Within him, I see his predecessors. Despite his mortality, his name is an eternal monument upon the Gigaquadrant.

- Kithworto

Paragon Uriel Vecartus Ultanos (full title: His most Esteemed Royal Majesty Paragavatus Uriel XVI of the Bloodline Vecartus, Patriarch and Scion of the Royal House Ultanos, Binder of Grand House Vossus and Royal House Ultanos, 510th Master-King of the Draconid Imperium, Highlord of the Pan-Andromedan Ecumene, Unifier of the Celestial Halo, Divine Guide of the Lifefather's Essence In Corporea, Dread-Bane of the Dominatus and He that Holds in Unison the Seven Galactic Domains of the Most Subline Imperium.)was the reigning paragavatus of the Draconid Imperium and highlord of the Pan-Andromedan Ecumene between ID.219313 and ID.219508. A man who has long considered himself an adventurer and explorer at heart, is widely considered among the Imperial population, perhaps even further beyond, as a just ruler while his dealings and international influence after the Annihilation have made him something of a legendary figure both in Andromedan and further Gigaquadrantic culture. As paragavatus and Andromedan highlord, Uriel ranked among one of the most influential political figures in the entire Andromeda Galaxy alongside Tyraz Breek and Iovera IX, his two closest political allies.

Regardless of whether he was beloved or hated, Uriel made an indelible mark upon the Andromeda Galaxy. Famous for his resolve, his humility and his sense of respect he has made a mark throughout the Xonexi Cluster from the Milky Way to Borealis and as far from Andromeda as the Quadrant Galaxies and many high-ranking figures consider him to be a pillar to Andromeda's prosperity. His dealings with entities such as the Ashtar, his quasi-brotherhood with the demonic Zazane warlord Tyraz and a strange connection to the Isio'Nar and Kithworto mark him out as being among a small number of mortals who have gained the attention of powers beyond typical perception.


Early Life[]

Uriel meets Larnus Vontarion. As a child he was constantly curious

Born in ID.219283 as the son to the paragon Uriel Ultanos XV and the noblewoman Velina Seromis Ultanos, Uriel (named after an ancestor rather than his father) was always curious from a young age. His family's status meant that no expense was spared to prepare him in both academics and military life. When he was only 12 he met a young officer named Lieutenant Larnus Vontarion. Although uneasy at the stranger the officer - who was serving as an aide to the lord-admiral at the time - comforted him and the two of them quickly became good friends. Larnus would serve as Uriel's mentor and protector until he was enrolled at the Gran'Thar military academy in Minos'Drakon (one of the finest on the entire planet). By the time he was 32 years of age he had knowledge of using over 20 different types of firearm, 12 different styles of unarmed combat and had studied the exploits and strategies of over 450 generals and scholars. He graduated with honours at the age of 40 and with Larnus' help, the two of them would serve in the navy side-by-side, growing even more inseparable.

For 83 years he served in the Imperial Talon Navy as an officer and over his years of service he had traveled to opposite ends of the Imperium several times over. In ID.219355 he was contacted by his family back home and was told that his father had died of a terminal illness. During the funeral service he met Alenisa Vossas; Her uncle was an old friend of Uriel XV and after the service Uriel returned to duty, secretly remaining in contact with Alensia with whom he loved while his brother Korr took over as paragon.

Over the next five years their love blossomed and Uriel could not stop thinking about her while on duty. After telling his younger sister of his relationship she was skeptical if it would last, Larnus however was more optimistic at the prospects. At age 77 Uriel asked Alensia if she would marry him, she agreed and the celebration was held in the Cathedral of Drakon in Dagonris, Alcanti. over 35 families gathered to watch the celebration and the event was braodcast throughout the imperial territories and Uriel had personally chosen Larnus to be his best man at the ceremony.

The Mecha-Wasp War[]

Uriel spent much of the war on the frontlines

Twenty years after the marriage in ID.219380 Uriel was called to rendezvous at way-station zero with the 195th fleet, a race of insectoids called the mecha-wasp had launced an assault towards the Lorean system - Jump zero's exit point. Uriel was first deployed on the planet Alpantir, watching in horror as the mecha-wasp swarm dismantled the ruins of Laros. One of his first exploits in the war was that he had led the charge into a mecha-wasp hive, calling an orbital bombardmant to destroy the hive after gathering crucial information about their inner-workings. He would spend the next 15 years fighting in the border colonies.

During the war Uriel became ever-more convinced the insectoid horrors were an abomination to all life, he gained much popularity among the marines as a considerate commander who would not bear to leave a soldier behind, dead or alive. His experience had emotionally scarred him, seeing what the horrors of rampant cybernetics could do to the most majestic of creatures would develop an innate hatred for their use. Uriel would feel pain for every planet that was eradicated due to infestation and vowing that the Mecha-Wasp deserved nothing less than total extermination.

After 13 years of fighting by ID.219393 Uriel was called to return home after heading to the Hyldera system. Upon arrival within the Hyldera system he was told by a marshal of 670th marine legion that the mecha-wasp had murdered his brother Korr. As he approached the open coffin he witnessed on his brother's body what had been done; lying in the coffon was a partially-consumed corpse, almost unrecogniseable. After retching from the sight he agreed to join his brother's body to the family's burial site back on Alcanti, still in full service uniform. One week after the funeral Uriel was told that he was next in line to become Paragon. He insisted that he could not take his brothers place until justice was done, and that the Mecha-wasps would pay for their actions. The war was officially concluded two years later after a gambit that left the Mecha-wasp homeworld a dead, crater-scarred rock. it would be another century before the mecha-wasps were completely destroyed. In order to oversee the operation he asked Larnus - now an admiral - to oversee the hunting operations, eventually granting him the title of executive-admiral of the Ohlon-2 sector.

Life as the Paragon[]

Uriel was coronated in front of the imperial palace with his wife by his side. His first act was do decide what to do with recovered mecha-wasp technology. Uriel flatly declared that the use of cybernetics and nanobots to such and extent would be nothing less than stopping at their level of depravity. Realising the technology's sophistication Uriel had agreed that some of the technology would be reverse-engineered. Uriel agreed with the senate to update the Nano-Replication Regulation (A legal document within the Nanomachine Act ID.74341 restricting the use of self-replicating machines), the update called for complete prohibition on self-replicating nanobots within imperial space.

Seeing what wars were doing to the empire in the long-run, Uriel pushed for the Expansion-First Act. The act was to focus on the establishment of new colonies and to diplomatically add more protectorates to the empire. Uriel also suggested a project to map the wormholes that make up the draconis' galactic empire - both known and unknown. Over the next 80 years Uriel would raise several children and, bored of politics and the constant rantings of the houses, insisted on joining expeditions to map the wormholes.

