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- Umbyrvraxa

Her Eminence, Prime Magistrate Umbyrvraxa, sometimes shortened to Umbyr, is a Tvolis and the current Prime Magistrate of the Phero Ecumene, formerly the Director of Occult Research and Security and later Magistrate of C'cysa before being elected to her current position by the Parliament of Phero, succeeding Ajkesini, who was assassinated only six years into his reign. Originally intended to be an interim Prime, she was so liked by both the public and Parliament that she was officially elected in 2784, when Kesini's term would've ended. Though technically genderless due to her nature as a Tvolis, Umbyrvraxa is said to display a number of typical feminine traits and is generally referred to as a female.

At 572, Umbyrvraxa is barely past the first quarter of her long Tvolin life, but has lived to see numerous major events in the history of the Ecumene and the Tuuros Galaxy. She is addressed by her Cocytus name of Mirvephal by the Quintet and close associates.

History Edit

Early Life Edit


Taja'iso is a thick-atmosphered world with ammonia oceans, making it favorable to many Tvolii.

Born in 2253 on Taja'iso, a small rocky planet in the same system as the C'cysa enclave's capital world of C'cytauv, Umbyrvraxa was born from then-Chief Executor of the Hedix Project, Xaenerais, though her genes were modified heavily to prevent anyone tracing her directly to him. As the offspring of such a high-ranking official, she lived a mostly isolated childhood, often overseen by various caretakers and private tutors who did little to help her develop emotionally. With the end of the Project in 2269, Xaenerais was granted a less demanding position within the the C'cysa division of the Ministry of Surveillance, allowing him to spend more time raising Umbyr. However, the two remained distant throughout this period, leading Umbyr to be raised primarily by the environment of Pheroene simulation schools. It was here that she began to be identified more commonly as feminine, and found herself continually harassed by fellow student Aughol Vur Tsoka, an Oslun with a notably sadistic disposition. An incident in which he came close to rupturing her helium sack with an empty syringe left her both physically and psychologically scarred, and she began to adopt a similarly sadistic and unempathetic personality.

After pursuing a lengthy linguistics career and a period in the C'cysan Contention Forces, Umbyr's later years of education saw her develop a keen interest in both paranormal topics such as Essence and Ecumene political science. The hungering curiosity typical of Tvolii led her to contact individuals in the shallower reaches of the Phero Underground, which along with her incredible memory and near lack of empathy attracted the attention of the enigmatic Quintet, who identified her as a potential future Prime Magistrate. They continued to monitor her throughout her life following this initial attraction.

Paranormal Research Edit

In 2414, Umbyr began a nearly two century-long career as a private Essence researcher and tutor as well as a paranormal advisor to several prominent individuals who deemed her skills and knowledge necessary to their agendas. Most notably, she tutored future Director of Occult Research and Security Zhaliphax, molding him into an Essence-user almost as powerful as Umbyr herself.

In 2609, Umbyr was approached by the C'cysa Division of the Ministry of Occult Research and Security, which sought to hire her as one of their Iconoclast operatives. She gladly accepted, being admitted into it at the rank of Stratolegionary for her already proficient Essence-related and tactical capabilities. Most of her time working for MORS was spent gathering intelligence on The Congregation as its demonic hordes clashed with the rest of the Tuuros Galaxy, and she often found herself entering the Schism itself to obtain information. Much of the data she retrieved proved vital to the Ecumene, and most enclaves kept the overwhelming majority of their forces within their borders while the Congregation remained a potential threat, forcing territorial expansion to proceed at a relatively slow rate. Due to her work as an Iconoclast, Umbyr was eventually promoted to the rank of Legate and put in charge of all Iconoclast operations in C'cysa, and she was later offered a position as the Director of the MORS, which she graciously accepted.

Under Umbyrvraxa, the MORS continued its policy of intelligence-gathering and defensive isolationism well into the 2700s. However, in 2698, a number of Iconoclasts led by Decurion Pholveraux attempted to convince the rest of the Ministry to pressure Umbyr into taking more aggressive and offensive measures against supernatural threats, to which she responded by firing and quickly replacing all personnel involved in the conspiracy.

