrannus as an excuse to control the galaxy.

Infuriated with such a nidea. Uriel clamped his free hand over Korr's chest. In seconds, Korr could feel immense repulsive pressure as Uriel send repulsing forces through his gauntlets and into Korr's body. Eventualyl resulting in the later's explosive death at Uriel's hands. This entire incident however sealed Uriel's belief in his father that he was weak for allowing his son to actively prepare to turn against the Hegemony. Uriel confronted his father in one of the palace's great halls. Rather than expecting an answer, uriel immediately set himself upon his own father by puling the old man telekinetically by his legs to uriel's feet, dragging him along the floor on his back.

Uriel explained how Korr planned to separate the Empire from the hegemony, and revealed with sadistic glee how he killed Korr himself. With a wave of his hand he lifted the old man up to hover above him before launching him into the ceiling. The strength of the push was enough to break the old man's bones upon contact with the ceiling panels. Embitteed by years of neglect and the revelation his own family plotted treason, Uriel took his father's seal of office and left the man to die, falling to his death after coming loose form the ceiling.

As Patriarch[]

Not long after the deaths of his father and brother, uriel felt restless. While he was proud that he had prevailedo ver eyars of neglect adn insignificance, the burden of killing of them weighed heavy on his mind. For the next five years he lived in dissolusion and regret that he had killed his relatives so mercilessly. Often drifting off when discussing matters of the Empire.

He bagan using diplomatic and goodwill visits to the Xonxei station and the Cyrannus Galaxy to take his mind of the burden of his actions. During his travels he frequented many high-end clubs, using his influence to keep a low profile with more clandestine visits. Using wines and extreme sports to forget his guilt he eventually grew to return his confidence. Once realising the state of disarray his brother Korr had put the Empire of Dranvamus in, Uriel immeditely set out plans to regain control of the galaxy and once again bring lot ssytems under Imperial control.

Gathering waht soldiers were loyal to him, Uriel organised numerous campaigns into the mid-rim. A few weeks prior to launch he had a suit of power armour comissioned to protect him in battle. Over the course of twenty years Uriel and his forces relentlessly opressed the mid-rim territories that had broken away from the Empire. On over a hundred worlds, Uriel gained a reputation for his habit of landing on the battlefield and with this telekinetic abilties used anything he could grasp as weaponry from shrapnel to energy knives ot the melee and ranged weapons of his own enemies, throwing them about like a swarm of razor-sharp implements. Uriel used his powers to throw resistance soldiers abotu like ragdolls, instilling fear and panic into the hearts of his enemies

On a hundred worlds, Uriel proved himself merciless against all manner of resistance forces, fighting off squads single-handedly. Among the more primitive rebellion movements, Uriel's armour and powers gave the impression he was a demon, toying with so-called mortals. it was on these blood-soaked abttlefields uriel made the epiphany that he was above the hordes of "baselines" that populated the universe. To him they were vermin who crawled between his toes. Who either kept in line to prove their worth or were killed by the strong. For the first decade, several of these rebellions sparked mroe rebellions. But as time passed and Uriel's reputation grew, the level of resistance died down, some breaking down with the very notion Uriel's fleet was on its way.

As the campaigns progressed, Uriel had scientists develop technology to improve his armour and equipment. Eventually in 20,110 RH scientist under Uriel's assets list developed a way to amplify the power exerted by his telekinetic implants and he quickly set about integrating the technology into his armour. He revelled in the newfound power during a campaign to the very edge of Imperial space where he demonstrated the amplified power by smashing two hijacked Dragon MBT tanks together in the air.

Word of his military prowess spread throughout the Hegemony, cementing Uriel's place as a ruthless warrior of considerable power. With the Empire's grip on Dranvamus secured, Uriel once again headed out to other locations in the Hegemony to cement alliances and make his presence known, travelling to Xonxei station to meet with other galactic leaders.

Intergalactic Politics[]

Uriel met with dozens of politicians over his career, his reputation solidified by his formidability on the battlefield. The Empire's reputation had been weakned by Korr's lackluster rulership by the hegeomny's standards and Uriel spent years working to repair the damage. He became a symol of desire for many women; Draconis commanders and nobles and aliens. Thether they were attacted to his powerful personality, fearsome reputation or imrpessive body is often mixed depedning o nthe woman, and Uriel often pursued relations wit Draconid women believing that, being Patriarch, it was his right to spread his seed.

In 20,119 RH, Uriel gained the attnetion of the recently-coronated Empress Minerva IV. Originally impressed with his service record, she made several meetings with the man himself andbecame attracted physically to him. In order to maintain close ties, uriel often alternated between his campaigns in Dranvamus and beyond and spending time with Minerva on Xonexi station. The two of them grew a fond relationship over many years.



Uriel stands at three metres tall with golen scales and a well-toned physique. His scales press against his muscles to createe a clearly-defined and powerful figure. Upon close inspection, Uriel's scales have a faint mesh pattern only visible on a micrometre scale but create a faint crosshatch pattern on each scale. His eyes are an emeerald green that is almost luminous and his chestnut hair is well-groomed, glossy and soft to the touch.