Uriel meets with crown-prince Maxios

In ID.219455 On one expedition to the galactic rim, Uriel encountered an advanced race eerily similar to his own people on a planet near the edge of the galaxy. Calling themselves Drallivians they welcomed Uriel and the expedition as 'brothers' which greatly shocked the entire crew. Curious to find out more Uriel had agreed to meet with crown-prince Maxios Telvenum - the ruler of the isolated world - and after a lengthly discussion discovered these 'aliens' were in fact an offshoot created by an imperial scientist over 20,000 years ago. Upon hearing of Uriel's talks the expedition leader called for the entire civillisation to be "wiped from the face of the galaxy". Uriel refused such an act despite the commander's protests. Knowing the risks, Uriel was adamant that the two cultures should be introduced slowly. He was then informed of the rumours about the secret 'Purity crusade' - an ongoing operation sanctioned by paragon Septis X to root out illegal draconis modification. The expedition leader, one Orlis Thantarom, requested that Uriel had a full checkup at the base camp before continuing with his decision.

Anrin-draco speaks to Uriel in a dream

That night Uriel had a dream of Drakon who approached him in the guise of his father and praised him for his actions. Far from being disgraced he was proud of what been created. Drakon told Uriel that he was disappointed at the way the Imperium treated non-draconis, the creation of the Drallivians was perhaps the first step to a more tolerant species. This caused confliction in the young paragon; for years he had been brought up to believe all species were inferior, only fit to support the Draconis, yet he never took these values to heart. Drakon also spoke that the scientist responsible was one of few who truly understood Drakon's joy after creating life with passion. Drakon would then leave as mysteriously as he had arrived.

Uriel awoke, although credited with a clean bill of health, his encounter with the dragon god made him wonder if it was just a dream or a divine message. Drakon's words influenced him him to drastically reconsider what the Imperium was doing. Speaking with a camp cleric did little to help; the cleric herself was just as confused about the dream as he was. The conclusion was to work to slowly and gradually integrate the Drallivians into the Imperium. After four months Uriel returned to Minos'Drakon to present his findings to the univerities and deliberately leaving out identifiers that the drallivians were created from draconis DNA. His first goal was to add the fledgling Unified Drallivian Republics to the Imperium.

When he told Larnus (Who had been chosen as the new lord-admiral in his absence) his mentor simply told him that such an action would bring nothing but bad news: If the people and followers of Drakon would not openly protest other more pious nobles would certainly act. He told the lord admiral he would consider the choices. Weeks later he discovered that Larnus was mobilising a fleet to blockade the sector's wormhole. furious, he gave the lord-admiral a direct order to call off the blockade, Larnus however didn't listen. His mentor's actions conflicted with his expansion-first policy and filled with rage struck the man. Larnus struck back but Uriel's bodyguard intervened, preventing the two from tearing each other apart. The two of them agreed the best choice was to establish a 20-parsec retricted zone around the confederacy yet allowing colonisation rights for the sector.

Holy Shadow War[]

Uriel was hosting a Genesis Day celebration ID.219487 when news hit the city of waves of zombies charging though the streets and massacring everyone. During the evacuation Uriel oversaw the evacuation of the Imperial Palace when zombies, cannibals and even the twisted reanimated corpse of his own brother Korr stormed the hanger bay. The shuttle Uriel was in only just managed to leave the hanger before Korr had a chance to latch on. While they were airborne however he learned that he had done. With Davius' aid Uriel tried to dislodge the twisted zombie only to be pulled back into the city below.

Uriel spent the next several months traveling through the city in order to slay the reanimated corpse of his brother. Early in his expedition he was haunted by Shu'ytrogarva who disguised himself as a corrupted Volkarus Khaxvis, Uriel however would have been unaware of Volkarus until some seven years later. Shu'ytogarva forced Uriel to watch as he swallowed his family as Volkarus and crushed the egg of Septis Ultanos between his jaws in his natural form.

The Andromeda War[]

In late ID.219493 Uriel met with an ambassador from the Divinarium. He discovered that both societies shared similar but differing methods of government. When informed of their government's principle of placing psionic implants in it's citizens he commented that such an act was "a dark mirror of what could have been if we decided to monitor slaves at all hours". He was generally pleased with the meeting and grew even more interested in the Divinarium and its workings.

Uriel was mortally wounded despite Tyraz's best efforts to protect him

This interest didn't last long after the Andromeda War broke out less than a year later. Upon realising that Iovera was after the relics he lost all trust in her. After the Battle of Crepusculum the potential of regaining his confidence in her flickered however he remains distrustful to this day. During the battle for Alcanti Uriel remained deep inside the imperial palace under the supervision of the Blood Dragons. Uriel met with Tyraz and Iovera once again in ID.217497 as his throne room was under assault and soon before realising his wife was not with him, both of them ran off to save her - being the only people who could injure Volkarus Khaxvis. They left Uriel back in the throne room but this was all a ruse. Unknown to the others Volkarus appeared and swiftly dispatched Uriel's bodyguards before approaching the man, lifting him up by tightly gripping him by the torso. As Tyraz returned Volkarus impaled him in the stomach and bringing him an inch from death. After Volkarus' defeat it was in the final moments Uriel encountered a respectful side of Tyraz he had not seen before, and one he would never forget.

Uriel was later resurrected by the energies donated by Iovera and after waking up to Alensia he proceeded to tell Tyraz how grateful he was and, depite the Zazane's rejections and the fact he gave Volakrus the powers that were used to kill him, greatly respected what Tyraz did for him in the end. For the next few months he grew much closer to Tyraz for the debt he owes. Upon returning from the colonies several weeks after his involvement fighting the TIAF he, along with Iovera IX and Tyraz agreed to form the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth in order to preserve the coalition against the Andromedan Grox Empire.

During the Grox assaults Uriel agreed on a state visit to Orbispira with Tyraz and Iovera. Impressed with the new imperial rule and the planet's architecture he personally met with emperor Tyrómairon. Even though the Cyrannian emperor's stature reminded him of his encounter with Volkarus he agreed to drop previous resentments in the hope for a brighter future for both empires. He returned to active duty again when the only way to stop the mechovirus plague was revealed. He journeyed to the planets Nocturnia and Cathamera to assemble a cure.

Uriel joins Wormulus II, Tyraz, Iovera and Lorrelas in facing Master Br'Klakkon

During the assault on Cathamera, Uriel came across Admiral Vanacarvum who was ressurected as a grox commander and who Uriel believed to be dead. After an intense fight, Uriel dealt the killing blow to Dolervim and aided in killing the insane King Grochius II. Master Br'klakkon then revealed himself to the group and forced Uriel to fight hallucinations of Mecha-Wasps as his allies were beset against their own. He battled himself and struggled to bear in mind the wasps were not real, eventually firing some shots at the empowered Br'Klakkon before Tyraz finished him off.

New Dawn[]

After the war, Uriel held a celebration in his palace to celebrate the war's final end. A few months later he put forward the proposal for Project: Deep Core to the Andromedan Light, a project that aimed to harvest energy from the newly-liberated galactic core. Over the first few years of the New Dawn period he set about working towards more cordial relations with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and other delegates such as Medusa (of the Drakodominatus Tyranny) and Emprese Ramashe, while at the same time had to deal with swelling false claims that he was a puppet leader controlled by Tyraz.