Early in her term as Director, Umbyr budded two twin offspring, Imvaryna and Ilzaryna. Unlike Umbyr, their genes received limited modification, and could still be easily traced to their mother. Following a less isolated childhood relative to that of their mother, Imvar and Ilzar both began work for the Ecumene's government once they reached the age of 32, tutored by Umbyr's contacts throughout the system. Imvar began an impressive career as a naval commander, while Ilzar pursued a position as an internal intelligence operative in the Ministry of Information.

Magistrate of C'cysa Edit

In 2723, Magistrate Aexiamalai of C'cysa stepped down from his position due to widespread public distaste with his policies, which to many were backwards, hypocritical, and poorly executed. He named Umbyrvraxa his successor, citing her more progressive political position which he was disgusted by, but correlated better with the desires of the enclave he cared for. For thirty-seven years Umbyrvraxa reigned over C'cysa, devoting many of its military and industrial resources toward aiding in the colonization of frontier worlds. In addition, she became the most active magistrate in her attempts to squash Underground activity within her enclave, eventually reducing hyperorganzied crime and illicit goods trafficking to a level lower than that of the neighboring Capital Enclave itself. However, many protested her extremely intense use of advanced surveillance systems to root out Underground-related criminal activity, including Prime Magistrate Daj Kesini shortly after his election.

In 2724, just a year into her reign, Umbyr took the young Perüle Tiyan le-Kamm into her covert care, as the final survivor of a series of MORS attempts to understand and weaponize Abberic Energy. He would become her swift and deadly hand in occult security matters as the eventual leader of EOS-179 "Eris Cognate," and a weapon of the Ecumene's will as dangerous as the Eye of Vastu'ux itself.

Prime Magistrate Edit


Umbyrvraxa's Capital Spire office provides a splendid view of Phero's northern auroras.

In 2760, Ajkesini was assassinated by several of his advisors in an attempted coup. However, the support they had gathered within the Capital Contention Forces failed to aid them in their plan, instead capturing and executing them. While the Ecumene reeled in horror from the event, the Parliament of Phero quickly moved to elect an interim Prime Magistrate by raw majority vote. Umbyrvraxa applied to be on the ballot and was elected almost unanimously. While initially intended to only complete Kesini's term, she quickly gained favor with the population and was officially elected as Prime Magistrate in 2793.

She continued her attempts to cripple the Underground throughout both her interim and full reign, and secretly began framing her former enemies for various crimes in order to exact sadism-fueled retribution. Even Aughol Vur Tsoka, her childhood tormentor, was brought before her, taken from his family under the pretense he had helped Underground slavers escape official detection. She sentenced him to a year in a "sleepless cell," where he was stripped to his bare skin, bound to the ceiling by his wrists and to the floor by his feet, and sprayed with painful high-velocity steam whenever the cell's AI detected he was falling asleep. Pholveraux and the rest of the Iconoclasts who had conspired against Umbyr in 2698 suffered a similar fate.

In the 2800s CE, Umbyrvraxa has taken note of the escalating tensions between the larger powers in Tuuros, and has made preparations for a potential galaxy-changing conflict by naming Senior Minister Ameaux Sel-Axir her successor in the event of her death, and appointing Contention Director Beurahl Goh Djazor standby Master of Legions should the Ecumene require more military unity. In 2821, she resurrected the Oslun concept of the Vend Legion, a multi-facet elite power-projection force able to recruit large numbers of soldiers from enclaval contention forces, commanded by Director Goh Djazor himself. She has also employed several agents known as the Eyes to covertly keep tabs on individuals and events outside the Ecumene. Several magistrates have taken a dislike to her military centralist policies, but her personal power and influence have prevented them from openly expressing their distaste.

Rise of Orsik Corvosa & Tuuros Galactic War Edit

In the later 2820s, Umbyrvraxa pursued a sense of disturbance into Cocytus, finding Orsik Corvosa to have taken possession of and forced his way through a Coctyus Anchor. Realizing his intent to release the Xi-Ur Egregorge from their prison deeper in the realm, she battled him across the Veldt, eventually forcing them both back into the material world, though only temporarily. She subsequently authorized the use of Eris Cognate to hunt down Orsik and his therusist followers, while turning her attention to other approaching troubles.