Outside of a sleek suit of power arour, Uriel enjoys fine clothes albeit with some protective measure such as a gilt leather brestplate or leather boots.


The first thing many may notice is that uriel is vain. He is obsessed with believing that through technology he can improve his body to become a perfect warrior and becomes extremely sensetive ot the idea any baseline can become better than him save for those he has respect for. He speaks in a confident and eloquent baritone voice that radiates confidence.

Uriel relishes in violence whenever he partakes in it, and showes apparent pleasure in ending the lives of "baselines"; those who took little effort into honing their body and mind or who were too afraid to take such as step as him. While not insane, he can be regarded as sociopathic in battle and sees killing not as others might. While others may see killing as a form of pleasure, a heinious act reserved for monsters or a strange form of entertainment, uriel isntead takes pride in believing that the killing he does is "culling the weak", allowing for the strong to prosper without the weak weighing them down. Despite this passion for violence, Uriel is not a brute and has a keen knowledge both on military strategems and is a noted warrior-philosopher with a taste in fine food and fine arts.

Depsite often putting his feelings and desires above others, Uriel holds great respect for those who treat life as a long line of oppertunities to take. belieibng that only the strong are brave enough to take risks and only the strongest deserve the right to life. Only rarely has he shown pride in other members of the chain of command but otherwise hides this general dissatisfaction under a layer of eirarchical respect.


Underneath his skin Uriel posessed a wide variety of cybernetic implants inluding augmented muscle and a regenerative sub-dermal armour mesh micrometres underneath his scales. Grafted into his forearms are the frameworks for telekinetic implants that allow him to manipulate objects from a distance. His eyes, while still resembling normal eyes for the most part are in fact implants that give hi mvastly improved vision and can see a variety of different wavelengths from the microwave to the gamma-ray spectrum. A nanite hive located between his kidneys provides hi mwith an advanced healing factor as well as a means to gain new implants without the need for surgery. His bones have been laced with ultradiamond nanotubes that allow him to withstand blows that could easily shatter Draconis bone one hundred times over. His claws are erinforced with a similar material that sharpens the edges, allowing him to cut through light armour.

When in combat, Uriel dons a suit of advanced power armour fitted with advanced nonphasic shield generators and gauntlet-mounted telekinetic amplifiers that augment the power of his telekinetic implants allowing him o lift much heavier objects with much greater ease. Uriel eschews traditional ranged weaponry in favour of either throwing knives or plasma spheres which he throws with telekinetic force. All of which are stored in pockets and pouches concealed inside his armour.


With his augmented muscles, Uriel is a good deal stronger physically and the sub-dermal armour and ultradiamond bone reinforcement allow him to resist incredible amounts of punishment even without his armour on. Such strength allows him to punch through even armoured targets.

Uriel's chief combat ability is the telekinesis offered by his implants and gauntlets. When in combat he typically controls a dozen small objects - such as plasma orbs, shrapnel or energy knives - at a time, which weave through enemy lines flying at supersonic velocities, cutting to ribbons any who stand against him as he strides across the battlefield. He also has the power to lift larger objects such as soldiers, smashing them in the air or crushing their bodies from a distance. With his amplifier gauntlets he is capable of lifting objects as heavy as battle tanks and war walkers without straining himself. While easily capable of crushing objects from a distance, Uriel is also capable of rupturing and blowing apart objects so long as he makes physical contact. Using the gauntlet asa centrepoint for the repulsive forces of his telekinetic attack.



Blue face.pngTogether the strong shall dominate

  • Emperor Aedanius I - I serve the Hegemony, and you to the bitter end, my emperor!
  • Empress Minerva IV - A shame you left this universe. But so long as I remember you, you will never fade


Yellow face.pngDo not irritate me if you enjoy breathing.

  • Scorpio - I wonder which is a better marshal; a trained, experienced commander or this machine.


Orange face.pngTime will run out...for you.

  • Lady Eolania Menoraim - You cannot defile my galaxy forever, witch! And when I catch you. I will rip you asunder.


Red face.pngWhen we next meet, your prayers will be toward me for a quick death.

  • Viscount Lorrelas - I can think of oh so many ways to decapitate your little rebellion.


Heheh. I like this version of him more. Violence is a good thing in my book. Still hate him though.

- Scheaxem-ser

Do not delude yourself, darling... Dranvamus is not yours. It is MINE.

- Lady Eolania

Abides according to law. Your control is preferable to another, chaotic overseer. Surveillance status: heavy.

- Scorpio

What are you when your Cyrannian masters are gone? That's right. Nothing.

- Viscount Lorrelas

We have similar goals, but your methods are... too direct

- Commandant Aliankanv

I try not to spend a whole lot of time in Dranvamus...

- Inquisitor Nakatar