The growing sense of union he had with the denizens of the Cyrannus Galaxy was shattered after the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus both offered and withdrew an offer of alliance for the Commonwealth. Believing he saw sense, Uriel swiftly returned his loyalties to the TIAF (which he had turned away from in favour of said alliance). late into the fourth year, Uriel agreed on a state visit to Forda in the Ko'Sa'Va region of Segmentum Draco. it was there he gained mutual respect for Hel'Bre'K and proved his fighting skills in an arena. Although not oen of his best days, he had impressed Hel'Bre'K and was given a tour of the city. After meeting with thte Council of Blades uriel learned that hel'Bre'K had requested a personal retinue of Fordan Praetorians for Uriel's protection and as a parting gift, Uriel was given a master-crafted thermic greatsword that he uses to this day. Hnoured by hel'Bre'K's gift Uriel offered his own; a gold and gem-encrusted broach of House Ultanos' family seal; a sign that Hel' had gained Uriel's favour and utmost respect.

Hel' had been reluctant but with encouragement agreed to keep the broach. Upon Uriel's inquiry, Hel' revealed his true thoughts on Uriel; believing him to be the Andromeda's best chance at unification and this being the reason for both the sword and the retinue. Uriel felt touched, and left Forda with a level of respect for Hel' that he shared with very few other people.

Uriel's involvement in the Second Borealis Galactic War was short, if not minor. Joining the assault forces against Regnatus he fight and contributed to the death of Mirras III using a combat technique used by Draconid "sky riders" to attack Mirras from the air. He later joined the expedition into Regnatus' heart, witnessing the galaxy-changing events up-close.

Escalating Reputation[]

After the battle he joined the Polar Crystal Alliance in celebration, before quickly joining the pursuit of Falrik Zaarkhun and General Volim as thy made off with an orb of Chronoscopic Energy. Uriel joined the assault that stormed Volim's palace on the Wranplower Homeworld and joined the fight against the now-empowered Falrik Zaarkhun. After Zaarkhun killed himself, Uriel cut off Volim's arm in a later fight with his sword. Volim however retreated through a warp gate. In pursuit with the rest of the Alliance, Uriel discovered Volim had transformed dramatically and attempted to attack the now-godlike warlord. However, an attempt to stab Volim's shoulder failed when the General picked him up and threw him to the ground.

Uriel survived through a combination of his armour's durability and his sheer willpower. Quickly thinking of a plan, he asked for someone to throw him like a javelin at Volim while the orb growth on his body was exposed. Uriel was thrown by Zr'Ahgloth and pierced the growth, dicing the inside of it with his sword until Volim coughed it out. Once the final blow was given, Uriel returned triumphant although saddened that all he had of Volim was a slice of discarded flesh, which he would later use to create a taxidermied clone of Volim for the palace's trophy hall.

In one last act of obligation while in Borealis, Uriel agreed to join the rest of the alliance in defeating Emperor Zargoth once and for all. It was here Uriel endured one of his toughest trials to date; faced with a new form of being that drained his and everyone else's life energies, the shock caused him to recite a few lines of the Book of Divine Teachings in the book's original Minosian Dracid text.

"True power comes from one embracing their own destiny"
"He who has control over how one adapts and evolves on his own merits is truly the better man"
"if there is anything that gods and mortals share, it is The desire for worth and a sense of passion."
"There is no greater controller of fate or destiny than the self"

The psychic encouragement of an entire galaxy saved Uriel's life and drove him to join the battle to defeat Emperor Emperor Zargoth at the climax of the Second Borealis Galactic War

Uriel felt helpless despite his chanting. As his strength reached its weakest, something dramatic happened; an entire galaxy called out in support. Uriel could hear all of Borealis crying out in determination for him to prevail. The cult of the Paragons - which he had for years been relatively indifferent to - had consequently contributed to his recovery alongside the rest of the heroes of Borealis. His recovery and the subsequent contribution to the defeat of both the Vyro'Xiyara and Emperor Zargoth heralded a renewed sense of confidence in his own abilities and a wave of increased support for the cult for those who witnessed Uriel's efforts.

Not long after the war, Uriel joined an expedition to the planet Macronormus that included Sarec, hachiman, Agent Nu, Baptarion Light and Lemmo Meronis. The expedition being one of his passions he packed extensively for the journey and was able to provide the team with survival equipment during their journey after a crash landing by meteorite shower. Uriel and Baptarion proved to be the more capable survivalists of the group and Uriel quickly grew to dislike Nu's violent and often-irrational behaviour, especially towards the relatively-peaceful Mikmik. Through his travels with the group across Macronormus, Uriel acted as wilderness guide and his foresight to tranquilse as opposed to killing the Routrith Imperatrix paid dividends as they ascended the mountain dubbed the Imperator's Throne where the Imperatrix was able to save the group against a group of burning Routriths. In one chase by the mysterious Perterrent, Uriel collapsed a bridge it was walking over by obliterating the keystone, leaving the bizarre creature to fall to its supposed death.

Uriel returned to the Imperium as more than a hero. His efforts gave rise to a new-found belief among community circles that he had been personally sent by the gods. Uriel was not finished in Andromeda however, as the war for the Dominatus Territories reached its peak, Uriel boarded the TNSS Ddominax to personally oversee the campaign's conclusion. While partially expecting ANgrus to go down fighting, he did not entirely expect cadres of Tyranny Overseers to swarm the ship. In an attempt to prepare for the defence, Uriel rushed to prepare but was ambushed when Hedon Morilium, the leader of the Sons of Hedon overseer sect, crashed though a wall. Hedon quickly dispatched Uriel's escorts and attempted to cleave the man himself, both putting up an intense struggle, with the paragon losing his wings from sword cuts in the process. He gained the upper hand against Hedon after biting the latter in the face and injecting his wounds with venom, surprised Hedon was not dead, Uriel skewered him with a nearby glaive.

Uriel did not come out of the incident without scars. As well as severing his wings, Hedon carved a glyph around his right eye as a mark that despite what he thought, Uriel shared much in common with a typical Dominatus save for his genetics. The stressful situation of the fight as well as this dark revelation was an ignition for Uriel to approve the use of a new planet-destroying weapon that annihilated the Tyranny planet Invictus in every sense of the word.

In the fifth year of Andromeda's New Dawn era, Uriel attended the wedding of his daughter Alessa and a man who, unknown to him at the time, was was in reality Volkarus Khaxvis. As the wedding went sour with the intrusion of one of Volakrus' more rebellious subordinates, Uriel tried desperately to free his daughter from Volkarus' grip but was unable to due to the strength the man posessed. Taken aboard a crusier orbiting Alcanti, Uriel inadvertently battled Volkarus in a one-on-one match. Suffering severe brusies, bone fractures and losing his right wing in the fight, Uriel was able to severely cripple Volkarus as well as incapacitate Pyrak Yannor, his second-in-command, before fleeing the cruiser. Upon his return, Tyraz encountered him in his injured state and, learning of Volkarus' return, had pledged to hunt them all down. After the incident Uriel spent a month in intensive care as his wing was regrown from stem-cell tissue with the healing process accelerated by nano-assembly.

Tantummodo Mortem[]

Uriel first learned of a third Xhodocto Invasion after the destruction of the second megastructure. He watched the Grand Senate convene when High Inquisitor Arsac approached the Military Council requesting for the support of Wraith Legion. In later months after their return Uriel was present at the gathering of the Andromedan Light on Elysion.