In 2830, in response to the outbreak of war between the Nijusi Syndicate and Asilaphean Empire, Umbyr sent her daughters as envoys to reassure Hrantaec and Nijusi of the Ecumene's alignment with them against the Asilapheans. Despite the involvement of the Colossal Doomstone in helping trigger the conflict, Umbyr did not pull Eris Cognate from their hunt to fight in the war, due to her own uneasiness about Orsik beyond his intent to release his masters.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Umbyrvraxa is tall for a Tvolis, with a longer neck than most of her kind, thin but muscular shoulders, and dark skin that has a blue and yellow sheen. Her ears are also taller than average, and curve outward much more sharply than those of other Tvolii. Her eyes are vibrant dark teal, the third most common Tvolin eye color after pure black and mauve. She is often found wearing a hybrid of higher-end, form-fitting Tvolin and Lieschi garb, with an Ecumene-purple skirt around her lower body that tapers toward her caudal pincers, alongside the violet mantle that serves as the Prime Magistrate's badge of office.

When necessary, Umbyr has also been known to don the armor of an Iconoclast, strapping liquid armor plates to her chest, shoulders, and skirt and covering her head with a helmet. The lengthy sleeves and metal gauntlets originally exclusive to this armor have also been incorporated into her standard wardrobe.

Politics and Public Image Edit


Umbyrvraxa's Iconoclast armor.

In the political climate and spectrum of the Ecumene, Umbyrvraxa is considered semi-progressive with authoritarian leanings. The anti-machine populist movement serves as the foundation for her reign's high public favor, though her policy of expanding and improving the Ministry of Information's surveillance systems has been met with a slight dent in her support. While mild criticisms of her reign are allowed and sometimes welcomed by Umbyr so she can refute them herself, she and the Ministry of Information have continued the standard policy of abducting and detaining those who actively oppose or slander her and the Ecumene government. Despite this, she is a strong sympathizer and mild supporter of the Coelyss counterculture, which she claims "brings life" to her Ecumene, though most who subscribe to the subculture are less than supportive of her in return.

Many citizens of the Ecumene's despite supporting her overall, see Umbyr as being something of an apathetic Prime Magistrate, as she appears to ignore the massive plight of the outer rim enclaves. However, her more avid supporters have argued that the threats posed by the Underground, potential insurgents, and foreign powers are of higher priority, and she will focus on aiding her impoverished citizens when the time comes. She is also well-liked by most feudal magistrates, though small coalition have expressed some dislike for her military centralist policies and beliefs.

Disposition and Private Beliefs Edit

Privately, Umbyrvraxa is an extremely sadistic individual, reveling in what she sees as justified torment and humiliation, with no apparent capacity to forgive after any period of time has elapsed. This aspect of her personality was most apparent shortly after she became Prime Magistrate, as she framed numerous former enemies of hers for crimes that allowed her to bring them into custody and exact vengeance upon them. Furthermore, like many Tvolii she feels a sense of entitlement, which has only been fed by Azh'auvix's reassurance that the Tvolii as a species are the chosen successors of the Psal'Jinnai. She has no problem with the idea that the Tvolii should act as a ruling caste over the Phero Ecumene, though she secretly harbors some resentment toward the Quintet, and has come to view herself as a "motherly dictator," guiding a society that would be otherwise helpless and chaotic without her.

Umbyr also feels a certain level of distaste with herself for her politically fueled hypocrisy. Feeling some level of genuine care for her people, she has enough drive, time, and power to aid the outer rim, but is held back by the Quintet, who deem the existence of an impoverished class necessary for a truly functional society; if the bottom tier is not detested, they will never work society's machines in the hope of socioeconomically rising up, and the middle and upper tiers will never work to stay above them. In addition, her hatred for machines is only partial, with her public opinion of them being intensified to keep her in the people's favor. She privately views machine life as lesser with no right to power over organics, but with enough of a capacity to experience sapience to be allowed some equality with organics. Her pro-surveillance and pro-counterculture views, meanwhile, are identical publicly and privately.

Due to her childhood encounter with Aughol Vur Tsoka, Umbyr has an intense but somewhat repressed fear of sharp and thin objects, and can be easily put off by pressure to her helium sack or the skin surrounding it. The attempted conspiracy against her during her time at the MORS also left her extremely paranoid, more so than most Tvolii, and she carries a small Pulsegun at all times for self-defense.