Uriel watched firsthand as the news hit Tyraz hard, and he himself was hit mentally by news of the mental and physical corruption of the High Inquisitor, who only weeks ago had requested support to end the threat. When Geltastra appeared to taunt the meeting's attendees, Uriel tried desperately to prevent Tyraz from performing anything rash, held back by his bodyguard. It was also here that Uriel's faith in Kithworto and Koluap waned as the former refused to do anything during the intrusion and the latter he overheard proclaiming he'd happily leave Tyraz to die. After the meeting, Uriel met with Vesperon Maltris and Larnus Vontarion to discuss the Imperium's contribution, asserting that the two had full right to defy Kithworto's orders if they saw fit, trusting the two implicitly before being left alone that evening.

When Tyraz was kidnapped by the Draconizane, Uriel, accompanied by Dragon Captain Davius joined Uriel in a rescue team alongside Crispy Koluap, Jerkon, Herquie, Sarec, Hachiman and later Iovera IX in a bid ot rescue the Zazane emperor. For much of the time Uriel was considered a great risk to the team given his station, and while proving a capable memebr of the team, these fears came true when an elite regiment of the Draconizane Dominion's Taskmaster corps raided a vessel the rescue party had comandeered for travel. These taskmasters absconded with Uriel and left his protector Davisu to die as his companions attempted to fight off Lord Taskmaster Indricas on the planet below. To his surprise, Uriel (though a secret deal between Crispy and his captor Yarda Virios) was made a component of a game of chance, being deployed in her maze while the rest of the group lay unconscious. He was later grabbed by a Koda, a trap withi nthe maze, and dragged into a wal lto reappear in his cell; to his horror watched him as Tyraz unwittingly used him in a game with the Draconizane royal. Uriel was freed from his prison when Tyraz tricked Yarda into smashing though the wall and giving him, Davius and Jerkon an opening. Uriel and the rest of the rescue party later battled the Dominion emperor Kordan Rex and a cadre of spectral soldiers under the emperor's command, eventually incapacitating the man before leaving the planet and their universe behind.

The Rise of France[]

Uriel reinforced connections with the the French Sixth Republic in the early half of the five-hundredth century of the 219th millennium of the Imperial calender, where he met with an entourage of the French President Laurene Maxime, her prime minister Alexandre I (then prime minster of the French Republic) and a few of the marshals of France. The meeting itself took place on Alcanti where everyone was invited to a banquet, held in their honour. It was at this banquet that Uriel and Laurene struck a chord of familiarity as their discussions included various scholarly and political topics to the duties of the head of state. While the meeting had evolved into a heated argument, Uriel came away impressed by Laurene's ability to debate and the two would strike a friendship as they kept up contact. The height of this friendship was signified by Uriel offering the French president a personal guest room at the Alcanti Royal Palace. In recognition for his offer, Laurene revealed a commissioned villa for him on Arcon and invited him to taste the first wines produced on the grounds before they were bottled.

In the late months of ID.219503, Uriel attended the wedding of Alessa to a man she had met, not realising until the interruption by a Khaxvis looking to sabotage the wedding that Alessa's betrothed was none other than Volkarus Volkarus. After being taken to an orbiting cruiser, Uriel fought intensely with the terrorist warlord, cutting at his limbs and dividing his jaw in an attempt to rescue Alessa, losing his left wing in the process. After an intense struggle and managing to defeat both Volkarus and Pyrak, he escaped with her in a shuttle back to the palace. Once landed, Alessa immediately helped him inside to give him medical attention.

In ID.219505, some tension mounted from unrest within the Shellious Imperium, after seeing reports on the exonet, Uriel summoned Edoshai to discuss the latter's behaviour. Uriel was unsure what to think of Edoshai's cryptic words about a veil being cast over the Cyrannus Galaxy. His suspicions were reinforced when Maxios returned from the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus holding an invitation for him requesting for a state visit. Before he left, and after discussing the latter with family members - much to their dissapointment - Uriel visited Iovera IX to discuss what Edosha had earlier suggested, learning that she too felt there was something strange about the galaxy's nature. Armed with this knowledge and secretly wary of what he may encounter, Uriel would leave for Cyrannus a few months later.

Uriel returned to the Imperium however to discover that relations between France and the Delpha Coalition of Planets to such a point that flashpoints had erupted in the months leading up to the Great Xonexian Schism. Uriel had decided to side with the French nation after seeing significant favouritism towards the DCP in numerous foreign powers, and the indecisiveness of the Grand Senate urged him to set in motion a plan to bring the spiritualism of the Drakonmi Terevus cult to the forefront. Promoting the newly-formed Caltraxa Guard as his angels, Uriel encouraged the support of the faith while also expressing his views towards deteriorating events to a gathering of the Grand Senate, his words encouraging the Imperium to march to war against the DCP.

Shortly after returning, Uriel opted for some relaxation in the form of a hunting trip. Two weeks into his tour, he encountered a Draconis woman who until the last minute, kept hidden that she was in fact a Mali'Nar working alongside Volkarus Khaxvis. Pressed to the floor and trapped in a foul ice, he was forced to watch as Volkarus created a simulacrum of him and implanted a facsimile of his mind into the construct before Yarda teleported him somewhere out of the way for the duration of the simulacrum's stay in power. His disappearance was not permanent however, returning to prominence over a year later and making his presence known by a verbal dressing-down of Leondias Drevex, who had been appointed lord-admiral in Uriel's absence, and later rallying the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth into siding with the French Colonial Empire in an offensive that pushed the Delpha Coalition of Planets out of the Andromeda Galaxy and later coordinated against rogue elements of The Civilisation.

Uriel was a key presence on the delegation table that concluded peace with the Delpha Coalition and would in later years pursue an agenda that see to the devleopment of the Pan-Andromedan Ecumene, the Gigaquadrantic Intergalactic Trade Organization and reconciliation with the New Cyrannian Republic. It was on Uriel's recommendation that saw the Kicathian Republic invited into the Pan-Andromedan Ecumene and later proposed the Republics' eligibility for highlord status despite some controversy in the matter, trusting in the rational demeanor of president Kitravasuron Vanlirasan to present the Republic as an overall positive influence within Andromeda.


By 219520, Uriel's position as a highlord of the Pan-Andromedan Ecumene had granted him immense influence across the First Gigaquadrant. Meeting clandestinely with leading figures in the Alcanti Royal Society, he was given knowledge of a device produced by the Draconis millennia ago, positioned in the heart of Andromeda. The community, led by the illustrious scientist Drake Senvinus, discussed with Uriel and the rest of the Praetor's Council the social prospects. He enlightened Uriel to the principle that this was a device to intertwine the mental processes of sentient beings with Hyperspace, granting the imbued with thought processes not otherwise possible. After some thought, and at a ceremony in orbit of the device Uriel, with his consort Alensia, agreed to the prospect. They both saw it as another means of self improvement, and as a way o connect with the ancient bloodlines who had undergone the process before them. Over the next few months after the initial process, which forced Uriel to overcome a his psychological fear of nanites inside his body, Uriel came to enjoy the new insights offered.

In the months following the initial process however, Uriel set about a scheme that he had been considering for some time. Approaching hos close friend Maxios, Uriel spoke with him about their history, and after the initial conversation proposed that Maxios would become Paragon after Uriel's abdication. As was tradition for these ceremonies, it was Uriel who bestowed Drakon's Eye - the symbolic seal of office for the Draconid paragon - to Maxios and granted him the right to rule as Paragon. A month later, Uriel returned to the deep core for the final part of the ascension process. By opening up the construct with his newly-acquired talents, Uriel fully embraced the essences it released, becoming an Ascended being in the process alongside his consort and the millions who had come to take part in the process.

It was in this moment of energy that Uriel and the others were rendered immaterial, drawn into the eye of the construct and out of the visible universe. While on outward appearances it looked as if the fleet that had gathered had been destroyed, Uriel had merely begun the first step to lead his followers o na journey that would extend across multiple universes and though to the higher dimensions, beginning with fur-dimensional Hyperspace. Uriel has not been seen since, but some Draconsi left behind claim they can still hear his voice. And deny that he is completely gone.



The glyph carved by Hedon in ID.219503

Young by his people's standards, Uriel is considered handsome and at the peak of physical health. As a man of dignity he cared a lot about his appearance. His auburn scales shone in the light and his face was chiseled but slightly rounded at the muzzle. His emerald-green eyes were bold to being near luminous, giving the impression he had emerald gemstones for isrises. He normally braided his long chestnut and bound the hair on the back on his head with a golden ring to bind the strands together. Etched around his right eye is a prominent and intricate scar originally carved during his battle with Hedon Morilium in ID.219503, supposedly a personal mark that Hedon himself attached value to.

When in battle and attending ceremonial events to impress Uriel wears a set of gilded ceramic armour. The gilding is marked with many intricate patterns and every single plate appears as a masterpiece of craftsmanship studded in many places with precious gems. The gem-encrusted pylons on his shoulder-pads conceal a portable shield generator, the field of which shimmers in a blue haze over the surface of the body when active. Uriel looks athletic compared to other Draconis, his voice is a soft gravelly tone showing signs of an educated upbringing and he was never seen without a well-crafted fusion pistol at his side that he would rest his claws on if aggravated - a warning to his agitators that he does not take kindly to disrespect.

Outside of his armour Uriel enjoys wearing fine silks and padded leather, often contrasting this by wearing armoured boots; He does this both as a sign of status and out of practicality, believing that the wilderness is "no place for silk-padded loafers".


Depsite the presence of a cult of personality that treats him as a divine being, Uriel firmly believed in his mortality and that he was simply another man. Although he is not outright rejecting of this opinion, he does not lose himself in it either; preferring to walk the line of ambiguity, and keeping his thoughts firmly grounded on who he is while at the same time adding to that semse of mystery that unites the cult underneath him.

He was generally respectful to aliens and cares greatly for his own kind, yet he still portrays an air of respect - Other draconis might snub an alien while Uriel might give a subtle nod. Many dignitaries have questioned if he might be more of a diplomat for his people than a warrior but this is never said in his presence. When angered he can act without hesitation and is easily lost in the rush of battle. This uncommon level of respect has prompted for even his enemies to respect him in some aspects. He pays equal respect to his soldiers as he does to maintaining the quality of his equipment; a firm believer that "a shoddy weapon creates a shoddy soldier". An adventurer at heart, he enjoys visiting far-flung worlds either to see the galaxy's other life or to see environments other than the gilded spires of Minos'Drakon.

One of Uriel's more welcomed traits was his belief in that all cultures have their merits and that there is no rigid hierarchy of sophistication. He stood firmly in the belief that sophistication, although clearly defined as an example of quality, is a very broad term to describe the qualities of a culture. His values led to perhaps a hundred provinces join the Imperium during his reign, along with a golden age in cultural development and the creation of a vast network of alliances and connections that span the First Gigaquadrant. Culminating in numerous supranational bodies of galactic government or international cooperation.

While the air of respect and virtue he carries are well known and celebrated, what was less public was what was churning underneath the surface. After spending almost a century on the front-lines, directing the Imperium's wrath towards its enemies he has not prevailed without scars. Under the portrayal of humility and reset he gave, Uriel was deeply conflicted; scarred by the lives he has taken serving in the Aetheral Talon Body, fighting as a paragon and the executions he has carried out as expected by his office. While all Draconis possess a primal savagery, Uriel's is more pronounced after being honed over one hundred years of constant slaughter. Uriel takes considerable effort to keep these feelings submerged and deep down is constantly concerned they may one day resurface. In the rush of adrenaline he often comes to the brink of losing himself to in the heat of battle however, an indicator that when put under pressure such aggressive feelings do exactly that. Fortunately for those around him, he still retains a noticeable degree of control under pressure.


Uriel's distinctive custom ACp-31 powered armour.

In battle Uriel wears a suit of ACp-31 powered armour. Constructed with a ceramic/nanotube weave, the armour can withstand tremendous force. Built into the shoulderpads are two multiphasic shield generators - one primary and one backup - allowing him to resist all if not most small-arms fire. Underneath his armour is a fitted body glove of synthetic muscle fibres that are synchronised with his muscle twitches. Using high-grade materials, the body glove is capable of magnifying his natural strength by three if not more times. His primary weapons are an ESl-21 energised longsword capable of slicing light armour a HGf-21 fusion pistol, and an ESg-45 energised greatsword. All of which are gilded, finely decorated, engraved with symbolic imagery and custom-built. The weapons are keyed to his genetic structure, preventing others from using them and simply power down when he is not touching them. He carries a combat knife used for ceremonial and military purposes. Uriel also posesses an artisan-crafted Fordan Thermic Greatsword commissioned for him by Hel'Bre'K Ce'So'Va.

Uriel's weapons, armour and equipment are crafted by the greatest artisans of House Ultanos' royal armourers while the thermic greatsword was crafted by the Fordan Empire's Artisans Guild. Each piece of equipment is custom made to maximise effectiveness and each is a one-of-a-kind item tailored to Uriel's standards.

Uriel is accompanied at all times by a personal retinue of Dragon Captain Davius, 50-100 Blood Dragons and 10 Fordan Praetorians. Uriel typically has Davius and 10 dragons at his immediate side with the others on wider patrol duty. The Dragons within Uriel's retinue are some of the most experienced and highly-trained members of the legion and are sworn to give their lives for him while Davius displays a fanatical level of guardianship over Uriel brought on by the value of a blood pact between the two of them.

While not the captain, Uriel was the official owner of the RASC Worldfather's Grace, a luxury starship built by Utopis Fleet Concern as a gift for Paragavessa Torelenia Ultanos XXV, Uriel's father's predeccessor. Uriel earned the ship from his father who inherited it from her and while on journeys makes himself at home in the ship's paragonic apartments situated within an armoured casing deep inside the ship.


One of Uriel's greatest assets is a formidable degree of intelligence. Incredibly well-read and possessing of a hunter's wit, Uriel is not one to shy from the ceremonies, customs and power-games among the Imperium's aristocracy and demonstrates a well-versed competence that might belie his relative youth and passion for the frontier and the unknown. His wisdom and cunning has allowed him engaged in deep and thought-provoking debates on statecraft, representation, history and foreign policy among the most well-versed of the Gigaquadrant's statesmen and philosophers. Uriel has demonstrated a formidable silver tongue, a combination of this cunning, extreme competence and his principles have allowed him to not only sway some of the most stubborn figures of recent history, but also earn him a degree of respect from some of his rivals and enemies.