Spirituality Edit

Umbyr is known to adhere to the interpretation of triadism pertaining to expectations, instinct, and the uninfluenced true personality as an ideal state. Being a direct servant of the Quintet, she has also adopted aspects of their panpsychist mentality, and believes in a form of dualism suggesting a universal struggle for dominance between total stasis and total chaos, with reality existing as the intersection of both. Regarding organized faith, monotheistic or polytheistic, she sees it as little more than a problem-causing institution, and has effectively banned construction of new places of worship or any similar faith-aligned structures.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Having formerly worked for the Ministry of Occult Research and Security, she is an adept Essence-user, and her years as an Iconoclast for the Ministry have finely honed her personal combat skills. While her current position rarely requires them, she is as prepared as ever to fend off adversaries both natural and paranormal. In addition, she is fluent in a multitude of Tuurosian languages, including the Pheroene Lexicon and the Tvolin, Lieschi, Nech, and Oslun indigenous languages.

Umbyrvraxa is also a Cocytus Exultant, and is thus able to traverse both the Veldt and the Hadal Empyrean zones of the Symmetric realm. She is also the most adept Progenic wielder of Symmetric Energy currently alive.

Relationships Edit

Serving Edit

Purified faceMy will is one with yours.

Pleased Edit

Blue faceGood company.

  • Xaenerais - “Your apathy taught me to stand on my own from budding. Thank you, father.
  • Imvaryna - “My left daughter, I appreciate your drive.
  • Ilzaryna - “My right daughter, your wit is admirable.
  • Tiyan le-Kamm - “Beloved foster son, do make me proud.

Impartial Edit

Yellow faceI have little to say.

  • Hrantaec - “Know your place and we will have no problems.
  • Tuk Nijusi - “If aligning ourselves with you becomes necessity, then so be it.

Displeased Edit

Orange faceIt is unwise to cross me.

Enemies Edit

Red faceUnforgivable.

  • Orsik Corvosa - “I felt you enter this galaxy, and I'll relish the taste of you leaving it.
  • Salaxannasus - “Your false Empire will be proven temporary.
  • Sarhadraxantal - “What some have called Zhuleshxi's Bane, I call walking scrap.
  • Aughol Vur Tsoka - “Time heals no wounds. You received what you deserved.
  • Pholveraux - “You are an example for all who would work in the shadows against me.
  • Oracular Mind - “You stole the birthplace of my people. I will be the one to take it back.

Quotes Edit

It's no lie that most of us on Coelyss aren't her biggest fans—we've never understood such a need for mass surveillance. But she lets us spread our message, which is more than can be said for most magistrates.

- Daeine Ty-Zentilla

Do you not know how to forgive past injustices?

- Aughol Vur Tsoka

Strong, but foolish. All you have built will be brought to ruin, the safety of your Ecumene made null.

- Orsik Corvosa

Subject organism displays attributes that defy present simulative capacity. Cannot Categorize momentarily. Simplification may be necessary to ensure fulfillment of primary directives.

- Oracular Mind

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Umbyr may be classified as having a mild version of the Malevolent subtype of antisocial personality disorder, though Theodore Millon's set of subtypes for the disorder is not officially recognized.
    • This unofficial classification is denoted by sadistic, paranoid, resentful, and vengeful thoughts and behavior, all of which are exhibited by Umbyr.
    • In addition, she may have a memory- or communication-oriented form of savant syndrome, as shown by her capacity to fluently speak numerous languages and exceptional conversational capabilities. This may also explain her slight social and emotional shortcomings as a result of the neural deficit that often accompanies savant syndrome.
  • "Umbyrvraxa" is archaic Tvolin for "clever devil" and was generally associated with the demon of lies in some Tvolin myths.
    • Outside the Fiction Universe, "Umbyrvraxa" is partially derived from the "umbra," the Latin word for "shadow."
  • Umbyr is known to be fond of aviñei, a Tvolin beverage made up of gelatinous bubbles filled with an ingestible gas that acts as a mild stimulant and has some addictive properties.
  • Tangerine Dream Sorcerer Theme serves as Umbyr's unofficial theme.