His years of exploration and wisdom have added to these already-potent diplomatic skills. In battle he was well-versed in the combat form of Kalai Krusi (Dracid: Key Strikes) which focuses on flexibility and striking key areas of the body (An art form he has grown to master over roughly 200 earth years). His years as an explorer have made him well-versed in the intricacies of over a dozen foreign cultures both inside and out of the Imperium while and possessing knowledge of at least fifty others, knowledge of which varies between "passing" and "functional" understanding depending on the culture. He prefers fighting in melee out of long-held belief that going toe-to-toe is the domain of heroes and, out of a sense of honour, rarely refuses a challenge. However in being a former serving ITN marine he is equally accustomed to ranged combat, both a skill he picked up from his father and possessing his father's interest in big game hunting - a Hobby Uriel often shared with those friends happy to stomach it.

Years of exposure to the effects of sitting on the the Imperium's throne as paragon has enhanced his body to the peak-level of fitness. he is faster, stronger, more aware and more energetic than most of his kind. While already a good judge of character the effects of the throne have given him a more commanding presence and depending on his mood he can appear as charismatic or intimidating figure. His skill in battle, awareness of his surrondings, his determination, worldly sense of wisdom and his ability in combat against supernatural beings have led even sceptics to question if he can be considered a demigod in his own right. Despite this theory, Uriel lacks any supernatural heritage and has so far earned this reputation. Something that makes him a figure to be admired even among some of his enemies.





Green face.pngI hold great respect for you, and I will stand by you to the end.

  • Alensia Ultanos - My dearly beloved wife, I cannot bear to be apart from you.
  • Alessa Ultanos - my daughter, I wish you take great care of your husband.
  • Paronus Ultanos - I know you can make me proud.
  • Hel'Bre'K Ce'So'Va - A worthy ally and an extraordinary swordsman. I am eternally grateful for your gifts.
  • Template:CaptainIovera IX - You are the last of the first Highlords. Ensure our vision blossoms like a rose of a thousand petals.
  • Lord-admiral Vontarion - Both a good friend and a masterful strategist. For this, you shall never die in the hearts of those whose bastion you were.
  • Captain Lorrelas - I can see he means well for his people, a diplomat and a warrior.
  • Maxios Telvenum - The Imperium is yours, grand-duke. Care for her well.
  • Empress Ramashe - You have a strong and noble heart.
  • Tyraz - Like brothers, we were. Your body may be no more, but your memory shall be eternal.
  • Uriel Ultanos XV - I will always remember you, father.
  • Laurene Maxime - Her body and spirit may be in paradise, but her mark will remain for centuries.
  • Kithworto - Your mindset is strange at times, but your wisdom can still shine as a light in the darkness.


Blue face.pngSomeday we shall do well together.

  • Royal Admiral Koluap - He might be odd, and at times unpredictable. But he is a good man inside.
  • Baptarion Light - Another traveler, excellent!
  • Royal Marechal Jerkon - You have a keen mind, we should play seterego sometime.
  • Guolivian - A respectable gentleman. I don't know if I can trust him just yet however.
  • Sarec - Such devotion such...grace. Did The Lifefather send you?
  • Aidan Collins - His ambition may be characteristic of his age and background, but I hope he takes my words of wisdom wisely.
  • Alexandre I - A devious one, he wears his masks well.
  • Hachiman - You have grown into a fine, erudite young man. I see great things ahead for you.
  • Hedon Morilium - You owe me your life, and you have repaid me with loyalty and evolution.
  • King Rebaris - Rest well in paradise. Your legacy shall live on.


Yellow face.pngI don't hate them, but I'm not impressed either.

  • Arkarixus - An impressive warrior and strategist. Even more surprising that he lived among the Precursors of Dranvamus.
  • Agent Mu - Something about you unsettles me...
  • Apollo - There are no heroes, only men whose valiance we wish we were like. We are all flawed and guilty of our own black stains.
  • Vesperon Maltris - I trusted you with the greatest of offices. And you repay me by playing the praetors' petty power games.
  • Kezoreg Breek - You might have a mouth to disgust, but you mean well. For this I can tolerate you.


Orange face.pngThere are very few people I do not enjoy the company of. You are one of them.

  • Potentate Tereyn Aeresius - As the Orbispiran Emperor's mouthpiece, Libertus, I cannot but pity you.
  • Emperor Tyrómairon - Your arrogance will one day be your undoing.
  • Lemmo - You have intelligence, but I have seen weaker creatures not cowering and still surviving.
  • Emperor Kies - The consequences of your actions are your just reward.
  • Agent Nu - Deranged, violent, unpredictable. You're not a soldier, you're a stim-pumped animal.
  • Taremanon Valocanus - I am no puppet.
  • Crispy - All that we did, and all the words that you spout? You will find no ally in me.


Face threatened.png "No...stay back!"

  • High Inquisitor Arsac - For such a devoted woman to fall is truly an omen of the darkness of the times.
  • Kolossus - I do not fear you alien!
  • Carrion Lord Korr - What-- What have you become...?


Red face.pngBe thankful I am not a vengeful man.

  • Angrus Mortarius - Your dust now scatters the solar wind, a relief to all life.
  • Master Br'klakkon - With you gone, we can all breathe easily.
  • Geltastra - Your audacity will be paid for one day, witch.
  • Medusa Heimdall - The sow dares to do harm to my daughter? She must desire my wrath.
  • Pyrak Yannor - Nothing but Volkarus' sadistic bootlick.
  • Shu'ytrogarva - It will take more than nightmares and threats against my family to break me!
  • General Volim - Brutal, selfish and callously ambitious. I can see why an entire galaxy feared you.
  • Volkarus Khaxvis - You keep coming back. Stay down. For once.
  • Kordan - Were you not Kolossus' puppet, what could have been?
  • Yarda Virios - I will not forget your hospitality, I assure you.
  • Lord Taskmaster Indricas - The hand of the "eternal emperor" is a misguided one.



The greatest path to immortality is to be remembered.

My ancestors have a proverb "wisdom is the treasure of kings".

- Returning form a state visit to Orbispira, 2786

Mortals and Eternals share underlying similarities. Both strive to make a mark on the universe. Both have an underlying desire to make use of themselves.

- Confronting the gods of time, 2791

One is an ancient survival technique required by even the most base of predators. The other is...vile.

- On the difference between hunting and murder, 2791

My blood screams. It screams for your demise. My mind demands your blood be spilled. It demands I submit to that which makes me no more than an animal. And yet I do not, do you understand why? Proof, Hedon. Proof that I can do something your masters show no sign of. I am mindful, monster. Because no matter how much I despise your visage, how your very existence is an insult to my kind or how you serve only an animal. I refuse to submit to it.

- Uriel's decision to spare Hedon Morillium, 2793

The most significant answers in life are never given. They are discovered, earned.

- 2799

Let Drakonmi Terevus know that today the Imperial dragon rises from its slumber. With our mouth our enemies shall burn, with our wings those who support us shall be protected, and with our tail those who threaten us shall be cast aside broken and lifeless.

- The call to war, 2801

This is an alliance of equal partners, not the board of admirals of Aetheral Talon Navy. You treated the French Nation––who have done nothing but trust in our valor and integrity––as a puppet you could control. When that spiraled out of control, you tried to tighten the leash by punishing Alexandre for his insubordination as if he were your pet. You convinced the entire board to sign off all of our hard-won territories, and when emperor Alexandre had an issue with that you made sure to push him further out of the picture. What did he accomplish after that?

- Dressing down Lord-Admiral Leondias, 2804

Since the golden period of President Maxime's administration, I have seen the French nation as a rising star. It is why I convinced the Imperium to support you, and why no matter how dire things became, I expressed confidence in France's ability. The more established powers fear you, but I see the people of the French Nation as a force to respect.

- Thoughts on the French Empire, 2804


Before your fate comes, I wish to ask of you: Are you aware of how the Draconis achieved their supremacy?

Your father understands. Your masters concluded, that the best approach for order is absolute control. That all exist to elevate and serve them. Those that resist or somehow fall short either die, or suffer a painful torture until they capitulate. A constant war to keep the lesser species invisible, unheard. The Imperium however, rules by wisdom: Every being has a value, not as a slave or a servant, but as a contributor to a greater whole. It was not fear and expendable labour that built the spires of Araveene or the long memorial-endowed trail of the Paragon's Promenade, The Imperium your masters promised you after this war was built with every being doing their part not because their masters promised the lash as the alternative but because they all wanted to build something great.

That is how the Imperium succeeded: Twenty quadrillion individual elements, working to maintain a galactic machine. With each contributing in their own way. A million ecosystems offering their output because they know that such greatness must be preserved, not by fear the lash or the headsman's axe but by the dream that they are building a brighter future for their descendents. Your masters were so fixated on their own needs and their own self-preservation that those who were not their kind did not matter. They saw the chance to work for them as a reward to bask in.

Just as I decided Hedon's fate as he lay at my mercy, it is only appropriate that your own father should decide on yours.

"You speak of being motivated by greed and survival yet the universe has responded to your grasping for what you percieve as dying embers. When the beloved of the Tyrant Medusa Heimdall was convicted under my watch he sought to control the tide by holding one of my own people to ransom. Now you hold morality to ransom by claiming that your war against the universe and the desire to trample the inferior into the mud for they hold no place in the way the universe from your perspective works. Perhaps that primal instinct to survive and grasp all you can reach, the one born from the rays of the stars that shone down on you is exactly why you speak as if your methods are an absolute.

"Those same methods, the ones you used to justify your actions and build your empire are why it collapsed as the rest of the universe made their piece. Your tyranny stole the industry and monuments from Dranvamus and Drakonmi Terevus and wherever else you could reach because you never learned how to build with care and maximise what you already had. We had something you needed, something that you concluded you must have to survive - everything that was not yours you must have. That is the paradox isn't it? We, the weaker beings fight and band together for the embers you perceive the universe to exist as but can manage sharing in their warmth together with little struggle. There may be fewer of you but your empire alone demonstrated that each of you needed more of these embers to sustain yourselves."

"The greatest flaw the Dominatus had was seeing a trackless meadow and thinking it barely able to sustain a family. This was most evident in your treatment of Deep Core: In the few months of your stewardship, the Tyranny devoured what experts from the Commonwealth assumed would last galactic society for centuries."

"How many years after achieving your supremacy I wonder before your numbers become too many around the embers you saw. How many years before you must cull your own kind in greater attempts to survive, and cull them more until there is only one left? In your quest for apotheosis, to become some ultimate lifeform, you never fully studied beyond your own cave. Instead of leaving it to understand the world outside you instead endeavoured to bring as much as you could inside, blinding yourselves to how we of the outside were so blind to the way you understood the universe to work. When collectives of quadrillions, with collectives numbering the hundreds and thousands built grander monuments and greater cities, the conclusion you came to was this was all futile compared to your methodology - We treated as close to inexhaustible what you found to be so precious, yet as the war proved we were not hindered."

"It is fitting then, that the fate of the Dominatus shall be decided in their own realm. In the cave that was your understanding of the universe, you are judged by a contradiction to the natural law. For those survivors such thinking is difficult to break: For the young it may already be too late to change, but for the Pariahs - the few who saw the outside of the cave and understood the grand contradiction - they will continue history under their own path.

"What motivated you above all else was seeing our trackless meadows for fallow fields. You and your staff will be remembered for how you choked trying to devour a universe. What monuments you raised should be leveled and those who remain blind to how you failed live in penitence."

Esteemed delegates of the Grand Senate. As your paragavatus I stand among you disappointed. I am disappointed that for all the talk our people have made of protecting and nurturing the young species of the universe, I look upon all of you now - the great mind that drives the Imperium - as you bicker over personal assets while the young of Drakonmi Terevus stand threatened by a power greater than them. We made a pledge to the ancients of the galaxy, and the precursors of the modern Arda'onisii that we would be their guardians. Did you all forget that in your discussions?

The Delpha Coalition of Planets may be immense, and it may be formidable. But it is not unbeatable. For while it is confident, compared to us even they are still hatchlings; I have met beings, in our own Imperium no less, that were ancient when it was young. The Caltraxa Guard have fought them on every conceivable battlefield and have sworn by their lives to march in our name. What message do we give by ignoring the pleas of the natives of Drakonmi Terevus? What message do we give by standing back as they face decimation and enslavement at the hands of the coalition's Emperor when they trusted us for protection? If we do not answer, then we forefeit the words of our ancestors. All that we have nurtured shall be brought to ruin.

I thank you all for coming. Earlier this month, the life of the French president Laurene Maxime had her life tragically taken from her as she escaped with her life from Paris. As many are aware, the president shared much with me and we were...close. I still remember when she first came to Alcanti to see me and discuss the matters of the French Republics autonomous colonies here in Dranvamus And I will not forget that night. We discussed politics, philosophy and the responsabilities of state. And for the years after we kept in close contact. And as time went on I realised that the nation of France was growing as a power and much of it was because of her politics and her mindset. Stubbourn as she was...she was convicted.

She wanted France to succeed, I could see it in her eyes and I could feel it in the words of every letter she exchanged with me. She struck a chord with me that until now very few have done. And I wanted her dream to come true, as the war went on I saw that she had sacrificed so much and...I hope that as long as this monument stands, and as long as Minos'Drakon stands, I hope that her accomplishments... will never be forgotten.

"Honoured delegates of the Andromedan Light. Four years ago I made a decision that divided this council and set the Draconid Imperium on a path that, bar a few supporters, we came to walk alone as Andromedans. The decision to rally arms against the Delpha Coalition of Planets was not an easy decision. It was discussed at length in the halls of the praetors and indeed for months, within the councils of the Grand Senate there was opposition. But we all know the decision that was concluded. We all have seen what it has done to our homes and our alliances. It has torn our galaxy down the middle and as of now we stare down a wave of conquest that desires our subjugation.


Yes. The Imperium had a hand in bringing the Coalition's weapons here. Yes, there was a diplomatic solution and yes, this entire war could have been averted. But the price of refusal would have been even higher than the damage currently caused by this grim conflict. When the Coalition formed the Human Superstate with the surrender of the French Republic it was already past a point of no return. It wanted more, and six months were wasted in talks that yielded to nothing as the alliance that stood against us wanted for us to follow Humanity's example. Their leadership wanted us to lay down our arms and accept defeat. By the time their warships reached Andromeda an unstoppable machine had been set in motion. One that would settle for nothing less than the subjugation of any that challenged it.

The Draocnid Imperium went to war because we made a promise. Regardless of the opinions within this chamber, the Draconid Imperium held an obligation towards Humanity. Our scientists tasked themselves with ensuring that Humanity would reach the stars, but by then it had become such an element of our society that we continued. We went to war from an obligation made by my ancestor. A promise made before the first foundations of modern human civilization were set in stone. An obligation that long predated the Seven Starr Alliance or our debt to the Coalition. The Imperium went to war of our own agency. For our own reasons. Yes, we may have brought the Coalition here but perhaps that was unavoidable. The Coalition would have come without our intervention in the Milky Way. Their rule would have been more absolute.

The Andromedan Light need only say a word and empires either fall or shine. Together, we can decide the fate of the young and the frail with little more than a command. Our united voice has expelled many who saw themselves as gods, the very heart of our galaxy is ours to shape how we will. We all owe known space a responsibility and so does the Delpha Coalition, so does the Milky Way Cooperative. They however have betrayed our trust: Humanity in the Milky Way Galaxy is either defenseless, voiceless or under their full influence. With that power the mighty do as they please as free will is denied and every citizen is watched for even the slightest sign of dissent. That is why the Imperium fights. Humanity may be young, and small, but our scientists and our thinkers have watched it grow...it is, if you will pardon, like a child. Our child. We helped nurture it, protected it when it was threatened. That is the situation the Imperium has sat within now.

Human civilisation has blossomed into a power to be reckoned with. When their heartlands were lost and their leader lost her life, the people of the now-formed French Empire persevered. And now they sit on this council. And since the outbreak of this war they have heard every word, not just mine but yours. The people of French Andromeda are Andromedans, just like the Zazane became during the Great War. Our aggression against the DCP was in their best interests. We watched the people of Arda grow and blossom. How do I ask, do you think it feels when in their most crucial moment, the universe turns against them? So I ask for truth, is the Imperium still at fault for protecting its fellow Andromedans?

Four years ago I made a decision that tested the Commonwealth. And in our darkest hour I ask now: The Civilisation has grown to threaten more than just Humanity and the Draconid Imperium. And if we do nothing, Andromeda will fall under the fist of occupation. And everything that we have all fought and died for will mean nothing, as we all become subjects of an outsider monoculture. This is not hyperbole, esteemed delegates, for what is there to celebrate about a hero when he becomes your tyrant?"


I certainly won't forget the old days with me in orbit and you on the ground. Your father wasn't so keen though.

- Larnus Vontarion

With all due respect, he may be going soft

- Arnas Volkamen

A true hero to his people...I wish I could swap lives with him...

- Tyraz of the Brood of War

Eventually, you will ascend to greatness. Strong and powerful with a a warm heart. It is a honour to work with you.

- Emperor Edoshai

He is a great captain and we believe him to be a well trained leader.

- Serpentaxy

He always angers me with his foul words! He should be slain and be replaced with a more democratic leader!

- Emperor Kies in 409 KRE

He is noble by his people's standards, and has brought prosperity to his empire, and Kies should see that rather than wishing for some "Draconid Federation".

- Dxxo Ezmo from the KGGC

You're quite like your father. And that's a good thing.

- Koluap

Honored leader of the Draconis. It was his help that allowed the Divinarium to stand in Andromeda War.

- Iovera IX

If only my masters could be more like this man...But such was words are blashemphemy. I would be honored to serve him none the less.

- High Inquistor of Disdain of the Grox Followers.

Quit your technophobia.

- Agent Nu

One not of my kind, yet one who exhibits all of our traits. A man who is a worm, yet one who is also a worthy rival. A worthy foe on all levels. It is a shame that I must wipe you from the face of this plane of existence, for you are not Dominatus.

- Archon Angrus Mortarius

Me and you. A scoundrel and an emperor. Why is there so much in common between us?

- Lemmo

Interfere with my plans will you? When I'm done with you, you'll wish for a fate worse than a fate worse than death!

- Tyrant Medusa Heimdall

I could learn a thing or two from him...

- Rebaris

Burn in Hell with your posh empire, extragalactic scum!

- General Volim

He is not afraid to confront so-called gods when he is nothing but a normal mortal himself. His determination is something not present back in my time. The Draconid Imperium is in good hands.

- Arkarixus

A ruler that my daughter should respect and learn from. He is one to be admired, not one to be the object of the petty games of a child.

- Now Deceased Tyrant Abaddon Heimdall

Both a warrior and a diplomat, his mortality and kindness is well known to others. A great noble man, an honest friend and above all things, a great leader for his people and that of the Commonwealth

- Empress Ramashe

For Andromeda to fall in darkness again, this Paragon must be removed from his throne

- Morgandaûr

My past self has had great history with House Ultanos. It would be idiotic not to consider this Draconis as a friend.

- Kithworto

Exploring with you was good, you have an idea of what you're doing.

- Baptarion Light


- Shu'ytrogarva

When I first saw a picture of him, I assumed he was a lady. A burly lady, but a lady nonetheless. What type of man has a ponytail in this day and age? I don't know what he's hiding under those shemale locks but I find it disgusting.

- Erissare

Had you been Dominatus in body, I would have pledged my allegiance to you.

- The late Hedon Morillium

Paragon Uriel Ultanos has undermined everything we thought we knew about the Draconis. When the walls came crashing down around us, he didn't do the easy thing and leave us to our fate like his advisers were screaming at him to do. He stuck by us until the Sixth Republic fell, and I have every intention of returning the favor.

- Emperor Alexandre I of France



Uriel shares his name with a warrior of ancint Draconis legend. Within the legend Uriel was disdained with the corruption and vice that plagued his house and set out to do what he could to purify it. Travelling across Miminas he became a knight-errant and took on deeds and tasks to clear his house's name, eventually dying redeemed on the shores of lake Drak.

In an old Miminan language his name comes from Urayla meaning peacekeeper.


  • His name originates from Emperor Uriel Septim (Elder Scrolls IV). He also shares his name with Archangel Uriel (Abrahamic faith) and Captain Uriel Ventris (Warhammer 40,000)
  • He was Monet47's first ever fiction character.
  • this is Uriel's theme
  • While not originally Inspired, Uriel bears great similarities to both Suleiman The Magnificent and the God-Emperor Of Mankind.
  • Uriel has become one of Monet47's favourite characters.
  • The in-universe misconception of his divinity originally came from suggetions by other users, and not the creator.
  • In Dracid, "Uriel" is pronounced with more of an "ooh" sound at the beginning than a "yuh" sound.


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